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Thread: Chinese and Russian Threat Comparison and Hacking

1. Most of you know that I’ve done a number of threads over the past few months aimed at exposing the Chinese economic and military threat. Here’s one to refresh your memory:

2. Here are a couple of considerations that should pique your attention. China has the second largest economy in the world, as well as one of the world’s fastest growth rates (which is slowing thanks to Trump’s hardball tariffs!).…
3. Note that China is the second largest provider and the top receiver of foreign direct investment. The provider aspect is tied to their Belt Road Initiative which is aimed at developing Chinese markets overseas, as described in previous threads.
4. The receiver aspect is directly the result of cockamamie US free trade policies over past decades that have moved manufacturing and hi-tech from the US to China. Remember this one? Apple left the other PRC (People’s Republic of California) for China!…
5. Check it out! US investment “magically” accelerated under Obama. This is yet another damage-to-the-US statistic for The One! Imagine the impact on the US manufacturing base if all those simoleons had been invested here!
6. Fortunately, we have a Lion on the job in the Oval Office, and year-to-year US investments in China are down by a third (!), and the Spider Dragon isn’t too happy about that:…
7. Let’s bring Russia into the discussion. Check out these projected 2017 GDP figures:
8. Yep, that’s right. The Chinese economy is almost 10 times that of Russia! Trump is using country-specific leverage against each: targeted tariffs with China and US oil and gas production leverage with Russia. #MAGA !
9. And yet the Democrats are up in arms about “Russian meddling,” including the false narrative that the election was “stolen” from Hillary.
10. Ok, I get that the Russians have nuclear parity with the US, but they’re not insane enough to launch a first strike given survivable US retaliatory capabilities. And the Russians have been meddling in the US since the 1920s.
11. Their primary objectives & longstanding expertise are in dezinformatsia (disinformation) operations, i.e., sowing confusion & distrust among the institutions of their Main Enemy (the US). I read this excellent book in the 80s to understand the threat:…
12. And dezinformatsia is exactly what the Russians practiced during the 2016 elections – like they ALWAYS do! Note that there is ZERO evidence that the Russians changed any votes at all. Did they successfully sow confusion?
13. One could argue that the Democrat Party’s continuing insane claims abt the Russians “stealing the election for Trump” is actually the most successful result for a Russian dezinformatsia op in history! Except of course the claim continues to serve the Dem’s political purposes.
14. Before we get back to the Chinese threat, I want to make an observation about the supposed “DNC server hack.” What information exactly has been disclosed from that supposed hack? Although politically damaging, most of it was political gossip and donor info.
15. Now here’s the deal: we know that Hillary basically owned the DNC in terms of money and staffing, & that there was much info-sharing between the DNC and her campaign. We can surmise that Obama’s Presidential Daily Briefings (PDBs) were likely sent to Hillary’s email server.
16. It would not surprise me that classified info from her server made its way to the DNC, too. The CrowdStrike forensic analysis was likely intended to point the finger at the Russians to bolster that part of the story.
17. But I suspect the real purpose was to hide other significantly damaging information (likely highly classified) on those servers, too. And the FBI was complicit in allowing that to happen by not taking custody of the DNC servers and running their own analysis.
18. Okay, back to China. The Dems/legacy media/Uniparty have been accusing Trump of traitorous behavior non-stop since the press briefing after the Helsinki summit. Their goal remains to delegitimize Trump’s presidency by getting him to admit the Russians influenced the election.
19. Their underlying narrative/rationale includes keeping the focus on Russia as the primary threat to US interests, as well as the primary cyber and hacking threat to the US (at least by implication). But wait a minute; check this out:…
20. You read that right: China (not Russia!) is the most significant threat we face as a country. And yet the Democrats and legacy media are ignoring the threat in order to keep their “muh Russia” and “Trump stole the election with Russian help” narratives alive!
21. Why else are the Democrats and legacy media silent on the Chinese hacking threat? Because Lisa Page just stated under oath that the Chinese hacked Hillary’s Blackberry (which she was using to send/receive classified information).…
22. No wonder Adam (Shifty) Schiff and other Democrats aren’t demanding the release of Lisa Page’s testimony transcripts! They know that the “muh Russia” narrative is collapsing.
23. To review:
a. The Russians ALWAYS meddle; there is no evidence their meddling changed a single vote.
b. Russia’s GDP is about 1/10 that of China; who’s the bigger long-term threat?
c. The FBI director (and the ODNI) have publicly stated that China is the top threat to the US.
23 (cont'd).
d. The Chinese hacked Hillary’s Blackberry (and almost certainly accessed her UNCLAS server which was known to have TS/SCI/SAP information on it) according to Lisa Page.
23 (cont'd).
e. The DNC server business may be an outlier – or it may be part and parcel to the Chinese hacking story. That remains to be ferreted out.
24. One last item to cover in this thread about China: their continuing human rights violations. The Democrats and Uniparty have been big on “human rights” as a political wedge since the Jimmy Carter era:…
25. When was the last time you heard Democrats complain about Chinese human rights violations? Not since Tiananmen Square that I can recall. And yet the abuses in China continue:…
27. The “Islamic problem” that worldwide has been spreading seems to be getting handled by China in a Nazi-like pogrom with its Uyghur millions.
28. To wrap this thread up, China itself is becoming India’s problem as, amoeba-like, it seems to engulf India’s Arunachal Pradesh state, Taiwan and the whole of the South China Sea’s trading routes.
29. Probe, meet resistance, withdraw only to probe again in the East while it is quietly enveloping obstacles to its New Silk Road to the West, the Spider Dragon’s movements are inexorable.
30. Meanwhile, the legerdemain of the Democrat (Progressive) Party is focusing Americans’ attention on petty political stratagems involving the Swamp in its unending persecution of Trump. “Watch this, pay no attention to that.” “The sky only over the Swamp is falling.”
31. Conclusion: continuing Democrat silence on the main threat to the US (China) is deafening, partly because they are deathly afraid of what the public might find out about decades of corruption, illegal campaign donations, & Chinese hacking of Democrat-run servers. ///The end.
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