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1. THREAD- Textron, Bell, and Strzok: Recently, many have been alerted to the CRAZY connections that Peter Strzok and family have to Iran. I wanted to dig on this myself, and this thread will expose a MAJOR connection that hasn’t been spoken about anywhere yet. READ ON.
2. Let’s first start by going over some of what has already been reported, and what I found while also doing the research to confirm it. We will start with a BigLeaguePolitics article, that seems to have been repurposed a few different times.…
3. The article purports that Strzok was CIA and FBI at the same time, and uses documents that appear to have come from the FOIA case of Jason Leopold of BuzzFeed. It looks like BLP took the story from Intellihub, who took it from a site called “
4. I originally had a hard time with this letter, and was about to throw it into the “unverified” pile, when I was able to fig out the link to the original source. I checked the press release, the wording, etc, and it APPEARS that the article is correct.
5. There is a position that is both CIA/FBI. Read here:…
6. Here is the letter referenced in the article. The only sticking point for me is that it's on FBI letterhead, and since it appears this position was created by the CIA, I have a hard time with the fact the letter was written via the FBI using Strzok supposed title from the CIA
7. One other claim being made about Strzok is that his uncle is “Mark Strzok” who is connected to the Cartwright family. Cartwright was pardoned by Obama a few days before he left office for lying to investigators.
(As an aside, what will they do if Trump were to pardon Flynn for the same thing?)
8. However, thanks to the hard work of @The_War_Economy – we are able to pretty reliably demonstrate that they are NOT related. I know there are few “Strzok’s” roaming around, but this thread is great evidence-
9. So, I didn’t focus on Cartwright, I didn’t make any assumptions about uranium, or Brennan, and I have done a few days of investigative work with HARD sourcing to show you what Strzok was doing in Iran, at least what is documented. READY??!
10. This “Heavy” article is actually really well done. There is very little available on Strzok Sr., or Jr. and this article did a great job of pulling together old newspaper clippings etc. Here is the link:…
11. Here is what stuck out to ME. Bells ringing off everywhere: HE WORKED FOR BELL HELICOPTER. After two tours in Iran as military and supposedly 7 mo as a civilian, he wants to go back. But he worked for BELL HELICOPTER.
12. Bell Helicopter is a subsidiary of Textron. I couldn’t even BELIEVE the things I began to find when I dug here. Let’s first look at the history of Textron. We will go to their “About” page and take a look at what THEY have to say about the 70’s.…
13. Oh, they had a financial crisis in the 70’s, but they also had a HOST of other problems. Let’s dig. The SEC was investigating Textron in 1978 while Strzok Senior “worked” there. They were investigating payments made to Iran.…
14. The case was being investigated by an attorney named Goldman, who appears in US Dept of State cables that have since been unclassified. He feared for his safety due to the “nature of the case he is investigating”…
15. At the same time, the Chairman of the Board of Textron is undergoing confirmation hearings to become- wait for it – the FEDERAL RESERVE CHAIRMAN. Carter nominated him. So he is sitting for these hearings as this investigation, plus many others are ongoing.
16. It is very odd to me that Carter would pick this time (1977) to nominate the Chairman of the Board of Textron to be Fed Chair, given the MYRIAD of problems and shady dealings the company had at the time. The possible reason may become clear soon:…
17. A brief aside: I found an interesting cable while researching that references the Ambassador to Yugoslavia, Eagelburger, wanting to meet with some traveling execs of Textron. He went on to be one of the only Foreign Service Employees to ever be a Secretary of State. (cont)
18. Ok- Back to Textron/Bell: The State Department had several “monthly” reports that were done by different embassies in different countries, and quite a few from MX. This one references “Narcotics, Bell Helicopter Textron Monthly Report for July 1977:…
19. There are several like this. I am not a betting woman, but if I didn’t know any better I would think that somehow Bell Helicopter was involved in some sort of illicit drug trade or something. (cont)
(cont) An assumption, but what agency do we know who has a penchant for doing things like this? You answer below :).
20. It wasn’t only Iran that Bell and Textron were selling to- in 1975 they made a rather large sale to Saudi Arabia:…
21. Wow. In 1978, Bell Textron (where Peter Strzoks father “worked”) was accused of bribing UAE military officials. The agent who did this was BLACKLISTED from the UAE, and came to the US State Dept for help. This was one of MANY instances of bribery and kickbacks.
22. What really started to confuse me, was that it appeared that the DOJ and the USG were ALSO looking to hold Textron/Bell accountable for illicit payments. For ex: this cable is in RE to the DR, who was prosecuting them at the time:…
23. I started digging a little deeper, and stumbled upon an old article in the NYTimes. This wasn’t a good company. Very “black”. Here is our first hard CIA connect.…
24. While Miller was sitting for confirmation hearings, this came up. It is in regards to bribes with high level military members in Ghana. The “agent” company negotiating the sales had CIA ties. Here we go!
25. Also during the confirmation hearings, another scandal came up- involving Iran. The Senate was inquiring about “off the books” transactions going down there WHILE Strzok Sr. was “employed” by Bell Heli. Wikileaks contains cables of people they questioned.
26. One of those people was Roger C. Brewin…
27. Of course Brewin had NO IDEA about any of what they were asking about. He also just so happened to have worked for the….. CIA.…
28. Now, to be clear, this letter was written in 1953, and the 70s were a few decades later, however, there are some other similarities with Strzok and Brewin. I stumbled across an interview done with him in 1990 by a graduate student. He speaks in detail about his time in Iran.
29. When?! The 70’s, of course! Right up through ‘78. In this interview (linked) he talks specifically about Bell helicopter in Iran. When he left, he refocused his efforts on Agriculture in foreign countries. Keep this in your pocket.… (page 16)
30. PS: He is also found in this secret book passed around foreign governments as a “Whose Who?” in the CIA:… So he is CIA until AT LEAST ‘68:
31. Why do I talk about the Agriculture connection? Becuase Strzok Sr. ALSO moved into Agriculture when he arrived back from Iran.
32. So far we have quite a few coincidences. Peter Strzok Sr. worked in Iran, right before the fall of the Shah, with a military contractor (Foreign and US) who had connections to the CIA…
33. Then he left, and went into the same “industry” as a documented CIA agent who had also been there during that time period, and testified on behalf of the chairman of the company. Sounds legit.
34. Here is some proof of Strzok Sr. experience in Iran and with military aircraft, etc. He was an Army Engineer Captain in 65 and worked with Bell as late as 1978:…
35. Here is an old WaPo article about the Bell plant in Iran, that doesn’t name who it quotes in the article, but speaks to the large presence that Bell/Textron.…
36. There is really a lot more here, but I think you are getting the picture. A shady defense and military provider, to both foreign (more) and domestic needs, has Strzok working for them IN IRAN right before the fall of the Shah, while a documented high ranking CIA agent ....
37. ...just also happens to be there, and then they both come back and go into “Food and Humanitarian” at the same time….
38. WHILE THE CHAIRMAN of the company is being investigated by Congress, who then just stops their investigation midstream, and confirms him to become Chair of the Fed. Sounds about right.
39. Please share the video I did documenting all of this along with my thread if you find this helpful.
ADDENDUM: Please read the comments on my YouTube video. There are TONS of little gems there, like this one.
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