1) @RealAlexJones .You can love him or hate him, may have been like me just caught some of his stuff here & there when shared. I can't say that I am or was a supporter of his. What I can say is this. Americans on the left & right are where the elite want them
2) Whilst, those who came out on the losing end of the election have been pushed into a frenzy. Then those on the winning end whipped into an uproar about the others. We have saw a division of the people like we never imagined.
3) Sadly, not many have cared enough to pay attention to what exactly has been going on. This has been developing since 9/11, if you're not aware then you should wake up & pay attention. There was leaders on both sides applauded at times that took advantage.
4) Be it, George W Bush & the overreach of the NSA, or Barack Hussein Obama with his constant attacks on the Bill of Rights. We now have a man who is our @POTUS Donald J Trump. That neither the NEOCONS /REPUBLICAN party or the Democrats wanted in office.
5) Why? Because, he has been the only man ever to go against the grain of the ELITE as he has."Oh, but he's rich too!" " He's a billionaire, he's one of them!" No, no he's not. Sure, he is rich, he made his way. No one stopped you, blame you & your parents
6) It's awful convenient that there is a massive group of people who are constantly disparaging 1 man. The 1 man that they should hope, even if they didn't like him. Should, be pulling for him to be successful. They seem to be wishing him to fail.
7) Well, if he was failing then that means that we all are failing. Maybe not those rich haters, or the media personalities. No, just us the voters. What has he done that bothers them so much? He has stood up against COMMON SENSE ideals that many stopped ----
8) PAYING ATTENTION TO. The fake news has been fake news forever, few can discern fact from fiction. Few even care to, they are conditioned to believe the prettiest face, and/or other appealing things. Not looking for facts as much as ideology support.
9) Here is a fact. Social media & Big business are systematically eliminating freedoms. Freedom of speech & expression. It is is becoming pathetic at how this is working out. Now, you may be gullible or naive enough to be thinking to yourself.
10) "Good, they are putting those people where they belong" or "I'm glad, because those are terrible people anyway". Don't think for a moment, that your turn isn't coming. Because, it surely is.
11) Just like with many other programs over the years in this great nation, we are watching this slowly unfold right before our eyes. People are asleep at the wheel & they had better wake up.
12) The 2nd amendment argument has been boiling for years, one side says the founding fathers meant this and the other says that they meant that. Common sense should explain to all sides, that the 2nd amendment is all that enables protection of the 1st.
13) It will never be our own military we would as citizens be forced to defend against, it would be an enemy or it would be NATO. Our men & women would not turn against WE THE PEOPLE. People had better begin working TOGETHER.
14) There was a time debate was welcomed, encouraged. Today, it is not even possible. No one will hear the other side out, one side will act like children if things aren't as they FEEL that they should be. It is time for a healing of the people.
15) The sold out career politicians, the MSM, and anyone who calls for anything other than civil discourse is AGAINST ALL OF THE PEOPLE. Be NOT fooled people, they want us at odds with one another whilst they work their own plans, once enacted we're doomed.
16) So, everyone should be alarmed by the censorship of @RealAlexJones , at the blatant disregard for any voices by people like @jack, @twitter, @facebook , @YouTube , @AppleTV , & @Spotify . They are taking freedoms away, the supreme court ruled on.
17) We the people, are responsible for their ability to have success in these companies. We the people paid them, now that we helped them become so big. They feel that they can tell us how we should act, what we should listen to, and how to think.
18) Agree with us or we will find a way to take your opinions & voice. These people in charge and that work for these platforms do not care about our freedoms. They care about theirs, and what they want the world to be like. Not how it is for you and I.
19) I am pleading for you all to start brainstorming and combating these problems before your children, grandchildren, and on down the line inherits a country where they are told how to be in their lives. LET FREEDOM RING.
20) I'm not advocating on @RealAlexJones behalf, I do respect the fact that he as an American should not be taken out like he has been. Not just because many could care less about his view, yet wish to impose their own on us. That's the problem.
21) If the people's choices are limited then indoctrination sets in, the elite know this and it makes resistance futile. Their has to be a legitimate stand made & the pressure applied back to those who are robbing us. The longer people sleep the more is lost
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