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Twitter took my Mueller sham thread apart & made it unreadable.
Let's try again.
When the unhinged leftists tout the 19 or 39 or 72 or whatever bs number of indictments, ask them for a list of names. That usually gets them to block you right away since they can't answer.
If they don't block you for that, we can move on to Popadopolis who has had over 20 charges dropped and still hasn't plead guilty to or been convicted of anything.
The good General Flynn is on the verge of having his coerced guilty plea thrown out....
His interview was conducted by the disgraceful agent Peter Strozk who lied on his 301 form to create a perjury that never happened. This is the same agent who let Hillary slide and basically created the "insurance policy" err a witch hunt rather.
Next we move on to Manafort who is prepared to roast Mueller for misconduct. Talk about moving the goal posts. His first case was on the verge of being thrown out so Mueller charged him with witness tampering OVER A 20 SECOND PHONE CALL and does it in a different court with
a witch hunt friendly liberal judge. Not to mention, he granted immunity to Tony Podesta the Molesta to testify against him for crimes they committed together. But it's totally not a witch hunt right?
How about Carter Page? You remember him right? He's the "RUSSIAN SPY" who was the FBI's in for the FISA title 1 warrant. Funny thing is that he HAS NOT BEEN CHARGED WITH A SINGLE CRIME.
And let's talk about the warrant.
They were denied a warrant to spy on Trump directly so they went back to the court with a dossier, paid for by Hillary, put together by the spouses or never Trumper FBI agents, corroborated by a reporter who ran a story based on a leaked copy
he received from them. Not to mention, they took it to a judge they bribed with liquor and strippers the day after he was appointed to the FISA court.
Those pesky text messages have revealed their motives.
But I digress.... We're talking about indictments stemming from the witch hunt.
So let's get to the "12 Russian hackers" who ironically bought pro Hillary ads on Facebook but let's not let that get in the way of a narrative.
3 of them showed up in court to file discovery motions
Mueller said "That's not fair. These indictments we're for show." And has refused to comply. Looks like those 3 cases are over. He either cancels the indictments or gets raked over the coals in court. Oh.....Also, one of those Russians didn't exist either but it made for good tv
Not satisfied with looking like a fool enough yet, Mueller indicts 13 more Russians. This time they're military officers. Putin says come on over to Russia and you can interview them.
Mueller says "no thanks". Because again, they're all for show.
So what's going on while the left fawns over the biggest keystone cop show ever performed?
Well, there have been thousands of pedophiles & child trafficking arrests. More than any other time in history actually.
There's over 30,000 sealed indictments across the country right now
Compare that to the 1,000 or so that are normal and it's easy to see that something's up.
A lot of people are about to go to jail and hint hint: Trump ain't one of them.
I won't even get into Horrowitz & Huber. Libs are confused enough already.
I'll just say that Mueller has leaked EVERYTHING to the press for airtime. He'd leak Barons report card if Cnn would run with it. If there was any evidence of Trump committing ANY crime, it would have been plastered on billboards and he would have been impeached by now.
But don't let that ruin your celebration of Cohen recording him asking for a Coke.
Im telling you now that Mueller is a ball of yarn for the easily distracted kittens to play with while real criminals go to jail.
Sometimes disinformation is necessary.
Misdirection isn't just for magicians.
I see the work of the good General @GenFlynn and Admiral Mike Rogers being continued while Mueller soaks up the spotlight alongside a shady lawyer and his washed up porn star.
But don't let the FACT that the bad actors are quietly going down distract you from screaming "fuck Trump" like good little puppets.
The rabbit hole is deep libtards.
Your shallow little minds just can't comprehend it so Mueller is there to comfort you in your time of need.
Now before you go shitposting all over my thread and blocking me like a pussy before I can respond, you need to know one thing about me.
I spent quite a while in the belly of this beast. I know what I'm talking about from experience.
I won't get in to my background. You wouldn't understand anyway. Just know that what is being done is for your benefit too so maybe you should take a break from the vitriol that consumes you and look at the big picture......If you can wrap your mind around it.
If you can't look objectively at what is actually going on, it's your loss. If all you have to respond with are insults, vulgarity, and lame, perverted memes, just know that I don't give a single shit what you think. Most people don't.
We don't concern ourselves with the temper tantrums of petulant children or the ravings of deranged lunatics.
That is all!

I also forgot to add that the indictment is copied VERBATIM from a lawsuit filed against John Podesta last year. Why would he do something like that?
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