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Sex workers. Prostitutes. Escorts. Hookers.

These subjects have been in the news a lot lately. We need to talk about it.

I'm going to take position here that many of you might not like.

Sex work is a net positive to society and should be decriminalized.
I've known several sex workers in my time and I've followed sex worker twitter for a while.

Sex work is real work and it provides a valuable service to men and society.

If sex work were decriminalized, we'd be better off as a whole.
Banning sex work is anti liberty, anti personal freedom, and authoritarian.

If two adults want to contract for service for pay, then why the hell is the government getting involved?

Men want the service, women sex workers want to provide it.
Most of "sex work" isn't even "sex" at all. It's mostly companionship. Sex workers are friends, kind of like therapists, and often spend 95% of the allotted time just talking to these men who _need someone to talk to_
Sex workers provide a release valve in a society that now de-emphasizes marriage and what Jordan Peterson would call "enforced monogamy."

We have de facto polygyny in the US where one man occupies several women at once, or serially, either way - many men are excluded from SMP.
Sex work is feminist. Women should be able to chose how and when to earn their living and labor done with the hands is the same as labor done with the heart. All the woke feminists should be in support of sex workers - but many of them are not. They claim it reinforces patriarchy
Decriminalized sex work would allow women to pick and chose their customers, it would allow for healthier providers, it would allow for safer providers.

All the things opponents to sex work think they are trying to help through criminalizing sex work.
With birth control and condoms, regular testing, and safer work environments, sex work is now safer than ever and could be even safer with decriminalization.

And with more and more men single and alone - we should allow them a chance for companionship outside of the SMP.
I'm interested in the plight of sex workers for a few reasons:

1) I want feminists to support their own sisters

2) I believe in personal liberty

3) I believe sex is inherently healthy

4) I see a future where many men will have no other options
5) I want those men to have a chance at companionship

Hell, as we all know - you pay one way or the other!

Support the decriminalization of sex work. It will make the world a better, safer, happier place. For real.
Now "human trafficking" gets mixed up with "sex workers" and conflates the two issues to the point where people think we need to throw out all sex work to prevent someone from forcing a girl to be a hooker.

Those are two separate issues.
Free speech is also getting caught up in the fight against human trafficking and thus sex workers. Websites are shutting down because of FOTSA and a fear they'll be thrown in jail because two adults want to exchange sex for money. (or really companionship for money)
You can decriminalize sex work while also vigorously enforcing human trafficking laws.

Its like decriminalizing smoking weed while still prosecuting major drug dealers.
And it's begun already - women can't understand how sex work is feminist.

Women have agency people! They can chose what they want and how/when to do it!

I love the hypocrisy of women who claim feminist but then tell other women how to live their lives.
Sex work has caused a riff in the feminist community.

One group sees sex work as reinforcing the patriarchy.

The other sees women as having agency and able to make their own decisions.

The second group is the one I want to see when their internal battle.
I wrote an essay a while back that challenged feminism for shaming women who had fantasies of rough sex or bondage.

Feminists think that rough sex reinforces rape culture and the patriarchy.

Yet many (most) harbor fantasies of rough sex.

Do women have agency or not?!
If you like provocative and interesting topics like this one, you’ll also love my book.

You may like the book far better, actually.

Lots of people seem to like it.

Check it out:…
This thread really took off. It’ll be interesting to see how all the new followers I’ve attracted react to my normal programming.

Unsurprisingly, the gender feminists at reddit have been bashing me and everyone who supported this thread for being woman haters and traffickers!
The crazy gender feminists even tracked down my girlfriend, who they thought just HAD to be a fake account because hey - I must be an incel.

They kept saying I advocated for sex work decriminalization because it was the only way I’d get sex :)
Other critiques:

- I focused too much on the net benefits to society rather than just talking about women

- I’m a man I can’t talk about feminism

- Screeech. Reeeeeee. Garble. Yell. Aiiyyyyeeeee die cis man.
And of course, the gender feminists completely ignored the countless actual sex workers who said thank you for the thread.

I also got DM’s thanking me.

Really, the gender feminists are the worst.

I’m an equity feminist a la Paglia and Pinker.

Those gender fems are nutz.
A couple of messages from the reddit - the gender feminists outright admit that if men support a feminist notion - it must be wrong.

Thus, all correct feminist notions must be offensive to men.

Therefore, make outrage is a feedback signal they seek.

Shocking I know!
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