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Thread: Understanding President Trump, Part II

1. A recent past thread examined President Trump from the perspective of how he adheres to ten of Sun Tzu’s principles from "The Art of War:"

2. Of course, many others have provided their takes on his modus operandi, and more continue to do so as their light bulbs go on. One of my favorite opinion journalists, Daniel Greenfield, published a very insightful piece yesterday on “Trump’s Five Rules for Ruling the World.”
3. Despite his successes on the international scene, the Democrats, Uniparty Republicans, and their legacy media propagandists continue to bash Trump on an hourly and daily basis. They are driven by their TDS and a fear of his success which exposes them all as charlatans & liars.
4. Getting the NATO countries to pay more for their own collective defense or leveling the playing field on tariffs and trade barriers in Europe and with China, Canada, and Mexico or demolishing ISIS or corralling the Iranian terror regime: all of these benefit average Americans.
5. Yet his political enemies out themselves as being enemies of the people interested not in facilitating these and other potential macroeconomic and foreign policy successes but only in bashing the president in service of a return to the status quo under the execrable Obama.
6. Back to Greenfield’s piece. He really “gets Trump.” Here are a few excerpts:
7. “There are 5 simple rules for understanding President Trump. They define how he’s lived his life until now. And what still drives him at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If you understand them, you will get what he’s doing. If you don’t, there’s always a job waiting at the NY Times.”
8. Rule #1: “Act, Don’t React. Trump hates reacting, he loves taking the initiative and forcing others, rivals, competitors, media syndicates or foreign dictators, to react to him.”
9. Rule #2: “Try Everything. Trump is comfortable with failure. He knows that if you’re willing to knock on 100 doors, you might get 1 sale. His approach to politics is trying a lot of different approaches and policies to get to a win.”
10. “Political professionals scoff at that scrappy attitude. They insist on the importance of posture and position. Trump knows all about posture and position, but he refuses to be its prisoner.”

[The FP establishment and his political enemies value style over substance!]
11. Rule #3: “Chaos is Power. Instead of trying to control chaos, he generates it, causing uncertainty and then offering a sense of security in exchange for a good deal. That’s what Trump is doing with trade. It’s what he did to China and North Korea.”
12. “Trump tries everything (Rule 2) and escalates confrontations (Rule 1) so that his opponents have no way to counter him except by escalating the confrontation and creating more chaos. And then Trump forces them to negotiate by proving he can function….
13. “…in a chaotic and uncertain situation better than they can.”
[This is spot on! None of his political enemies have any experience in real negotiations except with other Swamp dwellers. Certainly not with the top dogs of real adversary countries.]
14. Rule #4: “Never Show Your Hand. Trump has always been ambiguous. Parse his sentences and you can read them three different ways. Each assertion eventually uncovers a contradiction. That’s confusion. Tactical confusion. … [H]e loves being unpredictable.”
15. “Trump is the only president in a century who is able to go into negotiations with a completely unpredictable outcome.”

[A classic Sun Tzu principle! Dems & pundits are conditioned to order and clarity. They don’t understand the value of ambiguity and chaos in negotiations!]
16. Rule #5: “Don’t Be Afraid to be the Bad Guy. If Americans have a fatal flaw, a weakness that undermines our domestic and international politics, it’s a need to be liked.”

“[O]ur enemies, foreign and domestic, know that they can break us by making us question our goodness.”
17. “One of Trump’s great strengths is that he’s not afraid to be the bully, the heavy and the jerk. …That’s the attribute that upsets and infuriates Never Trumpers. But it also gives the United States far more negotiating leverage and freedom than it ever had before.”
18. “And that’s why the people chose him.”

[Amen! Amazing that we normals see and understand this, but our would-be rulers in the political class don’t – or if they do, they fear his success because it exposes their irrelevance.]

Read the rest here:…
19. Our president has a strategy and plan that is encompassed under the political slogan we all know and love: #MAGA ! There are both domestic and foreign policy elements that are fairly easy to discern.
20. Domestic policy elements:

a. Maximum economic freedoms and personal liberties

b. Restoration of the rule of law and the people’s confidence in their institutions

c. Securing the border(s)

d. Delivering on promises made (restoring trust in our leaders)
21. Foreign policy elements:

a. Restoring the US manufacturing base through “fair trade practices” (tariffs)

b. Proper burden sharing for collective defense (e.g., NATO)

c. Revised rules of engagement for US military operations and delegation of authority to commanders
21. (cont'd)

d. Denuclearization of rogue states (DPRK and Iran)

e. Use of US economic leverage to achieve foreign policy objectives (resetting NAFTA and relations with China and Russia)
22. His aim is to #MAGA in the truest sense: a restoration of American nationalism and individualism which are the true motivations inherent in human nature everywhere. Call it enabling “enlightened self-interest” for America and We The People.
23. And his political enemies are bitterly opposing these goals and policies and marking themselves as our domestic enemies with each passing day. Folks, what are YOU prepared to do to help the president achieve his policy objectives on our behalf? ///The end.
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