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Okay it's time for one of Vex's patented Twitter rant-threads.

Do you know which two groups are astoundingly similar? TERFs and Holocaust deniers.

And not just because they're overwhelmingly funded by evangelical Christian groups from the southern United States.
So what unites these two groups is, ultimately, a specific denial of reality.

Holocaust denial doesn't match actual history. Gender essentialism doesn't match actual science. In both cases, all the actual evidence points towards the opposite.
When a source casts doubt on your claim, there are two choices:

1. reexamine the validity of your claim
2. dispute the validity of the source

The latter becomes much harder to do reasonably when literally every single reliable source suggests that your claim is wrong.
The overwhelming weight of historical evidence from first-hand accounts of both victims and perpetrators and thorough investigative work done over decades suggests that the Holocaust did, in fact, happen.
The overwhelming weight of scientific evidence, from rock-hard base-pair genetics all the way up to "soft" anthropology suggests that gender essentialism does not present anything close to an accurate model of how sex or gender works, either biologically or socially.
For Holocaust denial and gender essentialism, this presents a problem, because these are not ideologies based upon observation or seeking truth. They're ideologies based upon the assumption that they already know what the truth is.
They're ideologies with specific end-goals in mind: rehabilitate fascism by erasing the biggest evidence of its eventual outcome in the case of Holocaust denial, and destroy progress on transgender rights by forcing an absolutist view of gender in the case of gender essentialism.
For any ideology that didn't have such narrowly-defined goals, altering their viewpoints based upon available evidence wouldn't be a problem.

But literally all reliable evidence says that everything Holocaust deniers and TERFs say is flat wrong. That's a big problem for them.
Ultimately, the only solution is to attack the validity of the opposing evidence. But given that all of modern history and modern science counts as "opposing evidence" in this case, it essentially means declaring all of modern history and modern science is wrong.
This neccessarily posits some form of corruption or conspiracy, because it's completely impossible to believe that every contemporary scientist and every contemporary historian could be wrong about the same things by accident. There would have to be an agreement.
Holocaust deniers believe that there's a conspiracy - a Jewish one, naturally - to rewrite history to condemn the Nazis as mass-murderers.

TERFs believe that there is a conspiracy - by a "transgender agenda" - to rewrite science to legitmise transgender identity.
When challeneged, both ideologies will insist the "actual" historical record or "actual" science backs them up, and cite obscure papers or studies that did not pass peer-review. They will insist that it's because the majority of "peers" are part of the conspiracy.
Both rely on appeals to "common sense."

"Come on, just think about how difficult it would be to gas and cremate six million Jews. That can't REALLY have happened, can it?"

"Come on, a person born with a penis is male. That's what you've been taught all your life."
Jean-Paul Satre spoke about the tendency of anti-Semites to freely acknowledge that they're less intelligent than Jews, but superior in that they possess an inherent, intangible, nameless virtue that Jews lack.

That's what's happening here with "common sense."
In the eyes of TERFs and Holocaust deniers, yes, scientists and historians may be "better educated" and "more intelligent" but that just gives them more tools to lie and dissemble with.

They feel their gut instincts are more valuable and worthy than any academic thought.
Like I really think it's worthwhile for people to read Jean-Paul Satre's "Antisemitism and Jew" all the way through. He manages to nail down every single aspect of the right-wing cryptofascist with startling accuracy in not all that many pages.
In any case, the TERF and the Holocaust denier are united by an appeal to an authority, but it's a largely imagined one: a true, uncorrupted science free from the influences they believe - but cannot prove - are corrupting it.
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