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I want to talk about evil, because I don’t think a lot of people really understand how it works. I’m going to mention some things that some will misinterpret I’m sure. Maybe even be outraged by. But it’s necessary to get you to understand.
First, why is it that sex is often involved in evil acts? Because God’s greatest creation was man and woman. He created them to procreate and populate the earth. God designed the sex organs and the associated nervous system.
So, the pleasure you enjoy during sexual intercourse is a Godly design. He MEANT for you to enjoy that. Satan, being opposed to God, twists sex in every way he can to pervert it and degrade it into something that is not only unhealthy but not enjoyable in a Godly way.
So, just as the Israelites perverted their gold into idols, angering Moses, (and engaged in sex orgies), Satan has perverted sex into something evil and hurtful. As Christians we should always stand against all sexual perversion. Why? Because it destroys people’s lives.
The evil that Satan can do is far beyond the imagination of the average person. Were he to expose the world to the full extent of his evil, the vast majority of people would be repulsed. Satan isn’t stupid. He knows this. So, he uses incrementalism.
What do I mean by incrementalism? The gradual introduction of more and more perverted sexual deviations. Now, there are individuals who are always farther along than society is, but Satan’s goal is to move society in that direction. So, what does he do?
There was a time in our country when sex out of wedlock was frowned upon. Girls who got pregnant were sent off to a place far away to bear their child, because it was thought to be shameful. (I’m not pining for the old days. I’m trying to show you the progression of evil.)
Now, women get artificially inseminated so they can have the child they’ve always wanted. Girls who get pregnant often get abortions. Hollywood stars flaunt their unmarried relationships and have children together, then fight over them when they split up.
The point of this? To show how far things have changed from the past. Are we better off today with open out-of-wedlock “hookups”? Children born to single parents? Abortion on demand? I think the answer is obvious. Perhaps you disagree.
There was a time in our country when homosexuality was frowned upon. It was thought to be abnormal. It was even called that in the psychiatrist’s manual. Now? We’re “progressed” to the point that some are demanding the normalizing of pedophilia. Do you think this is accidental?
Each time we give in on the definition of normal behavior, the definition gets moved farther toward the perverted endpoint that is Satan’s goal. Now, “all of a sudden”, we’re discovering that there are pedophiles in important parts of our society. There have always been.
What’s changed is that they now proudly proclaim it. Why can they do that? Because we have acceded to the constant denigration of our standards. Now that it’s normal and acceptable to abortion unwanted children, shouldn’t it be normal to “love” them sexually?
After all, we’ve already agreed that they are worthless. If we’re willing to throw them away in the womb, what’s wrong with throwing them away afterwards? Even the “decent” people among us have been intimidated into silence. Who are we to judge? But where does it stop?
If the line for outrage keeps moving, where is its endpoint? Or, to put it another way, how evil does our society have to get before we muster the courage to yell, Stop! No more!? The mere fact that YOU don’t engage in perversion is not enough.
We must demand that others do not as well. We must find the courage to say, Enough! Child molestation is NEVER ok, no matter who engages in it. There must be limits to what we will accept as a society. If there are not, then we are done as a society.
And the world would be right to reject us, because we have become the virus that will destroy the world. And our downfall would be just another step in Satan’s ongoing battle to infest the entire world with the mockery of our Creator.
So, what can we do? First, we do not excuse this behavior in anyone. If you are a child pornographer or child molester, you should be mercilessly pilloried at every turn. It should be made clear that this behavior is NEVER acceptable.
Glen Beck’s forgiveness of James Gunn’s despicable behavior is the quintessential example of a “good Christian” excusing the inexcusable. It’s a perversion of what forgiveness is. And it’s exactly what Satan wants Christians to do. We cannot allow it.
If we can’t draw the line at children, there is no line. For decades we have remained silent as decency has been eroded and perversion has become acceptable. If now is not the time to take a stand, then there is no time to do so.
It’s time to heap opprobrium not only on those who engage in perversion but those who excuse or and those who turn a blind eye to it. No more. Not on our watch.
Precisely. Evan is ignoring a mountain of evidence to highlight the molehill he despises.
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