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There have been two mafia/mob wars in the United States that have changed the landscape of organized crime worldwide - and shaped our nation from the underworld up, in ways we still have yet to fully grasp.

The first is known as the Camorra war, and it set the stage... /1
2/ ...for the commercial dominance of American mafia "families" in the global landscape of organized crime from 1915- early 1990s.
Storytellers - novelists & screenwriters - over the years have sold you the mob's version of their 20th century world order...
3/ Much of it is spot-on. But they key pieces have been obfuscated. That's how the mafia protected its leadership/organizational structure & operations. Why?
Because that's how you protect the money. And it was a century of dark money - mostly untouched.
4/ Post Camorra war, disparate money/profit-centers of the Camorras were rolled up by Lansky & Luciano - who then created a national AND intl distribution & profit-sharing empire, using prohibition.
Everything was under a top hat. An underworld "corporate board" if you will...
5/ This was new. This was ORGANIZED crime.
The money and influence that grew out of it was astounding.
And it allowed for an infiltration into the realms of power in our world - "above ground."
6/ I've covered under-world order of the post-Camorra war extensively, & I still have some big pieces 2 drop (Vegas, Cuba, Nixon 2 name a few). I won't re-hash it all here. You can go 2 my pinned thread.
This morning, we're going to review the 2nd war...
7/ NYC. 1990s. The Russian mob swept in & took it all.
It was fast, bloody, precise. You can read all about it in Robert Friedman's "Red Mafiya."
Brighton Beach & Trump Org properties were ground zero for the RU mob's invasion. They came 4 the American mob's assets & operations.
8/ Two key events precipitated that war, ensuring the RU mob's take-over.
The first was 1985. Gambino crime family boss, Paul Castellano, is assassinated by gunmen wearing Russian hats.
You know... the murder that Bob Mueller prosecuted John Gotti for.
9/ You see, the Gambino's had grown very powerful within Cosa Nostra by developing Manhattan (concrete kings). And along with the Gambino's grip over a key territory & biz-man fronts (like Trump Org), Castellano was a premier racketeer...
10/ Wall Street & banks were the American mafia's playground, and the RU mob knew it. Castellano was not only a force in their way, he was a symbol.
Mob hits are a form of under-world state craft. Every part of them is a communication...
11/ Those Russian hats worn by Castellano's assassins were a symbol for who was taking over. This is the way of that world.
Onto the 2nd "event" that cleared the path for the Red Mafiya invasion:…
12/ I'm gonna leave my take on The Commission Trial at this ⬇️.
13/ With the heads of Cosa Nostra cut off, territory & assets were easy pickings. The RU mob could roll freely thru-out the entire American mafia's empire: from FL to Chi-town to AZ to Toronto (yes, they got Lansky's Canadian boot-legging dynasties as well)...
14/ And the under-world transformed once again. Profit centers from the resources of a global power (former Soviet Union) & RU mob criminal partnerships w/intl traffickers (cocaine, arms, human beings) were plugged in2 the American mafia's operations - 4 laundering & influence...
16/ Real Estate laundering assets were forced to go global with their brands.
Hedge funds were created.
Silicon Valley was mysteriously funded.
Citizens United was a MUST - a little blood-money washing buys a lotta influence thru those PACs...
17/ Okay. Here's where we have a narrator's break.
What I'm threading for you this morning (& always, actually) is something we call in my line of work "WORLD-BUILDING."
It's kinda my wheel house...
18/ When a story is this big, one cannot communicate it w/o communicating the broader world in which the story takes place.
In FICTION, great world-building comes out of the protagonist's "needs vs. wants."
Every element of the world is connected 2 that character & his/her arc..
19/ The villain is the metaphor for whatever the protagonist is internally struggling with & must over-come (character "obstacles"). And the stakes of the world have to match the struggle, so that when the protagonist overcomes their inner obstacles...
20/...they have what it takes to put the world right.
This is the "WHY" 4 telling the story of a specific character.
But that's fiction.
In real life, U cannot understand the characters until U 1st grasp the world. This is the fatal flaw of journalists/ MSM covering Trump-Russia
21/ They are trying to map the world via the characters, rather than 1st understanding what happened in the broader world around Trump AND Putin. They're thinking of Trump as flawed guy, who somehow became successful & was unscrupulous in his business choices.
NO. That's not it.
22/ If you understand the world in which Trump occurred - if you understand those two mafia wars & the under-world that they created, THEN you understand what's really happening.
23/ The same world that delivered Trump also delivered PUTIN. In fact, we can even reduce it to the same mafia boss - a mastermind, who held enormous power during the years that the Soviet Union collapsed and the Red Mafiya came here.
That's the world.
24/ (Putin hates this, so I'm sticking it in here again. 😈)
25/ (and Semion hates this, so here it is as well 😈)
26/ (and I'm guessing this gets under Trump's skin like nothing else. So here it is again 😜)
27/ Can you see it? Can you see what we're really up against?
We are in a global battle between law & lawlessness.
We are in the 3rd great mob war.
And it's them or us this time...
28/ Don't be confused.
Don't let the flailing media outrage you into further polarization &/or apathy.
Stay focused & vote for your lives.
You are the hero in this story.
And the stakes have never been greater to put the world right.
❤️ LB
29/ CODA: Now that you've had some time to sit with this paradigm, please re-read this tweet about fired @FBI Deputy Dir. ANDREW McCABE.
And the embedded tweet regarding his statement.
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