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1) Pakistan
2) @POTUS @realDonaldTrump says “Pakistan has given us nothing but lies & deceit”
3) Pakistan is a hub for organ trafficking; banning it has only made it more lucrative…
4) So far they have found 90 women victimized by a scheme to steal their spinal fluid — nobody knows what the criminal gang wants with it…
5) Skipping around a bit to find some other Tweets
6) @cronsell talks about the elite needing their CSF fix (cerebrospinal fluid, spinal fluid, the stuff the gang was stealing in Pakistan)
9) @cronsell focuses on a particular person who isn’t really human without her CSF in the morning...someone who allegedly runs the biggest organized crime racket on Earth.
10) @cronsell and @SaRaAshcraft are together. I first saw Sarah talk about her experience of CSF abuse on July 7, 2018.
11) @SaRaAshcraft is well known for her consistent and horrifying tweets regarding being part of a cult which brought her to Hillary Clinton at age 8.
12) Back to Pakistan; it’s a human trafficking hub.…
13) #HumanTrafficking is a transnational crime where victims easily go from India to Amsterdam to Mexico to Texas. And where their organs are lifted and sold once their bodies are used to death.…
14) Imran Awan is working for a Clinton-connected lawyer now.

“This Pakistani ‘hacker,’ who is now under arrest for bank fraud charges while attempting to flee the United States, has been curiously blessed with high powered Clinton attorneys.”…
15) Nobody can figure out how a Pakistani immigrant with community college credentials ended up running all the IT for the Democratic members of the US House of Representatives.
16) Media reports from 2010 discussed then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announcing $500m (add that to $7.5 billion) in aid to Pakistan.

Interesting hand gesture.…
17) Al-Arabiya (2016) notes that Hillary aide Huma Abedin’s mother comes from Pakistan.

“The question remains: Does Huma Abedin have any relation with the Muslim Brotherhood?”…
18) At Quora, someone asked if Bill and Hillary Clinton have a pro-Pakistan (and anti-India) bias.…
19) One person said “yes” and gave a ton of examples to prove the anti India bias part.…
20) Buried in the answer is this:

“Bill Clinton made his close friend Robin Raphel as the “Secy of State for South Asia” and under her, the US Dept of State...supported anti-India groups.... during this regime...the Taliban was propped up by the State Department in Afghanistan.”
21) “More recently, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, Robin Raphel was appointed to oversee a $7.5 billion aid package to Pakistan, but ended up being investigated by the FBI for spying on behalf of Pakistan and lost her security clearance.”
22) “The charges were dropped only when Hillary herself ended up being investigated by the FBI for using a private email server for classified emails.”
23) I find all of this very strange.
24) Now add the all-but-ignored story of @BernXmas who says he attended a #NXIVM mixer in 2007 with Huma Abedin taking attendance and Stormy Daniels a guest.
25) I note also that @SaRaAshcraft and @cronsell are being both ignored and NOT sued by all the people they name and accuse.
26) I note that John Brennan the former head of the CIA tweets frantically against President Trump every chance he gets.
27) Clearly the Clintons used their office for private gain and treated professional work as an opportunity to promote personal friendships and pay back favors.
28) Of course one of them was a two term President and the other was a US Senator and then Secretary of State, so that is a problem.
29) Clearly the Clintons individually and by extension (the DNC) were associated with people who may have spied for Pakistan and who never got punished for it.…
30) I believe it is possible that Imran Awan provided evidence in exchange for receiving a lesser conviction.…
31) The reason DWS is freaking out here and threatening the head of the US Capitol Police is because Awan left a laptop out with a password that included her initials.
32) @SaRaAshcraft and @cronsell frequently make reference to being part of a thousands of years old intergenerational Luciferian cult called the #Hivites.
33) Sarah says she saw Hillary in an occult ritual setting.
34) The same person who wrote the answer on Quora about the Clintons being pro-Pakistan/anti-India refers to Hillary’s well-documented membership in a secretive religious group that influences foreign policy through its members.
35) “Investigative reporter Jeff Sharlet exposed the fact that Hillary Clinton is (or has been, as of 2017) a part of a secretive group in Washington DC, variously known as the Fellowship, the Family or the C Street House.”…
36) “This group is known to use religion to further their geopolitical agenda around the world and evangelical Christians as their main tool when it comes to interfering in other countries.”…
37) The book is called The Family…
38) @rosemcgowan who started the #metoo movement and brought down Harvey Weinstein was raised in a cult called Children of God…
39) Weinstein and Hillary are friends…
40) Weinstein of course was a huge Democratic donor…
41) #NXIVM of course was a new-agey religious cult now with allegations of sex trafficking — and its leader ran to and was arrested in Mexico…
42) What a fucking mess.
43) Add to this the fact that the US is well known for its involvement creating Muslim “bogeymen” in Pakistan and its neighbor Afghanistan.

Operation Cyclone.…
44) Support for the Taliban.…
45) Iran says the US itself created ISIS…
46) Julian Assange says “CIA created ISIS”…
47) Kabul cash came in from both the US and Russia in the mid 1970s — during which time Pakistan started to ally itself with the radical Islamists who were Afghanistan’s internal enemies…
48) What. A. Mess.
49) Pakistan regime: human trafficking, organ trafficking, radical Islamic terror.

(Organ trafficking includes alleged CSF theft that Americans Sarah Ashcraft and Chris Cronsell suffered from; don’t know who was responsible.)
50) Pakistan regime: linked to Clinton Crime Cartel — Imran Awan and Robin Raphel

(Clinton Crime Cartel: religious/cult element, transnational, Haiti/Mexico and we haven’t even mentioned Epstein/Branson/others who hosted activities on islands)
51) Pakistan regime: anti-India
52) President Trump: Called out the Pakistan regime for bad behavior
53) President Trump: Repairing relations with India, which the mainstream media (CNN) attacks.…
54) We live in a world that is very, very complicated.
55) But it’s not hard to see how one bad apple really spoils so much of the rest of the bunch.

And wastes a TON of time, and money, to boot.

Is it possible that DWS, acting as an agent of HRC, slipped Imran Awan into Congress where he then spied on the Dems, turned the data over to his dad, who turned it over to the Pakistanis, who then gave it back to HRC, to blackmail the Dems, and that's why they've gone nuts?
57) Some relevant other information to add. Let's start with what #QAnon said about Pakistan. (Numbering picks up here - the previous Tweet was #56.)
58) November 4, 2017

Anonymous (#QAnon) writes:
"Who is Awan?
What is the Awan Group?
Where do they have offices?
Why is this relevant?
Define cash laundering.
What is the relationship between SA & Pakistan?"
59) January 7, 2018

An anonymous person asks:
"Q, is…WHNWJGzwG
Tied to the AWAN scandal?"

#QAnon responds:
Who received the stolen intel?
Who paid who?"
59) April 23, 2018 - 4:12 PM

#QAnon :
"Red Cross Iran.
Red Cross Pakistan.
Red Cross NK.
Red Cross ……..
Define smuggle.
What is smuggled?
What funds are used to pay for the goods?
These people are sick.
Relevant to events about to unfold.
Follow the EOs." (Executive Orders)
60) April 23, 2018 - 4:25 PM

"When was UBL killed in Pakistan? (UBL - Usama Bin Laden)
May 2 2011
Where was UBL located?
Close proximity to?
Think logically.
When did AWANs mission op go green?
Follow the timeline." /1
61) April 23, 2018 - 4:25 PM

#QAnon, continued:
"What happened during this time w/ Huma / VJ / AWAN / +3? (VJ - Valerie…NVuRG
Follow the…aehzt
SEC of…L9WLe"

62) April 23, 2018 - 4:25 PM

"Who is…09OKI
Aid cut off in 2010?
What happened in 2011?
Define ‘Exchange’.
Sick yet?"

63) Missed one. November 11, 2017 - Q names the State Bank of Pakistan as a "Rothschild bank," along with many others.
66) Sorry, that was a blank. Let's take a look at what all of these cryptic hints and links mean.
67) Partly this is about understanding what's going on with Pakistan. Partly it's about exploring whether #QAnon detractors have actually failed to do the investigative work of checking out what is being shared here.
68) In #58, Q is hinting that the Awan Group (Pakistan) is linked to money laundering (they take the proceeds from a crime and make it look like legitimate income). Whatever this scheme is, Q says, it involved Saudi Arabia.
69) I surmise that the 2017 "purge" in Saudi Arabia had to do with ending this alleged transnational scheme - that included people in Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, and……o4sZHCA1S0
70) Prince Alwaleed was among those arrested. Had money in Citigroup, Twitter, and the Four Seasons (which owned the top of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas, site of the mass shooting),……
71) In 2017 Saudi Arabia has affirmed its commitment to end #humantrafficking. Didn't have such a good record before.…
72) Also in 2017 the Podesta group registered as a "foreign lobbying agent" for Saudi Arabia. (They're one……1fEaBHuppL
73) John Podesta would have been Secretary of State had Hillary won.
Not sure how that squares with his brother lobbying for Saudi Arabia or the $10 million they gave her foundation.……
74) *Correction: there were other contenders for Secretary of State.
75) Leaked Cabinet picks:

State: John Podesta, Bill Burns, Joe Biden
Treasury: Sheryl Sandberg, Lael Brainard
Labor: Howard Schultz
Health and Human Services: Neera Tanden
Commerce: Gregory Meeks, Sheryl Sandberg, Terry McAuliffe…
76) See how it works where people offer their opinions about a person or a subject, but they don't necessarily tell you some other things.
77) Like, Prince Alwaleed, from a country known for child sex trafficking, vocally insulted @realDonaldTrump @potus, and vice versa.

One estimate: 79% of all trafficking worldwide is sex trafficking.……
78) Look at what the world does to the beautiful children of the Middle East.…
79) Makes you wonder who exactly profits from all those refugees, and how.
Makes you wonder why the strategy isn't simply to make their homes safe again.
80) Anyway, Citigroup warned in 2016 that having @realDonaldTrump as President would be an economic disaster.

Wonder why they said that.…
81) Sheryl Sandberg "blasts" @realDonaldTrump - I guess she's pissed that she will never get her Cabinet seat.

Remember her email to John Podesta: "I want Hillary……ps://
82) Howard Schultz might have had a Cabinet seat.
He publicly endorsed Hillary for President.
Schultz, too, vocally attacked @POTUS.
Recently, he resigned from his job as head of Starbucks.………
83) S.E. Cupp, of CNN, in a breathtaking display of (?), stated yesterday that she is "super proud to be part of the media. We work really hard. We are how you know anything about anything."

Well then why am I sitting here doing *your* job A9nYnOAap7
84) 84) Former VA gov Terry McAuliffe, a FOH (friend of Hillary) might have been Commerce Sec'y.

One has to ask: In xchange for what?

10/24/2016: "Terry McAuliffe Aided Wife of FBI Official Later Tasked W Clinton Email Probe"

Not a…DXBYLAZmiu
85) Of course McAuliffe was also Virginia governor when Charlottesville got out of control.

The event was not a false flag. The response was questionably slow.

Everyone of course pounced on @POTUS.……
86) "Democracy Dies in Darkness," says WaPo--which endorsed Hillary.

But what about the conflict of interest which undermines their mission? (WaPo owned by Amazon, which has $600m cloud contract w/……tSMn1MgYvX
87) We need to talk about all this, in the context of talking about #QAnon talking about Pakistan, because Q is not a "conspiracy theory."

This person is an alternative channel for the news.
88) Not only is #QAnon an alternative channel for the news, but Q also tells us the motivation of people to act as they do, and the significance of major events (like Executive Orders)--meaning that would otherwise escape us.

Do you have time to follow all of this?
89) What does it say about the state of our democracy that simply providing information is interpreted as a "conspiracy theory," or worse yet, as somehow sharing state secrets?

That attitude is unbelievably frightening: The range of allowable thought has shrunk to almost 0.
90) OK. So what does it mean when Q says that the State Bank of Pakistan is a "Rothschild" bank? Is this some kind of anti-Semitic…rdyhgcbXPn
91) That's a pretty long list of banks. I was not able to find an objective news source that either confirmed or denied the list.…
92) I went to their website and tried to understand their holdings. No luck, e.g.

"Rothschild Direct Lending provides customised senior and subordinated debt financing solutions to privately-owned businesses across the European…HOozvlD92M
93) A common "defense" (they're entitled to have money and don't need defending) of the Rothschild family is that they don't have as much money as people think.

But the issue is not really the quantity of cash. It is rather the quality of the…dtrDzIU5Qn
94) Just from a corporate communications point of view, you would think that the Rothschilds would defend themselves against all the conspiracy theories that swirl about them. I haven't found that.

You can pick up a few clues from this interview.
95) "In an extensive, and rare, interview to Haaretz-The Marker, Baron de Rothschild (age 47 - DB) talks about his brand of Judaism, his distaste for trading gold and his love of speed."
96) "Baron Benjamin de Rothschild has put the 4-billion-euro family fortune in the hands of his wife, Baroness Ariane de Rothschild. 'I think women today are better suited for business than men,' he says."
97) This is Haaretz, btw, a leftist Israreli news source. (Leftist means the same thing there as here.) Conservatives take issue with it, but I don't think you could call it fake news.
98) "In the 19th century the Rothschild family was no less than the central bank of Europe. States and monarchs turned to the Rothschild bank to raise capital or to receive loans, usually by means of the new instrument of government bonds."
99) "The Rothschilds issued, sold and disseminated the bonds of kings and governments in European capitals, often investing the family's own capital in them. Without the financial backing of the Rothschilds, kings found it difficult to go to war."
100) "At the beginning of the 19th century, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the dynasty's Frankfurt-based founder, sent his five sons to establish financial centers in Germany, Austria, France, Britain and Italy, a strategy that led to its domination of European finance."
101) We note that it is not a sin to be rich and/or good at making money. Or to be Jewish.

But it is not antisemitism to also review the facts.
102) "At the beginning of the 19th century, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the dynasty's Frankfurt-based founder, sent his five sons to establish financial centers in Germany, Austria, France, Britain and Italy, a strategy that led to its domination of European finance."
103) The Rothschilds lost influence with the dawn of the 20th century, and competition w other banks. The two World Wars interfered. Other dynasties.

Though powerful in London & Paris still, by the 1980s influence was lessened even more: socialist France nationalized its bank.
104) The family was pivotal in establishing the first wave of Aliyah (immigration) to Israel, laying the foundation for the modern Jewish State.
105) "I told Netanyahu that I know it's complicated but that if he is asking me if my father had a wish, it was to see peace in the Middle East. "I understand that it is a complicated business, mainly because of the fanatics and extremists - and I am talking about both sides."
106) He is an atheist.

"I am accountable to the people I employ. I am accountable to my wife and my children. I do not believe in God - I do not report to him."
107) He seeks privacy: "In the past, when horrific stories about the family were published in the press, one could respond. Today, everything is uploaded to the Internet and YouTube and there is not much we can do. There are groundless, horrible stories there."
108) "How much money do you manage in all your banks?"

"130-150 billion euro."
109) (What banks do they own?)

"The branch in Israel is a subsidiary of the bank in Paris, and the bank in Switzerland is a public company whose shares are traded on the Zurich stock exchange."
110) "What is the bank's balance sheet?"

"U have to remember that we r a private bank. The balance is of no interest because we do not provide credit. Our service takes the form of asset management and banking services, so that our risk is also very low."

They invest others' $.
111) "I hold 88 percent of the shares in the Swiss bank. The bank's market worth today is around 800 million Swiss francs [about $800 million - E.A. and G.R.]. In the other banks I hold 100 percent of the shares and everything is private."
112) "So how much are you worth, in total?""Depends a great deal on the value of the Rothschild brand name....Until not long ago a private bank's value ...calculated according to a ratio of 5% of its managed assets, but today... 2%....if u ask me, u can just as well flip a coin."
113) "We do business with all kinds of countries, including Arab countries."
114) "I understand that you put a lot of focus on emerging markets. "

"Did you know that until 250 yrs ago China was the strongest country in the world? We already have a branch in Hong Kong & we are working w the Bank of China. We intend to increase our focus in that region."
115) "Our activity in Israel is also important to us. I see it as a bridge to developing countries, through our people there and your brains."
116) "Why doesn't the family have businesses in the US? "We had a few assets there. My father owned the third largest bank in California, but he sold it. It is very difficult to run a bank across a nine-hour time difference....not convenient at all." (This is hard to believe)
117) "How did you come through the financial crisis?" (remember this is a rare interview, conducted in 2010 - crisis occurred 2007-2008)

"We came through it well, because our investment managers did not want to put money into crazy things."
118) "Looking back, what was the major cause of the crisis?

"Greed! Pure & simple. And it is going to happen again.This time it will happen in life insurance surety bonds.Wall St. is now making the same mistakes with insurance that it did with mortgages.They will never learn."
119) Rothschild continues:

"When you see the amounts that are being paid now to securities traders in insurance bonds, you see pure madness. That is the difference between American capitalism and family capitalism."
120) "Unlike the Americans, we do not have to report on performance every quarter. We can take a much longer perspective and wait four or five years to get results. Quarterly profits will not change my life."
121) Going to stop quoting this interview here. This person seems normal -- I'm not getting the Pakistan connection at all.

Now let's turn to Lynn de Rothschild.
122) Lynn married into the Rothschild family & is pro-HRC. Is CEO of E.L. Rothschild, a holding company which owns The Economist & has "operations in the US, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, & India."
123) Lynn has been the subject of a number of Q statements, all of them fairly nasty.…
124) She deleted her Twitter account in February 2018, blaming the Russians "for using all of us to sow…PnQLJ9QBh10
125) Listen to her anger re @realDonaldTrump (Oct. 2016): “He’s a person who’s gamed the system his whole life for his own ends...he’s never shown any inclination to fix it for anyone but himself."

You can practically hear Hillary there.…E02pg
126) Wikileaks called out The Economist, headed by Lynn Forester de Rothschild, when it disingenuously endorsed Hillary for President on November 5, 2016--without revealing her connection to it.
127) I am starting to think that the problem with the Rothschilds is not ALL the Rothschilds, but a segment of them. Like these are the people who come to Hanukkah dinner and you try to stay on the other side of the room.
128) Look at the men in this picture, and look at the women.
Who is beaming? (Not the men.)
129) Again, who is the problem? Here is Lynn with David Brock -- in a photo posted to James Alefantis' Instagram page (jimmycomet is Alefantis).

(Media Matters David Brock, the former conservative turned Hillary biographer and annihilator of the alt-right)
130) Remember - Lynn = wife of Evelyn de Rothschild. (That's a boy.)
Evelyn's in Epstein's "Little Black Book" w/ daughter Hannah.
So is Henry Kissinger--who introduced E. to Lynn.
HRC calls Kissinger her "mentor.&……ps://
131) A researcher on Voat hypothesizes that Lynn de Rothschild is James Alefantis' aunt.

Lynn - mom of David.
David - cousin of James.

I do not know if this is true.

There is clearly a family resemblance.…
132) But I would say, whatever is going on with the Rothschilds, I'm not seeing it in the actual family members. For example Lynn's husband says about Brexit: "Have to be patienycn3yH8YW0F
133) I note that when they're supposed to do a joint interview, his language is much harsher. He calls @potus "this lunatic in America."

I can't help but wonder if he harshens his stance when she's around, because of how *…DnpIUnnZF80
134) I note that #QAnon says to "watch the wives."

He's talking about Peter Strzok here, but still.

"Watch the wives."

Lynn is...a…ps://
135) "Watch the wives."

"Watch the water."

How do you get people around the world?

Where do you keep people who are going fps://
136) Clearly Lynn de Forester has used whatever influence she had to help Hillary Clinton.

I do not know how this connects, if at all, with Brock and Alefantis, formerly a couple.…
137) David Brock cried to NYT's Glenn Thrush recounting the death threats Alefantis got. Then he had a heart attack several months later.

Look at the human cost on adults of rumors, lies, and innuendo.

The public deserves truth.…
138) Moving on.

In January 2018, #QAnon responded to an Anon's question about the U.S. suspending $900,000,000 in security aid to Pakistan. The $ was now contingent on Pakistan going after "Afghan Taliban & the Haqqani network militant….co/0WHNWJGzwG
139) The anon asks if the move had anything to do with the "Awan scandal."

Who received the stolen intel?…ps://
140) I interpret this to mean: Awan was "laundering spying" 4 his true employer--which was not Pakistan.

Meaning: He spied, took it to Pak, Pak got paid from a well-concealed source.

Maybe a mole, inside the U.S., who wanted to control the Dems?

What's the punishment 4 that?
141) April 23, 2018.

#QAnon seems to say that the Red Cross is trafficking people in Pakistan & elsewhere.

"What is smuggled?
What $ are used to pay for the goods?
These people are sick.
Relevant to events about to unfold.
Follow the….co/o4lsEtrbcC
142) My interpretation - the Red Cross (a rescue organization) is actually taking $ to facilitate human trafficking.

Where is the money coming from? Bad actors whose funds are or will be frozen by Executive Order.……
143) Same day.

Q elaborates on the discussion about the Red Cross. He draws a connection between when Bin Laden was "captured" and when the Awan "mission" went live.

(Important: It's taken for granted that the Awans, multiple ppl…ps://
144) Q says: "Follow the timeline.
What happened during this time w/ Huma / VJ / AWAN / +3?"

Links to:
H.R.5734 - Pakistan Terrorism Accountability Act of 2012
H.R.1699 - Pakistan Foreign Aid Accountability Act
H.R. 285 (112th): Pakistani Temporary Protected Status Act of 2011
145) #144 seems very important. But I don't understand it.
Here's what I do see.
146) Three key points:

#1, There are a few villains here. They're not all of us, or even most. But they're horrible.

#2, It is functionally impossible to isolate ourselves from other countries.

#3, Peace is something we must fight for through education, but also compassion.
147) This has been a real eye opening learning exercise for me today.

Take care everyone.

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