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1. THREAD: While John Solomon’s piece yesterday was absolutely stunning, I am seeing a very interesting thread in his work over the past several months. Bear with me as I run down this VERY complicated web with all of you.…
2. The substance of the piece is this: Even after Christopher Steele was “fired” by the FBI as a confidential human source, Bruce Ohr continued to manifest a relationship with him and launder information BACK INTO the FBI, unbeknownst to the FISC.
3. As revealed in the article, he also took breakfast meetings to meet with Steele-- with his wife Nellie (ham radio in tow?) Ohr. These meetings took place two days before the supposed “official” start of Operation Crossfire Hurricane:
4. As we move through this exercise, I also want to point out a few interesting tidbits on the information Solomon shared. The words “Law Enforcement Sensitive” appear at the top of each of the embedded SCRIBD documents:
5. In addition, they also say this: (note the date and the committee)
6. Interesting that the media began reporting that there was an investigation into Nunes for supposed campaign finance violations at this time:
7. Also, March 7 was the day that Sessions first announced that Huber was in place. But I digress. Let’s take a look at the definition of “Law Enforcement Sensitive”
8. This confirms what we all have been thinking-- there ARE, in fact, ongoing LAW ENFORCEMENT investigations into this cast of characters. But even with the amazing revelations in this story, even with the blockbuster nature of the documents Solomon has shared- there is more.
9. There is an interesting cast of characters that are repeatedly appearing in all of John Solomons pieces, and that leads me to believe he has this ENTIRE story, and bits of information are being filled in for him as we move along. Bits like text messages, and emails.
10. The cast of characters are as follows: Bruce Ohr, Adam Waldman, Mark Warner, Christopher Steele, Oleg Deripaska, Andrew McCabe, Christopher Steele, and Julian Assange.
11. Lets examine how this cast interacts with one another through the pieces that have been released by Solomon over the past several months.
12. Although Solomon has done FANTASTIC work on government corruption intertwining with foreign involvement (he did a fantastic bit of work on the informant in the U1 scandal, represented by Victoria Toensig…) cont..
13. cont.. ), we are going to start with the blockbuster article that came out on 5/14/18. Here is the article:…
14. This was a blockbuster piece. There were two major takeaways- Oleg Deripaska worked intimately with Andrew McCabe and Mueller to try to free Robert Levinson from Iran, and Deripaska was approached by FBI agents in September of 2016:
15. The “lawyer” quoted in this article is none other than Adam Waldman, the SAME Waldman who was busy as a liason between Steele and Warner (SSCI) and Assange and FBI.
16. I did a long video explaining all of these connections and more here:
17. Waldman has been working with Deripaska for years, trying to get him back into business in the US. Keep this in mind as well-- his conditions? Rejected. Article from 5/26/17…
18. Lets move on to the next Solomon piece in the series. This one was written on 6/1/18, and was interesting as well. It documented that the targeting of Trump began MUCH earlier than July 31,…
19. Featured inside this story? Members of intelligence, and the HPSCI:
20. There was much more in that article, including more texts from Strzok and Page about the WH meddling in their investigation...But the next article?? BOMBSHELL and started to really pull it all together for me. It was this one:…
21. In this article, he even defines his cast FOR US. “Some of the characters are household names, thanks to the Russia scandal: James Comey, fired FBI director. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. (cont)
22. (cont..)" Department of Justice (DOJ) official Bruce Ohr. Julian Assange, grand master of WikiLeaks. And American attorney Adam Waldman, who has a Forrest Gump-like penchant for showing up in major cases of intrigue.”
23. He goes on to explain, with leaked internal documents, how Waldman worked with Bruce Ohr, Mark Warner, and the Head of the Counterintel and Export Control section to try to broker a deal with Assange- even having an immunity agreement drafted.
24. Again, this is the SAME WALDMAN who works for both Deripaska, AND STEELE. Talking to the Justice Department at the highest levels. And the Vice Chairman of the Senate Intel commitee-- AFTER Trump is inaugurated. To broker a deal with Assange.
25. Waldman tries and fails to get this done. Waldman offers to Solomon who has now cited him in his work twice different occasions-- that Assange ALSO offered to provide technical evidence that the Wikileaks drops containing the DNC emails DIDN'T COME FROM RUSSIA.
26. Comey steps in and nixes the deal, which came as a total shock and disbelief to BOTH WALDMAN AND LAUFMAN, the head of the Counterintel and Export Control section. Here is the kicker-- This breakdown came after WARNER (VP of Senate Intel Com.) spoke PERSONALLY to Comey.
27. What I gather from this is that the release of Vault 7- one of the most damaging releases of secrets in US history, was LESS important than the government having IRON CLAD TECHNICAL PROOF that the DNC “hack” was not a Russian act.
28. And the discussion that led to that happened between the Vice Chair of the Senate Intel committee, who had been talking to Warner separately and trying to make deals with Steele, and the DISGRACED former FBI director, who said the Steele Dossier was “salacious and unverified”
29. and lied under oath about nearly everything. JAMES COMEY and Warner talked and the NEXT DAY had this decision. (Friendly note: Rubio vouched for all of Warners shenanigans... WORST COMMITTEE EVER)
30. What I found even more interesting, is that a text message found as a SCRIBD print screen inside of this article?? Is also found in the Signal Text Messages released by FOX News back in February of this year. But there are subtle differences. Look closely: (Solomon, left)
31. Just something to keep in the back of your minds. So do you think after all of the work that Waldman has done for these folks, without getting paid, and never getting any results, left him a joyful man? I think not. Let’s keep going.
32. The next blockbuster released by Solomon was quite amazing. It was entitled “Memos detail FBI’s ‘Hurry the F up pressure’ to probe Trump campaign”. Written on 7/6/18, this one was quite a piece!…
33. Just read this:
34. Again, Solomon has new, unreleased text messages that relate to Manafort and Strzok/Page, and the reveal of MORE investigations, one named “Crossfire FISA” that we hadn’t heard about yet. Four new investigations that we still need more info on. HUGE release.
35. Which leads us to today- again, verifiable docs and emails never seen before, involving this same cast of characters. Quotes in articles from Waldman, and one last thing:
36. Wikileaks releasing a letter they received from none other than the US SSCI, asking for Julian to meet and testify about “Russian interference in the 2016 US Election”. I wonder why they decided NOW would be a good time to do this?
37. I am still not sure myself- absolutely to get ahead of SOMETHING. But what is clear to me, is that Waldman is at the center of all of these Solomon pieces, being directly quoted, and the information being shared is NOT helpful to the Democrats and corrupt establishment
38. One more thing, before I go.… This happened right before Fox leaked the Signal messages between Warner and Waldman in February of last year. Think there is some bad blood?
39. Don't forget- Nunes has just given us a HUGE clue about the importance of Bruce Ohr in the coming days. Look to Solomon for the information-- he has it. That much is clear.
40. Check out my video where I explain some of this. This story? It’s far from over, and far more complicated than we understand.
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