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With our politicians and their media counterparts endless meddling by manipulating emotions and playing it very loose (if as l all) with facts…

Who needs any Russians???

Seriously. They’re just mad Russia invaded their turf. “Hey, hey! Only we lie and manipulate!”
Emotional manipulation, verses logical issue based reasoning in political persuasion, was pioneered by Bill Bernbach in the 1964 presidential campaign .
He was the driving force behind LBJs advertising.
The infamous daisy ad actually only aired once prior to the 1964 election and was just one of a few other ads that ran more often.
It was the daisy commercial that is still talked about to this day.…
The implication being “Goldwater will kill us all”, while very cleverly not actually saying it, giving an out if called on the fallacy. That ad opened Pandora’s box. Emotionally charged, deceitful negative campaigning is born.
During the 2016 election the ‘Goldwater rule’ came up for the first time in years.

The (APA) rule prohibits mental health professionals from diagnosing public figures they had not examined prior.…
This came about due to a questionnaire being sent to 12,356 psychiatrists of which 2,417 (20%) responded and 1,189 (49% / <10% over all) said he was unfit to serve as POTUS and ‘Fact’ magazine published the ‘findings’.

Bit miss leading cover yes?
Goldwater later successfully sued the publication for slander. At least the APA recently reaffirmed the ‘Goldwater Rule’. 👍

Apparently, Bandy X. Lee missed the memo...…
One of Reagan’s cabinet members was dragged though the mud and destroyed in the press. After his full exoneration, Raymond J. Donovan, Labor Secretary from ‘81 to ’85, famously asked “Which office do I go to get my reputation back?”…
Secretary Donovan was indicted by…
An appointed special council... 🤔…
It took about 6 years to be exonerated, but the damage was done.

Turns out there is no 'office of recovered reputations'.…
“Why are you bring up old 💩?” some might ask?
To establish the long trend.
There are mountain ranges of examples but well get to more recent examples now. 👍
Just about anything evolving Gloria Allred…
not even getting into it…
If she trots them out, be suspicious...
Jesse Jackson claimed, unchallenged (but ridiculed after the fact) on national cable broadcast that small arms can take down commercial aircraft and trains... 🙄 And they're (weapons) regularly available on line... Wow.
We cannot even get the truth from the director of national intelligence. While before a congressional oversight committee, James Clapper lied under oath. Yet somehow we are expected to listen to him now???…
CBS long time primetime news anchor Dan Rather rolls out forged papers that were intended to damn President Bush’s ANG record and create a faux scandal before the 2004 election.
To this day Dan stands behind his ‘reporting’. After the documents were proven to be forgeries, Dan’s career was effectively over. Until it wasn’t. He’s back around in a lesser capacity.…
Standing behind his reporting of verified forgeries didn’t deter from his receiving a life time achievement award. Why his anchor desk gig cut short in 2005 wasn’t mentioned. 🤣…
But.... Russia 🇷🇺
Can’t trust the news anchor… how about a United States senator, on the senate floor, not just any senator, the majority leader Harry Reid, surely we can trust him? … NOPE.
When called out on the obvious false account, claiming Mitt Romney had not paid his taxes in years, he simply scoffed and said “it worked, didn’t it?” That’s colder than Siberian permafrost, Conrad Reid.…
We’ve all heard of the IRS targeting scandal.
What the media won’t tell you is that was voter suppression.
Obviously, because if they reported that correctly… it would be a much, much bigger deal.
I’ll never forget, in 2012 I recall a talking head say “the TEA party has been oddly quite this election cycle”. I specifically remember this, after hearing the question, I pondered on it, it WAS odd. Once the IRS scandal details came out… I immediately connected the dots.
Stalling the applications, stalls their fund raising abilities, with suppresses messaging getting out and so forth.

There are at least 2 SCOTUS cases establishing an individuals money is an extension of their speech.

Buckley v. Valeo & Citizens United v. FEC
The inability to fund raise stifles speech, preventing conservative groups in particular from organizing support groups thus suppressing the vote.

But hey, not a smidgen of corruption. 🙄…
Matter of fact the 2012 presidential campaign was played very dirty... #FactsMatter detailed key points in this thread a while back.
In the 2016 election, Bob Kramer, on behalf of the Clinton campaign, caught on camera sending paid agitators to Trump rallies.
Russians never got close to such subterfuge... They WISH!…
Here is a well presented thread laying out about 30 different stories where the facts are very likely just assumed then ascribed to an ‘unnamed source’ or 'persons with information' or,
my favorite... 'someone familiar with Trump's thinking'. 🤣
This thread is about an 8 oz glass of examples, to the Pacific Ocean of instances to draw from.
But does wet the whistle to make the point.
With friends like this, who needs enemies?
The intensified Russia interference paranoia we’re hearing is priming the pump for an anticipated disappointing midterm for the democrats.
The scape goat is being readied now.…
Bottom line, all the Russian interference and misinformation is nothing by contrast to what we perpetrate upon ourselves. #perspective #FactsMatter
Bad information is countered with good information… not censorship.

St. Augustine puts it best...

“The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.”

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