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(1) The ongoing roll-out of the 5G "communications" grid represents a clear and present danger to the entire population of the United States.

This is not a simple "communications" system, it is a frequency-based weapons, communications & surveillance system ....
(2) that emits high-power frequencies which do the following:

A) Mutate Organic Molecules
B) Cause Cancer & other illnesses
C) Destroy animals (bees, birds, etc.) built-in
navigation systems
D) Cause a full spectrum of behavioral
disorders incl. violence & depression
(3) Furthermore, there is enough juice running to these 5G AKA #MicroWave transmitters to physically & selectively "cook" members of the population - individually - or en masse.

This is not a single "weapons system" but a "weapons matrix" consisting of interlinked
(4) "weapons systems," which if not already connected to an Artificial General Intelligence #AGI, soon will be.

Due to the structure-penetrating capability of the 5G frequencies, this weapons matrix facilitates warrantless #ThroughTheWall #TTW technology for surveillance-at-will
(5) by federal agencies. This data is accessed by #NSA #CyberCommand #GIA #DIA and then gets funneled out to #ThreatFusionCenters for regional "distribution" and what #5Eyes refers to as the "5Ds:" Deny, Degrade, Deceive, Disrupt and Destroy - the "target." AKA Americans
(6) So anyone that thinks that 5G is some "passive" communications system to facilitate faster communications has been grossly mislead. Fiber-optics is thousands of times faster and more efficient.

BTW The private companies rolling this out have hijacked the #FCC ....
(7) and therefore the #FCC has allowed for cancer-causing, #MicroWave transmitters to be installed in schoolyards, university campuses, police stations, fire departments, and on small towers - in every neighborhood in the USA.
(8) The elephant in the room (or the herd of elephants):

A) This weapons matrix can physically burn people, just like the drum-shaped Active Denial System installed on some military vehicles.

But it can be finely tuned to target an individual - or a group - NOT in Line of Sight

B) In addition to cancer, this weapons matrix can cause neurological damage, vision loss, tinnitus, osteo-arthritis, strokes, heart attacks, seizures, vertigo, memory loss, suicidal thoughts, depression - and "population pockets" of individuals with the same symptoms.
(10) The Department of State and the #FBI are aware of the frequencies used in the attacks on U.S. Diplomats, since much of the technology was created in the U.S. & is now in use by foreign governments.

Smaller man-portable, frequency-based weapons systems are also
(11) in use around the world & in the USA by private contractors.

#DeepState loves these "toys" b/c whomever is attacked by either a man portable weapons system, or a terrestrial-based weapons matrix can be labeled as "psychiatrically challenged" due to zero forensic evidence
(12) Man-portable frequency based weapons systems are different from those weapons systems hard-wired into the 5G weapons matrix, but both can have the same physical and physiological effects on living organisms.

5G is an integral part of the #DeepState control grid
(13) and serves as a platform for a full spectrum of functions which involve unconstitutional surveillance and physical targeting of individuals - with absolutely zero due process.

This technology has been around for more than one hundred years. The Germans and Soviets were
(14) experimenting with the effects of frequencies on living organisms before WWII, and things have come a long way since then (but not in a good way). There is more.
(15) Several years ago an ex-DARPA scientist by the name of Dr. Paul Batcho, notified #DHS & other federal agencies, that he had run some tests & discovered that major cities in the USA were being saturated with frequencies designed to interrupt normal brain function.
(16) His open letter was quickly scrubbed from the mainstream media on the internet, but a few sources posted copies of his letter(s) and concerns. Yet the government failed to respond to Dr. Batcho, who claimed that such acts constituted #DomesticTerrorism.
(17) This is because the frequency outputs he was referencing are one of the functions of the 5G Weapons Matrix.

Here is one link that references Dr. Batcho and includes excerpts from his now-buried complaint.
(18) The #DeepState has deployed a tech-enhanced surveillance & lethal-targeting weapons matrix that most are not aware of.

This weapons matrix is just one tool in their arsenal of frequency-based warfare.
(19) When US Diplomats are attacked abroad with these weapons (whether as part of a matrix, system or platform) they are taken seriously, yet when it happens in the USA, local Law Enforcement has been given the stand-down order by #DOJ #DHS #FBI not to investigate.
(20) #InterAgency certainly does not want the general public to know that anyone who has been placed on a #WatchList AKA #DOJ-funded & condoned "Target Destruction List," is subject to both 5G & Man-portable frequency based targeting.

This is part of #COINTELPRO II run thru ....
(21) #ThreatFusionCenters. Unfortunately, US citizens are now subject to what embassy personnel are subject to abroad - all funded with taxpayer money.
(22) Final thought:

The #5G weapons matrix can be hacked, meaning that it is no longer neccessary for a foreign government to deploy an #EMP to take us down. It's much easier to take out a population with USAGOV installed #MicroWave cookers on every street-corner in America
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