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Can we please get real here for a minute? The president didn't "misspeak." He said he believes Putin. Whether he said that because he actually believes it or because Putin owns him is immaterial. He does not possess the 1/
intellect, the character, the moral fiber, knowledge of history, an understanding of the mechanisms by which governments work, or world affairs, or the economy or trade. He simply is, in every capacity, not ill-equipped, but totally unequipped for the job. He is emotionally 2/
unstable, he cares only about the job for the opportunities it provides for self-aggrandizement and the stroking of his outsized ego. The lens through which he views the world makes him the Mr. Magoo of presidents. He haplessly blunderbusses his way through international 3/
events without benefit of preparation and no inclination to do so, no concept of statecraft, spouting an illiterate's pastiche of nonsense, made up facts, figures, and statistics, and half-baked conspiracy theories to the horror and bewilderment of the rest of the free world. 4/
He is alienating our allies and bringing aid and comfort to our enemies who play with him like a cat toy. He lies more easily than he breathes. He is unmoved by the suffering his cruel, ill-conceived policies inflict upon innocent people as evidenced by his heartless 5/
performance when asked about missing the court deadline for reuniting migrant children under AGE 5! with their families, his caustic "solution" was to "tell people not to enter our country illegally." He's certainly in a position to have been informed that presenting oneself 6/
for asylum is not entering our country illegally, and of course that wouldn't matter to him, because it is truth. And truth is as inconvenient and bothersome as a gnat to a know nothing like him. What good is the truth? The truth is not going to set him free. 7/
His strident refusal to account for himself, to call EVERYONE liars, to degrade the press, to degrade and lie about the people who put their lives on the line in defense of this country, to accuse the people he's wronged in the past of the very dishonesty and calumny of which 8/
he himself is guilty, to assume the position of the helpless,unappreciated victim, while he torches and burns to the ground every bit of decency, honor and dignity ever bestowed upon the office of President of the United States is more than we as a nation should have to bear. 9/
He goes about the world bleating "America First" with either no comprehension or regard for the historical significance of that phrase, and if he does know, that makes it worse. He's surrounded himself with the lowest life forms on the political food chain, such as Stephen 10/
Miller, an intellectually and emotionally crippled individual who's callous and cold-hearted policies will be the shame of our nation for decades to come, a simpering sycophant who should never have been allowed on a White House tour, much less have the ear of the weakest, 11/
laziest, small-minded occupant of the oval office the world has ever seen. It's an outrage, and remains so in a country that is panting and half-dead with outrage fatigue. The cast of characters this miscreant president has dragged in with him would be comical, a DC Comics 12/
rogue's gallery of criminals and ignoramuses, each with a clear mission to rape and pillage the departments they were intended to oversee, with the final purpose being to at last dismantle every functioning arm of democracy it took so long to build, and for what? 13/
Tax reform for millionaires?Oil drilling and mining in what's left of our remaining pristine temples of wilderness, or was it for unlimited fire power for any individual, no matter the cost to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for those unlucky souls on /14
the wrong end of the gun? Clearly, none of this could have happened without the support of those who are supposed to be representing we the people, but somewhere along the line, power corrupted absolutely and principles and the obligation to do what's right, 15/
for all of us, instead of just a wealthy few gave way to temptation and lies became the law of the land. And now we have to wade through hours of fatuous, insulting, prevaricating, and no other word for it, bullshit and pretend we just can't quite make out lies from truth. 16/
Is Mitch McConnell in on it? You bet he is. Does anyone believe for one nanosecond that he would hold open a Supreme Court seat for Hillary? Not in a million years. They were counting hatched chickens, my friends. The bad political dinner theater we witnessed a year, or 17/
was it 3days ago of an FBI agent who testified to that merry band of half-wits are all part of it, too. When have innocent people ever worked so hard to bury the facts? And they're counting on us to play our parts. The president didn't "walk back" his remarks from Helsinki. 18/
He gave them one contraction which they could use as cover. Would or wouldn't. Do you believe that? I won't. I won't deny what I am seeing with my own two clear eyes. This president is either compromised or incompetent. Nothing else make sense. The rest of the world agrees. 19/
The emperor is as naked as the unloved baby he must have been, and still is. I won't pretend otherwise. This country was on it's way to greatness, on it's way to fulfilling the promise of it's founders, a place like no other in the world. People who believe their only value 20/
is in the whiteness of their skin won't change that, regardless of their "economic anxiety" or how many times or how loudly they whistle Dixie. Their day is come and gone and they lost. I won't pretend I'm not hearing what I'm clearly hearing with my own two ears. 21/
We are too great a country to be brought to our knees by enemies we have already vanquished at home and abroad. We will not be brought down if we rid ourselves of the dishonest men and women who are currently working from within to weaken us in the eyes of the world. 22/
We will not be brought down by Putin or Kim Jong Un. And certainly not by this callow president with his blubbery lips moving in a ceaseless litany of lies. We know the truth. Everybody knows. It's clear. He has to go. He's not good enough for us. We deserve better. Out. Now. Go.
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