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Politicians aren't leaders or rulers. They're puppets on strings. They have been ever since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which was made invalid a few decades after it was signed. The United States OF America ceased to exist. The United States FOR America alive.
The Crown of England financed both sides of the Revolutionary war. When all said and done, threatened the newly formed United States OF America to a new war, which USofA couldn't afford. To avoid such war, a treaty was signed instead. After that, USofA became USforA. #US Corp.
Everything within United States FOR America is for sale. Since #FederalReserve Bank was implemented, which deals in #debt based fake money, as currency, US has been bankrupted. It went into bankruptcy and NEVER came out it. Unfortunately, fact. #Enslavement hidden behind scenes.
Yes, I said #Enslavement. You read it correctly. And no, I didn't do a typo or misspoke. Slavery is alive and well. It has been kept hidden behind scenes for over 1 FULL Century now. #DEBT is fake. Just like World's Elites' System. It's not fair/equal. Corrupted thoroughly.
The World's Elites' are the ones who are really in control. To think that these specific few, cannot control or dominate, the world? Would be absurd. First off, you must be willing to go #downtherabbithole to get the connection. Understand how it is possible they do. Manipulation
Two things I'm about to say and yes I'm well aware of reactions I'll get for saying it. (A) If voting changed anything, then you wouldn't be allowed to do it and (B) Presidents are NEVER elected. They're SELECTED. All politicians are in politics for power and fortune. That's it.
Remember the ones REALLY in control. These positions(photo 1) are not elected positions. These positions are appointed by whatever puppet is in office. Corrupt officials in office, do what is in best interest of the establishment & wealthiest, instead of the people themelves.
Do realize something about the World's Elites'- they do not give a damn about anyone but themselves, regardless of what they portray on camera. They've proven over the years, that they'll kill ANYONE who attempts to stand in their way. They can kill individuals, but not masses.
Yes, I know I have put my life on the line, doing the work I'm doing. It must be done. However, I don't have a fear of death and I also recognize that what I do must be done because it is what is right for the sake of it being right. Therefore, there is no higher ground to stand.
You may not think there's a war against you, but there is. It is on many different levels of consciousness. You're being attacked in multiple ways, which you don't feel as an attack, because it is done to your environment which affects & effects your overall state of being.
I kid you not and I wish it were a joke. I post videos everyday telling people about just several ways, you're being attacked. The air you breathe is unhealthy on many levels. The water you drink, even some bottled water, has chemicals in it. Food supply- mostly artificial/fake.
1 video is about Wifi, Microwaves & Consequences To Our Body. Royal Navy Microwaves Expert interviewed. He was involved in using Wifi as a wartime weapon. It was weaponized for warfare. Says, still used today. Plus, critical info for women too.
1 video is about Triggering Agents of Electromagnetic Sensitivity. It researched a chemical food based supply and affects/effects on body & brain. Remember, your brain generates an eletromagnetic field. What are consequences of chemical based food supply?
The previous video is more than just chemical based food supply. It address technology advances as well. Also, there's a Q & A session near end.

The next video, usually draws some attention. What In The World Are They Spraying-> It is worth watching.
What In The World Are They Spraying is all about a journalist who does his own investigation into #GeoEngineering and #Chemtrials. He documents his entire journey and whatever he finds. His results are disheartening to be honest, but public should know, air they're breathing bad.
If you're wondering how all these things can be controlled by world's elite? Well, let's address that. See photos as explanation. And should you need, you can go back and review photos, already included, which you obviously overlooked do so again.
When you connect all of the dots. It always, and I mean ALWAYS leads back to the wealthiest families of the world, as to who is in control. When honest research is done on the topic, without bias, it becomes revealed. Separated land from country & full control of mass media.
They have built themselves an entire network interwoven lies and unethical businesses, in order to maintain their domination over planet. They view you has human capital and nothing more. You are expendable as is the next person. If you died, they wouldn't care at all. #Tyranny
Yes, I said #Tyranny. The Cycle of Tyranny has been in place, ever since the first think was created. Before think tanks began, the cycle was merely Banks, Corporations and Governments. However, when you pull back the curtain? It's all an illusion. Movie set of a B rated movie.
Much of what knowledge average people possess has been watered down so much, people truly believe that they think, they're actually thinking, but when they open their mouth to speak, they make a complete ignorant ass of themselves, yet their own ego won't allow them to see it.
If you're going to merely accept some source of information without verifying that source of information? Then you're likely to become dependent upon that source and can possibly become manipulated, led to believe or learn something completely untrue or outright lies.
#DoYourOwnResearch on whatever topics you're planning on talking about, before you do talk about it. It will save you a whole lot of trouble later on. Trust me. Safer to do. Part of my work is to help people increase their knowledge, which increases their consciousness level.
By increasing their consciousness level, they become more aware of their surroundings. After which, they can better determine how to achieve more and live better, while lessening oppression around the world. It's my goal to reach as many people as possible, to interact & impact.
Many people ask me what my agenda is? And I tell them, it is to help people grow. To help people be better than they are currently. To guide & enlighten those who need it, whenever & wherever possible. I, acting as #Cagsil, am purpose driven. Therefore Cagsil is too. #Selfless
I don't seek fame or fortune, from what I do. However, as Cagsil is recognized more, "fame" as it is put, will most likely come. The fortune, I can do without. I don't need wealth to do work I love to do. Building Cagsil is key to my work & equal rights for people. Thank you.
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