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— connect (a banana fish
social media au)

— in which ash lynx, a successful music artist, tweets eiji okumura, his biggest fan, during a tweet spree and is charmed by the awkward boy’s personality.
— please quote, don’t reply!
1. the MCs
2. eiji is an ash stan to the CORE
3. so it begins
4. i think we ALL would die for ash!
5. ~meditate~
6. more interaction
7. gotta stay calm
8. eiji isn’t here for the attention (unless it’s from ash in that case he will take it all)
9. stressed eiji is stressed
10. just a little “straightening” up
11. we’re not playing the blame game but if we had to .....
12. king of replying (with a dash of sarcasm)
13. eiji’s cool: not detected
14. he just needs a moment
15. and ... act natural!
16. goodnight
17. still in shock
18. don’t yell at eiji
19. ash is lurking
20. he’s down if you’re down
21. ash lynx shut up challenge
22. challenge accepted
23. for scientific purposes
24. go to bed ash
25. i wonder what those asterisks say eiji
26. too much pressure
27. eiji has such a powerful mind
28. can you guess who he’s trying to woo or did he not make it clear enough
29. please stop asking
30. eiji only tolerates being called a coward by one person and their name starts with a and ends with h
31. you won’t do it coward
32. delete
33. feeling low, feeling lonely
34. he’s back
35. WINK
36. my life is in shambles
37. in and out
38. he’s not kidding
39. blowing money
40. his life is not a fanfiction and he doesn’t want it to be one
41. hold me
42. t-minus three months
43. the sale is coming
44. the stans are coming
45. eiji sees everything
46. just tweet and delete
47. the daily goodnight dm
48. determination at its finest
49. only ash gets a goodnight
50. soft eiji who
51. god is real and his name is ash lynx
52. wheres the lie
53. mission: accomplished!
54. questions and answers
55. this is how he handles excitement
56. he’s conflicted
57. eiji is afraid to call the dms cute
58. this is ashphobia!
59. stand up for what you believe in
60. antics
61. ash feels a special connection to noses on smiley faces
62. a cry for help
63. would not recommend
64. :-)
65. eiji = sleep mode
66. pour one out for eiji
67. eiji follows the rules but does everyone else? i think not
68. smoking is a no from him
69. don’t be fooled by ash’s death glare he’s always wanted to buy kinetic sand when he saw the commercials
70. phone card revoked
71. cut him some slack he’s doing his best
72. having an ash > having a significant other
73. shut up .... but in a nice way
74. loml
75. paranoia strikes again
76. universally agreed on
77. siri the relationship advisor
78. siri < wikihow
79. for your friend and 100% not for you
80. still going with the asterisks
81. not to start a rumor but im starting a rumor
82. what has eiji done
83. eiji was right, his powerful mind strikes again!
84. in conclusion, it really do be like that
85. will eiji ever gain the courage to stop deleting tweets
86. what he meant to type before
87. a deal has been made
88. t-minus two months
89. just in case you wanted to know
90. for .... science
91. finally it comes in handy
92. ~very professional~
93. we’re going down streaks
94. me too eiji
95. x
96. as shakespeare once said ... huh
97. give him a second
98. a “goodnight x” face tattoo
99. its not eiji if he doesnt delete a tweet that can hint in the slightest that he has a ~crush~
100. ash claims his finger slipped
101. memes
102. stop ash lynx
103. “please don’t”
104. spare eiji he never asked for this
105. if you’re wondering how ash is doing
106. finally he’s been spared
107. no one’s counting but he can tell you the exact amount of weeks days and hours if you ask
108. im not saying ash sits at a desk in his room with glasses on writing in a planner late at night for fun but that’s exactly what he does
109. but go off
110. don’t let him fool you
111. a proposition
112. wheeze
113. tell me about you
114. this is what he does at one in the morning
115. how traumatizing
116. why isn’t there a descending plane emoji
117. all of eiji’s mutuals are matchmakers: confirmed
118. talent
119. this is what happens when eiji loses sleep
120. eiji has two brain cells and they’re named ash and lynx
121. imagine a powerpoint but all the slides say he’s beautiful but the last one, which is eiji rambling about how talented ash is
122. we’re all used to eiji embarrassing himself
123. the accidentally sent powerpoint > what was supposed to be sent
124. he knows
125. ash is such a jokester we love him
126. the aftermath
127. eiji got hate and love mixed up it happens to the best of us
128. in this essay i will
129. what does he win
130. there’s a reply option for a reason ash
131. between us
132. sharing jokes is the purest form of intimacy, or as eiji would say, int*macy
133. osaka approaches
134. some people practice speeches in the mirror but eiji practices conversations with ash
135. ash accepts eiji as he is and thats the tea
136. he swears he wont embarrass himself in person
137. how the narrative usually goes
138. couldnt have done it without you
139. pros and cons
140. now what
141. that one person
142. we’re not all that lucky
143. he 100% didn’t fall asleep he’s dead
144. ash rarely uses all caps but missing a goodnight called for it
145. you’re so powerful
146. don’t worry he’s very much alive
147. at least he asked permission
148. who’s the snake
149. 14 days before they meet and THIS happens
150. he swears he won’t open the dm
151. ash has zero self control
152. twenty minutes later
153. acceptance is key
154. equal benefits
155. eiji is going through it
156. 6 days until the flight + 7 days until they meet
157. it’s only fair
158. not to be mushy but
159. he’s here for the transitions
160. you know you’ve found that special person when they make powerpoints only for you
161. hm what do the asterisks say this is ~so hard~ to figure out
162. anti ash lynx day
163. a story of terror
164. 100% awful
165. for research
166. may or may not be
167. poor ash
168. ash now knows how it feels to be taunted
169. a question
170. an answer
171. common courtesy
172. my heart
173. don’t miss your flight
174. the simulation = broken
175. ash did in fact set an alarm solely to wish eiji a safe flight and send him a playlist he made for him
176. return of the asterisks
177. he’s coming
178. location: osaka
179. a long playlist
180. he really thought it out
181. his first instinct was to talk about dogs
182. staring at the ceiling
183. that’s all
184. can i give you my number for this purpose only and not because ive been looking for an excuse to give you my number
185. h is a very expressive letter
186. sound familiar?
187. sounds good, he says as he actually freaks out
188. what he says vs what he means
189. see you tomorrow
190. he can finally say today
191. what to wear
192. be safe please and thank you
193. *yelling intensifies*
194. walking in circles
195. he listens to the playlist ash made for him to calm down gotta go too much softness in the air
196. he’s getting closer
197. a little encouragement from his followers
198. oh joy
200. they connected
201. that 100% does not say love of my life (it does)
202. you know it’s real when they have your notifications on
203. eiji tweets everything but he refuses to tweet the picture
204. natto adventures and the story behind the tweet
205. could he make it anymore obvious that he’s a tourist
206. say it eiji, say that it’s cute
207. don’t be overdramatic
208. he’s a child
209. what a gentleman
210. eiji is emotional
211. a pleasant surprise
212. ash finds it really hard to believe that eiji hasn’t been on a rollercoaster
213. it literally isn’t
214. don’t be fooled by his calm typing eiji actually blushed like an idiot when ash “sarcastically” told him he could hold his hand
215. someone didn’t like their rollercoaster experience
216. hm ... im starting to think ash’s presence is affecting the outcome of the photos
217. engrave it on his tombstone
218. did you say .... your favorite person
219. ash used eiji’s own tactic against him
220. can it stay like this forever
221. it’s “goodnight :-)” .... but it’s REAL
222. what is this mysterious emotion
223. 100% because of the rollercoasters and nothing else. nothing else at all
224. he’s lost it
225. things are lonely without ash
226. guestlist
227. ash’s constantly reminding eiji not to forget his camera because he likes seeing eiji do what he enjoys >>>>>>>>> everything else in the universe
228. he’s so ** ****
229. been looking forward to it
230. eiji being eiji
231. he looks lost
232. is anyone surprised? no
233. ash claims he doesn’t wake up looking perfect
234. sounds fake feels fake
235. if you think eiji isn’t blushing like a madman from across the room you are very sadly mistaken
236. refrain
237. how deep and poetic
238. all he’s ever wanted and more
239. an out of body experience
240. eiji .... put his phone down?
241. you may think eiji is kidding but he would pay to watch ash read a grocery list in a heartbeat
242. ash and eiji supporting each other so intensely is such a strong concept
243. do hearts grow back
244. can you imagine
245. he’s thinking too deep oh no
246. ash saw the notifications and was off to be a supportive “friend”
247. someone count all the times eiji talks about crying
248. i think we all know what the asterisks mean
249. when eiji woke up and answered the phone to hear ash’s voice he 100% thought he was still dreaming
250. i dont think it works this way
251. what twitter says goes
252. he says a certain someone as if everyone doesn’t know who it is
253. guess you can say they’re getting .... lost in japan
254. ash didn’t have to do eiji so dirty but he did
255. i felt that
256. translation
257. the tea is that smiley faces with closed mouths can’t breathe without noses so when you type :) the poor guy is suffocating
258. breaking point
259. thank you for attending his TED talk
260. classified information
261. the all seeing eye
262. the caps are back
263. “supportive” mutuals
264. thank god
265. doing anything for each other is just a bro thing guys that love thing is a MYTH
267. finally free
268. self control
269. as shakespeare once said, it’s not what you do, but who you do it with that matters
270. list of things that suck: that
271. did he .... say the l word
272. “allergies”
273. a message to the universe
274. the last goodnight
275. poor eiji
276. a digital scrapbook = the softest gift
277. up all night
278. really glad you came
279. he lies
280. doing what?
281. would you consider it
282. all signs point to yes
283. do you hear that? it’s eiji’s heart pounding
284. come with me
285. mood
286. please
287. cancel it
288. same
289. just say the word
290. and the contents of the call? a mystery
291. wonder who
292. funny how things work out
293. so soft
294. here we are
295. it’s all happening
296. he really explicitly said love of my life with no asterisks and didnt delete the tweet. he’s so brave
297. thank you
298. we
— the end.
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