1)Q drop 1763 "Those you are taught to trust the most..."
Q hints that there is a very dark evil lurking in certain religious organizations. We are taught from a very young age that "church" leaders are persons we can trust. Over & over we've seen that this isn't always the case
2) So does that mean that all "religious" organizations are bad? Is Christianity bad because there are priests in the Catholic church, as well as Protestant leaders, who abuse children? We have learned over the years that sexual abuse IS OCCURRING in these places.
3) Q has been telling us that more LIGHT is coming to reveal even more darkness in these (as well as many other) matters. My stomach turns when I hear of what has happened and continues to happen to our young ones. All I can do is pray, "Jesus! Save Your children!"
4) I know many of you reading this are sickened as well. But I urge you NOT to dismiss the validity of Christianity because of the evil, vile ones who have infiltrated the Church. Remember, we do not follow a priest, or a preacher, or a Sunday school teacher.
5) True Christians follow Jesus the Messiah, GOD incarnate, GOD in flesh, sent to redeem and save a FALLEN people. We follow the One True GOD, the triune GOD, GOD one in three: Father, Son and Spirit. We are NOT to follow a man or woman. People fail. GOD does not.
6) GOD spoke to this issue throughout the Bible. Ephesians chapter 4 touches on this very well. True followers of Jesus Christ are to live a "godly" life, meaning we are to exemplify the characteristics of Jesus, NOT the unredeemed world. I ask you to take a moment to read Eph. 4
7) Allow me to expand a bit. Those of us who truly follow Jesus are to be "set-apart", aka "holy". This does not mean we are to walk around all "religious" and pious, making others feel lowly! This simply means that our lifestyle is to be different than that of those who...
8)...do not follow Jesus. They live lives according to what is acceptable in the world. Such acceptable worldly things may be lying, stealing, cheating on your spouse, following/worshiping false gods (such as money or pleasure, or real false gods such as Molech or Osiris).
9) And, to speak very plainly, worldly ways also include things such as accepting/having abortions, living a LGBT etc. lifestyle, being a drunk or a druggy, and other "politically correct" things. The WORLD sees these things as acceptable.
10) GOD does not see these things as acceptable. Those who CHOOSE to follow Him are to live lives contrary to such worldly ways. He calls us to be different (set-apart). Therefore, when the world tells us (screams at us) that being gay or lesbian or a pedophile or a rapist...
11)... or attracted to animals (beastiality) or accepting "free love" whenever and with whatever attracts you is "okay", TRUE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS are NOT to follow after these deceitful, evil, vile things. We are called to live differently.
12) I KNOW that I just offended a lot of you. I know that some of you think that you are a Christian and you are also gay, etc. However, I must stand for the Truth that is written in the unerring Word of God. God says that His followers will not live a life of habitual sin.
13) This includes pedophilia, the sexual abuse of children. As more LIGHT is shone in very dark places, the truth of vile pedophilia practices is becoming more well known. Q has repeatedly told us that those we have been taught to trust are much too often NOT trustworthy.
14) Bible-believing Christians are not to be deceived by shifting doctrines of men (and demons), but are to ask for and walk in His discernment of truth (Eph. 4:14-15). Eph. 4 speaks of unity in the Body of Christ. This does not mean a structural or physical unity...
15) ...but rather a spiritual unity. Spurgeon has said this: "It is not a desirable thing that all Churches should melt into one another and become one; for the complete fusion of all Churches into one ecclesiastical corporation would inevitably produce another form of popery...
16) "...since history teaches us that LARGE ECCLESIASTICAL BODIES MORE OR LESS CORRUPT AS A MATTER OF COURSE. Huge spiritual corporations are, as a whole, the STRONGHOLDS OF TYRANNY AND THE REFUGES OF ABUSE; and it is only a matter of time when they shall break to pieces."
17) (emphasis above is mine) Spurgeon also wrote: "A church that is only united in itself, but not united to Christ, is no living church at all. You may attain to the unity of the frost-bound earth in which men and women are frozen together with the cold proprieties ...
18) ... of aristocracy, but it is not the unity of life." To quote my father, "To gain the world's respect and approval, there is always the temptation to be 'politically correct'. This contains the principal of compromise and it is deadly to a Christian's walk with the Lord."
19) Ephesians 4:17-19 tells us that those who follow the world's ways live in the futility of their minds and in the emptiness of their souls. The Word tells us that they are alienated and self-banished (due to their choices) from the life God offers us.
20) These verses go on to tell us that such people live in WILLFUL IGNORANCE and SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS because of the hardness and apathy of their hearts (their innermost being). The Amplified version says: "They [the ungodly in their spiritual apathy], having become callous...
21)... and unfeeling, have GIVEN themselves over [AS PREY] TO UNBRIDLED SENSUALITY [LICENTIOUSNESS], EAGERLY CRAVING THE PRACTICE OF EVERY KIND OF IMPURITY [that their desires may demand]. (emphasis mine)
22) "Licentiousness" is not a word used often these days. Guzik defines as: "Licentiousness is sin that flaunts itself, throwing off all restraint & having no sense of shame or fear." Does this sound familiar?!
23) Eph. 4:17-19 also speaks of a "callous" heart. The original Greek word used here is used medically to denote the callous formed when a bone has been fractured and reset. Such a callous is even harder that the original bone itself (quoted from Wood)! So we're dealing with a...
24)... VERY HARD HEART. Needless to say, this is not good. So we have a person with a hard heart, living a licentious lifestyle, with no sense of shame or fear or guilt. Can such a one, living such a habitual lifestyle, truly be called a Christian? What does the "fruit" of ...
25) ... such a life tell us? Is this lifestyle an example of "godly" characteristics? Here is another eye-opening and memorable quote, this time from Barclay: "The great characteristic of licentiousness, "aselgeia" in the Greek, is this- ...
26) ... the bad man usually tries to hide his sin; but thee man who has aselgeia in his soul DOES NOT CARE HOW MUCH HE SHOCKS PUBIC OPINION AS LONG AS HE CAN GRATIFY HIS DESIRES." (emphasis mine) This "aselgeia" is what we are witnessing more and more these days!
27) How do you boil a live frog? Throw it in boiling water, or put it in pleasant water and slowly raise it to a boil? How does satan and his minions corrupt mankind and get them as far from a Loving GOD as possible? By gradually introducing sin, little by little.
28) For our present, living generations, the 1960's began "a revolution" of drugs, sex and rock and roll. Basically, it was the beginning of a great rebellion against GOD. Sex outside of marriage (which has been going on since the dawn of time basically...
29) ... but was, for the most part viewed as bad or a "sin") became an "acceptable norm". Accepting sex outside of marriage and with multiple partners became "normal". "Everybody does it." Right? Well, that was the pot of water just put on the stove folks.
30)Accepting sex outside of marriage (with the opposite sex), led to accepting sex with same-sex partners, which leads to sex with children, and animals, and robots and whatever the heck you desire. See what satan did? Accepting one leads to another.
31) Without God-led discernment, a people perish. And the way to achieve good, godly discernment is have to a living, personal relationship with GOD Himself, which He made possible by coming down to Earth as Jesus the Messiah, GOD in human flesh.
32) Human beings are GOD's most beloved creation. So much so that even His created Angels long to look into the workings of such. GOD made us (both Humans and Angels) with FREE WILL. Without free will there is no true love. And GOD, above all else, longs to have...
33) ... a loving, personal relationship with each of His creations. He wants to love you and for you to love Him. Freely. Because GOD loved us so very much, He chose to put Himself into a frail human shell, live a life as we would, then take on all our guilt and shame and sin...
34) ...&pay the price for our sins, which was death. The penalty for sin is always death. Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) chose to freely take on our debt of death in order to free us from the power sin has over our lives. He conquered death so that it (sin is death) can not conquer us.
35) But again, we have free will. We are free to accept the payment He made for us. We are free to reject it, as well. The Bible tells us that GOD wants everyone to be free in Him. He doesn't want even one single human being to perish apart from Him.
36) Dying apart from Jesus means Hell. That is what Hell is-a place where GOD is not. If we are completely honest with ourselves, and if our hearts are not calloused, we instinctively know that there is an "afterlife"; that we are eternal. No, not eternal in our bodies...
37) but our true selves, our Spirits and Souls, are indeed eternal. Humankind is so enamored with the supernatural. Why? Because we instinctively know that the physical life we live is NOT the only life there is. Our flesh is like an astronaut's space suit -
38) ... it enables our true self (our Spirit) to live on planet Earth. One day we will turn in our "space suit" (or Earth suit, if you will) and live elsewhere. It is our CHOICE where we will live for the rest of eternity. If we choose to live without GOD, without ...
39) ...without the saving grace of Jesus' free gift of salvation, then we will live eternally without Him in Hell. (Yes, Hell is a real place. It was made for Angels who chose to rebel against GOD and try to become GOD themselves. Hell wasn't created originally for Human kind.)
40) Our other choice, the better choice, is GOD's plan of salvation out of and away from sin and evil and vileness and all things bad. By freely choosing to accept Jesus' gift to us of salvation from death, we will live eternally in Heaven, with GOD.
41) You see, we have HOPE! We have a way out of all this vile darkness we see around us. There is a Way, and His Name is Yeshua haMashiach, Jesus the Messiah! He is Love complete and eternal. He is Life and Light and Goodness, all wrapped up into One.
42) Now, I am sure I have offended many people out there. I am sure that many of you have questions and concerns and comments aplenty. Just know that I am but one person, saved from death by Jesus, trying to live a life set-apart and unlike the sin-riddled world.
43) I fail. I mess up. I say things and do things that I wish I hadn't. And you know what? That's okay. I'm not perfect; only Jesus was perfect. GOD doesn't expect me to be perfect because He knows I am frail. Remember Ephesians speaking of the "old man" and the "new man"?
44) The "old man" is the one ruled by sin and lust and evil things. When I chose Jesus' gift of salvation, I was made new -- a "new man" (or woman) was birthed within me. A "new man" ruled by GOD and goodness and love. I recently heard something that made sense to me:
45) We each are made of three parts (triune): flesh, soul, and spirit. Think of them in a column. When we are not saved by Jesus' grace, the flesh is on top, in charge. Then comes our soul (think emotions, mind); and finally our Spirit (that which is eternal).
46) When we are apart from GOD, estranged from Him, our flesh is in charge (the "old man"). But, once we accept Jesus' free gift of salvation, the column flips! Now the Spirit is on top and in charge, then comes our soul, and lastly our flesh. When we are saved by grace...
47)... suddenly we are a "new man", a new creation. Why? Because GOD has now made that which He made eternal and most like Him, our Spirit, in charge of our lives. Visualizing that column helped me understand better; I hope it helps you as well.
48) Look, bottom line is this: We live in a fallen, sinful world. Sin and vile evilness has penetrated every aspect of our Earthly lives -- even that which was supposed to be good and pure and most like GOD. This infiltrating sin is WHY GOD chose to save us!
49) A sinful world is NOT what GOD intended for us to have in the first place. The free will that He gave us went it's own way -- the way of sin and flesh and away from GOD. But GOD loves us SO VERY MUCH that He sacrificed Himself so that we could be reconciled to Him!
50) I don't have all the answers. Never will. But I know WHO does! I plead with you to read the Love Letter that GOD gave us -- the Bible. In it you can find answers, and peace, and most of all, LOVE. You see, that is what GOD offers each one of us: Love.
51) And it is not tainted so-called "love", like "free sex" or pedophilia. It is not worldly love. GOD's love is pure and true Love. It is not defiled. It is not a counterfeit. Satan, in his attempt to lure us away from the One True GOD, counterfeits everything that is pure and
52) ...and good and from GOD. When was "love" equated to "sex" in the first place? Sex isn't love at all! (It can be an action of love though). When the frog in the pot bought the lie that sex was love, well... the pot just got that much closer to boiling!
52) Because we are flesh, because we each have an "old man" trying desperately to rule over us, we all need forgiveness. GOD freely offers us forgiveness, if we ask for it &choose to accept it. Yes, even the most vile, evil human who practices pedophilia can be forgiven by GOD!
53) That's hard to accept, isn't it? But it's truth. GOD offers forgiveness to all human beings. But His forgiveness does NOT give us license to go out and repeat that sin! Accepting His forgiveness means we are also choosing to turn completely away from that sin, walk away ...
54) ... walk away from sin, and try with all our might,and by the empowerment of GOD's Holy Spirit, to live a life that shows gratefulness to GOD (and that doesn't include living habitually in sin).
55) One way we express our Love and Gratitude to GOD for His forgiveness is by living a life that would bring Him pleasure and happiness. We can't do that on our own though, and GOD knows that. So He gives us His Spirit to live within us to empower us to live a good life.
56) Bottom line? The world is filled with putrid sin. GOD hates sin! GOD loves His created human beings. GOD had provided us a way out of sin and death. GOD gave us free will to choose between sin and GOD.
57) GOD is Love, but He is also JUST. We are each held accountable for our choices, and the consequences couldn't be more ETERNAL.
Choose you, this day, whom you will serve. But as for me and my household, we choose to serve the One True Living GOD.
58) Jesus (Yeshua) stands before you, His arms outstretched to you, the horrible nail scars in his wrists still visible. They remind us of the price He willingly paid for us, so that we could be His Chosen Ones.
He asks you, now, "Will you be free?"
What will you say in reply?
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