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12a. It's time we set things straight. There is no excuse for violence or violent rhetoric against anyone at anytime. However, the term 'enemy of the people' as applied to the media is very appropriate. In their delusion, they are the ones tearing down … #QAnon #MAGA
12b. the promise of the republic. They do so with their deceptive and inaccurate reporting, their caustic world view designed to replace traditional thought and value, and the constan attacks on a duly elected president who has chosen to speak his mind on Twitter #QAnon #MAGA
12c bypassing the filter of a press hell-bent on destroying him. First of all, they continue to call the USA a 'Democracy' rather than what it actually is, a Representativve Republic. The term itself is used by Socialist progressives, a subtle lie #QAnon #MAGA
12d. meant to foment a Socialist future. Those 'afraid' now of @RealDonaldTrump's 'strong man' and populist tactics praised the same tactics for eight years by the previous admimistration, sans recognizing it as such. #QANon #MAGA
12e. We must differentiate the term 'holding him accountable' with 'destroying his presidency.' The vitriol, the constant attacks, the pervasive opinion of the mainstream press is reminiscent of armed lynchmobs rather than a counterbalancing press. #QAnon #MAGA
12f. And this is by design. This is all about ratings and ad revenue. They are playing to the segment of the population most favorable to their bottom line, and in this way, their grevious error has saboraged the trust and faith we once had in the media. #QAnon #MAGA
12g. This is also why they call the #QAnon movement a 'conspiracy theory' and selecting very incindery language and viewpoints about those of us who have chosen to rip the veil off the lies and deceit. Not only what are we investigating is heinous, #MAGA
12h. it is pervasive and relentless. QProofs have arisen time and again using MAINSTREAM articles, CONGRESSIONAL testimony, as well as their own tweets and statements. The mere fact that they are trying to make the label stick is a testament to their fear of us. #QAnon #MAGA
12i. They believe they have a monopoly on the truth. They do not. In fact, as #QAnon has demonstrated repeatedly, reporting on the most injurious facts would not only demonstrate hypocrisy, but prove fatal to their progressive allies and handlers. #MAGA
12j. We know in the board rooms of these media conglomerates, they hate traditional people. They worship globalism, and they celebrate the denegration of what was once sacred and good in this country. #QAnon #MAGA
12k. Isaiah 5:20 says simply "They shall call good evil and evil good.", Matthew 10:22 and Mark 13:13 "You shall be hated because of me (Jesus) ... " and because traditional Americans stick to their God and their Guns, they are viewed as vermin to be ridiculed. #QAnon #MAGA
12l. Everyone is human. Everyone needs to be prayed for. As Christians, we love the sinner but hate the sin, even when the two become increasingly indistinguishable. Yet, when your queen-to-be gets uncermoniously denied her rightful throne, you want revenge. #QAnon #MAGA
12m. We have seen the manifestation of that revenge in an unearthly display of vitriol that can be only explained by hatred. Every story they bring forward reinforces the fact that the words of the Bible are true and unapologetic. "We fight not against flesh .. #QAnon #MAGA
12n. " ... and blood, but powers and principalities." (Eph 6:12) We know their 4am talking points brought to them courtesy of Gannett. We know the people they look up to such as Alinsky, Soros, Lenin, Marx, and others. They know we know, and they are scared. #QAnon #MAGA
12o. #QAnon has detailed their circle of deep state handlers. In their arrogance, they leave a trail, word by word, of their deceit, exposing the guilt they think is justice and reciprocity. They have made a mockery of the first amendment, while hiding their own deeds. #MAGA
12p. Make no mistake, these recent revelations about harrassment are just a nugget of the entire problem. We have pictures. Somewhere, there is still a video out there, and other, more tyrannical crimes have occurred. To be sure, some are coerced, but most ... #QAnon #MAGA
12q. are complicit in this dark destiny. They cheer a 'Gray State' future brought about by the progressive sheeple they have helped to inculcate by selective stories and opinions because in their warped sense of reality, they are the heroes of the future. #QAnon #MAGA
12r. The New Media, online grassroots, heartfelt viewpoints of normal everyday Americans that don't agree with the New York-Washington-Chicago-Los Angeles-San Fransisco-Seattle mindset is a threat to the future they are trying to establish for the country #QAnon #MAGA
12s. Absolutism is an anathema to the progressive, lost media. As Anton LeVey has put it 'Do as thou wilst' is the order of the day for today's American Democrat, state educated college student, or secular-guided newsroom. Not only this, but ...#QAnon #MAGA
12t. evil thrives in the darkness, and the disinfection of God's Holy light is what they disdain most. I would say sunlight, but as Lucifer is described as the morning star (Isaiah 14:10). even the sun's light can not compare to God's truth. #QAnon #MAGA
12u. As a flawed and growing human being I struggle with my humanity daily, and recognize that if I give into my failings, which I often do, I need forgiveness. Satan is the accuser, the relentless persecutor, and he uses all he can to weaken #QAnon #MAGA
12v. his enemies through temptation and rationalization. All these are attempts used by the press as tactics to divide, weaken, cause dissent in, and delegitimize the #QAnon movement. We lmow who wins in the end, and it will never be a controlled mainstream press. #MAGA
12w. Those that embrace relative morality, a core of progressive thought, despise those of us that see standards and values a cornerstone of life and success. Their values, shaped by a failed promise, can not stand up to truth and light. #QAnon #MAGA
12x. Keep saying we are conspiracy theorists, whacks, nutjobs, misinforned, and other negative thing you can generate, MSM. With each bash, you strengthen our resolve and you prove God's Holy Word correct. We welcome your ire. Where we go 1, we go all. #QAnon #MAGA
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