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Thread by @nickmon1112: "I decided to wait until now to talk about Sarah Jeong because I didn't want to be part of the "outrage mob" on either side. But alas. Here w […]"

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I decided to wait until now to talk about Sarah Jeong because I didn't want to be part of the "outrage mob" on either side.
But alas. Here we are. The New York Times put their foot down and "stood by" Jeong.
The argument at hand is "if you replaced the word 'white' with black she would've been kicked out immediately."

Let's see if there's merit to that.
"For a period of time she imitated the rhetoric of her harassers."

How big of a timeframe are we talking about, here? Because at a glance I can pull *at least* a two year timespan.

She's not "imitating" shit.

There's a clear pattern of standard behavior demonstrated.
And THIS is what I could find AT A GLANCE.

Sarah Jeong, god bless her, is keeping her tweets up like a trooper. So I can take a look for myself.
Buckle up kids. We're going in.
Jeong's anti-white rhetoric dates back to at least August 2013.
More anti-white tweets from Jeong circa August thru September 2013.
And here we have some more from September 2013. (i want to make this next batch of tweets their own separate thing because it's one continuous story)
Nobody has mentioned the time Sarah Jeong suggested a "rice cooking app for white people" idea she suggested.
And so we go from Jeong's anti-white tweets in September 2013, to the ones in October 2013.
And as we reach the tail end of December 2013, take the time to reflect on the SHEER VOLUME of tweets we have from Jeong about white people.

Like, throw away the face value outrage.

Focus on the consistency of it. Look at how many of these tweets there are.
(Sorry I accidentally clicked out of the tab and have to reopen it and scroll ALLL the way back down to where i left off..)
Here's more Sarah Jeong anti-white tweets circa December 2013
And here's the conclusion of Sarah Jeong's anti-white tweets, 2013 edition.

Next up is 2014.
Sarah Jeong starts January 2014 by cracking a joke about white children getting shot by airport security
And now the transition of anti-white tweets goes from January 2014 to February 2014.
More Sarah Jeong anti-white tweets, circa February 2014.
From February 2014 to March 2014. In this one Sarah Jeong manages to attack her audience with an anti-white slam.
"the world could get by just fine with zero white ppl" - Sarah Jeong, March 2014.
Let's see what Sarah Jeong does to celebrate April Fool's Da- oh she just says white people have no culture.
At this point I'm confident in accusing @nytimes of not doing an independent assessment of Sarah Jeong and just taking her word at face value.
"white people feelings are like greenhouse gases, if white people have too many feels ice caps will melt and polar bears will die" - Sarah Jeong May 2014
"Let’s fund a study on whether killing all the white people would make black people safer" - Sarah Jeong, June 2014.

Jeong advocating for white genocide counter: currently at 2
"i don’t discriminate against half-souled borg-brained white people, even though my mind is not physically attracted to them" Sarah Jeong, July 2014.
And now we come full circle to the classic "oh man it's kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men" from Sarah Jeong in July 2014.

NOW you can start to see that tweet as part of the bigger picture, here. In Jeong's sea of racism.
"White people have stopped breeding. You'll all go extinct soon. This was my plan all along" - Sarah Jeong, August 2014.

Sarah Jeong advocating for a white genocide count is currently at 3, for folks following along at home.
These anti-white tweets from Sarah Jeong keep coming.

Because. It's a constant thing.

I'm actually being GENEROUS in HER favor here. And yet even so there's enough of a tweet volume to demonstrate a pattern of racist behavior.
I highlighted some points of interest in Sarah Jeong's anti-white racist tweets collection.

Ya know. To make it easy considering the sheer scope and massive size of all this.
If her tweets aren't an offense? What about lying to the New York Times? These are thoughts that cross my mind as I navigate through the abyss of Sarah Jeong's anti-white racist tweets.
And yes. It's an abyss.

I'm getting to the point where metaphors about bodies of water to describe Sarah Jeong's anti-white racist tweets doesn't feel appropriate anymore.

Gotta move on to space and galaxy themed ones.
Because there's a whole galaxy of these anti-white racist tweets on Sarah Jeong's account.

I COULD "paint a narrative." But I'd rather you just look for yourself at all of this. And decide what the reality of this situation is.

I feel like that's more honest.
With that said? Here's another one of Sarah Jeong's anti-white racist tweets.
"Dumbass fucking white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants" -- Sarah Jeong, November 2014.
Finally. December 2014. Jeong was certainly dreaming of an anti-white Christmas.
No seriously Sarah Jeong didn't even take a break from her anti-white racist tweets even on the holidays.
"Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins" -- Sarah Jeong. December 2014.
Her rounding off a year full of anti-white racism.
I don't know how much more on the nose we can get here. Sarah Jeong is pretty straightforward about her anti-white racist feelings.

"maybe the problem is white ~ladies~ regardless of whether they call themselves feminists" Sarah Jeong, February 2015.
It seems like Sarah Jeong tampered down with the anti-white racism tweet volume by *a little bit.*

Because we're already in May 2015 by this point.
Sarah Jeong seriously claimed a majority of Reddit's "garbage" came from white people.
But let's get to brass tacks. Would Sarah Jeong's anti-white racism impact her work? This tweet points to the answer being yes.

(I'm actually personally convinced Sarah Jeong is racist against white people at this point.)
Yeah we're already at the end of 2015. Sarah Jeong is still racist against white people to a significant degree, but it wasn't as excessive as 2014 was.
Dear @nytimes -- I am concerned about a tweet from Sarah Jeong that makes a threat of violence (re: "WANNA CUT") against white people.

I consider it an item that should have come up in your staff review of her tweets. I would like to know why it did not.
The anti-white racist tweets from Sarah Jeong throughout 2016 are much more jaded and laced with anger.
For the record I have lost track of time at this point. I don't remember how long ago I started this thread.
Anyway. We're rounding off 2016's anti-white racist tweets from Sarah Jeong at this point.

I assume by now you've all gotten a better grasp of this situation.
2017. Yes. Sarah Jeong still makes the same line of anti-white racist tweets as documented in the years previously.
The truth is Sarah Jeong is still racist against white people. As I go through and read 2017's tweets, that much is clear to me.
"I once went back and forth with a NYT fact-checker over whether I could call someone white since I couldn't *really* be sure" -- Sarah Jeong, March 2018.

That really speaks volumes to the current situation. How Jeong's racism impacts her work output.
Ok. I'm finally done. Six hours later.
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Note: I also archived every tweet as I went along. Like Johnny Motherfucking Appleseed.
WHOOPS. I was reviewing my thread and realized I SKIPPED OVER A SET OF TWEETS.

My bad.
⚡️ “Sarah Jeong's Tweets about White People” by @nickmon1112…
I'm happy to have helped organize some notes for @navyhato 's video on Sarah Jeong.
(so if you wanted archives of tweets I did my best to compile them.…)
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