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Alright gentlemen, since I'm about to turn 25 I figured I'd provide some real value to all of you instead of being selfish

Everyone has a birthday once a year, I'm not special

Here are 25 life lessons I've developed and implemented over the years that will improve your life✅
1. Mindset-

Your mindset is your mental foundation as a man

The only thing in this world that is completely and utterly in your control is your mind

Believe you can do something? You’re absolutely right

Believe you can’t do something? You’re absolutely right
Obviously your beliefs should be grounded in reality but never be afraid to dream big

Believe that you can do anything

Maintain IRRATIONAL self-confidence in life

This needs to be real. Deep down in your psyche, in every fiber of your being, you must truly believe this
Take that mindset and permanently cement it into your mental foundation

Take that self confidence and energy and use it to create your legacy in life

-Eat meat
-Drink spirits
-Hit the damn gym
-Learn a valuable skill
-Build a business and stack your cash
Do things like this, become a better man throughout all aspects of life, and that ferocious masculine energy will manifest itself positively in the image you project to the world

A man on a mission in life is a man who beautiful + *quality* women are drawn to

Always be that man
2. UNFAIR Advantage, UNFAIR Position-

Learn, understand, and develop the principles of UA/UP in your life

ANYONE can do this. Know why?

Because regardless of circumstance, you ALWAYS have at least one UNFAIR Advantage in life
What advantage is that you ask?

It’s YOU

Nobody else in the world can be you

Nobody else in the world can possibly be as good at being you as you are

This isn’t Westworld people, so until we start cloning humans, you’ll always have that UNFAIR Advantage over everyone you meet
Some of you will have more advantages than that and some of you won’t

More advantages can be developed, but they are essentially useless if you don’t take them and ethically EXPLOIT them in your favor.

What will doing this accomplish?
Doing this has the potential to skyrocket your POSITION in life, leveraging you into an incredibly UNFAIR one over all others

This requires action and discipline

The person who capitalizes hard on two UAs will always decimate the person with 20+ UAs who never uses them properly
Want to learn more about this principle and level up your life? Go follow @ipb_media and get on his UNFAIR newsletter while you’re there

Put down that six-pack of beer and use that $10 on something that’ll actually transform your life instead of destroy your testosterone levels
3. Eat right and work out-

This is an incredibly simple concept, but the majority of people simply do not implement it in their lives

Don’t look at all the Instagram posturing and assume that’s an accurate reflection of reality and society as a whole
Yes, there are more fit people nowadays

However, there are also exponentially more unhealthy people out there today

Seriously, take a walk down the street sometime. Walk into a cafe. Stroll through a grocery store. How many truly fit and healthy people do you actually see?
Transforming your physicality always requires disciple and mental strength

Start somewhere and never give up

Maybe you’re too fat

Maybe you’re too skinny

Maybe you’re the unholy amalgamation of the two and look like a skinny fat human version of a melting ice cream cone
Who cares. Take one step today in the right direction when it comes to the food you eat and the exercise you do

Take the time to perfect it now and you’ll be able to maintain great health on autopilot

I used to have very little muscle and a good bit of extra fat on my body
Not a good look. What did I do?

Counted calories diligently for almost a year and tracked all my workouts. Massive ROI for this.

Now I can easily maintain ~9-10% body fat year-round, never count calories since I can just eyeball what I eat and trust my body’s response to it.
I go work out 4-5 times a week, maintain muscle and increase my strength without giving it a second thought

This is only possible because I put in the serious work ahead of time

You only have one life to live. Do not go through it looking like shit
I’m not going to break down all the foods and workouts you should eat/do

Follow @AJA_Cortes for that

He drops actionable advice and gold to his email list daily

Huge disservice to your health, mental well-being, and testicular fortitude if you aren’t on it

Unfuck yourselves
4. Masculine Style-

This is the powerful image that you present to the world through your appearance

It relates to clothes, but it also relates to your attitude and other traits of your appearance that are in your control
If you neglect the importance of masculine style and go through life like a sloppy soy serpent then don't expect to be taken seriously by anyone

You make an impression on people when they first see you and they do judge

Get over it

It's a fact of life, so get on board with it
Maximizing your appearance in life and ensuring that you always look your best is another way to give you an UNFAIR edge in life


I’m not going to go unnecessarily deep into this topic because I already wrote a killer thread on it here⬇️

5. Knowledge is nothing without implementation-

This one is pretty self-explanatory

I used to read and learn about various topics endlessly but I'd never take action. I rarely went out and implemented what I learned

That's a fool’s game and will handicap you in the long run
It doesn’t matter what the topic is… Did you read and learn something useful?

Awesome. Take some damn action on it

Capitalize on that newfound wisdom or watch it slowly fade from existence, leaving you drowning in a cesspool of mediocrity
6. Nobody cares about you-

Trust me, I do not say this to be an asshole. This is simply a fact

You alone are responsible for your life and creating greatness

Yes, you can still have family, friends, mentors, etc. who all push you in the right direction
However, you should not need your hand held to achieve your goals

If you don't work for and achieve something on your own you'll never truly appreciate it

Put in the work and seize success on your own

The reward will be beyond sweet
7. Family is everything-

“Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family”

A simple line from a great film, but one that holds profound meaning…

For better or worse, you only have one family, and your time with them on this earth is not guaranteed
Make the most of your time with family

Learn from them, teach them something

Hear their stories and life experiences

They won’t always be around for this, trust me…

My family and lack thereof have been a huge part of my mental

If you have your own family, be a positive influence and role model for them

Teach them the right values and make their lives great

Just look to @HunterDrewTFA for guidance on this

Hunter is authentic, masculine, and we can all learn something from him
8. Study marketing and sales-

This is something I just recently learned about, but it is beyond important to master these skills in life

Since learning and studying them, I’ve developed a positive, abundance mentality towards money and business that will pay off hugely
I’m studying and applying the important concepts in my content here and in my life and it has done wonders

Shit, I’ve even been able to sell my skills and abilities at work and that put me in an incredibly UNFAIR position over others who couldn’t sell themselves

I’m following and learning from some guys here who are excellent at marketing and sales

You can all definitely learn from them too and if you're not following them and applying their valuable lessons, you're screwing yourselves

9. Develop your talent stack-

Developing and maintaining your talent stack is crucial for success in life

You do not want to go through life completely one dimensional and not be open-minded enough to learn more things that can improve your existence
You can never go wrong with learning more skills, although don’t spread yourself too thin

It’s better to master a few as opposed to being mediocre at many

Learn those skills, develop them further, and implement them every day to transform your life for the better
To learn more about the value of a talent stack, check out this thread from @WesternMastery

Follow him and join his email list while you’re at it, he’s a valuable resource for numerous topics. You can learn a lot by reading and implementing his advice✅

10. Connect with like minded people-

This is absolutely crucial

You do not want to surround yourself with negative-minded people who are doing absolutely nothing with their lives

Being around negativity is extremely unhealthy, holds you back, and suppresses your potential
Back in January, I started learning about online business and various opportunities available today

I joined the Cad Club, learned a ton from the OGs like (CMQ) @thecadclub and @GoldmundUnleash and implemented everything in my life

Without a doubt, I've changed for the better
I started my Twitter, and over the last 5 months have improved my life more than I could have imagined

I’ve focused on providing value to people and helping them out, and that’s brought me more satisfaction than most of the things I’ve done in my life prior to that
I’ve connected with like-minded guys around my age who are all hungry for success and driven by their visions

I don’t even talk to my old friends anymore, because they have no real goals for the future and I refuse to be held back by mediocrity

Surround yourself with success
I’m now better friends with these guys on Twitter and communicate with them almost daily

We share our ideas, work and push each other to do better

This is what life is about

They are-

Alright gentlemen, and any ladies who may be lurking, those were the first 10 of my 25 Life Lessons✅

If you enjoyed them and found value, please like and RT

Hop on my email list to get all 25 tomorrow evening and transform your life for the better⬇️
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