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1) One shot of espresso, with half and half.

Time to wake up.
Time to make the connections.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018.
It’s coffee time.
2) Our goal is not just survival, but prosperity—spiritual, material, psychological, social and intellectual.

Our Nation must and will thrive once again.
3) We cannot achieve that goal if people are living off the children and getting away with it. Breeding them for sale. Attacking their little bodies for pleasure.
4) How many sex offender neighborhood alerts do you need to get before you admit there’s a problem?

Rapists don’t care which way you vote.
5) @BuzzFeedNews published a story about @SaRaAshcraft and the real story as usual is in the comments.…
6) @SaRaAshcraft was there to point people to her (written) comments. And while some were nasty, others were vocally supportive.
7) This is a good back and forth about lawsuits. The absence of a lawsuit does not make an accusation true. And yes what @SaRaAshcraft and others are saying does sound outlandish.
8) These are 2 very important comments. The 1st one points out that a victim is of course going to have mental illness as a result.

(Of course people with mental illness, such as dissociative identity disorder, which results from child sexual abuse, can still recall an attack.)
9) The 2nd comment points out that @SaRaAshcraft gains credibility the more obvious it is that there is a concerted effort to discredit her.
10) Of course a journalist needs to approach a story critically. It’s just that where certain topics are concerned, like #pedogate/#pizzagate, the approach is virulently critical in one direction.

Example: @thedailybeast article about @Fulcrum__News…
11) There is also the sentiment that only a “rapist” (sexual predator more broadly) would attack a professed victim so reflexively and harshly.
12) @AndreVanDelft brought up the concern that @SaRaAshcraft states she went to the @FBI and “not so much as a call back from anyone.”
13) There is a term in government called “third rail” meaning a topic you don’t talk about or else you can be sure of retaliation. Here is an article I wrote on the subject.

(I do NOT represent the gov here - I research CSA on my own.)…
14) I did serve within Homeland Security (US Customs and Border Protection) as a public affairs specialist who developed a campaign to stop human trafficking.

My mentor and colleague and I came up with this slogan:
15) “Death Is Not A Way To Save Your Life”
16) The problem of course was that we did the flier in a million languages but could only distribute it once the human trafficking victim had ALREADY been smuggled here.
17) I was responsible for Frontline, the agency publication and worked regularly with the Border Patrol. There is such a thing as “rape trees,” the smugglers rape the females and hang their underwear up as a trophy.

These people are not people they are subhuman scum.
18) You have to ask yourself if @VICE cares so much about fighting racism why they don’t do a piece with the Border Patrol on this subject as it seems mighty racist to encourage people to come here and get raped so someone gets votes.
19) Anyway I posted a comment to the BuzzFeed article expressing my own perspective on things. I have been researching CSA for a very long time.
20) Unfortunately my husband suffered from the Jewish community’s propensity to shop around rabbis who should not be anywhere around children let alone wearing the title rabbi.…
21) The Jewish community has long been infested with these complete psychos and sickos. That I escaped the way I did, minimally affected, did not mean it was “nothing.” The scars propelled me to study who is corrupting my faith.…
22) I am working on a book right now with someone else, from another country, who is on a personal crusade to end the fundamentalist religious stranglehold on child sexual abuse prevention, intervention, etc.
23) I met her over social media and was completely shocked that her experience and reaction was EXACTLY the same as mine.
24) I have read Cathy O’Brien’s book, @FionaBa47662575 statements, Becki Piercy’s statements, and Dr. Sue Arrigo’s book. They are all remarkably consistent accounts of sexual torture leading to dissociation leading to brainwashing and being used horribly from there.
25) I have read Sibel Edmonds, Yoichi Shimatsu and Henry Makow‘s work on the use of sexual blackmail and the mass rape of children worldwide to achieve it.
26) Believe me when I tell you this. Political parties and child sexual abuse are not connected concepts. What matters is the extent to which corruption has crept in to any social system.
27) You may have read online that I reported indirectly to the White House at a previous job. Yes, that is true. But that is not why I speak out about the topic now.
28) Really I only wanted to affect change in the Jewish community — awareness, leading to reform — but when the Comet Instagram came out along with the Podesta emails, I was traumatized enough to say something.
29) I am awed by those who speak out because they put their lives at risk to do it.
30) And I believe (I disagree with #QAnon on this) that the only way for all of this to truly end is to expose the high level pedophiles, everywhere they are, across political parties, across Hollywood, across the media, across religions, across EVERYWHERE.
31) The answer is to create a CULTURE of non tolerance of pedophilia and the associated organized crime it engenders which is perpetuated by secret deals and complicity.
32) You have to respect that victims may wish to remain publicly silent about what they have suffered. That is only to be expected.
33) But as for those who do come forward, there is no legitimate excuse for failing to investigate their claims.
34) A frequently expressed fear/excuse in the Jewish community is that people will use our misdeeds to justify antisemitism.

My answer to that is, yes, haters gonna hate, but if you’re afraid of the repercussions, don’t do those things in the first place!!!
35) It is also not true that activists are somehow against the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc. It’s not true that we’re against Google, Facebook and Twitter.

We simply want to see fair and just behavior, and accountability.
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