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1991, I'm in the Navy, in Desert Storm, in Jeddah, SA. We flew recon. We worked with SEALS on the ground to jam radar, locate installations, etc. I happened to be in the scif (a modified shipping container) when the SEALS called, we found Saddam
Bush said "Stand down!"
This is the squadron out of Rota Spain I was attached to. VQ-2 (disbanded and moved to Whidbey Island in 2012)
I was due to get out of Navy, and Desert Shield started, so they asked me to extend my service, which I did.
Only about 15 of us went to Desert Shield/Storm
A couple of years before Desert Storm, one of our planes crashed attempting a landing on a carrier, killing all 7 on board. These were big planes A-3B skywarriors. After that, no A-3 went to carriers anymore.…
The A-3 was originally designed to be a bomber, but was later outfitted for electronic warfare and carried a crew of 7. It was the only plane in the Navy that could break the sound barrier without afterburners.
When the planes were refitted for EW, they added the long radome on the bottom.
(circled in red)
The plane that hit the south tower on 9/11 looked a lot like an A-3 to me, with the radome on the bottom.
As soon as I got back from Desert Storm, I was sent to Philadelphia, to be discharged from the Navy. That's when I started seeing the images of the Highway of Death. I was disgusted. These people were retreating. I've had trouble all my life living with the thought.
The Manchurian candidate, in the movie played by Denzel Washington, was a Desert Storm vet.…
During my time at VQ2, I was confronted by a gang in the Navy. Yes, there are gangs. A mexican guy with big friends. But I was a big guy too, who was a street fighter. I took them on because they were bullying other guys. My payment.
I was stabbed by one.
He came up from behind me. I turned around, and he stabbed me in the stomach, and in the neck. I nearly died. Lost 6 pints of blood. Fortunately, there was a hospital close. I made it through it. barely. First and only time on Morphine.
He went to Levinworth KS mil prison
After the stabbing, I healed in about a month, but still have about a two foot scar on my stomach and 6" scar on my neck
I was nicknamed slice for a long time. The guys I defended really appreciated it. I become kinda famous on the base, even the CO came to visit.
Last post for tonight. Tomorrow, I will show the medical records of the stabbing.
There's a reason I'm telling you all of this, and I will explain more tomorrow....
Anyways, it's been a long day. Signing out for tonight.
As promised, my medical records.
Note, the knife penetrated my liver, and later finding found it penetrated my upper intestine...
These records were relatively easy to get. But my vaccination record before I went to Desert Storm have been lost....
The recovery process was quite extensive, and my stomach wound became infected after a couple of weeks. It was still held together by butterfly bandages, and when the doc when to take a look, the pressure pushed my bowel partially out of my stomach, causing me to pass out
In 2009, I went to a VA clinic to get a checkup. After filling out a special form for Desert Storm applicants, two weeks later I was denied service, because I had made over $40,000 gross the year before. Never once, did I get a checkup at that clinic. Treated me like dirt.
By this time I was angry with the VA. They had threatened me with arrest. I called congressman, VA lawyers, etc. Nothing. So I decided to make a claim. Finally, in 2013 I was called into the VA in Grand Junction,,,,,for a hearing test.
Here's the denial of claim.
Now when I went into the GJ VA for the hearing test, I had the stabbing documents in my hand. Not once could I get a doc to look at the documents, or even get looked at myself. A nurse did the hearing test.
They call it a tissue bump. They haven't look. The scar is ugly.
So after about 5 yrs of trying to get into the VA for a checkup, I gave up.
I never wanted their money, I just wanted medical evaluation. I've had serious arthritis since the day I got out of the NAVY. I stay away from pills but do smoke a little weed since it helps a bit
Problem with smoking weed, even in CO where it's legal, almost everyone drug tests for a job anymore. Even being self employed, the nature of my electrical knowledge takes me into secure facilities. They drug test.
So, I sell on eBay, and make a modest living.
Missing Q.
So a few years back, my stepfather was killed in a houseboat fire. When I went to the funeral, he had this hat in his closet. I gave it to him when he visited me in Rota Spain while I was at VQ-2, shortly after I was stabbed.
While I was in Jeddah.
At first, we stayed a a fancy hotel, at least 40 stories tall. They came and did our laundry, we ate in the restaurant, and were shuttled daily to King Fahd helicopter airport just outside Jeddah, where our planes were stationed.
After a couple of weeks, we started getting bomb threats, and I believe it was around that time a similar hotel in Riyahd was bombed.
So they moved us to a compound where English doctors and nurses live. It was a walled compound for the infadels.
The English doctors and nurses were great, and made their own booz. They made some really good wine. We made some beer using non alcoholic beer you could buy in SA. Alcohol to buy was non existent. Keep in mind, we were 100 miles from Mecca, during their holy time.
About 2 months into the war, we had a bizarre experience at the compound. We were awakened at night by chemical alarms, and we donned our OBA's I have about 2 weeks of memory, that I can't recall during that time. It's all very foggy...
The doctors and nurses knew nothing
It is my opinion, during this time, we were embedded with tracking chips. It's on my back, right in the middle of my spine, a big bump, with something in it. My wife has tried to remove, but can't. Sometimes it hurts. Noticeable through my shirt.
When I first saw Manchurian candidate, where they pulled the guys out of their compound, and then Denzel couldn't remember, but got flashes.

That triggered some very buried memories. Something similar happened

When Q brought up the Manchurian Candidate, I freaked a bit
This part of the movie is really hard for me to watch. I don't think anything near as violent took place, but when I saw this the first time, I lost my shit. Something triggered in my memory. Dressed exactly like us, with the camo and brown shirts,
We were a small group, (about 15 of us) hand selected by the CO himself out of over 400 in the squadron. It took about 2 weeks of shots, pills, etiquitte training since were were so close to Mecca. We were flown by commercial airline from Spain, to Egypt, to Jeddah.
After I got back to Rota from DS, I was different. I was married to a lovely Spanish woman, with a baby. We had gone through great lengths to get her back to the states. She stayed in the US for about 6 month, and went back to Spain, with our child and one in her belly.
I had become kinda mean. I was angry. She left, and she was pregnant. My daughter and son are now in their 20's but I didn't have much to do in their lives. They love me. and I them, but comms are pretty much through facebook.
My biggest regret, not being there for them.
Anyways, I'm going to end this thread here. I'm crying now, I want to get back to Q drops. I never thought I would tell this much, but ya'll have been so nice and it's nice to be able to tell the story, for the first time, beside my wife
Thanks I feel less alone now
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