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Finally, my friend @catehstn on creating success together. #WSC2018Conf
@catehstn "What can happen when we come together to not feel alone is that we spend all our time talking about how everything is awful." --@catehstn #WSC2018Conf
So @catehstn wants to be a little bit more optimistic today.

She's telling the story of the number of test frameworks equaling the number of Senior SETs, because creating frameworks was incentivized by the ladder. #WSC2018Conf
"Our processes define our cultures, and our dysfunctions show up in what we ship and when we ship it." --@catehstn #WSC2018Conf
How do we measure and report our goals? For instance, increasing active users of an app -- e.g. measured with analytics, every 2 weeks. [ed: almost getting echoes of SLIs, SLOs, and SLAs here...] #WSC2018Conf
Four kinds of responses to goals: Obligers who put other peoples' needs ahead of their own, upholders who are committed to the objective, questioners, and rebels who want to not be meddled with. #WSC2018Conf
and Campbell's Law makes an appearance!

"the more quantitative social indicators are used, the more subject to corruption pressure and distort the processes it's intended to monitor."

example: teaching to the test. #WSC2018Conf
[ed: damn you @catehstn for picking on me to answer the audience participation exercise of what each person's goal is ;)]

Goals influence what people do. Even the rebels, because they do the opposite of the goal. #WSC2018Conf
How do developers define success? The Stack Overflow data is biased because it's 80% men, but we can roll with it anyways for now.

@catehstn posted a question to twitter [ed: which I remember seeing!]: what do you find success and accomplishment mean for you? #WSC2018Conf
[ed: here it is: ]

She got back answers about shipping, autonomy, and making money from many people [ed: hi, I'm on the slides!] #WSC2018Conf
Peoples' definitions change over time. What we believe is important sometimes conflicts with what we get satisfaction out of.

Women respondees to her unscientific anecdotal survey were more likely to talk about supporting others. #WSC2018Conf
So you could take away that the patriarchy trains women to prioritize others, or we could also talk about how the Stack Overflow results would look different if they were more representative of society... #WSC2018Conf
.@catehstn wonders what an alien studying us would think development teams do. They might find we run teams for the sake of running teams. Very few Software Engineering Weekly [ed: not sure if correct] articles focused on users, only individual & team productivity #WSC2018Conf
And she's polling us the audience again on this question: #WSC2018Conf
Clarity and psych safety came up as themes in the responses @catehstn received online from her research in March. #WSC2018Conf
Maybe we don't know what effective teams look like, and only individual effectiveness. How can we generalize teams away from the circumstances they operate in?

"Distilling to blog posts removes that complexity." --@catehstn #WSC2018Conf
How do our users define success? [ed: btw, @catehstn's slides are all amazingly full of raccoons, and yes, she should build a personal brand around raccoon-themed and titled talks] #WSC2018Conf
"People hire software to do a job."

We need to talk about what they're trying to accomplish. Do they want to reach more people? make more money?

See the research from Moment that engagement isn't the thing that makes people happy. It's *inversely* correlated. #WSC2018Conf
Apps with purpose make us happy, apps that we use to pass the time make us miserable.

So how do we serve users? What do we make possible, and what do we make easier? Unless you're building "digital crack", user success is product success is team success. #WSC2018Conf
Successful companies become our contexts. Citing Michael Lynch's "why I quit Google" and the perverse incentives of Google's promotion processes that sabotaged doing the right thing and penalized being a good teammate. #WSC2018Conf
People are more motivated by their impact on real people. How can we align team success with user success? It motivates our teams better too! #WSC2018Conf
.@catehstn used to read every user bug report at a previous employer, and discovered that way that the business model wasn't viable. #WSC2018Conf
and she thinks that it's important to listen to user pain and happiness (and they do that at @automattic by having everyone start in support and do a week of support per year).

We run teams to do things, not to run teams. #WSC2018Conf
It doesn't change what we do, but it does communicate the why more effectively.

@catehstn "manages like a millenial" by renaming "bugs" to "hashtag-no-more-broken-windows" to focus on who's being served #WSC2018Conf
How do we make peoples' success aligned with the team? Otherwise their success will go against what's best for the team.

The fastest way to a mediocre team is to define process around mediocrity, and the slow way of it is to encourage selfishness. #WSC2018Conf
Incentivizing complexity is terrible, because then you get a lot of complexity. [ed: and that's why the SRE ladder at Google replaced "complexity" with "impact". Yes, it really did say "complexity" for many years.]

People leave when they don't grow and learn. #WSC2018Conf
Citing the Japanese concept of Ikigai which is things that you love, that the world needs, that you can be paid for, and that you are good at. All in one. #WSC2018Conf
Your organization's dysfunctions seep into your product.

But now aspirational content rather than making us sad. A hierarchy of kindness: be kind to ourselves first, kind to our teammates, and then kind to our users. #WSC2018Conf
If you can't be kind to the people you work with every day, how can you be kind to users you've never met? [ed: and this is why it freaking scares me that there are so many white supremacists and misogynists at Google :/] #WSC2018Conf
Incentives are sometimes set through political machinations, but sometimes they're just artifacts of organic growth that haven't been revisited as we scale.

A "fair" process can produce sociopaths. #WSC2018Conf
This journey has left @catehstn with more questions than answers, but as a manager of managers, she sees this as her work to produce this alignment.

Accomplishment is personal (ask about it!), zoom out from person to team to users for clarity. thank people. [fin] #WSC2018Conf
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