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1. On July 17, the House Judiciary Committee held a 3-hour hearing to examine the content filtering practices of social media companies. Executives from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were invited to provide testimony and answer questions from the committee.
2. Over 210 million Americans use social media. Even the Supreme Court called it a Constitutional right. Thus, it's staggering that only a few executives in Silicon Valley decide what 2/3 of America is allowed to talk about. This a growing concern to Congress.
3. So who are the employees at these companies controlling what America is allowed to say? Nobody knows.

What is the process for censoring or banning? Nobody knows.

What training materials do they use? Nobody knows.

Are they men, black, religious, American, etc? Nobody knows.
4. And the most important question of all: Are they biased?

This is what the House Judiciary Committee intended to find out during their hearing. Let's look at some highlights and discuss their implications regarding free speech.
5. Republican and current House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte commences the hearing with a story about Facebook removing the Declaration of Independence from a user's timeline for a "hate speech" violation.
6. Congressman Goodlatte continues with an overview of the special legal exemptions social media companies enjoy and the power they have over shaping national discourse and thus the identity of America.
7. After Goodlatte's statement, executives from Facebook, YouTube, & Twitter introduced themselves to the committee, during which, Juniper Downs, the Global Head of Public Policy at Google, alludes to "hate speech" being illegal "in some jurisdictions."
8. Surely, a Google employee can perform a simple Google search and discover that "hate speech" is legal in all 50 states? The Supreme Court has ruled on three separate occasions (1969, 1992, 2011) that hate speech is protected by the First Amendment yet Google still bans for it.
9. The next speaker, Democrat Jamie Raskin, hijacks the hearing, steering it towards the Russian election conspiracy, and claims Republicans were using the hearing to silence minority voices. Coincidentally, Jamie belongs to a VERY privileged and protected minority group: Jews.
10. And of course, Jewish Jamie Raskin wants to make sure social media companies are taking the proper steps to censor hate speech, which happens to include criticism of a certain tribe of which he is a member and their ethnostate colony, Israel.
11. Congressman Goodlatte follows up with an explanation of section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA 230) whereby tech companies are absolved from liability arising from user content, but are not legally obligated to curb illegal content (removing child porn, etc).
12. Nick Pickles, Senior Public Policy strategist at Twitter, assures everyone Twitter is not banning anyone (haha!) but instead equivocates about what is essentially shadowbanning accounts that are "disruptive." Good luck finding a definition for "disruptive" in Twitter's TOS.
13. And as you may have heard, the day after Nick Pickles' equivocal statement about shadowbanning people, Twitter came under fire for doing exactly that. Twitter's Quality Filter essentially quarantines accounts that are to the right of Bernie Sanders into a big echo chamber.
14. Next up is Jewish Democrat Jared Nadler, who claims the US is "under attack from Russians" and attempts to derail the entire hearing with a motion to override the agenda to address Russian foreign influence on Trump. Your freedom of speech can wait, goyim.
15. Jews always talk about Russian influence, but never mention Israeli influence. Maybe we should investigate how Netanyahu bragged how he made Trump scuttle the Iran nuclear deal & told Putin he would have the US remove sanctions on Russia if Russia asks Iran to leave Syria?
16. The Jew cries out in pain about Russian influence as he bribes your politicians to support his ethnostate.
17. Ah, but Jewish Jared Nadler would never raise a red flag about his beloved Jewish ethnostate Israel despite the NSA flagging them as a top nuclear and spy threat to the US. His Jewish blood automatically makes him a citizen of the Jewish colony. But I digress...
18. After Jewish Jared Nadler's motion failed to get enough votes, the hearing proceeds on with Republican Steve King inquiring with Facebook's Head of Global Policy in regard to using the Southern Poverty Law Center as an advisor. Take note of how jumbled her response is.
19. Why did Facebook's VP of Global Policy sound so disjointed while she was giving her testimony? Probabaly because the Southern Poverty Law Center has been advising Facebook about censoring "hate speech" and she said they hadn't. Btw, all three executives are under oath.
20. Democrat Hank Johnson steps up to the pulpit next to give the congregation a sermon about Russian interference. Perhaps he should save the preaching for Sunday morning...
21. Btw, Hank Johnson is still languishing in Jewish purgatory since he called Jews "termites" two years ago. It would be a bad career move if he deviated from the Jew-approved narrative about Russia.
22. Next, the Facebook VP dances around Republican Louie Gohmert's inquires about other actors trying to influence the US election aside from Russia. Careful Mr. Gohmert, you might not like what you find 🇮🇱
23. Gohmert continues trying to pin down the other executives about interference from other actors aside from Russia. It seems the executives were only prepared to answer questions about Russia. There's no hidden agenda here, move along.
24. After the Twitter exec dodges the same question, Gohmert speaks to how CDA 230 gives social media companies discretion about what user content they publish like news publishers but dont face the same liability as news publishers for publishing illicit content (child porn etc)
25. Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee asks bluntly if the First Amendment covers social media to which the Global Head of Public Policy at Google answers "no." 🤣🤣🤣

Jackson-Lee also asks if Facebook will ban the upcoming "Unite the Right 2" rally event page for hate speech.
26. So the rally page will be banned "if it is declared hate speech." Thus, Zuckerberg can "declare" what 2/3 of America can say by invoking some arbitrary term. This only proves Facebook's TOS supersedes the Bill of Rights. What's next, banning hate speech from cell phones?
27. Next, Republican Lamar Smith speaks to how social media companies shadowban conservative accounts, how they arbitrarily define hate speech as speech that's unacceptable to their sensibilities, and how the SPLC partners with these companies to censor free speech.
28. Next up is Jewish Democrat Ted Deutch, who uses his time to needle the Facebook executive about banning Alex Jones from Facebook for suggesting the Parkland High School shooting may have been a false flag attack.
29. Apparently, Ted Deutch's crusade against Alex Jones worked: Jones was banned within two weeks of this hearing. Sorry Alex, a Jewish Congressman wanted you removed from a Jewish man's social media platform - don't blame this one on the Illuminati or space aliens.
30. Republican Matt Gaetz, who has also been in Jewish purgatory since he invited Chuck Johnson to Trump's SOTU address, makes a good point about Twitter's power to ban Jared Taylor of AmRen and not ban gay people. Again, proving Twitter bans people based on their own bias.
31. More Jewish rhetoric about Russia from yet another Jew on the House Judiciary Committee. Democrat David Cicilline obsesses about Russian influence, until finally arriving at "hate speech." During this hearing, Jews were the only members to promote censoring "hate speech."
32. Incidentally, there is no bigger threat to the Second Ammendment than Jew David Cicilline. He has numerous bills in front of Congress aimed at abridging the right to bear arms, including a bill to restrict gun ownership of those convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime.
33. Now, for the third time we hear a member of Congress express concern about social media using the SPLC to flag content as hateful. This time, it's Republican Mike Johnson. The SPLC and ADL are advocating censoring American voices using their own arbitrary definition of hate.
34. Now that several members of Congress have condemned the SPLC for labeling Christian groups and border security as "hate groups," let's see who they are.

Oy vey! Jews! SPLC has a Jewish President and was co-founded by a Jew and a goy that was named after his father's Jew bf.
35. Speaking of Jewish groups eroding Americans' freedom of speech, Republican Jim Jordan asks about the so-called "fact-checkers" used by Facebook to flag fake news. Surprise, it's the George Soros-funded Poynter Network. Why must all information be filtered by Jews?
36. And look, Google uses Poynter as well. The probability that any information that reaches you was not first filtered by a Jew is very low. Staggering considering they're only 2% of the US population and .2% of the world population.
37. Democrat Ted Lieu makes the case that in the name of maximizing profit, social media companies should have the right to censor Americans. And I suppose Hollywood can push porn to kids too, as long as advertisers keep spending, right?
38. Republican Matt Gaetz has a follow up question for Ted Lieu about CDA 230, which Ted brazenly ignores. Matt alludes to the fact that CDA 230 considers social media companies "speakers" with regard to censorship and "non-speakers" with regard to liabilites - a double standard.
39. Here comes Jewish Jamie Raskin to put more pressure on Facebook to remove Alex Jones. Jamie compares the Parkland High School shooting to the Holocaust, arguing that skeptics should be silenced. Heh, you thought we'd get through this without a Jew invoking the Holocaust? Nope
40. Following Jewish Jamie Raskin's appeal to emotion with the Holocaust, Republican John Rutherford offers commentary regarding the importance of protecting free speech on social media platforms despite Jewish efforts to diminish its importance with claims of Russian influence.
41. Republican Ted Poe lays bare the perils of allowing private organizations to censor speech based on *their* definition of "hate speech" - an arbitrary term used to contravene Americans' most precious right (free speech) without any basis in law.
42. So why is speech not protected by the First Amendment in the largest public space in the world (social media)? Because it begins with the phrase "Congress shall make no law..."

Since social media companies are private companies (and not Congress), they can censor speech.
43. This is called "state action doctrine" and thus allows a few social media executives more jurisprudence over speech in America than all nine members of the Supreme Court. And the First Amendment will become increasingly irrelevant as the online space continues to expand.
44. Years ago, public spaces weren't online; they were primarily municipalities, counties, etc. Speech was protected in these instances because state governments couldn't abridge speech rights. This is no longer the case. We now have absolute censorship by private companies.
45. US Courts have long debated if a public space is public because it is publicly owned or because it is used by the public. Justice Hugo Black argued that the public interest in a space is independent of if it is privately or publicly-owned, countering the state action premise.
46. The US is allowing a small group of lawyers and social media executives to control speech in the biggest public space in America where 2/3 of Americans interact and share ideas. And they justify this with unsubstantiated claims and mendacious propaganda to elicit fear.
47. These claims are completely unfounded and statistics show that Americans believe they should not be censored - even if it's "hate speech." Further proof that there is a small cabal obsessively spamming "hate speech" into America's psyche in an attempt to silence their critics
48. But that small cabal has a very big footprint in America, operating about 4,000 well-funded, tax-exempt organizations fighting for Jewish interests every day. Silencing criticism is their top priority. It ain't the NAACP pressuring social media companies to censor Americans👇
49. Incidentally, Chicago Governor Bruce Rauner is implementing Simon Wiesenthal Center's anti-hate curriculum into public schools. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that Bruce's wife and children are Jewish? Again, I digress...
50. When Jews are the self-appointed arbiters of "hate speech," you can be sure any criticism of Jews and Israel will be censored. It doesn't matter that "hate speech" is coincident with the truth. Israel kills Palestinian children - am I hateful for saying the truth?
51. Of course Jews have drawn the boundaries of hate speech such that it excludes protections for white people. Sorry goy, there's nothing you can do about it either because courts don't have jurisdiction over speech in the private sector. Jews do though 👇
52. The domain of hate speech will continue to grow until all criticism of Jews has been scrubbed from historical record and censored. With over 450 anti-Semitic verses in the Bible, even Jesus Christ will be censored.

Synagogue of Saturn????
53. In the case Ashcroft vs ACLU, the ACLU said "content-based prohibitions of speech have the constant potential to be a repressive force in the lives and thoughts of a free people."

Are speech prohibitions any less repressive when Twitter is doing it instead of the government?
54. How do we fix this? So far, only Wisconsin Congressional hopeful Paul Nehlen has confronted this issue with his proposed Shall Not Censor legislation. But we shouldn't wait. Right now, we must pressure Congress to amend CDA 230 or convert social media into a public utility.
55. Considering the fact that social media usage time has almost achieved parity with phone usage time, it would make sense to consider converting social media companies into public utilities like phone companies.
56. Let Congress know now! We need a bill to protect our speech online. Click on the links below and tell them! ⛔End.

Rep. Matt Gaetz
Rep. Steve King…
Rep. Ted Poe…
Rep. Mike Johnson…
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