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Thread: Whatever Happened to the Monroe Doctrine?

1. Growing up in South Dakota, I remember learning American history (pre-Howard Zinn’s Marxist version) very fondly. It was always my favorite class (we had it over several years)!
2. Did you ever learn about the Monroe Doctrine in school? The fifth American president, James Monroe, issued the policy on 2 December 1823, which opposed European colonialism in the Western Hemisphere (although existing colonies were recognized).
3. By the way, as an anti-federalist, Monroe opposed ratification of the Constitution because he thought it gave too much power to the central government! What do you suppose he would think of the anti-Trump DoJ/FBI/CIA cabal & the rest of the Deep State today? He was prescient!
4. Over the decades, it was modified and softened, especially with the stand-up of the Organization of American States on 30 April 1948, which emphasized regional solidarity, multilateralism and non-intervention. Read more about the Monroe Doctrine here:…
5. And the Monroe Doctrine served American and Latin American interests well over the decades, so of course Barack Obama and John Kerry, his execrable secretary of state, abrogated the Doctrine in 2013 by declaring “The Monroe Doctrine is Over”!
6. The renouncement of the Monroe Doctrine was spun favorably by the US foreign policy establishment and the Left in general; sensitivity to foreign concerns is always good, don’t ya know?…
6A. Never mind that its abrogation opened the door wider for the penetration/intervention by nefarious parties over the past few years, including Hezbollah, ISIS, and Iran - and also the ubiquitous Chinese pursuing global economic domination!
7. Haven’t heard anything about Hezbollah in Latin America? Check this out:…
8. Or how about ISIS and its radical ideology?…
9. And then there’s Iran (Wait! Didn’t Obama/Kerry nuzzle up to the mullahs in order to sign the JCPOA and gift them $400B?):…
10. Regarding the Spider Dragon, let’s do a little survey to see what they’ve been up to in Latin America. Consider the inroads China has made already in acquiring our entire consumer goods manufactory.
11. Our “thanks” go to the B-Group; Bushes, Bill and Barack, all of whom allowed the Spider Dragon to usurp everything manufactured from pins to automobiles. Have you seen the panoply of new automobiles being manufactured in China?…
12. Only $800,000 US Dollars. If you order one, you might be the first on your block! But the Chinese have been penetrating US automobile market on the sly for years via NAFTA loopholes. Mexico has been in Chinese cross-hairs for years for this reason:…
13. Mexico, with a new leftist regime cozying up to China is an YUUUGE cause for concern for Uncle Sam. We need to build that Trump Wall, be it inter-locked machine gun fields of fire or a lofty physical barrier.
14. We California oldsters “know” why Mexico is not going to help build that wall. America is a safety valve to take the people pressure off the Mexican government for its lop-sided economic populace.
15. The down-trodden Indian and most of the mestizo folks down there can always find a better life up with the Gringos in the USA. Having little education, but driven by the Catholic tradition imposed for larger families, the Mexicans can find succor from the suckers in the US.
16. The Mexican government doesn’t have the socialistic welfare system found north of the border. Hold up a photo of most of the Mexican elite and/or politicos alongside your landscaper. Night and day. European versus Indian or a mixture.
17. The drug cartels are another matter and amply covered by what used to be the Fourth Estate (get a glimpse in the movie Sicario: Day of the Soldado). So, Mexico may be open to any offers from China (and they indeed are!).…
18. On to the rest of the Hemisphere! El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras can only be rescued by the U.S. Marines as they were during the Banana Wars. Why do you suppose all those folks are trying to get to the US?
19. With the USA tied up in a far-off Asian religious conflict, America has neither the stomach nor the resources to march in to restore a semblance of civilized behavior.
20. The Chinese already got what they wanted in Central America (de facto control of the Panama Canal!) and are content to let the flood of illegals continue in order to further destabilize the US!…
21. Although Panama’s canal is a strategic point all but abandoned by the traitorous Jimmy Carter, who gave away our hard-earned rights (to China), it is undergoing major expansion, but remains vulnerable.
22. Hence, the Spider Dragon is looking into a railroad from Buenaventura on the Pacific to Cartagena and beyond into the coal fields of La Guajira and even farther, the oilfields of Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo.
23. The Spider Dragon’s web is being cast everywhere except North America. Meanwhile, all of the economic pundits keep crying that it won’t work. Well, it IS working – and being financed each and every time an American buys a Made-in-China item.
23A. Here's the port:…
24. So, true to Sun Tzu: probe for the maritime shipment of coal, but in case the Canal is denied for whatever reason, have a rail line, too. Meanwhile, the Spider Dragon is eyeing a second canal through Lake Nicaragua, of course.…
25. Moving on. China’s new (military?) base in Argentina may be the foot in the door of South America as the Spider Dragon eyes Argentina’s huge supply of protein for its 1.5 billion people – the cattle industry, of course. The Argentines also sit atop a large array of minerals.
25A. Here’s that “secret” Chinese base in Patagonia:…
26. Bolivia, a shunned country to say the least. Have you ever known anyone who journeyed there on vacation? Spider Dragon wants to be friends with Bolivian President “Evo” Morales.…

Why? Wolfram which begets tungsten & lithium among 236 other minerals.
27. “There are a number of 238 minerals, which gives a good idea about the country's mining potential. The main minerals exploited in Bolivia are (by volume of extraction) zinc, silver, tin, lead, antimony, wolfram, and gold.
27A. “Although lithium has not been exploited yet, Bolivia has the largest lithium deposit in the world.”
28. How about Chile? Long, narrow country on the west side of the Andes with a heavy concentration of European ethnic immigrant-based people. Think Chile, think copper; think copper, think electronics!
29. But take a look what else China can extract from Chile! Remember that BRI is another term for New Silk Road or global hegemony for China.…
30. Spider Dragon is everywhere while the traitorous treacherous “Democrats,” really the One World Progressives, are taking America’s eyes off the football with incessant hammering against #MAGA with all sorts of skullduggery rampant inside the Beltway. “The Russians Are Coming!”
31. Peru and China? “. . . Latin America benefited more from value-added exports to the United States than rising sales of raw materials to China.” Note that below:…
32. Maybe, just maybe, the Trump Administration is finally aware that the Spider Dragon is dropping anchors all over the Western Southern Hemisphere to which to attach its web. Given the feckless denizens of Foggy Bottom, it may be that the Commerce Dept. might take the lead.
33. Let’s hope the perennial State bureaucrats and their “experts” don’t screw up Commerce too much.…
34. Are you beginning to understand how the Spider Dragon is mining the world of its resources and mineral wealth? While the combined West Indies is not a huge market for Chinese consumer goods, the Caribbean is an “American lake.”
35. Ergo, the Spider Dragon’s eyes, covetously, are on Colombia’s coal, Venezuela’s oil and a maritime route to the markets of eastern South America, especially the martial capabilities of Brazil’s aircraft and war materiel factories.
36. Probe, meet resistance, withdraw; probe, meet no resistance, insert an anchor point. Over and over the entire globe. Consider it a physical form of economic leverage, if you will. Sun Tzu’s principles at work in the economic realm!
37. Should Uncle Sam happen to glance away from his distraction with the pestiferous anti-Trump Progressives and awaken to the Chinese potential to threaten the West Indies, there’s always a back-up through Colombia.
38. I’m waiting to see if China will insert itself into the disaster Maduro is magnifying in Venezuela – another anchor to the global Spider Dragon’s web?
39. Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela we’re already touched upon, but nations such as Guyana with its diamonds, gold and bauxite are just so much added value. Uruguay has plenty of hydroelectric power and even more potentially available.
40. On to Paraguay, imagine that! In 2010, a huge ilmenite deposit was discovered in Paraguay, which is comparable to the two largest ilmenite mines in the world in Norway and Canada.
41. This deposit found in north-east Paraguay is estimated to contain about 20 billion t of ilmenite, which has the potential to make Paraguay the largest producer of the titanium in the world.
42. But, so far, Paraguay seems to be resisting Xi Jinping’s overtures, retaining diplomatic relations with Taiwan, the only South American nation to do so.…
43. The Spider Dragon must feed its hordes and produce soy sauce, too, so it keeps knocking on Paraguay’s door. Now, who among Jack’s Pack has ever planned a vacation in Paraguay?…
44. I’ll bet at least some of these brands have origins in Paraguay.…
45. In conclusion, we might infer that South America has succumbed to the Chinese strumming of the pipa, all except unknown, unvisited, unstudied Paraguay.…
46. The continent, once Uncle Sam’s little brother, has become thoroughly entangled, ensnared in the Spider Dragon’s world-wide web, just as Genghis Khan tried back in the 13th Century to conquer the then-known world using the sword. Where is the Monroe Doctrine?
47. The ChiComs simply are following the strategies and the teachings of Sun Tzu of around 500 B.C. Read the Art of War to see what might be next!
48. But wait! There’s a golden-maned Lion in the Oval Office these days! Perhaps all is not lost! Little discussed in the legacy media obsessed with “muh Russia” and “getting Trump,” resurrecting the Monroe Doctrine slips by under our radar:…
49. Conclusion: The Chinese plan for global economic domination continues unabated – even in our own Hemisphere! The guy in the Oval Office is aware and taking steps to counteract their plan. Yet another reason to send him reinforcements in November! Action stations! ///The end.
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