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Yes! The true conservative solution is to spend obscene sums of other people's money to arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate people who aren't a threat to the community
Let's do a brief "There’s a very simple way to avoid incarceration: don’t commit a crime." thread while I wait for my client's case to be called
Just last week, a police officer in Biscayne Park FL pled guilty to framing two innocent black men so the town could meet statistical goals

The men didn't commit a crime, but went to jail anyway…
The Biscayne Park FL police Chief is under federal indictment for pinning for burglaries on an innocent black teen…
Not to be outdone, two different Florida officers were indicted the same week in other Florida counties

One framed an innocent person. The other faked a crime scene.…
The town of Doraville GA is currently being sued after officials gloated about fining and/or arresting innocent taxpayers to balance the town's budget…
Corey Williams spent over 20 years in a Louisiana prison for murder

Turns out he didn't do it and was exonerated back in May…
Emory Ellis went to jail in Massachusetts for the heinous crime of buying a meal in cash

His $10 bill was real, but he was charged with using a counterfeit bill anyway because why not?…
Dontia Patterson spent 11 years in a Pennsylvania prison for murder

Turns out he didn't do it, and he was exonerated around the same time as Corey Williams…
Richard Beranek did 27 years in a Wisconsin prison for rape

Turns out he didn't do it, so he was exonerated…
(Those last 4 tweets are from just one single episode of @fsckemall btw)…
Lawrence McKinney did 31 years for crimes he didn't commit. Tennessee taxpayers will be shelling out $1,000,000.00 in compensation to him now that's he's been exonerated…
Should we talk about Chicago PD officer Reynaldo Guevara? Because he framed a lot of innocent black folks

These two were framed for example…
This one's getting $17,000,000.00 from taxpayers after he was framed…
Guevara framed so many innocent people a judge had to do a mass exoneration for efficiency…
Thomas Sierra? Served 22 years for a murder he didn't commit…
Jaime Hauad? Served 21 years for a murder he didn't commit…
Demetrius Smith? Served 5 years for a murder he didn't commit…
Framing innocent people was a forte of Maryland's Gun Trace Task Force

I'd link you a story directly, but turns out they're already part of an thread on police lying on official reports, in court, etc

It's not just on the East Coast though. California's Craig Coley spent 39 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit…
Lamonte McIntyre did 23 years in Kansas for a double murder

Turns out he didn't do it and has been exonerated…
Davontae Sanford? 9 years for a murder he didn't commit…
Lamar Johnson? 13 years for a murder he didn't commit…
Eric Kelley and Ralph Lee in New Jersey? Exonerated after years in prison for murder they didn't commit…
Desmond Ricks spent 25 years in prison for murder

Turns out he didn't do it and has been exonerated…
Wilbert Jones spent *46* years in prison for a rape he didn't commit

And if you're one of those incompetent f*cks who reply with "these are just anecdotes!," a study just came out in June confirming innocent people routinely plead guilty…
Which meshes with a separate study in March that teens routinely plead guilty to crimes they didn't commit…
Which meshes with another study covered in the Wall Street Journal that innocent people routinely plead guilty to crimes they didn't commit…
This notion that you'll avoid going to jail because you didn't commit a crime is wildly ahistorical and, frankly, stupid
And those are just some of the serious crimes and academic studies

We didn't even talk about Florida police deliberately targeting minorities for "pedestrian offenses" that weren't actually illegal…
Or Kansas police turning off their bodycams before issuing hundreds of drivers seatbelt citations who had been wearing their seatbelts…
Or Louisiana police collaborating with DAs to target innocent drivers for bogus tickets so they can pad their budgets…
I could go on. Literally. I've got hundreds more of these.

But you get the point.
Agreed. But most states' politicians deliberately have low compensation caps for the wrongly convicted, because they know how outrageous the stories are and how badly juries would hurt their budgets if given free reign

Those are your conclusions? And you passed a bar exam?

The DA eventually dropped the charges, but not before the Government spent $$$$$ sending the homeless guy to jail first

I should've mentioned this earlier in the thread: all those stories I tweeted are just the ones from the past few months of @fsckemall show notes

There are hundreds upon hundreds more if we broaden the time horizon

Sounds like you need to working on your reading comprehension skills then

Blind deference to the Government is neither "rule of law" nor conservative

But I know you know that

If you've made it this far in the thread, I'd recommend following @BlanksSlate and @ConLawWarrior of Cato, a conservative org doing good work on fixing our carceral Government

Likewise with @senatorshoshana and @RSI, as well as the @CKinstitute
I already did. You either didn't read it, or didn't understand it.

In either case, you didn't merit a serious response.

Emphasis on "seems," as actual crime has been plummeting for two decades now

"So what?" encapsulates your position fairly well. Thank you for confirming you're no conservative

There never would've been a revolution if the current crop of fauxservatives were around in colonial times

🗣: "King George confiscated your home and tossed you in jail without charges? So what? No human system is perfect."
Also true. Nothing says "the true conservative solution!" like writing even more laws to empower the Government to take away your freedom

Better get started on those 500-per stories. By my count you've got a few thousand to go

Trumpists are convinced throwing more people in prison is the secret to spending less tax money.

It's daft beyond belief. But it's also 2018 so ::shrug::

🗣: "For every wrongly-convicted anecdote, I can give you 500 correctly convicted. Do I win?"

👴🏼: "Do it first."

🗣: "Thanks, but I have better things to do."

It really is a miracle some of you people are capable of autonomous breathing. Look at God work!
The sad part is they use these rhetorical tropes and they're not even skilled at it. At least put some effort into your trolling, you know?

We've had this discussion lol. Did it once back in 2016, that was enough

"If you don't trust the Government, you're undermining civil society"

From a "conservative"


Wait until he reads the Bill of Rights and discovers more than half of the liberties protected in it are deliberately designed to make it harder to arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate people 😱

The Trumpist ability to fabricate an argument from scratch and then shadowbox with it is truly impressive
Earlier thread on the Founders' skepticism of law enforcement is here

Quote me again where I said "we should stop enforcing all laws"?

Anything even remotely similar will work too

Some of y'all need a combination of Hooked on Phonics and a class on logical fallacies
But I suppose I can apologize if you were offended by your misrepresentation of an argument I never made

Have a cookie as restitution: 🍪

You said what I "argued" "sure sounded like it was not enforcing all laws"

I appreciate you conceding that your earlier statement was wrong. Feel free to quote me where I "implied" it instead

Because the Chief specifically told his officers to target blacks? It's in the article

Part of it has to be removing the profit incentive. In nearly every state (likely every one but I'm hedging), a huge portion of the police + DAs + judges budget is funded by court cases. Promotes overcharging to get that $$$$

Apparently a good number of the people I'm responding to have been thread-banned.

Which is fantastically annoying as I try to add on to the thread, but ::shrug::

They're all visible from my profile page if you want to make sure you're not missing anyone
Already did. Try to keep up before commenting next time.

My understanding from LA Attorneys is that rape is punishable by LWOP down there

And the shade imbalance is baked into the entire criminal justice system from who gets charged to who gets pled to who gets sentenced. A feature, not a bug.

Only if you take away their qualified immunity and pensions first

Do y'all even realize how f*cking stupid you sound?

"You don't want innocent people in prison or the selective targeting of lower classes for victimless lifestyle crimes?? Why don't we just FREE ALL THE CRIMINALS THEN!"

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