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Last year #Memrise did its part but I didn't see major improvements even after paying for premium membership.
Back again with #100DaysOfFrench with #Duolingo
This time, I got two people I'm rolling with, who is joining?

Day1 done.
So desperate to learn & speak French fluently, if you are like me, let's take the plunge together, I'm going in regardless,so help me Twitter. 🤓
D2 of #100DaysOfFrench :
Got myself a sharpshooter badge ie I got nothing wrong in this lesson. 👊 👊
D3 of #100DaysOfFrench
🙀 = le chat
🐶 = le chien
D4 of #100DaysOfFrench :
Almost skipped but managed to complete the 4th day streak & even went extra 5mins in ➕.
The 🔑 here is to not OD like I did with #Memrise last year.
Consistency, even in short doses!
D5 of #100DaysOfFrench :
Je suis un homme Ghanéen en faisant #100DaysOfFrench
D6 of #100DaysOfFrench :
I did kill it, & once again,
I made no error in the tests for today,
No wrongs.
I need me some accolades 🤓
D7 of #100DaysOfFrench :
I completed the 7th day successfully.
Salut, Bonne journée.
D8 of #100DaysOfFrench

Je travaille beaucoup => I work a lot (in the night)
-dans le nuit.

Learnt of the dans le nuit Through Google translate app, not sure if it is really correct in the French context.
D9 of #100DaysOfFrench :
Apparently 1 lady in the area visited me & when leaving she saw one of my femme neighbor on 📱 & 👋.
She revealed 2 me she was a Togolese.
Now upon returning 🏡 yesterday I met her,
We exchanged contacts,
I said "enchanté" afterwards
I was correct ☑.
I was so elated when she told me "enchanté" was correct in the context I used it.i was surprised I was able to recollect that because previously when I meet any French man, I am unable to recollect anything.
She has promised to help me get up & running successfully in #French
D10 of #100DaysOfFrench :

I met up with some friends & I only went to say hi to the lady that was with them excluding all the males & one of my Pals said "so it's only a woman you saw?"
I was like "Tu es femme ?".
Apparently I was correct, it should have been
"Es tu une femme?"
I completed day 10 successfully though & learnt from one of my friends who is not even taking the #100DaysOfFrench but went to a rich private school when he was young unlike myself who went to an L/A 😃
D11 of #100DaysOfFrench :

I reached lv1 in "People" section inside #Duolingo.
One thing is not clear, when do we use le & la ?
I got "le garçon" wrong when I translated it into "a boy".
Now "a girl" is "la fille",Why not "le fille"?& what is he meaning of croissant?
Any help😣?
D12 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Bonjour mes amis,

Completed my 12th day successfully.
They said it takes 30days to form a habit,
If that's true, I'm on a good path.
Still trying to learn the conversational French.
D13 of #100DaysOfFrench

I discovered that one of the most exciting ways to learn French effectively is to use videos.
Guess what? Per my research, YouTube videos are limited in a way.
This is where yabla resques the day.
So on our @SlackHQ channel, @WadeDerby shared interesting insights as to what could help us catalyze our French studies.
Call it cheat codes.
Per what he posted, I also went ahead an extra mile & found Yabla!
So Yabla is a very good resource which goes beyond just people speaking French.
The Yabla player has pause ⏸, forward ⏩, loop ➿, slow motion & other beautiful functions to grasp convo.
I am a Lil reluctant to dish out the $10/month though.
D14 of #100DaysOfFrench :
I learnt the following - > J'ai étudiant :

Mon père es Français
Mon père es Akyem.

Anyway I completed D14 successfully & since my power 🏦 was left with one last bar I had to cut the study short for later.

Au revoir 👋.
D14 of #100DaysOfFrench :

I finished the first phase of "Family" section on #Duolingo.

I have been able to be consistent for 15days.

Vim yaazo 🔥 🔥 🔥 ✊ ✊
So the previous tweet should have been D15 of #100DaysOfFrench instead of D14.
But what can I say?
I'm human!
D16 of #100DaysOfFrench

Today was one of the days I was reluctant to open #Duolingo but I overcame the syndrome, I opened & completed D16 successfully!

Tbh,So far I can see that in the worst case scenario, I am able to deduce what exactly is being said when I read #French
I have realized something,
I am able to understand what is being said in context so far as I started #100DaysOfFrench but my problem is that making meaning is not instantaneous for me, which is a conversation killer.
But like @AminaAnisiobi will say :
D17 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Je suis la voiture--> I am in the car
Le chat est dans la voiture--> The cat is in the car.
Le chien est dans la voiture-->The dog is in the car.
Mon frère est dans la voiture-->My brother is in the car.
Mon sœur est dans la voiture-->My sister
D18 of #100DaysOfFrench :
Completed the first phase of Activities Session,
Proud of my consistency so far,
My progress? Naah, not impressed yet.
Probably I need to start investing more time beyond the <=10mins I do daily.
All in all, so far the consistency is cool.
D19 of #100DaysOfFrench :

I am still struggling to wrap my head around the meaning of veux and vais in French.
I tend to use both interchangeably.
This lady who just left my end with another man actually said "French is very tough"
I am going to get it eventually though.
D20 of #100DaysOfFrench :

On day 19, I almost skipped my 10minute daily lesson because of various interruptions.
Receiving visitors, code, sleeping, flixing & fooding.
So on day 20 one of the first things I did was to complete it this morning despite all the distractions.
D21 of #100DaysOfFrench :

So I managed to complete my 21st day successfully without getting anything wrong.
What's more?
I went into the club section and played 2 more games in ➕. Earing about 6XP in ➕.
I'm proud so far for the consistency but I'm still nowhere near convos.
D22 of #100DaysOfFrench :
I rose up in the hours of this lovely morning and made sure my 10mins minimum #Duolingo lessons was one of the second things I did before getting off my 🛏.
As you can see, my Bluelight filter was not even 📴 yet.

I've done 22days continuously ✊ ✊ ✊
D23 of #100DaysOfFrench :
Apparently, @Kwabena_OS made me realize why my streaks where not going beyond 3days although I have been consistent for the past 23days with today inclusive.
So I had to make sure I clocked the XP for the day not just the 5-10mins I spend.
Vimm 💪 💪
D24 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Bonjour mon amis.
So I finished the early morning 10minute groove & I reached level 1 in People 2.

I'm gonna catch up with my daily XP target later in the day.
For now, I gotta ✈ ✈,

au revoir.

More vimmmm, Abientot 💪💪💪
So D24 of #100DaysOfFrench :

I just finished completing my daily XP target as @Kwabena_OS recommended.

From D25, I think I'll be finally ready to double the amount of ⌚ I dedicate each day for my French lessons.
D25 of #100DaysOfFrench :
I hit my goal for the day & went to even unlock 🔓 "Restaurant"
Test to complete my challenge for the day.
Now #Duolingo told me to double my target, it seems they track my twitter handle 🤓.
J'ai voudrais le bouteille de bière 🍻
D25 of #100DaysOfFrench Part 2 :

I obtained my first "Over Achiever" badge & it feels soo damn good!!
The gamification in #Duolingo is really effective.
I felt like I had won a real trophy Meanwhile it's just digital illusional images I had won 🤓🤓.

Winning 🥇!
D26 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Bonjour mon amis.
I just finished my day's quota on #Duolingo.

Oo I do love the way the woman in #Duolingo pronounces baby as "bébé"

So far my favorite word in #French is bébé 🤱
D26 of #100DaysOfFrench Part 2 :

I threw in @memrise in addition to @duolingo!!

I didn't come to play.

I'm on 🔥 🔥 🔥.

Someone call 911.
D27 of #100DaysOfFrench :

I'm getting very happy for being consistent.
So far so really good.

Je suis contente.
Vimm 💪 💪
D28 of #100DaysOfFrench :
I hit some major milestones &
What's more?
I made a real 7days streak
By accumulating the required XP.
🔥 🔥 🔥

Lemme tell you a Lie though :

J'aime le Ghanienne
D29 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Bonjour mon amis,
I just completed today's version &
I'm so proud so far.

Typing this with a sleepy eye, hope errthang on point though.

Latter twitter!
D30 of #100DaysOfFrench :
I have a 9-day actual streak although I've been consistent the past 30 days today inclusive, once again because @Kwabena_OS showed me the XP is the determinant.
Oo & I bumped into @WadeDerby, my fellow partner in French cum @sir_krymx at the Mall.
D21 of #100DaysOfFrench :

So I visited an optometrist & got my eye paralyzed until tomorrow but I had to manage to still finish my XP on #Duolingo.
I learnt "est" is "is" & "sont" is "are".

All in all, I completed day 31 successfully.
So far, so good!
Sorry, the previous tweet is meant to be D31 not D21 of #100DaysOfFrench.
So lemme repost D31 :

D31 of #100DaysOfFrench :

So I visited an optometrist & got my eye paralyzed until tomorrow but I had to manage to still finish my XP on #Duolingo.
I learnt "est" is "is" & "sont" is "are".

All in all, I completed day 31 successfully.
So far, so good!
D32 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Today, I had enough rest napping.

Vélo = 🚲
Supermarché = grocery store / supermarket.

I'm on an 11day streak baby!
🔥 🔥 🔥 ✊🏽 ✊🏽
D33 of #100DaysOfFrench :
Mon voisin est gentil->My neighbour is kind.

I completed my winning streak with no errors, @duolingo even recommended I increase my XP amount to 30 from 20.
Yes I did!

Je suis contente ici !
D34 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Apparently I learnt of room stuff.

Room = pièce,
Door = porte,
Window = fenêtre,
Chair = chaise

I completed with a flawless 30XP again today.
13 day streak 🔥 🔥 🔥
D35 of #100DaysOfFrench
I managed to finish my 14th day streak in 2phases today.

Je prénon le petit déjeuner ici = i am taking breakfast here
D36 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Tu prends le petit déjeuner ? => Are you having breakfast?
I'm on a 15day streak baby 🔥 🔥 🔥.

Up till now, my favorite word in French is still "bébé"
The pronunciation of "bébé" is just too cool 😎.

D37 of #100DaysOfFrench :

I am on a 16day streak bruh !!
✊🏽 ✊🏽 ✊🏽

Guess what?
Time to shift gears in the supersonic lane so
I just started a total insane XP of 50 per day!! 💪 💪

Mon bébé,
Mon bébé !!
🔥 🔥 🔥
D38 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Le jupe = skirt
I'm on a 17 day streak bébé 🔥 🔥 🔥

Je suis content. +60XP !

Oo bébé,
Mon bébé,
Oo bébé,
Mon bébé 🎶 🎶
D39 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Je lir twitter chaque jour

Today marks my 18th day streak 🔥 🔥 🔥 ✊🏽 ✊🏽.

61Days >>>»»» >>>>

On Day 50,Im adding a physical notebook for jotting down sentences.
I have a relatively appreciable amount of French vocabs now, next is to use it togeth
D40 of #100DaysOfFrench :

19 Day Streak & still going ever stronger 🔥 🔥 🔥.
Je parle français et anglais !.
D41 of #100DaysOfFrench :

I exceeded the daily goal by 15points in 3 sessions today.

I have a 20 day streak now 🔥 🔥 🔥
D42 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Il est marié et
Elle est mariée.

He is married & she is me married.

Today marks a 21 day streak.

On day 50,i need to add a physical pen and 📄 for extra extra seriousness.
D42 of #100DaysOfFrench :

@Kwabena_OS X @WadeDerby,
A bientôt,
Au-revoir 👋 👋
On Day 44 of #100DaysOfFrench :

I missed day 43 by 6XP.
As human as I was,I forgot to publish my status yesterday.
I was on a video call with a lady my heart really beat for.I slept off immediately afterwards
I'm perplexed by this a lot.
Je suis triste beaucoup 😔 😔 😔.
Day 45 of #100DaysOfFrench :

I am on a 22 day streak thanks to Duolingo plus although I missed my 21st day streak by 6XP.

L'argent résoudre problème 🤓
Day 46 of #100DaysOfFrench :

Jour quarante-six de #100DaysOfFrench :

23 day streak 🔥 🔥 🔥 ✊🏽 ✊🏽 ✊🏽

Max level of flirting IN French! 🤓
Jour quarante-sept(47) de #100DaysOfFrench :

I completed D47 in 3 iterations successfully.

Vingt-quatre streak 🔥 🔥 🔥
Jour quarante-huit(D48) de #100DaysOfFrench :

25Day Streak ✊🏽 ✊🏽 ✊🏽
Jour quarante-neuf(D49) de #100DaysOfFrench :

Almost near to the mid-milestone with a consistent 48 day rehearsal & a 26day streak.

J'ai content.
Jour cinquante(50)de #100DaysOfFrench :

Après cinquante jour de #100DaysOfFrench,
Je crois je parlé français avant #100DaysOfFrench plus de.

Vingt-sept traînée 🔥 🔥 🔥 ✊🏽 ✊🏽 ✊🏽
Jour cinquante-un de #100DaysOfFrench

Vingt-huit jour traînée 🔥 🔥 ✊🏽 ✊🏽

Je suis content 😊.
Jour quarante-deux de #100DaysOfFrench :

Vingt-neuf jour traînée !
Jour cinquante-trois (J53) de #100DaysOfFrench :

Avec un peu de persévérance, j'ai complété aujourd'hui étudié de #100DaysOfFrench.

Série de trente jours ✊🏽 ✊🏽 ✊🏽
Jour cinquante-quatre (J54) de #100DaysOfFrench :

Je terminé J54 aujourd'hui.

Je ne arrête pas !
✊🏽 ✊🏽
Jour cinquante-cinq (j55) de #100DaysOfFrench

Trente deux jour traînée 🔥 🔥.

Je Étudié en la voiture.
Jour cinquante-six (J56) de #100DaysOfFrench :

Trent-trois jour traînée
Jour cinquante-sept(J57) de #100DaysOfFrench :

Managed to crank in 25XP instead of 50 coz my weekend has been overly tight & there were more important things than learning French 😃
Jour cinquante-sept(J58) de #100DaysOfFrench :

Managed to complete though I was overly tired.

34 Day Streak 💪💪
Jour quarante-neuf et jour soixante de #100DaysOfFrench :

Trente-cinq jour consécutifs 🔥 🔥 🔥
J'ai content !
Jour soixante-un(J61) de #100DaysOfFrench

Trent-cinq jour traînée 🔥 🔥
Jour soixante-deux(J62) de #100DaysOfFrench :

J'ai fini d'étudier mes cours de français ce matin.

J'ai une trente-six jour traînée
Jour soixante-trois (J63) de #100DaysOfFrench :

I have been struggling, still struggling, going to struggle more, but I'm convinced that one day,
I wouldn't have to write this in English but full French just because I learnt a French proverb today which states "Ca va, Ça vient"
Jour soixante-quatre(J64) de #100DaysOfFrench :
Jour soixante-cinq(j65) de #100DaysOfFrench :
Jour soixante-six (J66) de #100DaysOfFrench :

Quarante jour de traînée (40) 🔥 🔥 🔥 ✊🏽 ✊🏽

Je suis content 😊
Jour soixante-sept(J67) de #100DaysOfFrench :

Jour quarante-un de consécutif 💪 💪
J67 de #100DaysOfFrench ou
J67 de #100JoursDeFrancais :

Here's something I don't get:

If I want to say @Kwabena_OS is tall,I'd say
"Kwabena est grand" and if I want to say Kwabena is big,
I might as well say "Kwabena est grand"
Same goes for slim & short, why?
Any explanation?
Jour soixante-huit (J68) de #100DaysOfFrench :

Quarante-deux Jour traînée.

Bonne nuit, mon amis.
Jour soixante-neuf(J69) de #100DaysOfFrench :

Je suis plus vieille que vous.
Il est plus vielles que moi

Quarante-trois jour consécutif
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