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He wakes up once again to an empty room. He looks for his phone which he finds at the dresser with his car key. His shoes neatly arranged next to the closet and curtains drawn.

He checks the bathroom but there is no sign of the younger.

Failing to have his call picked up,
he sends a text and starts to feel anxious.

Did Kyungsoo run away?

He opens the closet and finds their bags with their wallets inside. It means the other only has his phone with him.

And he's not answering any calls and texts.

He's seriously getting worried.
If before, he could contact his cousin and ask of his whereabouts, right now he doesn't have anyone to turn to.

Just then the door opens, revealing a drenched Kyungsoo. The younger just stands there, at the doorway with a bashful smile.

"What happened to you? Why are you wet?"
"I was at the pool and this little girl keeps splashing water at me."

He huffs, entering the bathroom to get a towel. "You can't answer your phone?"

"I was having fun." He can hear the pout.

He tosses the towel to the younger and motions for him to get inside the bathroom.
"The pool's not a good place for you. What if you slipped or fell? You're carrying the baby."


"Stop pouting and take a shower. I'll have your clothes sent to the laundry."

"I'm not pouting," the younger denies.

"The mirror in the bathroom is huge. Take a look."
He lets Kyungsoo in and calls room service to pick up the laundry and send them breakfast.

"I wasn't pouting! That was my get-away face!" The younger yells from the bathroom.

He couldn't help but chuckle.

"Their bath supplies are small! Who do they think uses them? Dwarves?"
"Stop complaining and leave your clothes outside!"

"You don't need to yell at me!"

He groans in frustration. "I'm not yelling at you!"

There is silence for a while and he appreciates it but soon realizes he doesn't hear the water running nor the door opening to leave the
clothes outside as he instructed.

He walks to the bathroom door and presses his ear against it, hoping to recognize any sound. Any indication that the person on the other side is still alive.

He didn't and the door is locked. "Kyungsoo?"


"Do Kyungsoo, open the door!"
The lock clicked and the door opened.

If rolling his eyes makes a sound, it would be loud and he did it really hard. "I told you I wasn't yelling at you. I just made sure you could hear me."

"It's... It's not that," the younger sobs.

"Then why?"

"I was... I was tearing the
soap sachet and it flew out... The soap fell on the floor. Now it's dirty and we don't have soap and their shampoo stinks!"

He tilts his head in and sees the crime scene.

Is he real? Is every pregnant male like this?

"Do something, father of my baby."

"Okay, calm down."

Three days of living on the same roof and Jongin is getting the hang of Kyungsoo's quirks aside from the mood swings and cravings outside his pregnancy.

For an instance, the younger doesn't like sharing the same cup to hold their toothbrushes. The TV volume should be
divisible by 5. The wristwatch isn't worn but kept on his jean's pocket. The avocado plant by the terrace is now his best friend.

Jongin find it amusing somehow. If it isn't Kyungsoo, it wouldn't be cute.

"We're going to see the doctor tomorrow?" The younger asks from the

"Yes. What about it?" He stretches his legs along the length of the couch and turned the volume of the TV lower.

"But you said you're going to the university for orientation."

"Oh, right. We'll reschedule the appointment then. I'll call the doctor's office."
He reaches for his phone from the coffee table. Sudden footsteps came padding closer.

"Don't. I can take Minseok with me."

He ponders about it. "It's okay if i don't go with you on your first checkup?"

"Yep. You have important stuff to do and we can't delay this anymore."
He sets his feet down to the floor and turns back to face the younger. "Are you sure? It's supposed to be our thing, not yours and somebody else's."

Kyungsoo runs his palms across his apron. "I don't know. I want you to be there but you're busy."

"I'm not busy. It just happened
they're on the same day."

"I'll think about it."

"There's nothing to think about. We'll reschedule the next day, okay?"


He nods and watch the younger disappear into the kitchen. Something's off but he can't put a finger on it.

He follows the trail to the younger.
He stands there for a while, leaning his hip against the counter and arms folded on his chest.

He smiles when Kyungsoo makes a disgusted sound upon slicing a tomato too hard.

Maybe, he thinks, the younger wants to go out or see his friends.

"You can ask them to come over," he
softly starts, earning the other's attention. "Your friends can stay here and accompany you the whole day."


Everything naturally brightens up that moment. Kyungsoo is indeed a sunshine with just a smile.


"I know. I know. No entering the bedroom and touching
your personal stuff."

And he just nods.

"I promise we'll behave well. I can't promise with Jongdae. He's as curious as a cat."

"Jongdae. Kim Jongdae? The one with the lightning tattoo on his wrist?"

"That Jongdae."

"We'll see about that."

"What do you mean?"

"I know he's a
sneaky little bitcㅡbeast."

Kyungsoo just stares at him for a few seconds before shrugging it off.

"So, are you okay now?"

"I am."

"That's good." He raises his hand to tap the younger's head and stopped mid-way. "That's good," he repeats and walks away.

The university's quite crowded for a vacation week. The semester doesn't start for another two weeks but the students have decided to enroll earlier than usual.

"Hey, it's Mr. Kim from the College of Sciences!" Mr. Bang cheers as soon as he steps inside their faculty room.
"You should congratulate him. He's going to be a father soon!"

The other professors and staff cheered as well at the news, some throwing him congratulations and high-fives.

"Thanks," he grins in return and wishes it to end already.

They welcomes the new staffs and starts
their orientation about the new upcoming curriculums.

It hasn't been fifteen minutes since they started and his phone loudly goes off, earning all the attention.

"I'm sorry," he apologizes and stands up from his seat, rushing out the room when he sees the caller ID.
"Kyungsoo? I told you not to call me unless it's an emergency!"

"There's someone at the door!" Kyungsoo's voice is hushed.


"I tried to ignore it but it's been a while now. What if it's Chanyeol?"

"Chanyeol has no reason to come over."

"Wait, wait! They're talking!"
"Stay away from the door," he instructs, his palms getting sweaty. "I left a note by the night stand, dial the number and ask him to check who's outside your door. He's a doctor from the same floor. You'll be fine."

He listens but there's only shuffling noises from the other

"Are you there?"

Nothing. There was silence and clanking noises.


And screaming is all he hears. Shocked, he almost drops his phone.


"It's okay! It's okay! I'm okay! Baby's okay!"

"What the fuck is going on?"

"Stop saying the F word and it's
just Jongdae and Minseok. I forgot I invited them over."

The door to their office opens up and reveals a worried professor. "Is everything okay?"

He looks up and nods anyway, sighing in relief from what he just heard from the other line. "Everything's fine. I'll be right back
in a minute. Thanks."

The professor acknowledges his answer and goes back inside.

"I'm sorry, Jongin."

"No, it's fine." No it's not. He almost had a heart attack. "You'll be alright there?"

"Yeah. They're here now. I'll see you later."

"Okay." He drops the call and quietly
enters the room, bowing in apology as he makes his way back to his seat.

Mr. Bang leans towards him with a knowing smile. "I know it's tough to deal with pregnancy. Welcome to the club."

"Uhm, thanks?" He strains a smile.

"It will get better once the baby's 3 years old."
3 years old? He's kidding, right?

"I hope so," he mutters before shifting his attention back to the front, where a powerpoint presentation just starts sliding.

The semester hasn't started yet and how much worse will it get when it actually starts?

He comes home at 7pm and the apartment is quiet.


He at least expected to hear the TV playing but no one's around. The younger didn't leave him a message that he'd go out with his friends so he assumes the other must be sleeping.

He knows the younger didn't
leave the flat because the lights are on.

The bed is made, untouched. The dining table has some food covered in foil and the kitchen is clean.

That leaves the bathroom where he's met with a figure slumped down next to the tub.

"Kyungsoo!" He drops his things and rushes in,
knees against the cold tiled floor and pulls up the limp body to him.

Nothing's wrong with the body temperature, no blood or any mess around. He's relieved but there's no time to relax.

"Kyungsoo," he calls out, tapping the younger's cheek.

Kyungsoo mumbles incoherently.
He turns the tub's faucet on and sprinkles water on the other's face. He makes sure it's cold water just because.

"What...doing?" The whine comes.

"Did you slip or fall? What happened here?" He lets the body lean against the tub and shakes the shoulder a little too rough.
"Ow! Stop!"

He gets his hand slapped away and Kyungsoo sits up properly, fists rubbing his eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I just fell asleep."

"In the bathroom floor?"


He sighs. He's been sighing a lot lately and he's aware.

"Kyungsoo, you can't answer me with just
that. Tell me why and how. Of all people, you're the one I know who would never think of sleeping in the bathroom."

"I was feeling nauseous and I kept throwing up so I thought I'd stay here for a while so I won't have to run when I feel like vomiting again."
A problem arises. It's the fact that Kyungsoo needs help throughout his pregnancy and he won't be around as much.

He has decided he won't let Kyungsoo enroll for the semester whether the younger will like it or not. He thinks it's the best decision for both of them.
"Did you eat?"

"That's not your priority right now. Let's get you to bed." He pulls the younger up to his feet and both makes their way to the bedroom.

"There's food on the table."

"I know. I'll eat it when you're settled."

Kyungsoo sits down on the bed and looks up
expectantly at him. "Now go eat your food."

"In a while," he says as he starts unbuttoning his polo shirt.

"You don't want my food?"

"I do butㅡ."

"Then eat it!"

He flinches at the sudden raise of the voice.


And he reminds himself to say yes as mush as possible.
"Okay," he says slowly, careful not to trigger more of the explosive mood swings. "I will eat them now."

It freaks him out how Kyungsoo can look so soft and calm like he didn't just force him to do something.

Is this one of his "get-away faces" against his foes?

"Go ahead."
The food's still warm. He enjoys them and takes his time.

One of the benefits having Kyungsoo around is definitely the good food. He just came home to these, he can't wait for the upcoming nights.

When he's done, he heads back to the bedroom to see the younger preparing
for bed. Kyungsoo stands up in front of the full-body mirror and stares at his reflection, hands on the small baby bump that's barely noticeable.

"Why is this so small? Is our baby going to be small like me?"

"You're barely three months, it's not showing yet."

Kyungsoo turns,
checking each side of his body through the mirror but his pajamas don't help. He can't distinguish the bump he's looking for.

"We're going to see the doctor tomorrow," he informs and the younger jumps in excitement.

"I can't wait! Tell me you can't wait too!"
A chuckle unconsciously escapes his lips. "I can't wait for it too."

"Aren't you a sweet peach?" Kyungsoo gasps and looks at him with wide eyes, a big grin creeping in. "We name our blob baby Peach!"


"That's what I just said, Peach's dad."

Just nod.

"Yes, Peach."

The awaited day comes and Jongin can't help but notice the overflowing excitement from the younger who woke up way too early and is already dressed up when he woke up.

He's taking a shower when he hears the doorbell.

"Coming!" He hears Kyungsoo yell.

He comes out in a few
minutes in his casual clothes, hair still dripping and a towel on his head.

"Who's here?" He asks, only spotting Kyungsoo sitting on the couch and a familiar figure appears from the dining room.

"Didn't know you're a family man now."

He doesn't say a thing and glances back
at the younger who just stares at the visitor.

"It's been a while, baby bro."

He cringes at the nickname. "Noona, please."

"Oh, right. You're not a baby anymore."

He crosses the room and takes a seat next to Kyungsoo, whose eyes still on the visitor ㅡ his sister.
"This is Kyungsoo," he says, resting a hand on the younger's knee. "He's living with me now."

"And when will you ever tell us about him?" His sister asks, taking the solo couch adjacent to them. "Does mom know?"

"I will let you know soon but that's not the plan anymore."
"Hi, I'm Kyungsoo," the younger blurts out of nowhere. "You're really pretty."

His sister laughs. "You already said that, dear. Aww, Jongin he's so cute," she cooes. "Why are you two dressed up anyway?"

He sweats.

Or was it the droplets from his hair?

"Uh, we're going to
visit a doctor."

"Oh my god! Who's sick?"

"No, noona." He hesitates to continue but he feels a hand on top of his, surprisingly comforting enough. "Kyungsoo and I are expecting." He bites his lower lip and holds his breath.

His sister's going to lose it. His family are already
disappointed in him that he didn't pursue medicine as they wanted and now they receive the news that he knocked up a kid.

"No shit," she mutters.

He hears Kyungsoo clear his throat next to him.

"Kyungsoo doesn't like swear words," he informs and he feels the younger loosen up.
His sister makes a face and ends up smiling towards the younger. "It's unfortunate you ended up with my brother. He swears a lot."

"Noona, please. We need to go. Our appointment's in thirty minutes."

"Okay, fine. Rude. How did you ever deserve this cutie anyway?"
He stands up and heads to the bedroom to get his stuff.

"Jongin tends to my needs," he hears Kyungsoo say before he enters the room. He feels so proud of himself.

Her sister cooing once again and he rolls his eyes.

"Jongin, how dare you screw up this precious little boy?"
He comes out of the bedroom to see his sister still cooing at the younger but now even snuggling him.

Kyungsoo looks uncomfortable.

"Let's go?" He breaks the his sister's happiness and groans when she stands up, holding the younger's hand.

"I'm coming with you two!"
It's supposed to be his and Kyungsoo's moment but there's no way of stopping his sister from prying in.

He leads the way to the car, feeling weirded out of the unexpected fondness of his sister towards the pregnant male.

The ride is quiet.

Only that his sister keeps on talking
about nonsense.

He checks them out through the rearview mirror from time to time and Kyungsoo looks traumatized by his clingy sister. He chuckles at the sight but stops when the younger glares at him through the mirror.

Just before they parked outside the clinic, his sister's
phone rings.

"Ah, fuck. I need to go back to the office," his sister says, frowning at her phone. "I'll see you soon, Kyungsoo-ya," she cooes and pinches the younger's cheek before going out of the car first.

There's silence in the car until she disappeared from their sight.
"Are you okay?" He asks, turning to face the younger.

"She's so chatty and clingy. She didn't even say goodbye to you."

"Well, that's my sister. You are yet to meet the other one. She's even worse. She'd probably adopt you if she can."

"And she said the F word."

"She did."
They entered the clinic just in time for their appointment.

Jongin is yet to get accustomed to get a second look by just standing next to Kyungsoo.

"Mr. Kim and Mr. Do?" The receptionist confirms before leading them to the doctor's office.

On the way, he feels the younger's
cold hand in his. He looks over and sees worry painted on the other's face. "What's wrong?"

"I'm just a little nervous."

"It's going to be fine. We're going to see our little blob, aren't you excited?"

"I don't know."

"You were so excited earlier until my sister came."
They entered the office and the doctor asked them a few questions before asking Kyungsoo to get himself ready for the ultrasound.

He follows to the other room when the younger's all set by the reclining bed, naked tummy on show. He walks around to the other side and watches
the doctor squeeze some gel on the bare skin.

"Don't look at my tummy," Kyungsoo whines at him, earning a laugh from the doctor.

"Are you ready to see how your baby's doing?"

The both nod and the doctor motions for them to focus on the monitor. Kyungsoo hisses at the sudden
contact with the equipment being pressed against him but is soon replaced by a wide smile when a figure appears on the screen.

Jongin is in awe. He can't believe he's actually seeing their baby.

"Did you name you baby yet?" The doctor asks them but neither said a word, still in
captivated of what they're seeing at the monitor. The doctor repeats her question.

"Yes," Jongin says, snapping into his senses. "Peach."

"Peach. That's cute. Do you want your baby a he or she?"

He looks at Kyungsoo who just returns the stare. "We haven't really talked about
it yet but honestly it doesn't matter to me."

The younger smiles softly at him. "Me too. It doesn't matter."

"Aren't you guys, cute? If you want, I can keep it a secret once I find out and you both get the surprise once the baby come out."

"That doesn't sound so bad," the
younger says and he nods.

"It's a secret then. We'll schedule your next appointment, okay? If something happens, especially for you who are both going to be first time parents, don't hesitate to call for clarifications."

"We'll do that," he says.

"Let's take a photo of Peach."

It's 9pm and Jongin's starving.


Because Kyungsoo didn't finish cooking their dinner because the sight of the meat apparently make him cry.

"Peach doesn't like meat," Kyungsoo sobs next to the toilet. "My baby hates me."

He just stands there at the doorway, glancing
back and forth towards the kitchen. He doesn't want to leave the crying male alone but he's really hungry he could eat a a dry leaf.

"What does the baby want?" He asks, trying to get an answer for an hour now. The younger's answer will be the answer to his hunger too.
The pregnant male looks up at him in silence.

"Anything the baby wants."

"Cold noodles with chocolate ice cream and lots of pistachio nuts."

Who on earth eats that?

"I want solid ice in the noodles."

Now he has to prepare the unusual request. He has never tried preparing
cold noodles before and he still has to buy nuts.

Good thing the supermarket nearby provides delivery service.

He makes the younger comfortable in bed before preparing the food and he just hopes it will turn out good or at least edible.

He served the food in bed, earning an
amused look despite the food looking weird.

"More ice cream, please."

"You already have two scoops in your noodles."

"Peach wants more!"

"Fine," he grumbles, heading back to the kitchen to get the ice cream tub.

Thinking his job's done when he arrived with the ice cream, he
is only asked to stay and forced to be fed.

He couldn't stop making a disgusted face when Kyungsoo feeds him noodles with a little chocolate ice cream and cucumber.


In one spoon.

"It's your food," he softly says, praying for the younger to let him pass. "I made
it for you and the baby."

Without any word, Kyungsoo eats it and he feels the relief taking over him.

"I think it needs some milk."


"Do you want milk?"

Kyungsoo nods.

"I'll get it." He doesn't waste time and walks out of the room right away, heading for his microwave
instead and reheats a leftover sandwich from the fridge.

It didn't take long and he munches on it as fast as he could before returning to the bedroom with a box of milk.

He finds the younger succumbing to drowsiness with the spoon still between his lips.

He hurries to remove
the tray before a mess happens.

"My food," Kyungsoo whines half-asleep.

"You're done," he answers, taking the spoon as well.

"Not done."

He tries not to laugh at the sight of the younger slowly leaning to his side, with a string of noodle hanging from the corner of his lips.
"Of course." He walks out the bedroom with the food, glances back before proceeding to the kitchen.

He dumps the food right away though he thinks of the effort he gave to prepare it. It was awful so he doesn't feel bad.

A grainy photo on the counter catches his attention and
a smile automatically crept into his lips.

He stares at the little blob at the center of the photo.

"You make your father a handful to take care of."

He walks to the fridge and sticks the photo on the surface with a magnet.

"Aren't you a sweet Peach?"

Yep, he just said that.

The research about pregnancy pays off. Jongin finds it easier to deal with the younger's needs but still has trouble coping up with the unexpected mood swings and weird cravings.

And today's the day Kyungsoo's body cramps start acting up.

"No. No. No. No touching!"
To be clear, Jongin is just cleaning up the mess in the living room, the chocolate wrappers mostly.

"Don't touch my food," the younger whines, throwing another wrapper towards him.

"I bought these and with my own money, remember? Technically, these are mine."

"I touched them
first so they are mine now!"

The doorbell rings. It rings continuously and whoever is outside the door presses the button non-stop.

"What the hell?" He ignores the whines when he picks up the wrappers and tosses them on the trash bin near the front door.

He doesn't expect any
visitors today. Her other sister informed him she'll drop by next week.

"Wow, Professor Kim," the visitor, he knows very well as Jongdae, scans him from head to toe as soon as he opened the door. "It's great you're looking nice and fit in your own house."

He lets the student in
and motions towards the living room when Kyungsoo sits in the couch with layers of pillows and blankets.

"And it's amazing how Kyungsoo is looking like, ughh, this," he hears the student say as he closes the door.

"Jongdae!" The pregnant male exclaims when he finally notices
who came to visit him.

But the said visitor turned to him, a disappointed look thrown his way. "What have you done to my friend?"

"He doesn't want to take a bath, he doesn't even want me to clean him up and he doesn't want move." He answers, heading to the couch and looks down.
There's another set of wrappers on the floor.

"Jongdae, cuddle with me."

The sight of Kyungsoo with arms stretched towards his friend, in a manner when kids want to be carried, makes his eyebrows furrow.

No, he isn't jealous.

"Ugh, no way?" The visitor rejects and he feels
a wave of relief washed over him.

No, he isn't really jealous.

He's just concerned to whoever wants to cuddle with the whining and pouty mess in the couch.

Kyungsoo turns to him with a pleading look. "You'll let him talk to me like that?"

"I'll get some snacks," he excuses
himself immediately. "I'm sure your friend's just joking."

"No, I don't want to cuddle."

He shoots a glare and the student sighs in defeat.

"You made him like this, why are you running away from it?" Jongdae grumbles.

"Shut it," he hiss, earning an offended look from the
pregnant male.

"You can't talk to him like that, he's my friend," Kyungsoo whines, pulling his friend down next to him, oblivious to the disgusted look Jongdae gives the professor.

He leaves the living room with the remaining wrappers and skips his way out of the room.
He keeps himself busy. After offering his hospitality to the visitor, he stays in his room, cleaning up and rearranging their things and unboxing the remaining school stuff Kyungsoo left in the closet.

He leaves the door ajar, making sure he keeps the two in sight to easily
check on them.

After some time, he notices Kyungsoo's phone on the night table light up from time to time.

He hesitates but checks on it in case it's important but it's his cousin calling.

Chanyeol, the screen displays the name.

He glances towards the door, the students
still cuddling on the couch and Kyungsoo looks like he fell asleep.

He picks up the phone.

"Soo," the familiar voice says. "I miss you." The words are slurred and his cousin sounds like he had been drinking. "Come back to me."

He keeps silent and the other starts sobbing.
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry about what I did. I'll take care of you and the baby."

"I can take care of them just fine and they're not in your business anymore. Stop calling and leave us alone." He drops the call right away, giving no chance to hear a response.

But the call comes once
again, almost immediately.

He rests the phone back on the night table, face down. His cousin's drunk calling and there's no hint of seriousness on it.

"Professor Kim," Jongdae calls out from the living room, not yelling but enough to be heard.

When he steps into sight by the
doorway, the student looks up to him.

"He's drooling on my shirt."

"Is that my problem?" He retorts.

"Uh, duh. Your sperm made him like this, I can only blame you."

"Not my shirt, not my problem."

"And you call yourself a teacher."

"We're not in school premises."


Someone else shows up an hour later while he's taking a quick shower. He comes out to the living room with Kyungsoo being treated like a king.

Minseok, he assumes, is now massaging the king's feet and Jongdae's still sporting a frown as he fans royal highness.

Kyungsoo is
pleased. He's sipping on a cucumber juice in a tall glass with cucumber wedge and a tiny umbrella.

He decides to take a candid picture. It could come in handy in the future.

"Hi, Professor Kim. I'm Minseok," the newcomer introduces himself and he just nods in return. "I have a
class under you this coming semester."

"You're graduating, right? I don't handle your courses."

"Yes, professor. I've decided to start another major."

"And here I am, not going to graduate," Kyungsoo mumbles through his straw, eyes focused on the TV.

He sees Jongdae roll his
eyes, mouthing "he's so fucking moody" towards him and Minseok just smiles.

He thinks the two are each other's opposites and Kyungsoo fills in their innocence.

"I saw Chanyeol the other night," Jongdae blurts out.

He and Minseok panicked at the conversation starter but
the king is unfazed.

"Bet he's sucking his boss' dick."

Minseok is fast to grab a pillow and throw it to his friend's face.

"Shush, bad word," Kyungsoo merely says, eyes never leaving the TV screen.

He checks to see what show makes the pregnant male so focused.

"Anyway, I know who his boss is," Jongdae continues. "Someone I know applied for OJT and worked for him. I won't say his name but damn he's pretty. I'd suck his dick too."

"Jongdae, you're so noisy. I'm watching the TV." The whining ends but the story continues.

He doesn't stop
it anyway.

"Saw them together entering Chanyeol's car. Do you still hear anything from him?"

"No," he quickly answers but at the same time, Kyungsoo lets out a yes. He sweats.

"He texts me," the pregnant male continues and everyone stops what they're doing.

"What's he texting
you about?" Minseok asks.

"He wants us to get back together." The way Kyungsoo says every word is empty, eyes still on the TV.

"What did you reply to him?"

"Don't want to and that he's not my baby's father."

On the corner of his eyes, he see Jongdae teasing him with a smirk.
He feels proud, aside from the root of it all, knocking up his cousin's boyfriend. But past is past, Kyungsoo is in good hands.

Not so subtly, he heads to the kitchen to cut the conversation. He tries to clear his mind off the topic, especially that he answered a call behind the
younger's back.

He brews his coffee and waits by the sink, only to be snapped back to his senses when Jongdae appears.

The kid just doesn't want to let it go.

"How do you feel, Professor Kim? Proud of that one sperm who made it to the finish line?"

"Can you stop that?"
"I can't. You deflowered and planted a seed on my virgin friend. You're my business too."

"I don't really like you."

"Don't worry. The feeling's mutual."

Minseok appears behind the student with an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry about Jongdae. He's just messing around.
Anyway, Kyungsoo's crying again."

He shakes his head and walks back to the living room, the two visitors following behind him.

"Okay, what's making you cry now?" He sits next to the younger.

"I forgot to water the leafy friend on the terrace yesterday."

"We'll water it now."
"It must be thirsty."

He returns to the kitchen to get a pitcher of water, Minseok catching up to him.

"Does this always happen? His mood swings? It's weird."

"More often than you think. Just do as he says or he'll throw a tantrum all day," he explains, filling the container
with water from the faucet.

"It must be hard for you. Kyungsoo isn't usually like this."

"I know that. He does adorable things too so it's fine."

He turns back once the pitcher's almost full, not expecting the glare the cocky student is giving him.
Minseok offers to do the job, taking the pitcher from him, immediately leaving the room.

He gets it now but he might as well return the favor.

He stands by the couch, eyeing Jongdae. "Minseok's a very caring friend. I might invite him often to help me with Kyungsoo."
"Excuse me. I care about Kyungsoo too."

He shrugs it off with a smirk, taking his spot once again next to the pregnant male who automatically snuggles closer to him. The action caught him by surprise, not because the younger's still a mess but Kyungsoo is literally leaning
im his chest, looking comfortable.

"Yeah, sure," he finally manages to retort.

Minseok comes back, saying they should start heading out already. He doesn't miss the possessive arm around the kid's waist as the two visitors walk out the door.

"I feel exhausted. I didn't even do
anything," Kyungsoo softly says.

With the TV in a low volume and wind passing through the sliding door to the terrace, Jongin thinks it's a perfect afternoon to relax.

And Kyungsoo snuggling into his warmth makes it even better.

"That's Peach making you feel that."
Kyungsoo keeps quiet for moment but he knows something is about to be spilled with the way the younger is playing with the blanket.

He finds the habit endearing.

"Chanyeol keeps texting me. I replied to him only three times. He calls too but I never pick them up."

"And how
does that make you feel? Does it bother you he's calling?"

"Nothing and no, it doesn't bother me. I just thought you should know."

He wraps his arm around the younger's torso. Carefully, though he knows Kyungsoo won't mind, whose arms are around him too.

"I want a new phone."

His mother and sister decides to show up in his door on a Thursday afternoon, just when Kyungsoo's not feeling very well.

"Mom, Jongin looks like he ages ten years older," his sister says when he opens the door. "Is this boy really tiring you out?"

"Hello to you too," he
says, taking the shopping bags from the women and lead them inside.

He sets the bags beside the couch and turns to see his mother quietly looking around his apartment. It's his mother's first visit there.

"So, where is he?" His mother asks, looking through his shelf of books.
There's a few recognition certificates along with them but his mother doesn't seem a bit proud of them.

His mother isn't one to show them affection but among the three siblings, he's the least to find validation from his parents.

"He's in the bedroom, resting. He's not feeling
good today."

"Okay," his mother says, eyes not still scanning his bookshelf.

His sister, on the other hand sneaks into the bedroom before he could tell her not to. Then she runs out of the room in just seconds, jumping around their mother. "Mom! He's so cute! The baby's going
to be the cutest baby ever! I can feel it!"

Of course, his mother doesn't acknowledge it. There's nothing to shake the woman's heart.


He's surprised to see Kyungsoo on the doorway to the bedroom, standing there in his weak state but flashes a smile towards the women.
What surprises him even more is finally finding out it only takes a pregnant Do Kyungsoo to make his mother smile. A genuine one, not the classy strained smile his mother mastered.

"Hello, dear," his mother says, slowly approaching the pregnant male.

He meets his sister's
equally surprised expression.

"How far are you now?" His mother starts checking the younger's temperature with her bare hands.

"12 weeks," Kyungsoo starts to sob.

He watches his mother smile fondly at the now crying hormonal male. He wishes his mother looks at him, or them,
like that too.

But that isn't the right time to get jealous.

"Iㅡ I miss my mom."

He softens at the words. He had no idea Kyungsoo craves for a mother figure.

His mother hugs the younger, assuring him that his mother misses him too. A beautiful sight he didn't know he'd live
to see.

If it isn't for his sister ruining the moment with her ugly sobs, he would have teared up too.

His mother takes the younger to couch as he offers to make them something to eat. His sister follows behind him, ranting her disbelief in a hushed voice.
"Did you see that?" His sister exaggerates with tow hands pointing at the living room.

"I was literally there, you know," he says, preparing his tea set and a few cookies.

"She likes him! She never liked any of my boyfriends!"

"No offense, but you ex-boyfriend weren't
exactly as cute, you know?"

"But they had money."

"And, yeah. Not as young too."

His sister playfully punches his arm and he laughs it off. "He's Kyungsoo, right?"

He nods as he opens the fridge and takes out a tupperware of sliced strawberries.

"Was he your student?"
"No. Same university though." He reaches for the can of whipped cream from the top wall counter.

"Are you sure?"

"I am sure."

"So how did you meet?"

He hands the strawberries and the can to his sister who took them without a fuss.

"He was Chanyeol's boyfriend."
He shamelessly laughs at his sister's expression who looks so offended and violated.

"Holy shit. You knocked up Chanyeol's boyfriend?"

He answers with a yes when his laughter dies down.

"Are you really serious? What did he do?"

"Chanyeol? He didn't know until maybe two weeks
ago. He showed up and punched me. Not too hard."

"And Kyungsoo?"

"He found out about it around at the same time. They broke up and he moved in here."

The snacks looks fine, he's sure his mother only wants the tea anyway but he reaches up for another can of whipped cream,
earning a curious look from his sister. He hands her the other can but she didn't say anything.

"He likes whipped cream. A lot."

"Wait. Wait. Wait. So you mean you both are just living together for the baby?"

He ponders on it, humming and nodding. "Kind of. We didn't talk
about it. I think it's a mutual decision to take responsibility on what happened. Besides, he's better off away from Chanyeol."

"He's still fooling around, isn't he?"

"No doubt." He motions for them to start heading out of the kitchen.

"He could cheat on Kyungsoo, he's crazy."
Kyungsoo is now wearing a baby blue maternity dress, an oversized one for his small baby bump that is yet to show up.

He wills himself not to make any questioning sound and he ends up clearing his throat at the sight.

He mentally curses the younger's cuteness who only tilts his
head in his direction, bottom lip protruding and he swears. He swears at the same time his sister cooes at the sight, squealing a little too loud for Kyungsoo's liking.

The pout disappears and replaced by a frown, his sister still oblivious.

"We shopped for Kyungsoo's maternity
clothes," his mother states the obvious, all attention fixed on the pregnant male.

"I see, mom. Thank you." He sets the tray on the coffee table, noticing the discomfort the younger's trying to hide.

He quietly sits on Kyungsoo's side, eyeing his sister who's taking pictures of

Or maybe Kyungsoo alone. Who knows?

Suddenly the pregnant male hisses, a hand rubbing his chest.

"What's wrong? What's happening?" He hears his sister freaking out and just as he's about to ask as well, his mother speaks.

"It's normal," she says, resting a hand on
Kyungsoo's knee. "Don't worry."

Kyungsoo nods, still rubbing his chest.

"Heartburn." His mother says, this time looking directly at him. "He just needs to rest."

"Yeah." He stands up and guides the younger into the bedroom.

Kyungsoo asks him to help in removing the maternity
dress and sits on the bed, back against the headboard. "Your sister won't sneak in again, right?"

"Did she scare you?"

The younger nods as he helped him fix the covers and pillows.

"I'll tell her not to do that again."

"Your mom's really nice. And tell them I'm sorry."
"Sorry for what?"

"For meeting them like this."

"It's not your fault you aren't feeling well. Don't worry about it. You'll see them again when you're better."

"Okay." Kyungsoo sends him a soft smile before he leaves the room and keeps the door ajar.

The women looks up at him
from the couch.

"You scared Kyungsoo by sneaking up to him while he's sleeping." He shoots his sister an unimpressed look to which his sister responds with a guilty smile.

"Get the car ready," his mother tells his sister and once they are left alone, she stands up and walks to
him, a hand on his arm. "You are doing well, Jongin. I don't wish for you to do the same thing I did while you grew up."

He feels a squeeze on his arm, a shaky one.

"I'm very proud of you," his mother says with a small smile before retreating her hand and heading out the door.
There's a lump in his throat as he tries to stop the tears attempting to escape his eyes.

He gave up hoping to hear his mother say she's proud of him long time ago.

He did and it's because of who he didn't ask for but is now happy to have ㅡ

Kyungsoo and their little Peach.

The semester starts in three days. It's the first time Jongin doesn't feel excited spending his time in the faculty office and stand in front of his students like he used to.

He worries what could happen to Kyungsoo when left alone. Looking for someone to look after the
younger isn't easy. He doesn't trust strangers no matter how professional and trained they are.


He hears the bedroom door creak open from the kitchen while he starts flipping the pancake.

Kyungsoo eventually finds him there and quietly stands a few steps behind
him, watching him.

Or so he thought until he hears him sobbing.

"What now?" He asks, transferring the last pancake onto the plate.

"Why are you cooking?" Kyungsoo whines behind him.

"So you can eat when you wake up."

"Are you saying I'm not capable of cooking anymore?
He really isn't in the mood to argue. "That's not what I'm implying. If you want to cook your own food, then do it."

"I don't want to." Kyungsoo takes the plate and makes a beeline to the living room, sobbing all the way. "Maple syrup!"

A huff escapes his lips and takes the
requested syrup from the fridge with the whole carton of milk. The TV is set to a home renovation show and Kyungsoo is set on his spot next to the coffee table.

"I don't what the couch is for when you don't sit on it," he says, setting the syrup and milk next to the plate.
"It's messy."

He glances at the couch, a blanket and a pillow with a few books scattered on it. "And whose mess is that?"


He takes the initiative to tidy it up and sits on it, waiting for the younger to finish pouring the syrup to his heart's content.

"Fork, please."
Kyungsoo politely smiles at him for the favor.

He doesn't plan on saying no to it. He needs a fork too.

Their breakfast went well. It was quiet and both had taken interest at the show until it ended when Kyungsoo starts sobbing again.

"The house is beautiful. It looks cozy."
That reminds him. With the baby coming, there's no space in his apartment anymore. They need a new place.

"Do you have ideas for the nursery?" The question pique's the younger's interest. "I'm thinking we should start looking for a new place. Maybe near the university."
"We're moving together?" Kyungsoo is somehow surprised.

"Kyungsoo," he chuckles. "You moved in here by yourself. Of course, we're moving together unless you want to live alone."

"You're... You're leaving me and Peach?"


It just occurs to him that whatever he's saying
doesn't register properly into the younger's mind.

"Come here," he taps the space next to him to which Kyungsoo fortunately understands right away.

When the younger sits, he places a hand on the other's knee.

"We are going to look for a place we can live in together.
You, me and Peach. We need a bigger space and it's better to start planning now. You do whatever you want to the nursery room."

"Really? I want it green. Can I add little dinosaurs on it?"

"Whatever you want."

Kyungsoo starts kicking his feet in excitement. "I can't wait!"
"You are exciㅡ." His smile fades at the sudden contact, his face cupped in Kyungsoo's hands.

The next thing he knows, a pair of lips against his. Soft and light.

And quick.

"Let's start looking today!" The voice sounds distant and he's alone in the couch, staring in space.

A tap on his face snaps him back to his senses. The couch incident a few hours earlier keeps him on spacing out.

It wasn't even his first kiss. He sure have done more than than with his past lovers.

Is it because it's Kyungsoo and the innocence he doesn't deserve?

"Are you

He's facing a worried face in the middle of a small, empty room. "I'm fine."

"So, what about this?" Kyungsoo turns his back to him, and walks to towards the window with a nice city view.

"I think it's okay," he says. To be honest, he has no idea. He hasn't paid any
attention on the tour.

"I think it's perfect!" The younger exclaims, still enjoying the view from the thirteenth floor. "Just a few blocks away from the university, a short walk to the supermarket, 24-hour diner below, and a park across the street."

All the advantages will cost
more than he planned but if he's to choose a place, he's choose this one too. It's higher and more peaceful. More especially, secured.

"I'll pay half of it," the younger offers but he quickly rejects it. "Why not?"

"It's fine. You can spend them for the additional furnitures
if you want. This nursery is empty."

"True." Kyungsoo turns to him, swaying on his toes and heels. "I didn't know having a baby is this exciting. I could have done this earlier if I did."

Before he gets to react, the younger walks past him and out the room
while he's trying to figure out if it was a joke.

"You don't mean that, right?" He follows the figure out and sees the other shrug.


The agent approaches them half-way in the living room with an expectant smile. "How do you find it?"

"Jongin?" Kyungsoo turns to him.
"We'll take it, furnished," he says and he doesn't miss the sparkling eyes the pregnant male shows him.

"We'll seal the deal as soon as possible, Mr. Kim and congratulations to both of you."

Kyungsoo hugs him, face on his chest and starts crying for the nth time. "Thank you."
With the agent looking fondly at them, he hesitates on wrapping his arms around the younger but still, he did though a little awkward.

"We'll move in soon," he tells the agent.

"We'll be happy to have you both here. We'd register your fingerprints as soon as you do."

He nods.
"Can't we move in now?" Kyungsoo mutters against his chest.

"It doesn't work that way, Kyungsoo."

The younger pulls away from his reach and approaches the agent. "Please, do it fast. I want to shop for my baby's room already."

He receives the amused look the agent sends him.
"Will do, sir." The agent assures Kyungsoo. "I'll have your papers done by Monday and you can move in anytime after that."

The younger beams. "Thank you!" Kyungsoo once again turns to him, the smile turning into a frown. "But, aw, Jongin you have classes on Monday already."
"I'll drop by and sign them. Don't worry." He offers his hand to lead them out of the flat.

Their hands are linked in a second and both head out to the hallway.

"You better or I'd turn the nursery pink."

"That's cute."

"True. Blue?"

"I like blue."

"I don't know anymore."

There isn't much to do in first meetings with his classes. He isn't that kind of professor who starts his lectures on the first meetings and his students are grateful.

All he does is check the list of his students, have them sit alphabetically and check his phone.
It's his third class for the day at 4pm and not one text from Kyungsoo is received the whole day.

He's doing fine, he tries to convince himself.

But the uneasiness doesn't go away so he finally dials the number. It only rings and directs to voicemail.

He doesn't notice his
students looking at him when he hisses at his phone and sets it a little too hard on the desk.

"Are you okay, Professor Kim?" A student asks and it makes him realize he isn't alone.

"Ah, I'm fine," he strains a smile to his students and waits for them to resume what they were
doing a minute ago before sending text to Kyungsoo asking what he's doing.

The reply doesn't come until it's time for him to leave the university.

The text is straightforward and demanding, he could only smile.

"Sign new house documents and come home to find out."

His flat was never really a home but more of a sanctuary.

And Kyungsoo makes it a home and they're moving to a new one soon.

He's walking out of the faculty office to the parking lot when he hears a faculty staff let out a curse behind him. He doesn't have to look around to
know what it means.

A danger coming his way in the form of a female professor nobody is fond of.

He hurries his steps but the clinking noise of the heels against the tiled floor is unbelievably faster and catching up to him.

"Mr. Kim, long time no see," she sings as soon as
she's next to him.

"Yes," he answers immediately, subtly making a step to his side to make a space between them.

"Going home already?"


"Me too. We can drop by to have some coffee on the way."

"I can't."

"There's a new cafe nearby."

He silently regrets parking on the
his car by the stadium where it's farther than the one by the cafeteria and now he's dealing with an unwanted companion.

"I need to get to myㅡ," he cuts his own words, not exactly sure how he should refer to Kyungsoo.

Not a boyfriend nor a husband.

They aren't even quite in
a romantic relationship yet.

"To my," he attempts to finish but he doesn't find the right word.

Child's father?

"To your?" She repeats, still oblivious that she's being rejected.

"My partner. He's pregnant and I need to be home."

The female professor instantly slows down and
he hears a soft "oh" but continues on his way.

He releases a sigh of relief when he gets to his car when there's no sign of the other professor anymore.

Somehow he feels guilty since she didn't do anything wrong to him but her reputation among the teachers isn't very pleasant.

"Did you sign it?"

He can't stop the chuckle as soon as he hears it the moment he steps inside the apartment.

The younger isn't even in sight yet but the voice travels from the bedroom.

"Did you?" Kyungsoo walks out of the room, holding his pink pillow.

"I did."
"So when are we moving?"

The excitement in moving to a new apartment went on for days and he's pretty sure it won't die down until they actually move out.

"I'm thinking on Saturday," he suggests, walking across the living room to where the younger stands. "No class and we can
help with the movers."

"There's not a lot to pack. We can just do it ourselves and we'd be done by then if we start tomorrow."

"You shouldn't tire yourself out."

They enter the bedroom, Kyungsoo helping him with his blazer after the pillow is tossed onto the bed.

It feels a little domestic but he shakes it off his head.

It's silly.

And normal.

"I'll reheat your dinner," the younger offers.

"You're done eating?"

"No. I waited for you."

"Why is it only my dinner?"

"Mine doesn't need to be reheated."

He nods. "I'll just take a quick

When he's done, he finds his food ready on the table but Kyungsoo is standing before the fridge, looking up at the row of cereal boxes.

He's crying.

Jongin knows they can both easily reach the top of it so he doesn't get why the hormones decides it's worth crying for.
He stands there, waiting for the younger's next move. It takes a minute before Kyungsoo calms down and takes a box off the top, tiptoeing.

He takes his seat and observes the younger's every move from preparing his own breakfast dinner.

When Kyungsoo takes his seat, he asks why
he cried.

"I don't know." The younger shrugs. "I just looked up and thought it's on top of the fridge."

"Then it made you cry because it's there," he clarifies thought it doesn't clear anything.

Kyungsoo nods anyway.

"The things your baby make you cry for."

"Our baby."
"Our baby," he repeats. "Sorry."

"It's okay. You'll get used to that once he comes out looking like you."

They eventually start digging on the food, Kyungsoo sipping the milk from his bowl while he enjoys his fried rice and the messy yet adorable sight before him.

"How do you
know Peach is going to look like me?"

"You want Peach to look like me instead?"

He laughs at the sight, milk dripping on the younger's chin. "Why not?"

"I want Peach to look like you."

"Maybe we can have two Peaches and hope they look like each of us."

Kyungsoo chokes.
It's messy and an ugly sight but Jongin is laughing so hard.

He knows he shouldn't have said that as a joke but he definitely won't mind it to be true.

A spoon flies across the table and meets his forehead.

"Ow! Hey! It's a joke!"

Not really. Imagine two adorable kids who
look like them.

"It's not funny!" Kyungsoo yells in tears.

He sighs and regrets what he said. "Is it the hormones again?"

"I don't know anymore!" The younger bawls out, leaving the table a mess, and heads to the bedroom with his milk-soaked shirt and locks the door.


It's starting to get strange.

The other day he woke up to Kyungsoo sitting on the solo couch in the corner of the bedroom. It creeped him out how the younger kept quiet, almost motionless, the pink pillow on his arms and bore holes at him with his eyes.

"Woke up early?" He
initiated a conversation to shake the heavy atmosphere but no response came.

He started preparing for school when he realized he was running late. Throughout his cramming, the pregnant male stayed on the same spot, not saying anything and eyes just following him whenever he's
in the room.

Yesterday he woke up feeling a little hot and finds out the younger was clinging into him with a comforter wrapping them both. The weirder part is, Kyungsoo has stuck his nose right at his armpit.

He was wearing a shirt and he had taken a shower before bed but who
does that?

He had tried moving and turning away only to hear whining and have his arm pulled back.

In the end he gave up.

Last night, he didn't get to take the shower he was itching for until a little later after midnight when he snuck out of bed to find the key the younger
hid inside the pink pillow.

Today he woke up to a mess in the living room. The mess, the contents of the laundry basket that was going to be dropped to the laundry mart on his way to work.

But Kyungsoo is soundly sleeping on the bed, hugging his pink pillow that now has the
shirt he wore to bed last night before he had his shower.

He found it disturbing for a neat freak like the younger to find interest on his dirty clothes.

The behaviour made him wonder if it's part of the pregnancy because if it isn't, then he still have the time to back out.

After his first class, he stays by the coffee maker in their office, waiting for a certain co-professor to show up.

He doesn't like coffee but the stress is making him at least think it will help.

It doesn't.

He spots the man he's looking for, a Physics professor a little
younger than him who recently had a baby too. "Sehun!"

Unlike the other staffs, he's most comfortable addressing the younger by name.

"You drink coffee now?"

Mr. Bang passes by them, snorting. "The baby business is stressing him out."

Sehun, who wasn't at the orientation,
is surprised. "You're expecting? Like finally! Who's the unlucky pal to bear your child?"

"This coffee is hot and I might accidentally throw it on you," he deadpans.

The younger professor laughs. "Okay, chill. What's going on?"

"I need help understanding their ways."
He moves to the side when the younger motions for him to do so and watches the other prepare his own coffee.

"What's she doing?"

"He," he corrects before answering the question. "Weird things."


He scans the room to make sure no one else can hear him. "He has my
sweaty shirt on his pillow and hugs it to sleep."

"Oh. That happens."

He sips on his coffee, waiting for an explanation.

"They find it comforting having your scent. Unless it's a foul body odor then that's disgusting!"

"Of course, not! But my sweat and he stopped me from
taking a shower."

Sehun chuckles and finally takes a sip on his own cup. "It the testosterone doing the magic. Trust me, it calms them down. Good for you since you're not around the whole day, he has the shirt. So just enjoy it while it lasts."

He nods but his face says
otherwise. It doesn't sound right.

The younger's shoulders slump down in disappointment. "I'm not making this up. That's how they crave for their partners. In my case, it's the other way but it's still a way of craving. My husband kicks me out of the room. He doesn't even want
to see my face."

Mr. Bang passes by once again. "That's why his son came out looking a lot like him."

Jongin also finds it disturbing how their senior co-professor pops out of nowhere and leaves comment on the way.

"Not scientifically proven but yes, you saw my son."

It's past 10pm when he steps inside the apartment. He's late because of the urgent meeting that ended into another meeting.

Because of the legal changes in the education system, they have to improvise their existing curriculums and it means starting their course plans from

He had his phone in silent mode during the meetings and when he finally had the chance to check, there's 10 missed calls and eight texts from Kyungsoo, asking where he is and what's taking him too long to come home.

Only a reply is sent, hoping the younger will read it
instead of calling. Kyungsoo might be asleep already and he doesn't want to disturb him.

The lights are off but the only source of light is the TV. It's in low volume, it's almost mute.

Kyungsoo is in the couch, sleeping along with his forever sleep buddy, the pink pillow.
The shirt's gone, probably in the laundry basket.

He sees notices the bookshelf that's now empty and a few boxes next to it.

It's their last night in this apartment and it's the last time he's coming home to it.

He'll miss it for sure but he can't wait to start anew with
Kyungsoo and their baby.

He kneels down next to the couch, setting his bag on the coffee table and carefully lays a hand on the sleeping male's arm.

"Kyungsoo," he calls out softly and the younger stirs in his sleep, a soft whine escaping his slightly parted lips. "I'm home."
Kyungsoo slowly opened his eyes, staring at his for a moment before the sight registers in his mind. "Where were you? What time is it?"

"We had meetings. Sorry I didn't tell you. And it's," he checks his wrist watch and chuckles when he couldn't see anything. "After ten."
"There's food on the table."

"I'll eat it after I get you to bed."


Nobody moved despite the agreement. He sees the hesitation on the younger when Kyungsoo parts his lips and purse them together before starting a soft, "Peach."

A soft smile creeps in and he adjusts
from kneeling to sitting comfortably on the floor, his face right in Kyungsoo's level. "What does Peach want?"

"Peach," the younger repeats. "Peach makes me want to kiss you."

It takes him a couple of seconds to understand and he's already sporting a stupid grin. Something he
hasn't done in a while. "He wants that?"

When the younger nods, he moves his face closer, whispers a soft "Okay" before pressing their lips together for a chaste kiss.

"For Peach." Kyungsoo's voice cracks.

He chuckles. "For Peach."



And another four kisses.

They're settled in their new home.

Not really. Their things are unpacked but they are ready to start anew.

The movers have left and the apartment is quiet. There's no sign of Kyungsoo when Jongin turns after closing the main door but he knows where to find the younger.
The soon-to-be nursery room.

He peeks his head in through the ajar door. The sight of the younger dozing off on the window seat with his favorite pillow.

He knocks on the door and Kyungsoo jerks in surprise and releases a barely audible gasp.

"I'm not sleeping!"
He just smiles at the big confused eyes the younger gave him and quietly watch the other look around the room, a little lost, before it dawns that they are in their new home.

"The bedroom's ready to to accommodate your sleepyhead," he says, earning a huff and a pout.
He decides to tease when Kyungsoo doesn't move. "Does he want kisses again?"

He failed to count how may times the younger blinked his eyes.

"Noㅡno," the flustered response. "And stop calling Peach a He. Peach could be a girl blob."

"Alright, I'm sorry."

"Can we start picking
out stuff to design this room tomorrow?"

"If you're feeling it, then we can but now, can you stay in the bedroom where it's a lot comfortable?"


While the younger is sleeping through the afternoon, he's busy unpacking his boxes, mostly his school stuff: books and notes,
recognition certificates. He now has his own little office where he can study and display all the school-related achievements.

He didn't know it's taking hours. Kyungsoo is in the same room. Not just there, but literally clinging at him, being all cuddly.

Is it the cravings?
He isn't sure since there's no sticking noses in armpits. No sniffing in general.

It could be just the dazed state after waking up.

He can't even leave the room, or his swivel chair, because the pregnant male is back to his dreamland, snuggling into him. He feels his lap
straining from the weight.

"Kyungsoo," he tries calling out, hushed and careful. "Kyungsoo, get up."

It takes a while before the younger eventually woke, annoyed.

"Okay, I'mㅡ." He wants to apologize but the other is already out of the room, slamming the door close. "Sorry."
Their first night in the new home isn't how he at least hoped it ended.

At least not Kyungsoo sorting their wardrobe by season at 3am.

The night didn't end for him.

Half of their bed is full of the younger's laid out clothes and he's strictly prohibited to touch any of it.
The couch is full of it too. There's no extra mattress.

He makes his coffee while Kyungsoo sleeps soundly on their bed by 4am.

The caffeine didn't do its magic. He transfers the clothes from the bed to the solo couch in the corner of the room.

He'll risk waking up to a fit
just to get his sleep.

But that's not how his day starts.

He wakes up to cold droplets on his face and weight on his hips. Apparently, the younger is straddling him and leaned over to his face while eating ice cubes.

"What the fuck are you doing?" He croaks.

"I don't like the
F word," the younger comments instead of answering his question.

He cringes at the sound of break ice between teeth and holds the younger's hands, keeping them between his. "Kyungsoo, I need to sleep," he begs, eyes closed.

"I didn't wake you up in the first place."

He feels
an ice cube fall on his face. It surely fell from Kyungsoo's mouth.

"I don't like this," the younger comments on something he doesn't know.

He releases the hands, assuming that's what the other meant.

Cold fingers presses against his face, cold lips against his.
A hum is all he gives in return after the short contact.

He can feel the other's breath on his face for a while before he feels the younger pulls back.

"What exactly is it that you don't like?" He opens his eyes to a pout.

"I want to kiss you all the time."

"Is that a bad
thing for you?"

"I don't dislike kissing."

"Then why are you pouting?"

Kyungsoo blinks a few times before answering. "You don't look like you liked it when I kissed you just now."

If he isn't feeling tired, he'd coo but he isn't really feeling it. He could pass out any
second now. "I like it, okay? I just feel really tired."

The pout turns into a frown but the younger manages to whisper an "Okay" before getting off him and out of the room.

He's sure it will pass. The hormones is just messing up to confuse them both.

Both, not just Kyungsoo.

He's gotten used to the unexpected crying over small things at home.

Right now at the home construction shop, two sales representatives are freaking out when Kyungsoo starts crying because he can't find the right shade of green he's looking for.

He apologizes at them for
causing a scene that shoppers can't help but take a second look.

"Maybe we can go check out some cribs for now and come back later, okay?" He hopes the suggestion will work.

The younger hesitates at first but agrees in the end, after more persuasion and assurance that the sales
representatives will be able to find that shade by the time they come back.

He gives the two an apologetic look before leading the younger out of the shop, an arm secured around the waist.

"I don't want to do this anymore," Kyungsoo says on the way to the car. "It frustrates me
that I cry over these things and I bother other people."

"It's not your fault, okay?"

"Why am I the one pregnant? Why can't it be you?"

"Excuse me?" He stops on his tracks, a firm hold on the other's waist who turns around to face him. "I top, okay?"
"Well, I know that. Your diplomas say you graduated with highest honors."

"Notㅡ Yes, that."

It fazes him that Kyungsoo doesn't even get it.

"I graduated with high honors too. I top too."

"Of course, that's exactly what I meant."

"Then what's the connection with being

He shrugs it off and leads the way once again.

"Sometimes, you're weird."

"What registers as weird to you?"

"Something normal people don't do?


"Not answering my questions properly. Like just now."

He lets out a chuckle when they reach the car, letting
the younger get to the backseat first. He continues the conversation once he gets in the driver's seat, glancing at the rearview mirror.

"You do that too, you just don't notice it."

"No, I don't."

"Yes, you do."

He laughs at the glare Kyungsoo shoots at him through the
mirror. "You do."

"I don't like you."

He sports an offended look and sternly demands for the younger to get out of his car. "Get out."

"I hate you."

The younger cries, reaching to unlock the door. It freaks him out and keeps the door locked on his switch.

"Let me out!"
"Hey, I was just joking!" He defends, still eyeing the younger through the mirror.

"You're not funny! I don't want to kiss you anymore!"

He keeps his hand on the switch for a while until the crying dies down. He really should know when to stop joking around a hormonal mess.
Kyungsoo sulks in the backseat, quietly sobbing.

"Still don't want to kiss me?"


He starts the car after seeing the sulky pout. "Are we still shopping?"

"You're not listening. I already told you when we got out of there."

He's about to retort that he's just making
sure of it but just nods anyway.

The hormones are playing tricks on them. One moment it's yes, the next is no. He can't make decisions based on what had been decided a few moments ago.

"Want something to eat?"


"Cheesecake it is."

Maybe he should have chosen
another cafe despite against the younger's persuasion.

He isn't prepared for what was going to happen.

Or who they are going to bump into.

"It's Yeollie," Kyungsoo sings and skips his way to the the table where his cousin is. The approach is like the usual.

Yeollie, huh?

"The coffee won't drink itself, you know," Sehun says behind him, snapping him out or his trance.

He glances at the professor before lifting his mug off the coffee maker.

"Rough weekend?"

"Yeah," he nods, turning his back against the counter and takes a sip, the bitter
taste puts a frown on his already exhausted face.

"The baby again?"

"Not this time. Actually, I don't have any idea what it's about."

He remembers the incident in the cafe. No violence occurred but he missed the crucial moment when he left to the bathroom.
Sure he felt uncomfortable having his cousin around them but Kyungsoo was okay with it.

The two probably had the closure they needed when they broke up and Chanyeol is just soft for the pregnant male.

Everyone is soft for Kyungsoo.

He deemed it safe to leave the table to
relieve himself for a moment. But when he came back, the atmosphere was different. It was heavy and something ticked him that something happened.

Kyungsoo looked very upset, eyes watery but he didn't cry. Chanyeol excused himself and left shortly after he took his seat again.
The whole ride home was quiet, the younger still visibly upset when he glanced back through the rearview mirror.

He didn't pry on it and hoped Kyungsoo will tell him what made him upset.

What Chanyeol told him while he was gone.

He found himself in the middle of the living
room, quietly comforting a crying mess in his chest as soon as they arrived in their flat.

Nothing was spilled and it bothered him.

Not knowing what it was kept him awake all night.

What he thought would be a fun Sunday turned out to be one hell of a ride.

During his last lecture for the day, ten minutes into it, a ringtone goes off.

He doesn't like having his lectures interrupted and he tosses his book a little hard on his desk and removes his glasses. "I made it clear to keep your phone in silent mode in my class," he
sternly said, scanning the room for the culprit. Added that he's cranky because of the sleepless nights, he's ready to scold his student.

It didn't help and he's surprised when a familiar figure stands up from, giving him a guilty look.

"Mr. Kim," he addresses the student.
Apparently, it's Minseok, Kyungsoo's friend.

"It's Kyungㅡ I think it's an emergency, professor. I'm really sorry." The student bows in apology before squeezing through the seats and out of the room.


He glances at his phone, no LED light blinking. If it's really an
emergency, Kyungsoo will call him, not his friend.

Or maybe it's something he shouldn't know about.

He continues his lecture, a little distracted when Minseok comes back, looking a little worried.

The time goes slow just on that timeline.

When the class finally ends, Minseok
managed to get to his desk before he could finish putting his things in his bag.


He looks up and around, hoping no one is near enough to hear their conversation.

"Uhm, Kyungsoo had a panic attack."


"I already called Jongdae to check on him and he said
Kyungsoo has calmed down."

"And he didn't call me? You didn't tell me?" He doesn't expect an answer as he grabs his bag and hurries out of the room with the student catching up to him.

He isn't sure how he really feels. Upset? Furious? Worried?

"He didn't want you to know!"
He almost misses his turn to the parking lot, mind occupied.

And why doesn't Kyungsoo thinks he needs to know about it?

"Can I go with you? Please? Professor?"

And Minseok is obviously as worried as he is.

"Just get in the car," he huffs and throws his bag on the passenger's

He goes up first, asking the student to verify himself as one of the registered visitors he listed who has access to their apartment.

Good thing he had that done or else Jongdae couldn't have gone up to check on Kyungsoo.

"Oh my god, you're here!" Jongdae exclaims as
soon as he opened the door. "He's fine. He's fine. I really have to go now. I'm going to miss my class!"

He may dislike the kid's attitude but he surely can rely on him. "Thank you." He doesn't even bother taking his shoes off and just heads to the bedroom where Kyungsoo sleeps.
"I'll come back later." Jongdae heads out of the apartment and Minseok comes in after a few minutes.

He notices the dried tears on the younger's cheeks.

Whatever's going on isn't healthy for both Kyungsoo and the baby.

"Jongdae says Kyungsoo might be upset if he tells you what
was going on earlier," Minseok says by the doorway. "He'll come back later."

He quietly lifts the solo couch and sets it next to the bed. When he settles down without a word, the student leaves the room alone, closing the door to give them privacy.

Poor Kyungsoo, he thinks.
Jongdae comes back after two hours and Kyungsoo is awake by now but he never said a word about the panic attack.

He asked Minseok to keep the younger company while he tries to convince Jongdae to tell him what caused it.

"I have embraced the vow of silence."

He groans as they
entered the dining room. "This is not the time to play games."

"Fine." He can hear the student rolling his eyes from the reply. "Kyungsoo's going to cut me off but this will be on your account."

He takes a seat and waits for the student to sit across him.

"He was mumbling
stuff but all I clearly understood were the words, 'Jongin's going to leave me and I can't raise this baby alone,' and he repeated it a few times."

Why would Kyungsoo ever think of that? He's literally giving everything the younger wants and needs.

"Is this part of pregnancy?"
He honestly has no clue. If ever it is the pregnancy, which he hopes for, it would be a relief.

But his guts tell him it has something to do with the cafe incident.

"I don't know."

"You better find out! We're all worried here!"

"I know that and don't tell me what to do."
"I'm just suggesting."

Minseok shows up, asking if he could go home already, which isn't necessary. He can go whenever he wants.

Jongdae goes along.

He thanks the students for coming over and finds the younger dozing off on the bed, cartoons still playing on the tablet.
He carefully removes the tablet away, earning a soft whine.

"No," Kyungsoo mutters, eyes closed but hands still gripping onto the gadget.

"I'll give it back after you eat," he bargains but receives another no. "You can't sleep again with an empty stomach."
"I don't want to eat."

"But Peach needs it."

The baby's name makes the younger snap his eyes open right away, hands automatically dropping the gadget and lay them on his small baby bump. "Oh no. I'm sorry, Peach. You must be hungry."

He mentally cooes, placing the tablet on
the night table.

Kyungsoo would do anything for the baby but Jongin doesn't think of abusing the weakness.

"We're going out for dinner."


"You need fresh air."

"City air is polluted."

Maybe he can use Peach for now. Just for now.

"Peach may want to."


It only gets worse for him. Only for him.

Kyungsoo returns to his cuddly and moody self but Jongin just can't get the issue out of his head no matter hoe much he tries to put it behind him.

He comes home one Friday afternoon to pick-up the younger for their checkup but
finds Kyungsoo locking himself in the nursery room.

"Kyungsoo, open up," he says through the closed door but only hears sobbing from the other side. "If you don't feel like going, I'll cancel the appointment. Just open the door."

The lock clicks and the door opens a
little. He can see the swollen eyes through the gap, an indication that the pregnant male had been crying for a while now.

He takes a step back, "We're not going, okay?"

"Okay," Kyungsoo croaks, finally stepping out of the room.

He leads him back to the bedroom where the
younger falls asleep almost immediately. Just standing there for a moment, staring at the sleeping figure, he decides he needs to find out and be done with it.

Even if he has to call Chanyeol.

He steps out to the small terrace, leaning his hips against the railings, and dials
his cousin's number.

It takes a few rings before it's answered by a familiar voice yet of unnamed man.


"Hi. Can I speak to Chanyeol?"

"Who is this?"

"His cousin."

"Oh. Okay. I'll get him for you." Shuffling sounds followed an a faint, "Channie, you have a call!"
He hears a sigh from the other line, one he knows very well. "What do you want?"

"Hello to you too."

"Cut the chase, Jongin."

It's his turn to sigh, pondering if he's doing the right thing. He shouldn't be prying on it but Kyungsoo is a part of his life now. He can't just sit
back and watch the younger suffer alone.

"What did you tell Kyungsoo at the cafe?"

"And why are you interested?"

"He's been a mess since then. You know he's sensitive and you're a horrible person to claim he's special to you!"

"He was until /that/ happened."

"Just tell me!"
"You're a smart man, Jongin. I expected you to realize it already or maybe you have but chose to ignore it." There's a pause. "Are you sure you're the child's father?"

His breath hitched at the question, his heartbeat pounding in his ears.

"And who else would it be?"

"I don't
know, Jongin. Neither of you remembers what actually happened. A lot could have happened that night."

"And you're accusing Kyungsoo of sleeping with just anyone? You're mad!"

"But then it happened. He did. Who knows he has done it before and no one spoke about it?"
He drops the call.

He's furious. Of all people who knew a person as innocent as Kyungsoo, he didn't expect his cousin would be the one to ruin the image.

He sighs in disbelief, turning around to calm himself, staring down on the busy streets.

It was never a doubt for him until
now. He doesn't want to think about it now but he has to.

It's the foundation of their relationship. The baby ties them together and if it isn't his, then all of the decisions he made for them is useless.

It frustrates him. He can't just back out, can he?

How about Kyungsoo?
The night surprisingly goes well.

He doesn't say a word about it and Kyungsoo is feeling a lot better.

They spend the night on the couch, watching a movie. It takes his mind off the matter for a while, even enjoying the cuddle session.

When the younger starts dozing off, they
decide to go to bed. It's only past 10pm and he couldn't sleep yet.

He's physically tired but his mind is still running for miles.

Turning the lights off doesn't help. He just lay there, on his back, with Kyungsoo snuggling close to him.

Thinking of other things, preferably
work, just takes him back around.

"Why aren't you sleeping?"

He isn't sure if the younger is actually talking to him. Kyungsoo could be just sleep talking.

He confirms when the younger shifts and repeats the question. Sleepy eyes reflecting the moonlight from the window.
"How do you know?"

"Your brain's working a little too loud."

He smiles though unseen in the dark. "And it's keeping you awake too?"

"Yeah." Kyungsoo moves closer to him. "You sigh a lot when you're thinking."

His co-workers noticed that too.

"I'm sorry. I'll sleep now." He
receives a hum in return. Shifting to face the younger, he is met with a pair of lips on his.

It lingers longer than they used to share. The kiss makes him release a breath he was holding when they parted.

"Stop sighing. Peach needs to sleep too."

"I'll stop now. Good night."

"Jongin," Kyungsoo shakes him awake by the shoulder. "Can I go out with my friends?"

"When?" He asks, still half asleep.

"Later, for lunch."

"Have them pick you up."

"Thank you!"

He isn't sure but he thinks he felt the younger kiss his cheek before he falls back asleep.
He wakes up just in time Kyungsoo's friends arrived. He made sure to have him updated of their activities and he walked them out to the parking lot.

It's the first time he's left alone in the apartment. Though the younger left him food for lunch, he doesn't feel the need to eat.
The apartment is quiet too. It always have been quiet but it feels lonely.

Living on the same roof with Kyungsoo for only more than a month made unnoticeable changes about being alone until now.

When they're both home, he keeps thinking where the younger is when out of sight.
Most of the time, Kyungsoo is just staying in the nursery room.

The room where he barely stays on except when he needs to check on the younger. He doesn't even take a look at how the room changed since then.

But now he has time.

He opens the door but doesn't walk in.
There's a hesitation when he takes a step forward.

The wallpaper's changed, a crib, a few stuffed toys, a small empty shelf, a big cabinet, a rug under the crib and a toy box all in the same shade of light green and white.

An almost furnished room.

He feels guilty to imagine
the younger's excitement of decorating the room while he's at work and not even bothering to see the progress.

He walks over to the crib.

It already has pillows and a blanket. Peach will surely love it there.

He turns around, noting the cute dinosaurs on the wallpapers, lined
up at the top part of the wall.

Before he can move around, the telephone rings from the living room.

He makes sure to close the door before trailing off to answer the phone.

"Hello?" He's unsure who calls him through the telephone. He has shared this number to a fee trusted
co-workers, his parents and sisters.

"It's me."

It's Sehun. "You know I have a phone, right?"

"I know. Can I crash at your place?"

"Don't you have any other friends?"

"Yours is closest to the university."


"Just for a night! Please! My husband is pissed he kicked
me out. I just have to wait until he's calmed down."

"Fine. Just for a night."


Sehun arrives with a big bag of clothes and a few books for school.

He eyes the luggage as the co-professor enters. "You said for a night," he deadpans.

"Yeah. Just to be sure. Your partner
won't mind, right?"

"He won't mind."

But Kyungsoo comes home to them drinking beer and watching a movie. "Professor Oh?"

The co-professor chokes on his drink at the sight of his student in the same room. "What theㅡ."

Jongin stands up from the couch, approaches the younger
who timidly follows him back to the couch.

"Do Kyungsoo, right?" Sehun asks as soon as they sat down, the co-worker transferred to the solo couch.

The younger nods.

"Wow, Jongin, of all people? This innocent one?"

He glares back at the question, noticing the discomfort the
younger shows. Kyungsoo excuses himself right away and heads to the bedroom.

He gives Sehun a look before following the trail.

With the door closed, he walks to the closet where the younger is digging through their clothes.

"Uhm, Sehun will stay here with us for a night."

"His husband found out he's pregnant again so he kicked him out. Just for tonight."

"Okay." All the while the younger didn't spare him a glance and just walks past him to the bathroom attached to the room.

That's not a good sign, he thinks.

He comes back to the living
room to deliver the news. "He doesn't seem pleased. I can let you stay for just one night."

"Okay, dude."

Kyungsoo comes out a little later in his clothes.

He's visibly caught off guard because Kyungsoo never did that before. Sehun gives him a knowing and teasing look.
The younger is suddenly possessive. He knows that because he doesn't miss the glare Kyungsoo shoots at the professor everytime Sehun initiates a conversation.

Also, the pregnant male is sticking at him like a leech. The whole time they're in the couch, his arm is secured around
Kyungsoo's tight arms. He can barely move.

On the other hand, Sehun finds it funny. The professor knows and he's having fun.

He asks what to eat for dinner, successfully leading the younger off him to the kitchen.

Cooking will do the distraction for a while.

"How far is he?"
"Around 15 weeks," he recounts from the last checkup.

The professor sets his beer on the coffee table. "It's a mistake crashing here and what were you thinking letting me sleep here while you two go at it like fucking bunnies?"


"You don't notice how clingy he'd been?"
"I do, just a little."

"He's been touchy, right? And just now he's been holding onto you like a precious trophy."


"Do you even read pregnancy books?"

He glances back to where the younger disappeared to make sure Kyungsoo's already busy before moving to the other side
of the couch, closer to Sehun. "I do but recently I haven't."

"You're unbelievable but listen," the professor turns his head to the kitchen before continuing. "Their libidos are high around these weeks. I can't have you fucking in there while I'm sleeping here."

He pulls back,
resting his back against the backrest. "No wonder your husband wants you out of the house."

"Hey, that kid may look innocent and all but trust me, it will go down the same way."

"Can you just shut up?"

"How did you manage to get him to accept your sperms by the way?"
"I don't want to talk to you right now," he says and the other just laughs. He leaves the couch to the kitchen, checking on how the younger's doing.

"Kyungsoo," he calls out a meter behind the younger who's busy chopping ingredients. He's acknowledged with a hum. "Are you okay?"



Unconvinced, he turns his back and grabs a few cans of beer from the fridge.

"Stop drinking," he hears Kyungsoo say, stern and demanding. He didn't need to think twice, he sets them back and closes the fridge.

"Okay." He glances at the figure, back
still facing him. "Okay," he repeats and goes back to the couch.

Their dinner was strange too. Kyungsoo is feeding him, right in front of his colleague who's trying to stifle a laughter.

And he's being fed a lot.

"How is it, Professor Oh?" The younger asks out of nowhere to
which Sehun gives two thumbs up. "Good."

"I swear you cook much better than my husband! Lucky Jongin."


"Really," he confirms instead, earning a beaming heart-shaped smile. And Kyungsoo kisses him right there while he's still chewing on his food.
"My god, the foreplay right in front of my dinner," he manages to hear the guest mutter but the younger didn't seem to hear it. "Do you always do that when you're eating?"

"Yes," Kyungsoo answers immediately, a proud smile on his face.

"We do?" He stupidly asks and the younger
nods at him. "Yeah, we do."

But he knows Sehun can read them and goes along anyway. "So I'm going to see more of it later."

"Maybe," the younger says, standing up from his seat. "Make yourself feel at home, Professor."

"I will, don't worry."

When Kyungsoo disappears from
their sight, they exchanged worried looks.

"What have I got myself into?" Sehun sighs in disbelief.

"This is all your fault."

"And why?"

"He'd been acting strange since you got here."

"That's just the libido."


"I hope your room's soundproof."

He hopes so too.
He spends more time chatting with the professor but without beer. They don't need it anyway, aside from the pregnant male strictly prohibited them.

It's already almost midnight when Sehun retreats to the guestroom so he goes to their own. A pair of glaring eyes welcomes him.
"You're still awake?" He asks, heading to their closet to get his pajamas.

"I have to," Kyungsoo answers, shifting on the bed and finally lays down.


The younger doesn't speak and he looks over his shoulder to a bundle under the covers.

"It's not good for you to stay up
this late," he says anyway.

When he doesn't get any acknowledgement, he nods to himself and goes to the bathroom to take a shower.

And when he's done, all he sees is the crown of the younger's head sticking out of the covers.

He joins in bed, careful not to disturb the sleep.
Maybe he can try spooning the younger for once. All these time he barely initiated it, afraid that he might invade the other's personal space.

But since Kyungsoo had been clingy today, he's quite sure he can try and succeed.

He moves closer, resting his hand on the younger's
waist and waits for approval. The younger shifts and turns to him. "Still not sleeping?"

"He's leaving tomorrow, right?" Kyungsoo mutters on his chest.

"Sehun? Yeah, I told him he can only stay for a night."

"Okay. Good."

Good? So it's about Sehun, huh?

"You don't want him
staying here?"

"I didn't say that."

"Then why have you been acting like this?"

Kyungsoo looks up at him with a confused look. "What?"

"Clingy?" It may have came out wrong. He sees younger feel offended.

The spooning fails and there's an arm gap between them now.

The day starts with the sound of something breaking from the kitchen. He almost jumps off the bed in panic and with dizziness, he manages to make his way to the source.

"Don't move!" He exclaims, a finger pointing at the broken pieces around Jongdae's feet.

He hears footsteps behind him and hears a gasp. He snaps his head back, relieved to see Kyungsoo away from danger, all safe and sound.

"Oh, no. My plate," the younger sighs behind him. "Let me clean that up."

"No. No, way," he stops the younger from taking a step by
the arm and leads him to the living room where he didn't see Sehun on his couch before. "Let him clean up his mess."

"Okay," Kyungsoo softly answers and takes a seat.

"Thought I just saw someone pass by," the professor snickers. "I almost believed it's Flash."

He sits next to
the younger, eyes closed and catches his breath.

"This is all your fault, Professor," Kyungsoo suddenly says next to him. He nods but realizes he doesn't have a clue.

"Wait, what?" He snaps his eyes open, glancing at his co-professor and the younger.

"He asked Jongdae to get
him food. I insisted I'd do it but he doesn't want me to leave my seat."

"I can't ask you to that because you're pregnant," Sehun defends.

"I'm capable of doing simple things."

He intrudes before it gets worse. He can't afford to have this issue the moment he wakes up so he
snuggles the younger, kissing his temple and whispers a "He doesn't mean that, he just wants you to be safe."

But Kyungsoo pulls away and gives him another offended face. "Why are you taking his side?"

"I'm not taㅡ," he's cut off when the younger leaves the couch and stomps
way to the bedroom. The door slams close.

"I really should leave now," Sehun says. "Looks like I'm overstaying already."

"Yes," Jongdae shows up with a dustpan full of broken glass. "Kyungsoo's been ranting about you all night. Apparently he thinks the father of his child is
taking an interest on someone else right in front of him."

He slumps himself on the couch, groaning in disbelief.

"He'd been texting me all night until you both decided to sleep."

"I'm hurt, you know." The professor fakes a wince.

"Cool, bro."

"You two shut up," he groans.
He eventually asks them to leave in which Sehun apologizes for the trouble and thanks him for letting him stay but Jongdae says he can't go for they have something to talk about.

They stay in the terrace, having coffee after making sure Kyungsoo has taken a nap.

"I can't make
him talk to me about it." He purses his lips after taking a sip.

"Why not?"

"I'm not a ventriloquist?"

"Funny," the student deadpans. "But how did you find out?"

"I called Chanyeol."

"But Kyungsoo doesn't know you're aware."

"That's right."

"Okay, here's the thing." The
student shifts, leaning against the railing. "I saw you and Kyungsoo. I may have left a little detail for myself but you two were, you know, doing stuff you won't think Kyungsoo is ever capable of."


"Like touching and kissing."


"Intense groping and making out, I
mean. Upstairs. In the hallway. After you both went up. I kinda followed."

He just stares at the student who's starting to hesitate on his next words.

"Just making sure Kyungsoo is in good hands."

"There's no doubt it's me, right?"

"Exactly! I haven't told him that yet.
I think he'll freak out to know he did those immoral deeds with someone not his boyfriend. It's partly my fault for not even trying to stop it."

"I think so."

"But all I was thinking back then was, he's finally getting laid, you know. If I was sober I would have dragged him
out of there. And both if you were pretty much drunk-y drunk drunk, especially my little friend."

He doesn't comment and just stares at his cup.

"You ever thought of leaving him?"

"I've thought of how it would be if I did," he honestly says, remembering his first thoughts
about it.

"But let's say setting the baby aside, would you leave him?"

Will he? If it isn't for the baby they wouldn't be here in the first place.

He had always thought his cousin somehow won the jackpot having Kyungsoo. The kid is the purest thing he ever laid his eyes on.
Being with the younger may have been different from his past relationships, he realizes it doesn't take romance to like someone.

It may have not been a love at first sight or a spark at first touch, but not being either of those makes Kyungsoo special.

"Hey, I'm waiting," the
student takes him out of his thoughts with a snap of the fingers.

"I like him," he finally says, a small smile on his lips. "With or without the baby, I find him very likeable."

"Likeable like, /like/ like?"

"We'll get there when we get there."

"You're really soft for him."
"Who isn't?"

"Some asshole cousin of yours, duh." The both laugh in agreement. "And oh, maybe i could have just tossed a condom your way before you drowned at it but I doubt neither of you would even notice even if I slapped it on your faces."

"Or maybe it's okay you didn't."
"Oh, wow, look at the bright side of things! Hopeless fool."

They hear the bedroom door open and he tilts his head to see a dazed pregnant male on the doorway. "Here," he calls out and gains the attention but Kyungsoo goes to the kitchen instead. "I think he's still upset."
"I think I have to finish my job here." The student leaves and goes where his friend is.

He stays there for a while, enjoying his coffee. Even after Jongdae left the apartment after fifteen minutes, he doesn't leave his spot.

The younger approaches him with uneasy steps.
"I'm sorry."

"What are you apologizing for?"

"Doubting you." Kyungsoo looks down on his feet.

He knows what it means. "It's not your fault," he assures, reaching out to tap the younger's head.

"Heㅡ," the younger starts to sob. "He told meㅡ Peach may not be yours!"
He moves closer and lets the younger lean on his chest, one hand still carefully holding his almost empty cup. "I'm not going to leave you, okay?"

"And I thought youㅡ brought Professor Oh over toㅡ to tell me you don't want me anymore!"

"I'm sorry I didn't know it won't be
fine with you. I should have asked you first."

"I'm stupid!"

"You're not," he says, lips on the crown of the head.

"You're stupid too!"

"Of course." He almost cracks a laugh but he knows he shouldn't.

"You didn't use a condom! It's all your fault!" The younger pulls away
with a pout. "You should always have one when you go to parties!"

Kim Jongdae, you son of a devil.

"If I used one, would Peach be here?" He tries to use Peach again. He's already an abusive father to a fetus.



"I only like Minseok now. You all are stupid."

"Can't you take a break? A student's looking for you," someone says behind him, a junior professor they call Ms. Lee.

He doesn't take his eyes off the computer screen and continues to encode the partial grades. "That can wait."

"I don't know, he looks exhausted. Maybe you
should go see him."

"After this. He can wait." He clicks on his mouse and hears the clicking of the heels fade.

Ms. Lee comes back, bending down to his ear and whispers. "I'm not sure about this but he insists I tell you that you're a terrible father of his baby."

He shoots up
from his seat, almost bumping his shoulder against the woman's face if she isn't fast enough to see his reaction. "Shit."

Just then the ever teasing Professor Oh enters the faculty room with an announcement. "Baby Kim is waiting outside with the daddy!"

It's too late to have
the whole staff look outside the tinted glass out of curiosity.

"Didn't know you've been with Mr. Do all along," someone comments and Sehun snickers.

On the way to the door, he nudges the professor on the side with his elbow, earning a grunt and an apology. "Really?"
He comes out of the room to an unimpressed pregnant male, but rather looks cute in his oversized shirt and stretchable jeans. "What are you doing here?"

"You don't want me here?"

He looks around, noticing the eyes in their way, especially at the younger whom he just notice with
a small tote bag with him.

"It's not like that. You could have told me you were coming."

"Then it won't be a surprise if I told you." The younger raises the bag in front of him. "I made lunch for you. You can share it with them."

He takes it, mentally preparing himself for
what will come once he enters the office with the bag. He's sure everyone's watching them. "How about you?"

"I'm done and I'm going to meet with Minseok."

He nods with a hum. "Okay. Text me when you get home."

"Will do, Professor Kim." The younger's smiling innocently at him.
If he doesn't know the kid, he'd think he's flirting with him. But it's Kyungsoo. That's not something he could think of.

He stands there, awkwardly and uncomfortable of the eyes on them but the younger doesn't move. Instead, Kyungsoo looks expectantly at him, hands behind him.
"Is that all?" He asks, praying it doesn't have to do with affection.

But that's exactly what Kyungsoo wants. "I made you lunch. Give me and little Peach a kiss, at least."

He feels the heat creeping into his ears.

And why does Kyungsoo look different? Is it because of the
natural light since they're outside?

The smile turns into a pout.

"Okay." He leans down to peck on the younger's expectant lips. "Thank you for the lunch. I'll see you later."

The pout once again turns into the heart-shaped smile and he swears he could hear muffled screaming
from the office.

"Okay. Enjoy your lunch."

He follows the figure leave with his eyes. When Kyungsoo disappears, his steps feel heavy as he made his way back to the office.

He knows he probably looks like a tomato now.

There were cooing and cheering when he opens the door but
he keeps his head down.

"Hey! You haven't seen how mushy he is at home!" Sehun yells above the noise and he's tempted to throw the bag right at the professor's face.

"Everyone can have a share, except for Sehun," he says, raising the bag in his hand.

"I was just joking!"

The last lecture is when he sees Kyungsoo's friend in his class. It means the younger is home by then but there's no text received by his phone.

He sends a text, asking of the whereabouts but the three-hour lecture ends without any reply.

He asks Minseok when he dismisses
them and the students says he dropped his friend outside the apartment.

The number can't be dialed, maybe the phone's battery is dead.

He comes home to a quiet and dark apartment.

"Kyungsoo?" His voice echoes through the darkness but no response from the younger. There he
notices the faint light coming through the gap under the door to their bedroom.

It's a mistake going in and immediately sets his eyes on the naked figure in front of the body mirror.

A scream fills the room followed by a "Jimminy cheesecake!"

He's sure that's how the younger
swears but he sure doesn't expect a bag of chips meeting his face.

That's the signal for him to retreat and close the door.

"I didn't see anything!" He yells through the door.

"You saw my bottom!"

He did. "I didn't."

"You're sleeping in the guest room!"
He let the moments pass, spending his time in his study room.

Kyungsoo comes in later in his shirt. The younger had been wearing his clothes lately and he doesn't mind. It must be comfortable.

"I'm sorry you had to hear that."

He looks up from his laptop, amused. "You mean the

Kyungsoo nods.

"You're worried about that? Wish I can swear like you do."

"That's not funny," the younger whines when he cracks a laugh.

"Okay, I'm sorry." That's really cute actually.

"I didn't mean to tell you to sleep in the guest room too."

"I know that."
He sets his focus back on his work with the younger moving around the room, checking on his stuff probably for the hundredth time.

"Ah," he starts, gaining the other's attention. "Where's your phone?"

All he gets is a confused look.

"I told you to text me when you get home."
"I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I don't know where it is."

"You lost it?"

"I don't know."

It's his turn to be confused. The answers don't make sense. "You don't know. When's the last time you remember using it?"

"I called Minseok after I gave you your


"I don't know." The younger gasps, maybe finally remembering where it is. "Did I lose it?"

"Why are you asking me?"

"Maybe you know and you're playing a prank on me?"

He doesn't know where the conversation is going. "No, I'm not. So maybe you lost it."
"I'm going to buy a new one then." The younger shrugs it off and leaves the room.

He ends up watching a documentary on his laptop and fails to notice the time until the battery runs low.

He hasn't had dinner yet and it's past 9pm. Kyungsoo didn't call him either.
It's quiet and he assumes the younger has fallen asleep so he reheats some food for himself.

After his dinner he decides to take a shower. He shouldn't have started stripping before he arrives in the bathroom.

He once again opens the door to the same figure all in his naked

This time he stares.

And the younger stares back.


"Please go away."

"Iㅡ I didn't see anything." He takes a step back and closes the door.

He volunteers to sleep in the guest room.

It takes two days for him to figure it out. He didn't need the unnecessary space between them to find out it's pretty much normal for him to find Kyungsoo more attractive.

The pregnancy glow.

How lucky for them to experience that.

To make it better, for him, the pregnant
male often wears his shirt and just a pair of boxers around the house.

The sad thing is, he can't even touch those comfort zones. In bed, there's no exception. He's working hard not to give in to temptation.

"What do you mean you can't touch him?"

He's starting to regret
sharing to his nosy co-professor.

"That's what the glow's all about. To attract you to help him with his needs."

His mug's now empty and considers having another coffee. "You're making that up."

"No, by experience, I'm not."

"I'm not like you."

"Wait. You just told me you
find him attractive and drooling for his thighs! That's how I was and no, we're not really different from each other."

"Then what should I do?"

"Just do it."

"That's not a very good advice."

"When you get home, make your move. Be subtle. With their libido, it will be easy."
"But Kyungsoo's notㅡ."

"I told you, it will all go down the same way. Besides, if you don't take advantage of it right now, for the rest of his pregnancy, you'll get nothing."

Does he want it?

"Trust me, he'll give it to you."

Maybe Kyungsoo is quite clingy, a little
affection here and there, but never beyond chaste kisses. The /needs/ Sehun refers to is questionable. He read online that not all have the need for something sexual, some don't even feel like a bit of it.

He doesn't feel the need either.

He doesn't.

Quite sure.


He's met with a happy face when he comes home. It's not that he bought a new phone, the younger didn't even know about it.

Assuming the pregnant male had a good nap, he goes along with the domestic affection.

A cheerful 'welcome home' and a peck on his lips, his blazers
removed off him and the smell of cooked food fills his nostrils. Also, the younger smells like lavender and looking so cute in his oversized shirt.

He can definitely come home to these every night.

Kyungsoo puts him in a good mood, he follows him to the kitchen.
Maybe Sehun is right. He should grab this opportunity while the younger seems to be into it to which he confirms when he pulls him close by the waist and Kyungsoo looks at him with a knowing smile.

The shorter male takes the initiative to stand on his toes to kiss him again.
Hands slowly moving from the waist down to the hips, he waits for confirmation that he isn't violating the younger.

"You're really in a good mood."

Kyungsoo nods, beaming at him.

He inches his face closer, ready for another kiss and the younger meets him half-way.
Hands gripping on his arms, he proceeds to move his own hand lower.

"I have a surprise for you," Kyungsoo whispers in his ear.

He manages to prevent a moan in excitement. "Really?"

His heart starts to feel like he ran for miles. Now he realizes he wants it.


So bad.
He hears someone clearing his throat, definitely neither of them.

"Am I interrupting something?"

Yes you are, he wants to say.

He turns to the source of the voice, eyes already shooting arrows to whoever the unwanted guest is.

"My brother's here! Tada!" The younger sings,
pointing at the man on the archway.


His eyes rest on a man, taller than the younger but the facial similarities are undeniable.

The man, Kyungsoo's brother, judges him with those similar eyes, a cocky smile forming. "I just did."

"Hyung, this Jongin." He feels the younger
hug him, head resting on his chest. "I told you he's okay."

"No, you told me /he's super duper attractive with handsome face and nice body/ earlier with those exact words."

He feels proudm.

But it's not the right time.

"You didn't tell me someone's coming," he softly says,
eyes not leaving the unnamed man.

"I don't have a phone, remember? Then you also told me I shouldn't call you if it's not important." Kyungsoo pulls himself away and leads his brother to the dining room.

Right mood, wrong time.

He gussies himself up before trailing behind.
He sits across the guest. Guest, that's all he could call Kyungsoo's brother.

The guest gives him a smirk.

He doesn't like him.

Or maybe he's just embarrassed they had to meet in that situation.

"So, you're a teacher?"

"Yes. General Science," he adds just in case.
While they sit, Kyungsoo is serving them the food.

"Well then, /Professor,/ can you scientifically explain how you got my brother pregnant?"

"We all know how reproduction works," he answers, glancing at the pregnant male who surprisingly looks expectantly at him, like he needs
to know how, which he believes the younger actually knows.

The guest looks pleased, a genuine smile finally flashes and extends an arm across the table for a handshake. "Name's Seungsoo."

He accepts, relieved at the thought the guest is actually nice. "Jongin."
"I'm really surprised. I only hear about this Chanyeol and it ends up I'm meeting you."

He's unsure of the topic. This is one of those things he expects to be discussed when Kyungsoo is not around.

The younger on the other hand is still looking at him, waiting for him to say

"Something happened so here we are," he says, noticing the change in the younger's expression as he takes the seat next to him.

"I'm curious about him. Kyungsoo talks about him like he's the nicest person he ever met."

"He isn't," the younger disagrees. "Jongin's
the nicest."

He shouldn't be grinning at the comment and he sure looks stupid when Seungsoo snorts at him.

"Whipped, aren't you?" The guest throws him a knowing look.

He doesn't say anything but dig on his food to avoid more questions.

He's just proud to have Kyungsoo say it.

Of course, the guest is staying over. Not for just a night, but for four nights.

Not that he's complaining but it's the supposed to be the peak of the "needs" and how can he make his move when someone watches Kyungsoo's every move?

Worse, the younger's attention is all over
the guest. He feels a little neglected.

The moment he came home earlier was like the temporary goodbye for affection.

It doesn't end there. Kyungsoo decides to sleep in the guestroom with his brother he missed so much.

But shouldn't he enjoy the isolation while it lasts?
He's frustrated he didn't get the shot he wanted earlier.

It's almost midnight, a safe time to do unsafe things in the bathroom after a couple cans of beer.

He hasn't had release for a while. The last time for sure led to pregnancy and he doesn't even remember it.
He takes his phone with him.

Now pants down in the middle of the empty tub, he starts browsing in incognito mode. He needs to be safe with his phone too.

It takes him a while to feel aroused. He browse for more, going back to the ones he used to like but it doesn't help much.
Until he comes across a thumbnail makes his thumb loom over the screen for a while before finally tapping on it.

The arousal is there, just a minute through the video.

It looks similar it makes him feel guilty he's doing sinful things with a guest on the other side of the flat.
Having the naked body of the little angel tattooed on his mind and the video playing on his phone both hurt and pleasure him.

"I'm sorry, Kyungsoo," he breathes out, eyes closed. The video long forgotten, the new image playing in his head.

He's going to hell for it.
He moans the name between pleasured grunts as he nears his release.

And he hears the door close.

Did he hear it right?

He feels the pain in his groin as he notice the shadow move through the gap of the door.

"Sorry." The younger says from the other side of the door.
His phone hits the dry surface of the tub. He's frozen at the realization.

Kyungsoo just walked in on him jerking off, the name on his lips.

"I need cuddle when you're done," the other adds, the shadow disappearing. "Don't be long."

Is there a lock on the door? Nobody uses it.

The drapes are still drawn when he wakes up but the faint smell of coffee makes him want to get off the bed.

Kyungsoo doesn't drink coffee and the said male is snoring right next to him.

It's still too early to get up but the events from last night starts invading his hazy
mind when he closes his eyes.

It took him a while to gather his senses and a cold shower before he stepped out of the bathroom.

The younger was fighting off drowsiness in bed, under the covers and was looking at him.

As requested, they cuddled to sleep and no word was spoken.
So much for trusting his co-professor's words. Maybe Kyungsoo is one of those who doesn't want to do anything with anything sexual.

Though he's so cuddly.

In his innocent ways.


He's unsure whether the younger's actually talking to him or just talking in his sleep.
He stays still, trying to get back in his sleep but Kyungsoo shifts and moves closer to him.

"I understand."

Understand what, he wants to ask though he has the idea.

"It's normal, right?"

"It is," he answers in a soft voice.

"Maybe you can lock the door next time.
It's unhealthy for the baby."

He sighs in relief.

Last night was awkward. He thought it wouldn't last.

The comfort Kyungsoo brings him is different. The younger barely gives any malice to things most guys his age would.

"You didn't exactly lock the doors when I saw you naked
here and in the bathroom."

"I wasn't doing anything else than look at my body. The doctor said I should gain a little weight."

He feels the younger pull away and shuffles out the bed.

"Still, I can barely see my tummy growing."

"It's your first baby, it won't be much

The door opens and close. Then silence.

The second time he wakes up, his phone alarm blows off. That reminds him of the phone he bought yesterday.

He finds the siblings in the dining room, chatting over breakfast who both go quiet in his presence.
Something's fishy.

Both smiled in his direction, the difference, Seungsoo's is malicious.

"You fell asleep again?" Kyungsoo asks him as he takes his seat.


"Looks like he slept well," the guest comments, they sly smile never falter. "Kyungsoo really woke up in the
middle of the night just to /cuddle/ with you."

"That's exactly what happened," he retorts. "What's the smile about?"

"Hoping that something happened."

He hopes his ears doesn't turn red.

"Hyung, that's what happened. What are you thinking?" The younger defends. "Weird."
"Nothing you'll think about, little bro."

Kyungsoo quietly serves him his breakfast before leaving the room.


"If there is, I believe it's none of your business."

"Maybe but I'm interested. How'd you get him to sleep with you?"

"He moved in himself?"

"Not that."
Aside from Chanyeol, Kyungsoo's friends and maybe his sisters, no one else knows how it happened.

Telling them they were drunk while Kyungsoo was still in a relationship with his cousin back then will definitely change the way they see them.

Especially for Kyungsoo.
"I'd like to think I don't have to tell you unless Kyungsoo wants you to know." He earns a disappointed sigh in return. "So it's better if you hear it from him."

"Alright then. Maybe I won't ever hear about it."

Kyungsoo reappears in the room, a big grin on his face.
"You found it?" He asks, knowing exactly what the grin is all about. The younger nods at him before running out of sight once again.

"You really know how to please him, don't you?"

"The easiest way to please someone is have them get their way."

Which is what he learned all
this time living with Kyungsoo.

"Here's another question, future brother-in-law," the guest starts, sending shivers down his spine.

Brother-in-law. Uh-oh.


Just nope.

Not yet.

He sweats, knowing where it goes down. That one question.

"When's the wedding?"

He should have known, Do Seungsoo is just another version of Oh Sehun and why must he be surrounded by such people?

Fortunately, Kyungsoo is always there to unknowingly saving him from situations he doesn't really want to be in. For an instance, the topic of marriage.
He doesn't know how to react to that. Not that he is against marrying the person who's carrying his child. He knows they'll get there someday but to be in a hot seat by the "future brother-in-law" doesn't make a change.

Kyungsoo is still young. A lot can happen in a few years.
That can include them finding someone else they'd want to spend the rest of their lives with but one thing's for sure. He's going to make sure the child grows up knowing they are the parents and that shower their child with love.

For now, being able to look after the pregnant
male and being a part of the pregnancy experience is enough. He'll do his best and regret nothing in the future.

And he needs a drink.

He texts Kyungsoo he'll be having a few drinks with a friend after his last class, not to mention Oh Sehun, and receives a reply almost
immediately that it's okay.

It's the first time he asks for approval to go out and have a drink.

"Wow, you're a family man now," Sehun tells him after the reply as they head out to the parking lot.

"I just heard you begging for your husband to let you out past your curfew," he
retorts. "And you even have a curfew."

"You have no idea what my husband can do."

"Fair enough.

"And I still asked him to marry me. Welcome to my life."

He wants to make a snarky comment but the topic's off his list for now so he lets it pass.
"So you don't really drink unless you need to wind up from something," the professor carefully says, afraid that it could come out wrong.

"Just taking the opportunity. His brother's at home so he'll be fine."

"Taking a break from pregnancy, it is."
They're at the bottom of their first bottles when Sehun starts prying on his bedroom activities.

There's no way he's going to bring up how the younger walked in on him.

"So, nothing?"

He nods. "He doesn't want it."

"How do you know? Did you ask him?"

He signals the waiter
for another bottle, sighing as he turns back to the professor. "Well," he starts and doesn't find the words to continue.

He remember that moment he stepped into the apartment and Kyungsoo didn't even give him a sign of disapproval when he attempted to push it further.

Or maybe
that was just him expecting too much.

"Well, what? Come on, there's something you're not telling me!"

"I don't know. It could be just me. Just stay out of it."

"You know what? I need you drunk to spill it."

He probably will but he can't go home drunk. He doesn't want to find
out what Kyungsoo would do if he does.

But it's Friday night. He can drink more than three bottles and still go home a little sober.

Sehun will drive him there just in case.

And so he wakes up with a throbbing head in their bed. He may have drank more than he originally
planned and Sehun is probably laughing at whatever he unwillingly confessed the night before.

He rolls to face the younger's part of the bed and winces at the bright light coming from the sides of the thick drapes.

He falls asleep once again, softly running his fingers on the
snoring pregnant male's hair.

It didn't last long, he thinks, when he hears knocking on their door and Kyungsoo shifts.

He opens his eyes to the younger's silhouette sitting up on the bed, brushing the sleep off.

It takes him a moment to adjust his sight in the dark just in
time he notices the younger bend down to pick up something from the floor and wore it up his waist.

Kyungsoo had been naked this whole time.

"Kyungsoo," he calls out, voice coming soft and airy with his throat dry.

The younger turns to him after picking up another fabric
from the floor.

He doesn't miss the soft, painful groan that escapes the younger's throat.

There are dark blotches scattered on the chest and immediately covered when Kyungsoo wears the shirt he just picked up.

His lips went dry at the sight and eyes merely follow the figure
out of the room.

He confirms his assumptions when he finds out that he isn't wearing anything as well under the covers.

He becomes sober, almost, in an instant.

It's like the unremarkable after-party once again but no screaming. In fact, Kyungsoo says nothing.
He hates himself.

A lot of questions flood his mind and one of them is, how can he let it happen again?

That look Kyungsoo gave him a minute ago, what was it?

He looks for his phone which he finds in his bag that just beside the night table. A message from Sehun greets him.
/Had fun?/

No, there's no fun not remembering anything. Again.

He tries to call but the other isn't picking up. He need answers, at least from how it began but he doubts the professor can provide them.

To make it worse, Kyungsoo's brother is in the apartment. He can't bear to
think what the older can say to him once he comes out of the bedroom.

His head still hurts even after his shower. In the dining room, oddly enough, Seungsoo is enjoying a cup of coffee. At noon.

He rummages through the medicine jar where he usually keeps his tablets but the
guest tells him Kyungsoo had prepared it beforehand and it's in the counter next the sink with a bottle of water.

When he's done taking the tablet, he walks back to the living room and finds it empty. He heads straight to the nursery room.

It's locked.
"Kyungsoo," he knocks. "Open the door." He leans his body against the doorframe and his forehead on the door. "I need to talk to you."

There is no response but the fact that it's locked means Kyungsoo is inside.


The lock clicks but he waits for a while for the door
to open.

A pair of wide eyes meets him. He doesn't like how it's going. He'd rather have the other lash out on him that give him that innocent look.

It makes him feel like he has committed the sin with the heaviest consequences.

"Can I come in?"

The door closes on his face.
He hears the guest loudly sipping on his coffee on purpose.

He looks back to him sporting an amused smile.

"I honestly feel bad but you deserve that. I mean, really. You came home dead drunk and jumped on him right away, I had to leave for a while to be safe."
He sighs against the door.

"By the way, I picked up your car last night. Your friend gave me a ride there."

"Thanks," he says, half-assed.

"I'm leaving today."

Great. That would be great.

"I think you need to sort this one out. I don't want to be here witnessing the drama."
It doesn't matter if someone else is there to see them. His maim concern is to make sure Kyungsoo is okay along with their baby.

The problem is, the younger won't talk to him.

It might take some time but he doesn't think he's patient enough for that.

Will flowers do the trick?

The coffee at least helped him with his hangover but begging for Kyungsoo to come out never worked until it's time for Seungsoo to leave.

He watch them on the doorway talk in hushed voices and the older sent a smirk his way before thanking him for letting him stay.
When the door closes, the younger hesitantly looks his way and attempted to return to the nursery room. He saw it coming earlier so he locked it himself and kept the key in his pocket.

Kyungsoo keeps on turning the knob anyway, maybe hoping it would break but soon gives up.
"What?" The younger pouts in his way.

"We need to talk," he says, following the figure cross the living room to the dining room with his eyes.

"I don't want to talk to you."

"You're already talking to me." He trails after the younger.

"No, I'mㅡ well, starting now!"
And Kyungsoo does ignore him but he's not one to lose. He knows how to play a game too.

He successfully hides Kyungsoo's phone and wallet. He keeps every door key to himself and locks every room aside from their bedroom and the bathroom attached to it.

He purposely occupies
the whole couch and watches TV, knowing Kyungsoo won't even stay five meters near him.

He can hear the younger huff is frustration, going back and forth the kitchen and the bedroom.

It amuses him how it lasted four hours, including the frustrating nap Kyungsoo had.
And the time has come when the younger stands right in front of the TV and glares at him. He pretends he doesn't see anything and proceeds to the bedroom with a fake yawn.

He secretly smiles to himself at how adorable Kyungsoo looked instead.

The bedroom door is blocked by the
same face. He notices it's more like pouting and frowning that actually glaring.

He changes course and heads to the kitchen, digging through the fridge for food. The storage is almost full.

"Ah, maybe I'd go out for some Italian food." He closes the fridge and passes by a now
shocked pregnant male by the dining room.

"I'm coming with you!"

He stops in the living room, pretends to look around in confusion. The younger is now right behind him. "Weird. Thought I just heard something."

"Jongin," Kyungsoo whines, tugging on his shirt from behind.
"I think I want to eat ravioli. Can we eat that?"

That isn't what he wants to hear and continues on his way to the bedroom. "Thai food sounds nice too."

"No! Let's stick to Italian food!"

He browses through his clothes, hands running by the hangers but his attention remains
on the younger who suddenly starts stripping next to him.

"Okay, let's talk." He pulls the other to sit on the bed whose shorts still pooled on his feet. "Pull them up."

Kyungsoo gives him a confused look before bending down to pull his shorts up.

He sits on the edge on the
bed while the younger timidly stands before him. "I need to know what happened and be honest."

When the younger looks down on his feet, he realize it looks like he's scolding a kid. So he asks the other to sit next to him to which Kyungsoo obliged in silence.

"Tell me."
"I want ravioli," Kyungsoo says instead.

He's hungry too. Maybe they need to eat first. "Let's make a deal. I'll take you out and we'll have to talk about it later."

"Okay," the younger nods, immediately jumping to his feet back to their closet.

"You know you haven't taken a
a shower yet, right?"

"Do I have to?"

"Of course you have to. The sweat from last night surely just dried up on you."

Kyungsoo makes a face at him, the face that says he doesn't want to.

"I'll leave you here if you don't get in the bathroom right now."
"What if you leave while I'm in the shower?"

"You stink. Go and wash up."

And there's the offense he didn't mean and Kyungsoo shuts the closet door and stomps his way to the bathroom. "I knew you didn't mean it last night!"

He flinches at the slamming of the bathroom door.

He just finished replacing the bed sheets when the younger finally comes out of the bathroom, dripping wet and all naked.

His words hangs in the air, not sure how to react against the pouting pregnant male who just stands at the foot of the bed.

Fortunately, he avoids
staring at the lower half, but finally noticing the small bump on the tummy.

"What now?" He manages to ask after a while.

"You told me I'm beautiful."

"Of course, you are." The defense comes almost immediately.

"With all these!" He follows the fingers the younger is pointing
at, the marks he made. The chest where he first noticed earlier, a few on the hips, Kyungsoo is shaved ㅡ he has to see that, on the thighs and even on the younger's back when shown.

He feels like a proud man.

But there's no time for that.

He's sure that's not what makes the
other upset. To think of it, he doesn't really see the connection from what Kyungsoo said before storming to the bathroom.

"Did I say something else?"

The younger covers his ears, assuming he's feeling them heat up from embarrassment and eyes on the bed, avoiding his.
"You told me you won't force me to do anything." Kyungsoo purses his lips.

And that's what he's most afraid of. "Did I?"

He's hoping he didn't or it would be really bad on his part and worse, he doesn't remember.

Then comes the slow nod as the response.
"My god," he mutters to himself in disbelief and disappointment.

That's the worse thing he could do to Kyungsoo. Force him into something.

He takes comfort on the bed and sita on the edge. "What have I done?"

"You just forced me to take a shower. I don't know, Jongin. What's
wrong with you? You're a professor. Of all people, you should have a good memory."

It doesn't sink in immediately but when it does, he slumps himself, face first, on the bed. His heart almost stops beating.

"I meant, on what happened last night."

"That, oh, no, you didn't."
He groans. Maybe in relief.

Kyungsoo never fails to surprise him.

"We're still going to get Italian food, right?"

He groans. That's a yes.

Then he hears footsteps to the closet and a happy song.

At least he knows he didn't violate the other but he's sure that's not all.

The Italian ended into Chinese. There they are in their fancy dress shirts, slacks and shoes, eating fried rice like they've been starving from a company meeting.

He thought the unexpected change in preferences has passed but he's wrong. They're already in the parking lot
when Kyungsoo said he wants Chinese food.

He wants to know more about last night. At least he wants to know how the younger feels about it.

Was it good?

Was he rough?

How did he make him say yes to it?

But of course, he should wait until they get back home.
And whatever he told Kyungsoo last night were what he really wanted to say but can't when he's sober. So far, he doesn't find himself disagreeing to what he was told he said.

And to assume, he thinks everything went well.

The younger would have punched him if he did something.
"Are you satisfied now?" Kyungsoo asks.

He nods, still digging on his food. "Everything tastes extra delicious when you're hungry."

The younger shushes him instead and he looks up to see Kyungsoo rubbing his belly. "Not talking to you and yeah, my baby's all good."

"Isn't it
supposed to be /our/ baby?"

"For now, just my baby."

"And why is that?"

"Go make your own baby."

But that baby his baby too. Before he can say anything, Kyungsoo speaks with a shy smile.

"Oh, you called me /baby/ last night."

If the younger looks cute with his pink cheeks,
he's sure he looks ugly with his own red face.

Kyungsoo isn't making that up, right? He may not tell some things but definitely can't lie.

"Oh, maybe you're not referring to me?" The pout says a situation is coming.

"I don't know?"

"Won't you call me baby too?"
Kyungsoo starts sobbing, both hands on his baby bump.

He doesn't even want to start imagining how the other customers see them right now.

But he thinks it would look like he just made his co-worker cry, maybe rejected him or denied he's the father of the baby.

"Iㅡ I will. So
please stop crying." He clenches on his spoon, hoping the younger stops and let the eyes turn away from them.

"Why aren't you calling me that?"

He takes a deep breath, sets his spoon down and try not to think that other people are watching them.

"Please stop crying," he
strains a smile. "Baby?"

He just felt goosebumps saying the word but the younger stops sobbing, eyes wide and ears red.

"Okay." Kyungsoo sniffs. "Can I have ice cream?"

"Of course."

He hopes it doesn't last long and be forgotten when they get home.
In the car on the way home, Kyungsoo won't stop talking about it. Now he even wants to be called Baby Soo.

But he wants to talk about what happened so he just nods and goes along with it though it makes him uncomfortable addressing the other with the new nickname.

Soo is okay.
But isn't that how Chanyeol used to call him?

He asked just that and Kyungsoo answers with another question.

"How else would you call me? Kyung?"

"Right," he nods.

Kyung sounds weird. Besides, Soo fits the cutesy image.

"So, Soo," he glances through the rearview mirror. "Can
we talk about what happened?"

"What about it?" Kyungsoo looks back at him with confused look, head cocked to the side.

"How was it?"

"You want me to rate your performance? Isn't that a professional's job?"

He almost cracks an ugly snort. And now he's curious. "Maybe?"
"It's fine." The response is quick.

Just fine?

"I don't really have any other experiences to compare it too but I'm okay with it." Kyungsoo adds.

Okay? Was he really that bad? Not that his any ex-lovers actually praised him for it but just fine and okay? He's offended.
He can't blame Kyungsoo though. And maybe he's actually bad at it no one said anything because the parents always said if there's nothing good to say, just don't say anything.

"Did I hurt you?"

He sees the younger ponder on it for a moment and hums. "When you kissed me,
I couldn't breathe. You used yourㅡ."

He glances to see why the other cut his sentence. A grin makes way when he realizes Kyungsoo is sticking his tongue out at him. "Really?"

"I didn't know how to kiss like that and you bit on my lip. The other thing is when you first, uhm,
touched. My bottom. Hole."

Kyungsoo is now covering his face with his hands. He's embarrassed and maybe that's why he didn't want to talk about it at first.

"Okay, okay. We'll stop talking about that," he assures and the other nods.

"And you said everything will be fine so I
trusted you." The younger's hands are now covering his ears.

"Did I disappoint you?"

"No. But you move fast I slapped you once. Then I cried because I felt sorry."

He got slapped and has sex with a crying pregnant male. His audacity to continue though. He was drunk.
He wonders if there's a chance for them to do it again, this time sober.

"Why would you want to do it again?" Kyungsoo asks.

Did he say it out loud?

"You don't want to?"

"You mean the whole thing? Not just the slapping?"

He chuckles at the question. "The whole thing, of

He mentally adores himself at the confidence he has right now, knowing he'll most likely regret it later.

The younger hums in acknowledgement. "I don't know. What's the difference? Doesn't it feel all the same?"

"Huh? What makes you think it feels the same?"
"Jongdae and Minseok both told me it feels 'insert F word, good' each on different occasions."

"No, not necessarily it feel the same. It depends on the mood."

"What mood? I only know the, uhm, needy mood."

The lack of knowledge and experience hurts him. Kyungsoo is old enough
to know these things. It hurts him because he knows he's ruining the innocence.

But he'll take the opportunity to "educate" while he's feeling confident.

"There are other things that lead to that. Like for example, when couples got in a fight and finally made up, they do that."
"Why would they do that? Is that a ritual to mend the bond?"

He can't do this. The questions make him laugh and feel sorry at the same time.

"I don't know, Kyungsoo. That just hapㅡ."

"What happened to Baby Soo?"

"Iㅡ I'm sorry. I mean, Soo."

The younger doesn't respond.
It's quiet the rest of the ride. The realization hits him that the other's upset when Kyungsoo gets out of the car and immediately heads to the elevator without waiting for him.

He missed the elevator and had to wait again since the other one is also going up.

When he enters
the apartment, he finds the younger in the telephone, talking to one of his friends.

His arrival isn't acknowledged but he let it pass. He's had enough of the mood swings today.

"...just come and pick me up."

His ears perk up at the words, carefully eyeing the younger.
"I'm upset! No, I can't make up with him! If I do, I'd have to participate in the ritual."

His head involuntarily shakes when it sinks in. "What the hell?" He steals the the telephone and earns a glare.

The glare he'll never be intimidated.

"Sorry. Don't come over," he says on
the phone before dropping the call. "Are you serious?"

"I'm certainly not joking."

"Make-up sex is not necessary. It doesn't happen all the time and we are not fighting so there's no sex, okay?"

Kyungsoo looks at him, clearly not believing a word he says.
"Let's forget about this." He sets the telephone down and sits on the couch. "I'm so tired."

"Then sleep in the guest room." The younger storms off to their bedroom, the lock clicking after the door closes.

"Fuck yeah, I will! I'm sick of your moody ass!"

He'll regret that.


He can't believe Jongin really slept in the guest room.

He can't sleep and he's hungry too. Sneaking into the kitchen to find snacks isn't necessary. He doesn't even have to sneak out.

But he'd been doing that for almost a week now and Jongin has no idea about
it. He's eating healthy snacks anyway.

Though tonight he wants those potato chips. He pours them into a bowl. Classy.

Then he gets himself a carton of 1 liter milk and sticks a long straw on it.

He hears the guest room door open when he comes out to the living room with his
snacks secured in his arms.

Jongin comes out, barely noticing him and heads to the common bathroom next to the guest room.

The guest room door remains open.

Should he run for it? Yes, he should. Yes, he does.

He settles himself on the solo couch parallel to the bed, snacks
on the coffee table next to it.

A dazed and disheveled man enters and is yet to notice him there. The other turns the light off the lamp and is going back to sleep when he starts chomping on his chips in the dark.

He hears bad words coming from the mouth of his baby's father.
When will the man ever learn to stop saying those words? What if Peach inherits that attitude?

"Shhhh," he shushes towards the figure in the dark. "Peach can hear you."

The lamp turns on and why is Jongin looking at him like that?

"What are you doing?"

"Eating. We're hungry."
"Didn't you want me to leave you alone?"

"That was hours ago. It's different now." He grabs the milk and sips on it.

The light turns off once again, leaving him in the dark. He turns his seat to face the bed, the bowl in his lap and stares in the dark.

He takes a bite.
"Can you keep it quiet? I'm trying to sleep here," Jongin tells him, unmoving.

"How can I do that?"

"Suck on it."

He does as told but it burns his tongue. That just won't do.

He blindly looks for the switch on the lamp next to him, grabs his milk and pours it into his bowl.
He settles back, lamp off and ponders how he should eat it. He tries picking them up but it feels gooey.


Should he sip on it? Sure, why not?

It works. Kind of. But it tastes awful.

He decides to just finish the rest of the milk in the carton before joining Peach's father
under the covers.

Finally, he can sleep now.

He scoots closer for warmth but what is that smell on Jongin's shirt? That's not their fabric conditioner smells like.

He runs his fingers on the fabric along the man's back.

It's not Jongin's. It feels a little rough and cheap.
"What are you doing?" Jongin asks him, still unmoving.

"Whose shirt is this?" He asks but doesn't receive an answer.

He needs to get rid of it. He doesn't want anything that doesn't belong to them in his home.

There's only one way to make this man take it off willingly.
"Do you want some beer?"



"Stop that. Let me sleep."

Maybe Jongin's just feeling a little lazy to get up and get them. So he brings six cans of beer from the fridge.

It's still rejected and Jongin turns the other way.

"Jongin, just one can, please."
"Kyungsoo, it's 2am for fuck's sake!"

He smiles in victory. His baby's father is now awake, sitting up on the bed and looks at him almost the same way the previous night but not really.

That's a start.

"I'm not drinking. I just got out of my hangover."


Maybe he doesn't
need beer this time. But isn't beer what makes them feel needy?

"So we'll just go right at the, uhm, you know, kissing and touching?"

The man doesn't answer him right away. "What?"

"I mean, we're okay now, shouldn't we do the ritual?"

Jongin doesn't say anything and returns
back in his previous position, but now covering his whole body under the covers.

Why isn't it working?

He guesses he'll just have to deal with it and get rid of it first thing in the morning. He doesn't like it but what else can he do?

He sighs and retreats back on the bed,
let himself be spooned because he doesn't want to face the mighty chest and smell that's terrorising his territory.

He makes sure to rest the hand of his baby's father on his bump so it will be safe the whole night in his his father's hand.

"Goodnight, daddy."


He's sure he misheard it out of sleepiness and if he heard it right, Kyungsoo sure doesn't mean it /that/way.

But what if he asked the younger to call him that?

Not a chance. He may call someone baby but he definitely doesn't want to be called daddy aside from his child.
And may Kyungsoo calling him that as an endearment for their blob is okay. It's innocent for all he knows.

He wakes up, confused at first as why he's not in their bedroom. The second thing that confuses his is te younger straddling and looming over him.

"I really need to get
that shirt off now. Also the sweatpants. I checked your underwear, it smells like our fabric conditioner so keep it."

The underwear /smells/ like their fabric conditioner? What nonsense is he waking up to?

"What?" He unconsciously mutters, closing his eyes again.
"I sniffed on it."

Again, what?

"You sniffed on it what?" He snaps his eyes open to the younger trying to pull his shirt off.

"The underwear you are wearing. Wasn't that clear?" Kyungsoo huffs at him, now pulling him up by his arms only to fail. "Get up now."
He doesn't even want to know the details. It's just getting stranger the longer they live together.

He groans and tries to get the younger off him and get back to sleep. Wrestling the other down is a good option but he still needs to warm up to do that. Right now, he's just a
lump of flesh and bones.

"Give me ten more minutes," he pleads, eyes closed.


That was easy, he thinks, when he feels the weight off him and padded footsteps fading and door locks clicking.

It may have been more than ten minutes but it feels like he just closed his
eyes a minute ago when the weight is back on his hips.

He tries to ignore the wake up calls, even when the younger's placing kisses on his lips.

He can't be bothered.

Until Kyungsoo has the tongue involved.

A moan escapes his lips for unsure reason, and it tastes like mint.

He lets him be, curious as how it could get sloppier than it. Kyungsoo is indeed an innocent angel whom he unconsciously introduced to sin.

He feels a hand on his cheek and another on his chest.

What is this kid up to?

The sight, just mostly Kyungsoo's ear, makes
him want to laugh. He doesn't grasp what the whole thing is about but he better enjoy it while it lasts.

Though he returns the now open-mouthed kiss, the younger is still so focused on his sloppy job.

It must have been worse the other night when he initiated it all.
But shortly after, Kyungsoo pulls away, hand travelling down his waist. "Feeling hot yet?"

A sly smile creeps in. "No."

"What am I doing wrong?"

"Kiss me more, maybe?"

The younger makes a face at him. "Your breath stinks. I don't want more. I'll get you a beer."
It ended too soon.

He finally sits up, the younger moving aside, off his lap. "What's the beer for?"

"So you'd feel hot."

"And you think kissing will make me feel hot?"

"I felt hot when you kissed and touched me."

It's weird they can have this conversation and still make it
sound innocent.

"Okay," he sighs. "Why do you want me to feel hot?"

"So you'd take your shirt off. I've been trying since last night."

He looks down on his shirt and sweatpants. "What about it?"

"Not yours."

"They're Sehun's. He left them when he crashed last time."
"Take them off."

He knows that demanding tone and expressionless face.

"Okay, I'll go get a shower now." He doesn't wait for a response and just leave the room.

"Daddy listens to his baby very well," Kyungsoo sings behind him.

He wants to know more about being called that.
The younger follows him to the bathroom and makes sure he undresses right before him.

The grin on the younger's face creeps him out when he tosses the clothes away. Kyungsoo picks them up and rushes out of the room in giggles.

Really strange.

The doctor leaves the room and leads the younger further inside where they'll have the ultrasound.

He follows after a while when everything's ready. This time he holds the pregnant male's hand as he stands by the side of the bed.

Kyungsoo's hand is cold.
They listen to their baby's heartbeat, a big grin on the younger's face. He likes that heart-shaped smile.

"By this time," the doctor starts, removing the device from the younger's bump. "Your baby can listen your voices now. It's important you talk to your baby so your voices
will be recognized once he's born."

"I talk to Peach everyday," Kyungsoo says, looking up at him. "When you're not around. You keep swearing. I kept telling you to stop."

"I'm not doing that anymore," he assures, sealing the promise with their pinky fingers.
"I swear you are the cutest couple I have here," the doctor says, smiling at them and turns to the pregnant male. "Look at you, you're glowing. I bet someone can't keep his hands off you."

He feels his face heat up and even more when the doctor sends him a knowing look.

"I have
a question," he starts. "Is it safe?"

"We had coitus the other night," Kyungsoo butts in.

Of all the other words, coitus is the younger's chosen word.

"Coitus," the doctor repeats. "Does the term have something to do with being a Science professor?"
"Ah, I barely used that word," he admits.

"It's a safe word. Not offensive," the younger defends.

"It's too scientific of a word to use in this age, honey," the doctor pats Kyungsoo's head. "Anyway, yes it's still safe. Your baby honestly won't know that but I suggest while you
both feel like it, do so but not rough. You'd both miss it when the weeks pass and your baby's growing."

Kyungsoo looked at him, head tilted to the side. "Why are you asking? Are you planning it again? I'm throwing away the beers."

Right in front of the doctor.

"Just asking."

"My baby's other father, come talk to your child." He hears Kyungsoo call out to him from the bedroom.

He just finished his shower and awkwardly stands next to his side of the bed. Seeing other people coo and baby talk to a bump looks cute but him, doing it? He doubts it.
"Our baby," he tries to correct, earning a confused look.

"That's one way to put it. Now talk to Peach. Tell him how you made him."


"You've been asking that a lot lately. Is that your favorite word now?"

He shakes it off and makes himself comfy on the bed. "How /I/
made him? We both made him."

Kyungsoo sets his palms on his bump and hums in ponder. "I think you did all the work like last time. I was just receiving it."

He doesn't understand how exactly the younger's brain works.

"Now talk."

Does he have to? The baby can hear him even if
he doesn't do it right next to the bump, right?

He levels his face with the younger's baby bump and leaves a hello. Glancing up to check the other's reaction, he's met with both eyes closed, head leaning back against the headboard.

"Your father's been demanding, I didn't want
to do this," he says softly, eyes fixed on the younger's face.

"I can hear you, you know."

"I hope you grow well and not give him a hard time while you're there. He'd let it all out on me."

"Jongin," Kyungsoo whines but doesn't move nor open his eyes. "How can you say that?"
He only chuckle in return, removes one of the younger's hand from the bump and places a kiss through the shirt. "Let your daddies sleep well tonight, okay?"

"How can you kiss Peach and I can't?" The younger's now looking at him in disappointment. "Kiss Peach for me too."
He quietly places a kiss on the same spot once again, but still earning a whine.

"No, that's still your kiss."

"What do you want me to do?"

Kyungsoo pouts at him. He doesn't comprehend the plan for a moment.

"Kiss me first then transfer it to Peach."

Weird but sure, why not?
And while he's at it, he'd give it a try to get some more. It's not his fault Kyungsoo has the plumpest lips.

He moves up, trapping the younger's body between his knees and hands. He presses his lips against the pout, light at first before pulling back and asks for a non-verbal
consent for more.

A pair of hands pulls his face back to have their lips meet again and let them linger for a while.

Just a chaste kiss and a giggling mess. Maybe it isn't time for more.

"Deliver my kiss, please."

"Gladly." He retreats and plants the kiss for their baby.

The week flies fast. Turns out looking forward to coming home makes his work easier, especially when the younger had been quiet lately.

A few times he thought it's unusual but he's got to know how to tale advantage of it. He enjoys his leisure activities moreㅡ mainly just
reading books and watching random documentaries in his study room.

Tonight though, he finds himself talking to the bump while applying cream on it to soothe the itch Kyungsoo had been whining about.

"I had a weird dream again," the younger starts.

While he lies on his stomach,
he tits his head towards the book that's covering the younger's face from his view. "What is it this time?"

"I gave birth to a bear cub."

"That's what you get from marrying that zombie." He laughs, recollecting the dream he was told two days ago.

He feels the younger shiver in
disgust. "Itchy," Kyungsoo whines, setting the book next to him on the bed.

"I'm already applying cream, don't scratch on it. This is a good sign Peach is growing well."

He watches the younger's hands loom over the bump, fingers so tempted to dig his nails on it.
"Keep your hands away or I'll bite them off." He playfully chomps on one hand, earning another disgusted reaction.

"Ew, your saliva." The younger attempted to wipe it off his face but he dodges it.

"You only want it on your mouth when I kiss you then?"

The younger's face now
looks pretty in pink tint.

"Why do you say such unhygienic things?"

"It's true. You like it." The wink he sends sets the younger even more embarrassed. "Right?"

"Jongin, I don't really like you sometimes."

"I know that but you're still here."

Kyungsoo scratches his head in
frustration. "You said you'd take care of me when I moved in."

"Am I not doing it?"

"You are, that's why I'm here."

"Does that earn me a reward?"

"You had it yesterday."

"But I'm taking care of you right now."

"Iㅡ Unfair."

He smiles at the sight of the pouting lips.
The cream tub is securely sealed and rolls off the bed, a squeak escapes the pregnant male and he's now in charge.

"Can we do more?"

A book meets his left cheek.

"Ow! What now?" He didn't see it coming. "I'm just asking."

He doesn't get to whine more when a soft pair of hands
cup his face and an encouraging smile beneath him. No time's wasted, he leans down to capture those plump lips with his.

Those lips are officially his new addiction.

Only that he has to work for it, which he does.

And Kyungsoo's learning how to kiss but tonight's session is
cut short.

A bell dings, a sign they should pick up their telephone from the living room.

He pulls away the second time it dings, turns to their night table and the time says 9:25pm.

He strictly asked not to entertain visitor past 8pm but the security downstairs is asking for
their attention.

"Is someone coming?" Kyungsoo asks as he gets off and heads out of the bedroom.

He picks up the telephone and a familiar voice greets him. "Good evening, Mr. Kim. I apologize for calling at this hour but a Mr. Lee Taemin insists he should talk to you."

The guest is a strange man. He's tall but skinny, unlike Jongin who's skinny too but the good kind.

The father of his baby has a body of wonders.

"Who's this?" The guest asks and nods towards him.

He instinctively protects his baby bump with his night robe.
"Who are you?" He returns the question and both of them now waits for Jongin to answer.

"Oh, uh."

Why is his baby's father looking uneasy?

"Kyungsoo isㅡ."

"We're having a baby. He's mine."

Where did that come from? He just said that?

Both the guest and Jongin quietly looks
at him.

"I mean, he's ours. Mine and Peach's." He says, taking careful steps towards the father of his baby and clings into the arm.

Strangers in the territory should not be trusted until further notice.

"Boy, chill," the guest chuckles. "No need to be possessive."
Jongin clears his throat. "We're expecting."

"So your boyfriend?" The unnamed guest keeps his eyes on him and he doesn't like it.

Boyfriend? Now that makes him think. What are they?

"I'm his baby, he's my daddy." The information makes the guest laugh, even throwing a punch at
Jongin, who doesn't look pleased.

Did he say something wrong? Is he being too clingy? Maybe he should take a step back.

"Uhm, I need to lie down now. My back's aching." He excuses himself and Jongin isn't even trying to stop him.

Now he's upset.
And his back's really acting up. The bed is his comfort for now. It's not time to think who the guest is. Stress is bad.

Just when he is dozing off, Jongin comes in to check on him. "Is your back okay?"

He doesn't open his eyes but he feels a hand on his forehead, brushing the
fringe off his face. He gives a groan and a soft no.

Then that annoying voice speaks from a distance, making him frown. "Since when did you become this soft?"

"Shut up, Taemin. He's resting."

"Wow, okay."

He releases a sigh, feeling the pain in his back at the slightest move.
"Who is he and why is he here?" He asks, battling with sleep.

"He's my cousin. I know, he's annoying."

"I can hear that," the stranger named Taemin says.

"Get him out of the room," he demands. "He's noisy."

"Get out." Jongin says, for sure towards the guest. "He's out now."
Finally opening his eyes, he's met with a worried face and a hand rubbing the small of his back as he turns on his side.

"Did I say something bad?"

"Whatever that is, why do you think it's bad?"

He doesn't see the man's face and just looks ahead to nothing in particular.
"He was laughing and you look, I don't know, unimpressed?"

"Ah, it's nothing. It's not your fault. There are things some people give malice to."

"Then what's wrong with being your baby and you, my daddy? You are Peach's daddy too."

"Nothing, Soo. Absolutely nothing."

He hums.
"Okay," he says though unconvinced. But he couldn't think of a way it's malicious.

A knock comes on the door. "Hey, can I sleep here?"

"No," he quickly answers.

"Why the fuck not? And who are you to deny me that?"

It's a good thing he doesn't see the guest from his position.
Jongin gets in between, shushing them both but still has his hand massaging the aching back. "We don't say bad words in this house and sorry, I don't make the rules. A no is a no."

It's quiet for a moment, the only noise are the grunts he make in relief from the massage.
"Unbelievable. I'm off then."

"You can visit from 10am - 7pm only and leave at most, 8pm," he informs.

"Thanks for the info," the guest says.

Jongin tells him he'll be back shortly after walking his cousin out of the flat.

The last thing he remembers is Jongin wishing him
good night and a kiss on his temple.

What he doesn't expect is waking up and finding Taemin eating in his dining room the next morning, chatting with Jongin.

He doesn't want him in his home. He smells like trouble.

"Morning, Soo," the guest greets him.

This is bad.


He noticed Kyungsoo had been restless the whole morning. Jongin decides he'd cook to be safe and let the younger relax and hang out with his cousin, who he doesn't really welcome into his home.

The pregnant male had been vocal about it too but last night, it must have been
just the discomfort that made the younger cranky.

"Jongin, when is he leaving?"

Maybe he's wrong. Kyungsoo really don't like having his cousin around either.

He turns off the stove and sets the spatula on the counter. "I don't know, Soo. I don't want to be rude." He looks back
to see the younger in his sweatshirt and a pair of pajamas.

"He keeps staring at me."

"Let him be. He's really playful." He removes his apron and hugs the younger, whispering assurance that it will be okay.

But someone just have to ruin the moment and Kyungsoo groans.
"Group hug!" His cousin throws himself at them, Kyungsoo's hold on him tighten.

And the younger squeaks. An ugly one.

"I'm sorry," his cousin apologized but he doesn't miss the sly smile the other is sporting.

The younger swiftly moves behind him, hands tightly holding onto
his shirt.

"I didn't mean to touch you but boy, you have the nicest ass!"

The comment punched the air out of him. He feels violated, how much more Kyungsoo. "You what?"

His cousin shrugs it off and he wanta to punch the smirk off the other's face if only the younger isn't
clinging into him. "You need to leave now."

"Hey, I apologized."

"I've done my part being nice to you despite not wanting you over and you're going around violating people? I don't want to see you around us. Now, leave."

Taemin however doesn't budge. He's even trying to
challenge. "You screwed up someone's boyfriend and you think you're so cool now? I knew you had it in you."

"What is talking about? Why is he still talking? Why isn't he leaving?" Kyungsoo mutters behind him.

"He's just picking a fight."

"Am I?"
"I'm asking you to leave before I can call the security." He draws his phone out of his pocket.

"Come on, man. I came here hoping for threesome." His cousin takes a step towards them. "Or maybe I can just have a nice night with your boy like before. Sharing is caring."
He ignores the side questions Kyungsoo is asking and stretches an arm towards his cousin, a sign of warning. "I wasn't sharing. She was cheating on me."

He can't believe someone would want to try getting a pregnant male for pleasure.

Taemin snickers. "She wanted it."
And it's not a conversation he wants Kyungsoo to hear. He hasn't shared much of his private life but now he thinks he should soon.

"I don't want you around Kyungsoo. Touch him again and I'm not going to hold back." He taps the younger's hand to release the grip on him.
He may look really furious at the moment that the unwanted guest takes a step back when Kyungsoo let go of him.

Taemin raises both hands in surrender, but still not taking him seriously with a laugh. "Okay, fine. Geez, no need to get so worked up."

Throwing a punch will make
him feel better but his cousin finally does what they wanted, leave.

He shouldn't have shown hospitality in the first place but he thought of giving the other a chance, which he clearly regret doing so.

Even Kyungsoo gets into trouble.

He'll have his cousin banned here.

He's preparing his lessons for the week, placing bookmarks and taking notes of his schedule in his study room when Kyungsoo quietly stands in the doorway.

Acknowledging the younger's presence with a smile, he doesn't miss the habit of playing with the shirt's hem.
There's something bothering the pregnant male and he knows exactly what it is. Kyungsoo doesn't say a word and just watches him.

"Do you want me to give you a massage?" He tries to distract with another topic, glancing from his book.


There's no way he can avoid it.
He decides to get over it now than later while he still know what to say.

He closes his book and motions the younger to take the seat in front of his desk, which he recently placed there since Kyungsoo sometimes stays in the room and watch him work.

"There's not much to tell."
Kyungsoo places both hands on his baby bump as he sits. "Much better."

"It was a long time ago, in highschool. It wasn't that deep so I got over it in a short time when I figured out my girlfriend is sleeping with him too."

"Were you in the same school?"

He nods. "Taemin and I
used to be really close. He's my cousin after all and we're of the same age. After that, I stopped talking to him and we went our own ways in college but eventually we came into good terms since we still see each other during reunions. He hasn't changed at all."

He has nothing
else to say but the younger still looks expectant of a continuation.

"Any questions?"

He sees the hesitation, Kyungsoo's lips part and close again. He thinks he knows what it is.

"Threesome?" He asks and the younger's ears turn red. He couldn't help but chuckle.

"Iㅡ I looked
it up. It's weird," the younger mutters, eyes roaming around the room and hands now covering his ears.


Kyungsoo excuses himself and as he watch the younger leave, his eyes scan the back of the figure.

Taemin's right. Kyungsoo has the nicest ass.

And he owns it.

It's been an hour since he texted the younger. Though he strictly advised his students not to use their phones during his lectures, he couldn't help but check his every ten minutes.

His calls aren't picked-up too. Last night Kyungsoo had trouble sleeping, saying he's having
a hard time catching his breath which the doctor told them is normal and that sleeping on his side will help.

Now he isn't sure leaving the younger alone was a good choice when earlier that morning he woke up to Kyungsoo freaking out with a nosebleed, which also happens in

A caregiver is always an option but strangers aren't fine with the younger.

He keeps on redialing the phone number while he's giving his lectures. When it's finally answered, he immediately excuses himself and brings his phone outside the room.

"What's going on?"

He's convinced with the sleepy voice. "How are you feeling?"

"Leg cramps and backache. I don't like being pregnant now. Why is this happening?"

There's nothing they can do but cope up with the symptoms. "You'll be fine. I'll be home in an hour. My class is almost done."

He can sense the discomfort. The doctor had warned them that the symptoms could get worse by the following weeks and that they need to be extra careful.

"I'll see you later."

He spends the last fifteen minutes of his lecture catching up, which his students didn't mind.
The apartment is still. By then on most days, Kyungsoo would be in the kitchen preparing their dinner or watching TV when he comes home early.

It's cold too. The AC's been adjusted.

He quietly opens the the bedroom door and finds the younger asleep and notices the frown as he
move closer to inspect. Kyungsoo is really having a hard time coping up and he's clearly sleeping in discomfort.

A call to the doctor's office might help. And he does call, but the doctor assures him everything will be fine as long as they're following her suggestions.
The night is full of worry, mainly Kyungsoo feeling lightheaded all the time.

They stay at the nursery room, the younger sitting on the rocking chair while he kneels down in between the younger's legs and talks to their baby.

Talking, more like begging, for the baby to help his
father feel relieved and not give him a hard time breathing from growing well inside the tummy.

"It's not Peach's fault he's growing very well," Kyungsoo tells him in a soft and breathless voice.

"Of course, it's not. That's what we want, to be healthy."

There's silence and he
enjoys it, placing his hands on top of the younger's, covering the bump.

This pregnancy experience will be worth it, he tells himself.

"I want to lie down now," Kyungsoo says and he gets up from his knees to help the younger up.

He winces along when the younger complains
about the cramps. "I'll give you a massage when we get to bed."

The loud breathing next to him worries him. He wishes there's something he can do about it.


He secures his hold around the younger's waist just in time he catches the unconscious body in his hold.

There's white. The walls, curtains, the floor and the bed.

There are a few contrasting dark colors. The couch on the side, the table and the TV.

And there's Jongin, on the chair next to his bed, asleep.

What are they doing there? He isn't sick, right? Why is there an
IV on him?

Is the baby okay?

He checks his bump and there's nothing. Just a flat tummy.

"No, please," he cries. "No."

Jongin springs from his seat, awakened by the crying and tries to calm him down.

"Where's my baby?"

The older man's voice sounds distant, his sight blurry
from tears and his hands held tightly by the man.

"Kyungsoo! Kyungsoo!"

"I want my baby! Where's my baby?"

"Kyungsoo, wake up!"

He snaps his eyes open into darkness, senses slowly coming back to him. Light came after a click and Jongin comes into view next to him, face with
nothing but worry.

"Hell, you're sweating a lot," Jongin says next to him, wiping his forehead with bare hand. "What's wrong?"

He's having a hard time catching his breath and he's helped to sit up and lean his back on the headboard.

The bump is there. Peach is still there.
His breaths are shallow, hands secured on his bump and he feels a towel on his nose. Not even thinking about it, he blows his nose.

"Ah, I was going to wipe your tears, not your snot."

His baby's father sometimes don't get his priorities sorted.

A soft whine is all he gives in
return, rubbing his baby bump to assure Peach that everything's okay.

"You had a dream?"

He nods. "I dreamed I woke up in the hospital and our baby's gone." He doesn't stop the tears this time too.

Jongin cuddles him close, arm around his waist, the other on his face, wiping
his tears. "It's just a dream. The doctor said you're anxious and this happens."

"I don't like this anymore."

"Don't say that. Peach can hear you."

"Peach is making me feel awful."

"It's normal. We'll get through this. I'll always be here to help you."

Not always, he thinks.
"You have work," he sniffs, turning his face on the man's chest.

To wipe his snot. He can't have his hands dirty.

But his nose feels itchy. "I need to blow my nose, Jongin."


Oops! He just blew his nose right on the older's shirt.

"I said wait."

"It was itchy."
While he's at it, he takes the opportunity to wipe his whole face on it.

He looks up to a frown but he makes up to it with a peck on the lips. Jongin likes it so he'll get away with it.

"Ah," he sighs, making himself comfortable. "Can I have milk?"

Peach's father really does
as told, brings a glass of milk with his new shirt. He does it for the baby. Who wouldn't?

A glance at the clock on their night table makes him feel sorry. It's almost 3am and he's keeping Jongin awake. The man has a 7:30am class in the morning.

"You can sleep now," he says.
Jongin is on the edge of his consciousness so he lets him sleep first while he stay up, observing what his body feels.

He feels the cramps. It had always been there but sometimes it gets worse.

One thing stands up, the good one of all, the fluttering feeling on his tummy.
Peach is moving and it sends a smile on his face. He wishes Jongin can feel it too.

Just a few more weeks, when Peach is big enough, he'll make sure to share the first kicks with the father of his baby.

He can't wait for that. For now, he's going to sleep as well.

It's one of the rare times when everything just doesn't go his way.

He wakes up late, he lost his notebook, a whole folder deleted on his laptop and his phone's dead.

It doesn't end there.

One of his students turned in a crappy project, Ms. Lee is extremely annoying and car
keys misplaced. It took him almost an hour to find it stuck in one of his books.

He's exhausted and starving.

The apartment is dark and there's no food. Kyungsoo is nowhere to be seen.

He remembers his phone's dead the whole day. He couldn't even borrow a charger.
The phone takes a long time to turn on. Of all the times Kyungsoo decides to get out of the house, he doesn't receive anything and who knows maybe something happened to the younger already?

He tries calling Kyungsoo's phone using their telephone and it rings.

From the bedroom.
"Fuck. Why now?" He drops the call and looks for the phone that's in Kyungsoo's night table.

There's a note on a piece of paper.


He crumples the paper and tosses it to the trash can.

It's already 7pm. It's dark outside and Kyungsoo's not home.
Just then their main door clicks open and he heads out to the living room.

"I told you not to leave the house without your phone!"

Kyungsoo stands in the doorway, stunned. There's no groceries or food. Just the pregnant male.

Those tearful eyes aren't working for him. "And I
told you not to leave, not when you can barely walk around the here without having trouble breathing! And we have delivery service! I pay them so you won't get in trouble!"

"Iㅡ I tried to call you. I wantedㅡ to go out," the younger sobs.

"Did I give you the permission?"
Kyungsoo shakes his head. "No."

"Exactly!" He huffs. "Now get inside and close the door."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't talk to me." He leaves to the kitchen and hears the door close. He can hear the younger's footsteps heading to the nursery room.

Door clicks to lock.

And silence.
He leans against the counter. Maybe he got carried away after all the mishaps he encountered today.

Kyungsoo didn't deserve that. Any other day, it would have been fine with him. Just that, today's cursed.

The front door opens again. He doesn't know who it is until she spoke.
"Wow, bro, nice place," His eldest sister says. "Hey, where's everybody? Kyungsoo, your dinner's here!"

He spots his sister carrying two plastic bags of groceries and one bag for take home food.

"Oh, hey. Where is he? He kinda ditched me downstairs saying you might be home. And
looks like you're home first." His sister hands him the bags, which he took quietly. "I told him it would be fine and you won't scold him. I dragged him out of here."


"Kyungsoo," his sister sings as he turns to head back to the kitchen.

He really snapped for nothing.
"Hey, you scolded him, didn't you?" His sister followed him when she didn't receive an answer from the younger.

He doesn't really need to give an answer. His sister knows.

"You didn't really change that, huh? Try taking a step back and listen first. It's not enough to snap at
someone just because you had a bad day."

He sighs in defeat and sets the bags on the counter. "It's just now. Trust me, I've always been patient on him."

His sister nods.

"I thought he left alone. I told him not to."

"We've been calling you."

"Phone's dead."

"I figured."

"Soo, open the door."

It's the third attempt to get the younger out of the room. His sister already left to give them privacy.

He knocks but there's no response and he's starting to feel uneasy. "I'll use the key if you don't open this door right now."

He already has the key and unlocks the door. It's dark, the only light comes from the small night light by the crib but he can see the younger's silhouette by the window, on the rocking chair.

Leaving the wide open for more light, he takes careful steps towards the silhouette.
He kneels by the side of the chair, softly tapping the younger's hand that rests on the bump.

There's no acknowledgement from the other, the reflective eyes focused outside, in the city view.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you." His voice soft as he starts explaining. "I
had a bad day. I know you had nothing to do with it. I guess I was just worried when I came home and you're not here. I thought something might have happened to you and I have no idea where you are."

Kyungsoo continues to ignore him but he sure he's being heard.
"I hope this doesn't change the way you see me. I'll always take care of you." He holds the younger's hand. "Both of you."

This time Kyungsoo turns to face him. "You always take care of us."

"And I'll continue to do so."

"You don't have a choice. I have your baby."
He couldn't help but chuckle. "Why are you making it sound like you're taking our baby hostage?"

"You can only hold him when he I decide to let him out. So you have to make sure he'll be safe until then."

"You can't decide on that. Peach is incharge."

"Are you sure?"

"The baby can try but it's up to me."

"Okay." He straightens himself up. "Where is this coming from? You're making jokes but you're keeping a straight face."

"I'm not joking."

He'll go along with it then. "Then I have no choice but pamper you, right?"

"Yes, please."
A faint smile finally appears, just what he wants.

"Jongin," Kyungsoo starts before he can get off his knees. "Are you doing this for Peach?"

"What do you mean?"

"You, being this nice." There's something in the way the younger saying it. "Just for the baby?"
It sounds like a trick question. Is it a test?

It's Kyungsoo asking. Everything about the pregnant male is innocent. If not, just plain strange.

But maybe what the younger really wants to hear is,

"We're a home now. You and Peach go together, and I want you both here with me."
And he's right. He's a romantic, what can he do?

Kyungsoo covers his ears and in the dark, making it obvious he's blushing. A whine comes out and feet kicking in the air.

Small things that make Kyungsoo /this/ Kyungsoo. Adorable. It will never fail to amuse him.

"I'm home," he greets into the darkness of the apartment and only receiving his own echo.

He sighs, turning the lights on and kicks his shoes off.

"When are you coming back?" He asks to no one. "It's dead quiet in here."

Exactly two weeks ago, Kyungsoo's parents came back
to Seoul to see their son and Jongin doesn't have the right to deprive them of their time with their son, who they only see a few times a year.

They wanted their son to have a relaxing vacation away from the polluted air of the city.

Away from him.

Away from Seoul.

In Bali.
He didn't expect it would be that "away" from him and the fact that they didn't give him a definite time when they'll come back and Kyungsoo has no social media accounts, he's left hanging.

What if they don't plan to bring back their son to him?

Unless Kyungsoo wants to come
back home, this home, then that's all he hopes for.

The look on the younger's parents when they first met wasn't even that promising.

Because, he's a teacher and he got their son pregnant months before graduation. They sure have high hopes for their son and he ruined it.
"Friday and home alone. What a loser." He drops his things in his study room before proceeding to take a shower.

He could use a break. He'll go out tonight and unwind.

A few drinks, sauna, visit the gym and maybe stay at the hotel to change view. These things he used to do,
with a lover or alone.

Since Kyungsoo moved in, he barely had time for himself. The most he had was a undisturbed four-hour documentary film.

Now he gets it. That's exactly what the younger wants him to do when they had a late night talk before he left for Bali.
"I'll take my time, spend yours well," Kyungsoo told him that night.

And he does just that. A few chicks approached him at the bar, trying to be "friendly" because he's alone and he looks sad.

He's sad because he hasn't had any update on his baby. Is Peach growing well?
When he starts talking about his baby, the girls starts making excuses to leave him as well.

He hits the gym but doesn't stay long. He had put off his exercise for a while now and it's not easy to push himself any longer.

The rooftop pool ambience is good. It's quiet and away
from the city noise below. He finishes his drink and usually by then, he'd be satisfied and retreat to his room.

But he isn't.

"A call or text would be nice," he mutters to himself, staring into space. He's itching to know how Kyungsoo's been feeling lately. If he's eating or
sleeping well. Is he whining too much? Does he still have weird dreams?

He just have no clue.

"He'll be fine," he assures himself. The parents are there to take care of their son. They know more than he does. Kyungsoo will be just fine.

"Look who's here."

How unlucky is he to
be in the same place with the person he doesn't want to see. Just when he's about to get up from his lounger.

"Baby boy not around? Sad."

He doesn't acknowledge the presence beside him and gets into his feet but a hand on his shoulder stops him from taking a step.
"Come on, Jongin. Chill."

He finally notices four women around him, probably ones who were wooed from the bar, or the streets.

"I don't have time for this, Taemin." He ignores the force on his shoulder but being blocked by a couple of women with minimum clothing is hard to

There's no lust nor disgust but wonder. He would be over them but no, he doesn't even feel a bit attracted.

"Sure you do," his cousin finally releases the grip on him. "You used to do this. A baby won't stop you."

A baby. Maybe.

But his own child does.
"Excuse me," he politely puts a hand between the women in front of him to make way for himself.

"Ah, what's this loyalty for? You're not even married."

He gets to take a few steps away from them before looking over his shoulder.

"None of your business though."

"Is it?"
He continues on his way back to his room. A cold and quiet room he used to find solitude.

Lying down on the bed, he finds himself in the question of loyalty.

Of course, he's loyal. It's his child and the father carrying his own blood they're talking about.

What the other meant
would have been his fidelity.

First of all, who would ever think of cheating on the purest and most innocent person to walk this earth?

Excluding his jerk of a cousin, Park Chanyeol.

Not all relationships don't need to be romantic or intimate to be faithful. In his case, he's
past all the fooling around. It may really be because of the baby that came unplanned but he simply doesn't think of anything else aside from work and home.

Plus, his relationship with Kyungsoo had been progressing into the level of intimacy he used to have with his past lovers.
He wonders if Kyungsoo thinks the same way. A part of him hopes so but he knows he shouldn't be expecting that, not from the younger who still gets him off guard from being a little strange.

The younger has his own way of understanding things and the intimacy surely doesn't mean
much to him. There's no telling how his mind works.

He sits up, shaking the thoughts off his head. All he hears is the AC buzzing in the corner.

He checks on his phone. No calls, no texts.


"Wow," he muses, a huff to himself. "I've never felt this lonely before."

"I'd trade a year of my life to be in a quiet place and sleep but here you are telling me being alone causes you sleepless nights?"

"That's not what I meant," he sets his beer on the counter. He hears Sehun groan next to him and a hand tapping his back. "It's just I haven't
heard from him for three weeks. His friends are asking me where he is and when's he coming back."

"Have you tried calling him?"

"Your seriously think I haven't tried that?" He deadpans.

"Okay, okay. Calm down. Let's get you another round. I'll make sure you'd drop dead later."
He's frustrated.

If they don't want their son with him, why don't they just tell him and leave him wondering if Kyungsoo is ever going to come home.

"It's enough, Sehun. No more," he stands from his stool and fixes his shirt's hem.

"Are you planning to mope every Friday night
until he comes back?" The co-professor checks the bill and pays before they head out of the bar.

The chill outside sends him shivering as he steps out the door. "I'm worried. What if I don't get to see my child?"

"Just your child? What about the one who bears the child?"
He shrugs, be it the cold or he doesn't know the answer.

"You can't always use the baby as an excuse or reason. No one will judge you if you say you're pining for him."

"I am not pining for him."

"See, you're so defensive."

The apartment isn't the place he wants to go at the
moment. It's lifeless and too big for one person. Sehun offers to drive him home but he declines.

"I can drive. Thanks anyway." He gives a nod to the other before heading to his car.

Driving around for a while leads him to a cafe to sober up.

"Professor Kim?"
Minseok greets him behind a book he was reading as he looked up from his barely touched coffee. "I see. Still no word from Kyungsoo?"

He shakes his head and sighs. "I don't think he's coming back. His parents clearly hate me."

The student takes the seat across him. "Don't say
that. I'm sure he's just catching up with his parents. He used to extend his vacations just to be with them all the time."

"It's different this time, don't you think? He has no reason to come back. He doesn't have school or job to return to."

"Well," the student starts but
fails to provide a reason. "He really likes you. I haven't seen him dote this much on someone before, not even when he was dating Chanyeol."

Unconvinced, he laughs and rubs his forehead. "It's the hormones."

"It used to."

"What do you know?"

"That depends on how you see him."
"And what exactly does that mean?"

"Do you see him merely as the father of your child or do you see him as someone you can spend your lifetime with?"

Simple. Both.


Minseok doesn't say a word and it's clear he doesn't want to give an answer so the student returns on his

It's quiet until the other half appears, a little surprised to see him.

"Oh. You're here. Does it really make you sad you start hanging out with my boyfriend?"

"Jongdae," Minseok sternly calls out.

Cocky as usual, he thinks. "So you're boyfriends now."

"While you're
still not married to our friend," Jongdae retorts.

"Jongdae, stop."

He doesn't understand what Minseok finds attractive on his now boyfriend.

"Ah," he stands up from his seat. "I'll get going now. If you ever hear from Kyungsoo, please let me know."

"Sure, professor." Minseok
nods at him with a bitter smile. Clearly, they're worried too.

He wishes them good night and heads out to drive home.

As he expected, it's dark and still. He'll get used to it soon and maybe he should start looking for a new place.

For one person to live in.

A loud bang sends him sitting on the bed, head dizzy and heart pounding on his ears.

"The fuck is that?" He mutters, turning the digital clock on his night table. Numbers glow in the dark.


It must be just a vivid nightmare but good thing he wakes up from it.
He drops his back on the mattress, a little relieved as he tries to calm down.

"Leave me alone!"

It's Kyungsoo. He's back!

He's up in a flash, leaving the covers on the floor as he stumbled his way off the bed.

A bright light meets him just in time he opens the door.
He hisses, hand covering his eyes.

"They're just thinking of what's best for you. That's what parents do," a voice, he figures as Seungsoo's, says from a distance, hushed.

"What's best for me is living with the father of my baby! I don't want my child to grow up not knowing who
his father is! Jongin takes care of us!"

Before he could fully adjust from the sudden brightness, he squints towards the voices in the middle of the living room.

He sets his eyes on the older brother who looks apologetically his way. "Sorry to disturb you, Jongin."
Kyungso turns to look at him, lips pursed.

"I'll see myself out," Seungsoo says, leaving a few bags on the floor before closing the door behind him.

The younger sniffs in the silence, wiping his face with his sleeves. He didn't notice it before or Kyungsoo just starts crying.
He takes careful steps towards the younger, arms envelop the shaking figure.

So he was right, they wanted Kyungsoo away from him. They'd prefer having their son raise their baby without him. Maybe with another man they'd find suitable for their son and it's not him.
But Kyungsoo chose to stay with him.

"It's okay," he whispers as he presses against the younger's messy hair. "You're home now."

His embrace is reciprocated, Kyungsoo mutters incoherent words on his chest.

The baby bump, he feels against him. Peach is growing so well.
Three weeks without seeing them, Kyungsoo sure gained enough weight needed and their baby is surely a lot bigger than a pomegranate now.

"I missed you both," he says and he means it.

The younger pulls away, wiping his tears. "Really?"

"It's so quiet in here without you."
"It's always quiet in here," Kyungsoo clarifies.

"It's different."

"I missedㅡ we missed you too but why do you smell like beer?"

"I went out last night," he admits. "And didn't shower."

The younger makes a disgusted face. "Ugh, what are you? Brokenhearted or something?"
"That's so mean coming from you who left for three weeks," he argues.

He receives a nod and Kyungsoo raises his shirt to show his bump. "Look at my belly button. It's weird. It looks like it's going inside-out."

A chuckle leaves his lips and he crouch down to see it. "It is."
A belly button is the first update he gets about the pregnancy. Cute.

"And, uhm, can you please shave?"

He looks up and tilts his head at the odd request. He shaved last week. "What's wrong with my stubble?"

The shirt's drawn back down and Kyungsoo shakes his head.

The morning comes shortly after he took a shower and shaved.

Kyungsoo is asleep when he comes out of the bathroom and he joins in to catch up on his sleep.

The younger automatically snuggles into his warmth. A sigh of relief escapes his lips.

He really missed it.
The rest doesn't last long when he's awaken by the younger's hand drawing circles on his back.

He feels the warm breath on his chest. He return the action, earning a soft giggle. "Good morning."

"Morning too," Kyungsoo pulls away only to share their first kiss since the younger
arrived. "You shaved."

He lets the younger run a thumb on his chin in silence.

"I liked it better when you smell like beer."

"You complained about it."

"But I liked the way you smell. It reminds me ofㅡ," Kyungsoo cuts his words.

That night?

"Reminds you of what?"
No answer comes but a hand on his neck and full lips on his. He wastes no time to deepen the kiss, lips parting and hungry for more.

He ignores the fact that their breaths probably stink.

Shifting into a more comfortable position, he keeps their lips together as he gets on all
fours, the younger underneath him.

He pulls away for a second, asking for consent to continue.

Kyungsoo whines as their lips parted, hands pulling him down by his neck.

He give more attention to those plump lips before leaving trails of kisses down the jaw and neck, inhaling
the faint scent of Kyungsoo's favorite perfume.

The younger's breath hitch at the contact of his lips just above the collarbone.

"Hot," he hears Kyungsoo breathe out. "Want." Hands run down from his neck to his chest.

He returns to placing a kiss on the lips. "I want you too."

This is different.

Jongin doesn't hurry and he loves how they share more kisses than they ever had before.

And he missed it a lot. Now that the man has granted his request, he won't mind sharing more. The stubble bothers him sometimes.

He feels hot and a little hard.
"Touch me," he manages to say in between their kisses and Jongin pulls away and gives him a smile.

It's more gentle. Is it because the other isn't drunk?

"As you wish, baby."

He feels the heat creep up into his cheeks. Everything Jongin does make him feel hot.

"What about our
Peach?" He asks.

He watches the other move back and place a kiss on his bump. "Give daddy time to catch up, okay? I really missed you both."

Unconsciously his hands move on their own to cover his face. Why is Jongin saying things that make him shy?

"Hey, what's wrong?"
He shakes his head. "Nothing. You're not like this before."

"Soo, I was intoxicated. I know what I'm doing this time."

He removes his hands and Jongin assures him with a kiss on the forehead. "Okay. Uhm, can I not remove my shirt?" He feels conscious of his body. He knows he
gained weight.

"You still look beautiful." He feels the older's hand underneath his shirt, on his bump.

"Do I?"

"Yes, you do."

But unlike him, Jongin has a nice body and it looks like the other had been visiting the gym lately. He felt it on the pecs earlier.
"Anything you want, but know that you're beautiful as always."

That's what he remembers before his mind is fogged from all the kisses and touches Jongin gives him.

There's a point when he might have found himself staring a little too long at Jongin's not-so-little friend.
He remembers the older telling him to take a picture so it will last longer and he doesn't know why he has to. Besides, his phone is still in his bag and Jongin's private parts are only for him to see. Someone else may see them if he takes a picture.

And he's sure it didn't
use to hurt that much when Jongin finally thrusts into him. He swears it's bigger now.

How does Jongin do that while his stays the same. The only thing that's now bigger on him is his bump and weight.

Jongin also hits that spot that makes him want to swear but swearing is bad
so he covers his mouth with his hand, until it's replaced by the older's lips.

He really wants to swear but don't people only swear when they're mad? He feels so good but he wants to.

Instead his words come out slurred in Jongin's kisses.

He remembers thinking how attractive
Jongin looks in sweat and messy hair caused by all his unnecessary pulling out of pleasure.

All these before he comes down from his high.

Maybe beers aren't mandatory since Jongin treats and makes him feel way better when he's sober.

"Damn that wasㅡ."

"Really fine," he adds.
"Really fineㅡ Kyungsoo, you're smart. You can do better than giving me 'really fine' as a grade." Jongin slumps down next to him.

But that's really fine, what else would he say?

"I give you an A?"

"A+," Jongin bargains, "I'd give you more kisses."

"Okay, A+ then."


Later that same day while Kyungsoo's asleep, Mr. And Mrs. Do drop by their apartment to talk to him. Just him, so there's no need to wake the younger.

He's terrified but he doesn't let it show as they sat in the living room. The couple interrogates him and it's worse than a
job interview.

He may be used to lecturing his students and intimidate them but Kyungsoo's parents are the ones who intimidate him. Since the younger chose to stay with him, he wants to prove he can provide what Kyungsoo and the baby needs. If the apartment and the nursery room
aren't enough proof, maybe he needs to show how much is there in his bank account.

There's not much but more than they need to survive and can give the baby a comfortable life.

He saved a lot from being single and boring.

"The least we can expect from you is a grandchild out
of wedlock," Mr. Do informs. "We have done so much to build this reputation for our son and to have you, a teacher, give us a grandchild and leave it at that isn't part of the plan."

Marriage? Maybe.

"Have you talked about this with him?" He asks.


"Does he agree?"
There's a moment of silence, Mr. Do hesitating to give an answer. "He didn't say but from what I see, he will."

That's what important, Kyungsoo's decision.

"We may have started on the wrong foot but Mr. and Mrs. Do, I can guarantee your son's well-being under my care and I hope
you'd give me a chance to show you I am taking responsibility of what we deemed an accident."

The couple doesn't say anything. It might have the his choice of words.

No one says anything. This is the kind of silence he doesn't like and good thing the bedroom door swings open,
revealing a dazed pregnant male.

The sight of his oversized sweater on Kyungsoo suddenly gets him up on his feet and not-so-subtly power walks towards the younger to pull the sleeve up draped on the arm.

Love bites aren't for the guests to see.

Kyungsoo just stares ahead.
"Mom, dad. What are you doing here?"

He has no clue what exactly happened before the younger came home but it's obvious that the two parties aren't in good terms.

If he could pry in and ask Kyungsoo to get along with his parents, he would but it's not his business.

"We're here
to talk to Jongin," Mrs. Do answers and he received a confused look from the younger.

"About what?"

"Your future."

"I don't want you planning my future for me. I can do it on my own."

He doesn't like the younger's words. That's exactly what he told his parents when he started
college. "Kyungsoo, don't say that," he whispers.

"Why not?" The younger is now glaring at him. "I'm an adult now. Look," he points at his bump that isn't even visible through the sweater, "I'm having a baby."

"That's not what I meant."

Kyungsoo shifts his gaze to his parents.
"Just leave me alone with Jongin. I'll be fine."

"We want both of you to get married," Mr. Do says.

"When Peach is old enough to walk down the aisle."

He mutters a soft 'what' but manages to compose himself after those words.

Mr. Do definitely has the sharpest look to give
someone and he's questioning his choices right now. Maybe he should just let them have Kyungsoo and live a peaceful life.

"Will you marry our son, Jongin?" The man asks, eyes staring right through his.

It suddenly feels hot, he feels his sweat on his forehead.

When he doesn't
give an answer, he feels a hand on his and Kyungsoo's hopeful look comes into view.

"You know I won't accept rejection after what we didㅡ.“

"Yes, I will marry your son!"

The look on the younger's face says that he might have given his answer a little too loud.

"I will, sir."

He hears a knock on the door, snapping him back from his thoughts. His legs are numb from sitting too long on the toilet lid.

"Jongin, are you okay? You're taking too long in there."

"I'mㅡ I'm done. I'll be right out," he flushes the toilet and washes his hands, taking
a last look at himself through the mirror.

"No need to freak out now, Jongin. It's a long way to go."

The thought of marriage made him feel nauseous. Though a part of him tells him it's eventually going to happen, he's still in disbelief he agreed to it. May or may not be out
of fear.

Fear of what?

"Jongin." Kyungsoo knocks again.

He opens the door to a worried face. The younger doesn't look bothered about the marriage deal at all.

"You look pale," Kyungsoo comments, cupping his face in both hands. "Did you eat something bad?"

"No, I just don't
feel well."

"You looked fine earlier. I made you soup."

He follows the trail to the dining room, hand on his forehead, wiping his sweat. This is exactly why he doesn't like overthinking.

The most he can do is talk about it and hope for the best.

Half way through his soup, he
initiates the conversation while the younger just watches him in silence. "Uhm, about the marriage," he starts but Kyungsoo gives an indifferent reaction. "Are we sure about that?"

"You don't want to marry me?"

"Iㅡ I want to be honest with you." The lack of reaction from the
younger makes him anxious. "I'm not ready for that."

"Then why did you say you will? You could have just said that you don't want to."

"It's not like that. Maybe in the future but for now, I don't see it yet."

When the younger finally gives a reaction, there's a sudden pang of
guilt and hurt that shot right through him. Kyungsoo looks down on his lap with slumped shoulders. "Oh. It's okay."

He doesn't miss the bitter smile before the younger leaves his seat.

"Soo, please don'tㅡ."

The figure is out if his sight before he can explain himself.
In less than a day since Kyungsoo came home, things are turning for the worse.

He leaves his seat and follows to where the younger finds most comfort in their home.

The door isn't locked, not even closed. Kyungsoo is settled on the rocking chair, facing out the window.

He waits for the response that doesn't come, only the heavy breathing through the quiet that hangs in the room.

"We'll get there, okay?" He says, just standing in the doorway.

He doesn't get a response but he knows his words are heard.

"Don't take it the wrong way. I want you
here with me. Both of you."

"You don't mean that." Kyungsoo sobs quietly.

His next words doesn't make it out of his lips.

"You don't mean that," the younger repeats in a softer voice. "And that's okay. I'm supposed to be with Chanyeol, not here. Not with a baby. I'm should be
in school and with my friends."

His feet leads him out of the room, isolating himself with his own thoughts and the next thing he remembers is Seungsoo wishing him well and Kyungsoo leaving the apartment.

He's alone again and maybe forever.

There's no contact after that.

Four days.

It gets worse each day knowing he's the reason why he comes home to an empty apartment. What he used to call home is once again just a house where he spends the rest of his time when he's done in the university.

Though Kyungsoo's stuff remained untouched, there's
no way he can tell they'll ever be used again. The phone's still in the night stand but now out of battery. The unfinished snacks in the fridge will most likely end up bad

But a couple of things are missing.

The pink pillow and the stuffed bear the younger bought for Peach.
Things don't go easy on him. With all Kyungsoo's things around everywhere he looks, he can only imagine someone would call him from the bedroom or hear someone hum from the kitchen.

Sometimes he expects someone to come out of the nursery room or accompany him in his study.
None of those things happen and they still haunt him.

And for the first time in since he's left alone, the telephone rings.

He does get his hopes up though he knows it's almost impossible it's Kyungsoo.

"Good evening, Mr. Kim. Mr. Do Seungsoo is here to pick up some things.
I would like to have your approval to let him pass through the security."

Of course, he thinks, it goes down this way.

"Yes, please let him pass."

He waits for the guest to arrive on his doorstep.

"I'm sorry to bother you, I know it's late," Seungsoo apologizes.

"It's okay."
He nods and lets the guest in. "I can help you pack his things."

The man just stares back at him, hesitating to make a comment and just gives him a nod and a soft "thank you."

Clothes are the most important but Seungsoo prioritizes the school stuff and only asks for the
maternity dresses his sister and mother gave the younger.

"I can't bring much. I don't have my car."

"Ah, okay. I'll get the rest ready so you can just pick them up anytime."


When they reached the door, Seungsoo turns to him. "Is there a chance, even the slightest,
that you'd want him back? I know it's not my place to ask but I'm worried about him. He doesn't talk about it."

He wants him back but having the younger's things packed up, it doesn't matter anymore.

"He barely talks at all, to be honest," the guest adds.

"It's not up to me,"
he admits. "If he doesn't want to be here, I respect that."

"Are you sure? You don't look like you've been doing well since the last time I saw you."

"I'm sure."

"Okay. I'm off then." Seungsoo steps out and glances back at him. "He's not doing well, by the way. It's worrying."

After his lecture while he's gathering the papers his students submitted, a piece of paper is set in his view.

There scribble, Kyungsoo's name and a phone number.

"Please give him a call."

He looks up to see Minseok with a pleading look before the student bows and leaves.
Seungsoo's words last night echoes in his mind.

Kyungsoo knows his number so why won't the younger call him instead? Clearly, the other doesn't want to talk to him.

With the piece of paper in his pocket, he heads to the faculty room to leave the papers he gathered.

coming!" Sehun yells somewhere in the room. "You're coming, right?"

"What's going on?" He asks before he can even spot who he's talking to.

"Mr. Bang's birthday! He'll treat us to dinner. Tonight."

"Sure," he agrees. "See you later then." He still has time to gussy up back in
his apartment. "Text me the address."

It would take his mind off Kyungsoo for a while so he grabs the opportunity to go out.

The food's great. He hasn't been eating good food for a while and his cooking's just of okay quality.

"Hey," Sehun nudges him while the others talk.
"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," he quickly answers but he, himself, isn't convinced.

The professor can see right through it. "Wanna drink later?"

He glances at thier co-professors and gives a small nod.

"Swear you're talking later or I'll leave your drunk ass."


He wakes up for the third time that day. The untouched food his brother left him on the desk is now gone.

It's been nine days since he left the apartment.

How's Jongin? What's he been up to?

He misses him. His cuddles and kisses. But there's no more of them.
He and Peach aren't wanted anymore and he'll live with that for the rest of his life, knowing the father of his baby won't be there for them.

He feels sorry for his baby. He feels sorry for himself.

"Kyungsoo," his brother calls with a knock on his door. He doesn't answer back.
He feels the bed dip next to him. "You can't be like this forever. It's bad for you and the baby. If there's anything I can do for you, I'd do it right away."

"I want Jongin." That's what he always say. "But he doesn't want me or Peach."

"Anything you want to eat?"

"The baby needs you to eat. Look, if you eat right now, we'll go see Jongin."

How would his brother do that? Send him back to the apartment where he's not welcomed?

The man is still in the university. His last lecture is until 7pm and won't be home around then.

"Don't want."
"Please anything you want or I'll send you to mom and dad's."

"I want the cheesecake in the fridge."

"We don't have cheesecake."

"Jongin has. I ate half of it nine days ago." It has blueberry toppings.

But maybe Jongin finished it already.

He sits up on the bed, groaning
from the cramps on his legs. "I know what I want."

His brother jumps off the bed because finally he has something he craves for. "What is it?"

"I want to go back home. To Jongin." He grins at his brother who looks unsure.

"Let's go! He feeds me well."

And it actually took him
hours to get ready. Not eating enough really made him feel weak, his brother had to give him a bath.

When was his last shower again? Three days ago?

If he isn't pregnant he would have ran to the elevator once he gets out of the car.

He's doing it for Peach. His baby needs food
and Jongin's going to feed him.

It would be nice if the cheesecake is still there. It's already 8pm and Jongin's probably cooking. Great timing.

True enough, he opens the door to hear sizzling noises from the kitchen but wait, whose shoes are these next to Jongin's?

The door to their bedroom opens and there comes out a woman.

In Jongin's shirt.

"Not this crap," his brother mutters behind him.

"Jongin! There's a woman in my house!" He yells, eyes throwing daggers into the stranger who finally notices him.

And just the man, he's not proud
to say as his baby's father, appears from the kitchen. "Kyungsoo?"

"Who is she? Why is she wearing your shirt and what was she doing in the bedroom?" He points at the woman who doesn't move from her spot.

His brother stops him from taking a step forward, arm around his torso.
Jongin walks towards him. "Soo, listen. I can explain. It's not what you think."

"Hyung?" He looks back for confirmation. His brother is a wise man he trusts.

"Yes, let him explain," his brother says.

"Okay." He walks past the older and heads to the kitchen. He still wants the
cheesecake he left in the fridge.

And it's not there anymore.

With the fridge door still open, he bumps his head against the other door in frustration.

"Where's my cheesecake? I want my cheesecake."

"I'm sorry, Iㅡ," the woman starts somewhere and he snaps his head towards
the voice.

"You ate my cheesecake?"

He's hungry, frustrated and annoyed. Why is this happening to him?

He doesn't notice Jongin behind him who pulls him away from the fridge.

"Can you give us a minute?"

His brother and the woman, who doesn't even look that pretty, leaves.
The older let him sit on a bar stool while he keeps his eyes on the fridge that's now closed.

"Soo, look at me."

He finally shifts his eyes on the man in front of him. "Done."

"She's from the university. She just needed extra clothes before she leaves to see someone. There's
nothing going on. I promise."

"Then why here? Why your clothes? They're much bigger. Mine would do."

"I can't let her use what's yours and," his face is now between the man's warm hands, "what were doing? Weren't you eating?"

"I was going to but now I can't because my cheeㅡ."
"I'll get you one."

"I want one now." He shakes his head off the hands and turns towards the dining room. "Hyung! Can you get me a cheesecake?"

His brother nods.

"And while you're at it, please remove the person who doesn't belong here."

"Remove the person," Jongin repeats
with a laugh. "I'm sorry about that," the man says towards his brother.

"Of course."

He returns his gaze back at his baby's father and wonders why the man is smiling az him. "What?"

"I'm just happy you're here."

"You don't want me here."

"I never said that."

It's true,
technically, but why didn't he say anything back then? Why didn't he stop him?

"I'm here for the cheesecake," he admits. "And for you to feed me and Peach."

He doesn't get a word in return but a warm embrace. "I will feed you whatever you want. Just stay here with me."
Ugh, what's that smell? Something's burning.

"I hope not whatever you're cooking right now."

"Shit!" Jongin pulls away to hard he almost falls off the stool but thanks to his reflexes, he quickly leans towards the island counter.

Not even ten minutes back and Jongin's about to
burn the kitchen.

Some man he calls the father of his baby asks him to stay and feed him what, charcoal?

He leaves the man in despair and heads to the nursery room where peace is.

It feels like home. He misses this.

Not the screaming coming from a man in the kitchen.


Kyungsoo barely talks to him and doesn't even acknowledge him when they're in the same room.

After sharing the cheesecake to the younger's content, Seungsoo warned him in private before leaving.

He has changed the sheets, restocked their supplies and emptied their trash.
Apparently, the pregnant male knows he only told half of the story though Kyungsoo said not a word about it.

He follows the younger around the flat and observes everything he does, almost losing it when the shorter kicked the laundry basket down and there was a woman's lingerie.
In all honesty, he didn't know how it got there. Kyungsoo, on the other hand, is indifferent and continues to inspect the place for stuff that shouldn't be there. So he trails behind in silence and get rid of them.

Everything should be the way how the younger left them.
Finally after an hour of going back and forth the whole place, Kyungsoo settles in his rocking chair next to the window and crib.

It's almost midnight but the younger doesn't show any sign of going to their bedroom.

"Soo, let's go to bed. It's late." He tries to inform, just in
case the younger lost track of the time. His words go unheard on purpose. It seems like he's not even there.

He sits on the single couch on the corner of the room, eyes fixed on the younger's side profile illuminated only by the night light next to the crib. The silence is only
broken by a lullaby hummed by the younger whose hand comforting his baby bump.

He smiles at the sight but it turns bitter when he realized he isn't in the picture. Just Kyungsoo and their baby.

It's harder when Kyungsoo is there and doesn't talk to him than being all alone.
Eventually he falls asleep and wakes up with his body aching from the discomfort of the couch.

The younger isn't where he last saw him anymore. He can tell that the chair is now empty and the night light is now off.

He heads out of the room and the only source of light is from
the dining room and Kyungsoo still isn't in sight. He looks for the wall clock. 4:26am.

The curtains to the terrace move and finds a familiar silhouette.

He makes sure to make his presence known in a subtle way and not to startle the other. His steps are heavy, and he drags the
curtain to the side.

At least this time, Kyungsoo turns his head to his direction but doesn't directly look at him.

"You need to sleep," he says, voice heavy from sleep.

The younger returns to stare at the few city lights below.

"I wasn't lying when I said nothing happened."
He steps out to the terrace and stands behind the younger who doesn't give him any response, both verbally and physically.

His chest pressed against the younger's back, he holds on to the railing next to Kyungsoo's hands. Even when he noses the other's neck, there's no reaction.
"It felt really lonely without you," he mutters, his breath on the younger's shoulder. "I had no idea if you'd come back and I lost hope when you sent your brother to get your stuff. I wanted to call you and ask for you to stay but I've decided it's better I go along with your

He feels the younger tilt hid head towards him but not enough to let him see the face.

"I was desperate to talk to someone so when she approached me, I took the opportunity to have her over for a while to accompany me. Just that, nothing else."

"If she makes you
feel better thenㅡ." The first time in a while that Kyungsoo responds, he interrupts.

"She doesn't make me feel any better. She just made it worse. You have no idea how relieved I was when you came back."

The younger is quiet again.

"I really missed you, Soo."
Kyungsoo only gives a soft hum but that's a progress for him.

"You need to sleep too. Let's go to bed." Relief washes over him when the younger follows his lead, though in silence.

Same bed, but there's a pillow in between them but in those two hours of sleep, Kyungsoo found
his way back into his arms, asking for warmth.

But that doesn't guarantee much progress when the morning comes. He leaves for the university while the younger doesn't say a word to him the whole time they have breakfast.

He knows it's not easy this time but he'll try harder.

He noticed the atmosphere in the faculty room somehow makes him feel uneasy. Is there something on his shirt? His hair? Did he accidentally shave his eyebrow?

"Jongin!" The door swings open and he rolls his eyes so hard he started a migraine. "What is this I'm hearing? Are
you really hooking up with Ms. Yoon from the Business college?"

Oh. That's what it is about and Sehun just had to announce it.

Now the eyes are all on him even before he could turn on his computer. "Who said that?"

Now that's a stupid question. Who else knows about it but that

"Uh, duh." The co-professor slides next to his chair. "The witch herself! What were you thinking? You're having a baby and you're bringing a woman at your house? What the hell?"

"Yes, I brought her over but nothing like that happened at all."


"You saying?"
"I believe you."

"That doesn't sound so promising. But nothing happened."

"Does /he/ know?"

He sighs, face on his palms. "He came back last night while she was there. I really don't know what to do now." He says it in his softest voice but enough for Sehun to hear.

A pat on
his back at least makes him feel a little comfort. "Calm down. I don't know what happened but I know you'll get past this mess."

"I don't know."

"Get him out on a date. You know, do the stuff when you court someone."

A date? He's never gone out on a date with Kyungsoo before.

The telephone rings while he's digging on his cereal. It's only 2pm and someone's calling. It could only be either Jongin or his brother.


"Soo. I've been calling your phone."

It's Jongin.

"I don't have it."

"I know. Please charge your phone and keep it with
you all the time."

"We have a telephone." He hears the man sigh through from the other line. "Why are you calling? You have a lecture."

"We'll go out later."

Don't they do that often? "Okay."


"Okay, bye."


Oh. Jongin isn't done but he already dropped it. He
shrugs it off and returns to his cereal. He's still hungry.

It felt like he didn't eat for days. Why is his baby hungry all the time?

With the bowl in his hand, he sits back on the couch in the living room and turns the TV on.

He wishes he's this comfortable all the time.
He is living comfortably here. Everything he needs is here, if there's something else, Jongin provides it for him.

The father of his baby is the reason why he keeps coming back here, in his home.

Home, because Peach's room is now complete, just waiting for a few weeks for the
baby's arrival.

He sets his bowl on the coffee table at the realization.

Jongin gave all of these for him. Only for him. Now he understands why the man doesn't want him to leave.

And how dare he bring over a woman he doesn't know? That, he doesn't understand.


That was his first time to actually get into the College of Business and Accountancy faculty. It wasn't in his plan but the best option he has now is to confront her.

As he expected, malicious looks were sent his way as he asked for Ms. Yoon.

Sehun is right, she's a witch.
He asked for them to talk in private but she insisted whatever it is he's going to say should be heard by all.

So he did. He may came out rude but she deserved it.

At least he's sure she wouldn't go near him again.

He laughs to himself when he unnecessarily scolded her for
finishing Kyungsoo's cheesecake without permission and she looked offended.

One problem down and one more to go. That one more is Kyungsoo.

He isn't prepared to what he came home to.

He opens the door just in time the younger steps out of the bedroom wearing a maternity dress.
He almost squeals at the sight, only that when his presence is noticed, the younger retreats back to their bedroom.

Kyungsoo looks even cuter than the first time he tried it out when his mother and sister came over.

Leaving his bag on his study room, he immediately heads to the
bedroom but the door is locked. "Kyungsoo." He knocks.

The door opens right away but now the younger is wearing a sweater. "We're going out?"

"Yes," he mutters, a little disappointed. "I'll just change my clothes." He squeezes through the space when Kyungsoo doesn't move.
"I don't want to go out," the younger stops him with a hand on his. "Let's stay here."

But he made a reservation earlier. "Okay. What do you want to eat?"

"What do you want?"

He finds it weird now. Just earlier the younger wouldn't say a word at him. He even got his call

"Anything you want?" He tries again. It had always been what Kyungsoo wants and he's not a picky eater.

The younger simply stares back at him, waiting for a solid answer.

"Fried rice is okay, I guess."

Still, Kyungsoo doesn't move.

"Is something wrong?"
He brushes it off and attempts to give the younger a kiss on the forehead but Kyungsoo moves back that got them both off-guard.

The grip on his hand disappears and so the younger from his sight, leaving him in pained silence.

How long is he going to deal with this?
While changing his clothes after shower, he thought he heard his phone ring but shortly after three rings it stopped.

Throughout the quiet of the apartment ,he can hear his phone ringing wherever in the house he is.

He heads to to his study room to get his phone and he's
surprised to see the younger in the room, talking to someone in his phone.

Not talking but listening.

Kyungsoo is still in his apron and gives him a sharp look, phone still pressed on his ear.

"Please find someone who cares," the younger finally says and ends the call before
returning the phone in the bag.

"Uhm. Who was that?"

"Some unwanted woman you brought over," Kyungsoo says, walking right past him. "Get a new phone."

His eyes didn't leave the figure until it disappears to the kitchen. He goes and pick his phone up to open the unread
messages from the same person who called.

Maybe he really needs a new phone. Also he can just block the number and everything will be fine.

He walks to the kitchen and find the younger almost done with the fried rice. Finally, some real food with great quality.
They have their dinner across each other, in uncomfortable silence. For him, at least, it makes him uneasy.

"Stop being so serious," he blurts out of nowhere, earning a confused look but Kyungsoo doesn't say anything. "I miss the happy Kyungsoo."

"Then make me happy."
"How can I make you happy?"

"Whatever makes you happy."

Food forgotten, he finds himself dragged into the guest room. "What isㅡ."

Kyungsoo pulls him down to lock their lips, quite harsh that made him moan at the contact. "Make love to me?"

"Fuck, yes," he mutters. "Please."

The camera snaps. Just a few more taps on the screen and he's done.

Time to wake up the sleeping man on the bed. He gets on the other side of the bed and snuggles into the warmth.

"Wake up, Peach's daddy."

The man shifts to lie on his back, groaning and muttering
something he doesn't understand. Then everything stays still.

Jongin's a light sleeper so why isn't he getting up? Last night wasn't even so tiring.

For him, maybe but the other did most of the work. Understandable.

He gave it an A due to lack of sweetness.

"Jongin, daddy,"
he whines into the man's bare chest. "Time to get up. Don't make your food go cold."

"Huh?" The dazed response comes after finally opening his eyes.

He forces the older out of the bed to the dining room for breakfast.

Jongin tries to woo him again but it's not working though
he finds the man attractive in that mess. They already had one last night, he'll be good for another month. He isn't sure about Jongin though.

He prepared surprises for today and he hopes Jongin will like them all.

"You're wearing turtleneck for today," he informs.


"He snapped, huh?"

He adjusts his glasses before turning his computer on. "He did."

"It's 28 degrees outside and you're wearing a turtleneck so I guess something happened." Sehun chortles behind him. "How many is it?"

"Shut up."

"Was it good?"

"Sehun!" He attempted to
hit the professor with a book but decides it's not worth it. "Don't you have class?"

"Nah, look at you though. Fool for Baby Do."

He's thinking of a snarky comment but his phone rings from his bag. He doesn't usually put it there but Kyungsoo said it's safer to keep it in his

The caller's ID, My Baby Soo.

He almost drops his phone but he really did when he recognizes the face on his screen.

Since when did the younger personalize his boring ass phone?

He may have stared at it for a while, Kyungsoo smiling brightly at the camera until it
disappears, replaced by his lock screen.

His lockscreen, a photo of them. Probably just earlier when he's asleep. Kyungsoo is kissing his cheek while he looks kind of ugly in his sleep.

"A big fool at that," Sehun comments and he quickly hides his phone back in his bag.
He isn't sure what to feel about these things.

What is Kyungsoo doing? Is it revenge or just pure cute intentions to make-up?

His phone rings again but Sehun is still watching him. He answers it anyway.

"Hey." His voice comes out soft, almost a whisper.

"What's going on?" the
younger responds on the same hushed voice. "Are you in trouble?"

"No," he clears his throat, eyeing the nosy professor. "I mean, I'm okay. I just got here. Why are you calling?"

"Making sure you'd see what I prepared for you. You like it?"


He hears the other breathe
from the other line. "Really?"

"You look cute, Soo," he admits.

Sehun cooes at him. He's questioning why the professor's husband married him. He's annoying.

"Okay, that's all. Bye!" The call ends right away and he didn't even get the chance to return the goodbye.
He stares at his phone for a moment, pondering whether he should keep his phone that way. He should or the younger might not talk to him again.

"Your hickey's showing," Sehun says, followed by snorts and laughter when his hand automatically went up his neck to cover what's
already covered. "Just kidding."

"Can you just go away? It's so early to
deal with your annoying ass."

He receives a playful punch on his arm before the Physics professor walk away. He swears that man will get him in trouble someday.

For now, he has a lecture to do.

At home, unlike earlier, Kyungsoo doesn't speak to him. He doesn't know what happened but the moment he steps inside the flat, he's invisible again and the younger is sulking.

He tried every possible way to get noticed but even cuddling works.

It's another mood swing, he
assures himself. It will pass.

It's been three hours and it didn't pass. Was it something he did?

He stands by the doorway to the nursery room. He hasn't really eaten anything yet and standing there, staring at the younger's back, makes him even hungrier.

He understands that
Kyungsoo might not be in the mood to cook but to just ignore him like thisㅡ


He knows why now. He promised earlier they'd go out on a date for dinner but he came home an hour late because of the meeting.

"Soo, I'm so sorry. I forgot." His explanation won't help him.
"I'll make it up to you tomorrow."

"I'm not sleeping with you ever again," the younger states like he had been thinking about it for a while.

He isn't sure which /sleeping/ is meant but he assumes it all applies. "I promise I'll make it up to you." He takes the few steps to the
younger's side of the rocking chair, kneeling to take a clear look at the face. "I promise."

"You make me sad hours after I make love to you." Kyungsoo pouts at him. "Why do you do that? I did everything to make you happy."

It's purely coincidental but he's too flustered to
defend himself.

"I hope Peach won't be like you." The younger is now crying and it doesn't help at all. "Meanie."

He holds the younger's hand between his. "I don't mean for that to happen. I love you and I would never want to make you feel sad."

The younger's sobs hitch just
as he realize what he just said.

Did he just say that?

"What?" Kyungsoo manages to ask.

"What?" He dumbly retorts.



And Kyungsoo's bawling his eyes out and he doesn't know why it makes the younger cry even harder.

"Why are you crying?"

"I don't know!"


That's a good thing for Jongin after the sleepless night caused by all the unreasonable crying.

It was even harder when they're having a conversation about their relationship in between Kyungsoo's sobs.

"Does thatㅡ make youㅡ my boyfriend now?"

"I guess?"
And younger was quiet for a moment before resuming his sobs. "You guess? That'sㅡ stupid! You're aㅡ science teacher! You don't giveㅡ guesses asㅡ as answers!"

"Okay, okay." He reassures. "I am your boyfriend now."

The crying stopped and the younger nodded.

He's wrong when
he thought it ended there.

He wakes up to they younger sniffing next to him. "What now? It's too early."

"I can't believe you're my boyfriend," Kyungsoo mutters on his arm, for sure wiping his not on his sleeve. "And that you're not smart."

He just woke up, what could he
possibly have done in his sleep?

"What did I do?" He turns to face the younger who snuggles closer, face on his chest.


Eyes closed, he slowly drifts back to dreamland but somewhen he thinks in less than ten minutes, the younger gets off the bed while he takes the
opportunity to catch up on the sleep he needs.

But he wakes up to a couple of visitors two hours later, Kyungsoo's friends.

Jongdae, like the usual, gives him the judging eyes while Minseok politely greets him as they listen to Kyungsoo, now his boyfriend, telling stories from
the vacation in Bali. And he is yet to hear them.

He reheats the food on the table and just as he's about to sit and eat, the younger comes up him with that familiar get-away look.

"Can I go out with my friends?"

He glances back to the living room where the other couple are,
and turns back to his boyfriend. "We have a date later, remember?"

"I know. I'll be back before dinner."

"Okay," he nods to grant the permission.

Kyungsoo breaks into a heart-shaped grin before he's pulled down by both hands on his face for a quick kiss. "Ah, you do love me."
He doesn't want to think his boyfriend now has a way to get everything his way by saying those words but that's how it sounds in his head.

"You're a good daddy, Jongin."


The younger gives him one last peck before going, to which he realizes they're all ready to leave.
"Call me," he instructs before the trio leaves and Kyungsoo gives him a nod before closing the door.

The silence makes him feel bored already. What should he do the whole day then?

He can go visit his sister in the next city and maybe drop the news that he and Kyungsoo are
now officially in a relationship. Not that it changes something but he thinks he's ought to let his homies know at least.

It can be a good time to ask for advises on how to deal with unexpected situations especially that his boyfriend is unpredictable and strange.

His sister, the middle child, tilts her head at him when he told her about getting together with Kyungsoo.

They're out in a cafe near his sister's office.

"That's news but not surprising," she says, boring holes at him. "Tell me about it."

"You know he wasn't my boyfriend
when it happened, right? And he just moved in so we were technically just roommates who are expecting a baby."

"It's bound to happen. I mean, mom approved of him since day one. A wedding wouldn't be surprising either but it will be a good news for mom, knowing you're now
a mature and responsible man, not to mention, being the black sheep in the family." His sister steals his bread from his plate. "You have no idea how mom worries a lot for you. She's like, 'your brother can't be forever like this and that, he needs someone to be with him, someone
who would bring out his sense of responsibility' and BAAM!"

He flinches when his sister hits her palm on the table with enough force that his coffee spilled.

"Here comes Kyungsoo." She grabs her coffee and toasts it against his on the table. "Achievement unlocked."

He doesn't
usually notice it but his sisters are weird too in their own ways.

"Forget about Chanyeol. We know what he does and fate does find a way to save Kyungsoo from his ways though not in a very friendly way and a real trouble for you."

"What trouble?"

"Oh?" His sister muses. "You
mean to tell me having Kyungsoo around had always been fine? Or maybe you didn't mind because even way before you felt something for him."

He only saw Kyungsoo as his cousin's boyfriend, an angel this world doesn't deserve but someone he would want to date? No.

"I'm not sure."
"That doesn't sound so promising. Is this official relationship status one of your 'not sure' feelings?"


"I feel really sorry for Kyungsoo now."

"That's not what I meant. It's just everything feels the same, whether we're boyfriends or not."

It's true. Though some
things gradually changed, like his habits and routines. Aside from that, he came to like the younger and he doesn't exactly know when he started to see Kyungsoo as someone he can intimately involve himself with.

It just happened and he's sure he feels that way as if the younger
leaving him for days wasn't a proof.

"I swear you both will have the cutest baby ever while I stay single and lonely because everyone else is a jerk!"

"Drama queen," he comments. "The right person for you hasn't come yet."

"Easy for you to say. You already have someone."

He's so full. His friends sure spoils him too much. Peach is satisfied too.

He gets to laugh when Minseok nudges his boyfriend away when Jongdae tries to be all lovey-dovey in front of him.

"I miss school," he says. "I miss hanging out with you often."

The couple looks
at him and Jongdae starts another related topic. "We heard of Ms. Yoon and the crazy father of your baby. Is it true or Jongin's justㅡ Ow! That hurts!"

Minseok probably pinched his boyfriend's thigh to keep quiet.

"Jongin swore nothing happened," he says. "I believe him."
"Really? Just likeㅡ."

"Jongdae!" Minseok snaps.

"Okay, I'll shut up."

He smiles at his friends to assure them it's okay. "I trust him. Besides, he told me he loves me. It's not his fault he's handsome and has a very niceㅡ so niceㅡ body. I understand they go after him but
he's my boyfriend now. We share the same bed and we have Peach."

"He's your boyfriend now?" Jongdae is still in disbelief. "Wow?"

He nods. "Recently I realized he makes me happy. He makes sure I'm okay all the time and trusting him is the least I can do."

Minseok reaches for
his hand across the table and gives it a firm grip. "If he makes you happy, I'm happy for you too."

"Yeah," Jongdae starts and the know he's up to something. "If he hurts you, give me a call and I'll make sure Minnie here will give him a nice punch in front of the whole class."
"Jongdae, stop that!"

He just laughs at them. He's thankful he ahs such supportive friends, ready to have his back anytime. "Don't worry, Jongdae. He takes care of me really well. Even when we, uhm, engage in coitus."

"Coitus," the couple repeats at the same time.

"Any kinks?"
Jongdae, the usual, starts topics he doesn't really understand.

"What's that?" He asks, and Minseok tries to stop his boyfriend from saying more but it doesn't stop Jongdae.

"What do you call each other when you /engage in coitus/ as you say? I mean, in your case it's the real
teacher and studentㅡ Minseok! Stop that! I know you want to know."

"He calls me baby. Sometimes I call him daddy," he says, unsure why the couple bicker. "Why?"

Jongdae is laughing his head off and leans closer to the table. "Is he good?"

He nods. "It's an A but he insists
it's A+."

His friend laughed even harder this time. "He likes playing professor, huh?"


"Know what will make his excited? Call him Professor next time then tell him you should be punished for flunking the test!"

Just what is Jongdae talking about?



He wanted to be home early but his sister asked him to drive her somewhere and he isn't one to deny help for his sister.

He would have gotten home before 5pm but the heavy traffic kept him on the road for thirty minutes.

He hopes Kyungsoo will understand or much better if
the younger is still out when he gets home.

But the lights are on when he does arrive. He heads to the kitchen to get a glass of water. The traffic was hell and he was sweating in his car.

He hears footsteps padding closer while he fills his glass with water. "Sorry. I got
stuck in traffic," he says.

"It's okay, Professor."


He's gulping down his drink when he finally turns to see his boyfriend in a uniform.

Girl's high school uniform.

He chokes, feeling the burn through his nose when he tries to stop it but ends up spilling what he
drank out of his nose.

He manages to set the glass on the counter, coughing and wiping his nose with his sleeve.

He's wheezing so bad, Kyungsoo's already next to him, patting his back and asking if he's okay.

"What are you wearing?" His voice cracks but trails his eyes on the
figure next to him. The younger even has his hair clipped on the side.

"Jongdae said it will be nice to get you on the mood for our date."

That fucking Kim Jongdae, he mentally swears.

"Don't you like it?"

"Iㅡ." Fucking love it! "Don't trust Jongdae."

"He's my friend."
"We'll talk about this later, okay? Go change for our date." He watch the younger leave with a nod, though hesitantly.

The skirt's too short that when the younger walks, he can almost see the bottom of the glorious globes.

Wait, what's he wearing under the skirt?
He isn't sure if he's going to thank Jongdae or not but for using his boyfriend's innocence against him isn't cool.

But for now, he needs a shower.

A very cold shower to send the monster back to hibernation before it wakes up and proceeds to feeding frenzy.

Their official first date was nothing far from their usual dinner outside. His boyfriend got tired easily even though the younger slept half through the movie.

Maybe Kyungsoo had too much fun with his friends earlier.

One thing he likes is having their hands linked while
they walked from the movie theater to the restaurant.

The younger blurted out unnecessary statements, however right on their first date. "This is just like going out with Chanyeol."

He ignored the harmless statement because what else could they do at that hour. There's nothing
much to see and do at night unless they're single and may or may not be ready to mingle.

They head back home after their dinner and Kyungsoo giving him two thumbs up for the effort. Of course, he's worth the kiss too.

Settled in bed, he spoons Kyungsoo in the dark, the younger
sighing in satisfaction.

"Are we going to talk about the uniform?"

He forgot about that and wishes they don't have to. "If you want."

The younger hums before saying no. "I don't understand it anyway and I'm tired."

"That's okay." No, that's great!

"I think my friends finally
approves of you."

"Why wouldn't they?"

"I don't know. You make me happy except sometimes especially when you had someone over."

"I'm sorry about that."

"I just don't understand why. Why do you look for someone else when I'm still here? Chanyeol, I'd understand because I never
let him touch me but you? I feel really bad, Jongin. Is it because we weren't boyfriends yet?"

"No." He looks over the younger, leaning his upper weight on his arm, though he can barely see Kyungsoo's face in the faint moonlight. "Soo, I know that was a stupid move. I really
didn't think you'd come back and I was desperate for a company. I swear nothing happened."

The younger turns to face him and a warm hand on his face. "I believe you."

"What we do is special for me. I don't just do it with anyone."

"I believe you," Kyungsoo chuckles. "Stop
selling yourself to me."

He feels a thumb graze on the corner of his lips before he lowers himself and the younger meets his lips half way.

"Are we okay now?" He asks when they pull away.

"Yes, boyfriend and Peach's dad."

He lies back down and Kyungsoo shifts closer to him,
face on his chest. "That's great."

"After tomorrow's appointment, can we go shop for Peach's clothes?"

"How would we do that? We're keeping the gender a secret, right?"

"There are unisex baby clothes. If Peach is a baby girl then we can just add cute dresses for her in the

"It amuses me that you can say unisex but not sex alone."


"I'm kidding." He laughs while Kyungsoo whines in chest. "We'll do that. We cab save much if Peach is a baby boy."

"You want a boy."

"He'd be cute like you."

"I want a girl."

"The nursery has
dinosaurs in it."

The younger pulls away from him, probably glaring at him in the dark. "There are female paleontologists!"

"You even have Peach's career planned."

"Then I hope she doesn't get knocked up by a stupid science professor one semester away from graduation!"

He hopes that won't happen either.

"Calm down, Soo. I was just joking." He pulls his boyfriend back in his embrace.

"That's not very nice," the younger mutters.

He quietly laughs it off and soothes the other with a rub on the back. "Let's sleep."



Seeing their baby through an ultrasound sends him emotions that he just wants to cry. The the head, the arms and legs are all there. It's a human now.

"Are you expecting a polar bear, Professor Kim?" His boyfriend glares at him from the bed.

Maybe he said it out loud.
The doctor laughs at them.

"That's not what I meant but, sure, why not?" He shrugs, earning an offended look.

"Doctor, can you have him enrolled in your graduate school? He's not very smart for a teacher."


Kyungsoo can be mean too, he thinks. Some boyfriend he has.
"Then stop saying stupid things, Jongin. Peach can hear you."

Before he can say something in return, the doctor butts in with a warning. "So, Mr. Do, you have to be careful of your gums, okay?"

"Oh, no! My teeth are going to fall off?" His boyfriend freaks out, eyes wide at the

He wants to laugh be he believes he should not. Pregnant males are sensitive too.

"No. No, dear. Your gums are swollen by this phase and your blood flow increases as well so be careful. It could bleed but it's okay unless it's bleeding so bad you have to see me."
"Oh, okay, doctor," the younger nods.

"Do you feel the baby move too?"

"Yeah. He sleeps at night too but," Kyungsoo turns to him, "he sometimes keep me up at night."

The doctor flashes a knowing smile at him. "It's okay. He finds you irresistible. Your baby doesn't want you
both idle from being fit."

"That's notㅡ however partially true," he comments but the forever innocent pregnant male is confused.

"That will be all for today. Let's get you cleaned up."

He helps cleaning up the gel substance from his boyfriend's baby bump as the doctor leaves.
"What was that?"

He glances at the younger as he wipes the remaining substance of the skin. "The what?"

"What you and the doctor's talking about."


He doesn't miss the even confused reaction where Kyungsoo isn't sure what part of his face he needs to cover, hands hover
all over his face but finally settles on the ears.

He shakes his head, a big grin on his face, and finishes his task.

"You say words like that outside our apartment? How dare you?"

"You know, you should be a disciplinary officer. D.O. for short. Like your last name."


"Can you stop that?"

Pressing the space bar on his laptop's keyboard, he looks up from the screen and sets his eyes on the younger who's scrolling on his phone in front of his desk.

He removes the earphone, the only one he's using so he can whatever Kyungsoo is telling him.
"What am I doing wrong now?" Since they made it official, the younger complains about everything too often. Maybe that's who Kyungsoo is as a boyfriend.

Their plan to shop for Peach's clothes ended through online because the younger is tired and Kyungsoo is incharge.
"I can hear it," the younger says, not looking up from the phone. "It's too loud. You know it's really quiet here."

"I already use my earphone and set it to almost the lowest volume."

"Ah, no." Kyungsoo finally looks up. "I mean your breathing."

He listens to himself but it's
not even that loud, he can barely hear it.

"Now that I have your attention, look at this." He's shown what's on the phone. "Should we take a vacation?"

It's a website of a resort outside the city.

"Are you sure? You don't even want to stay outside for more than two hours."
His boyfriend nods. "If you want to. The doctor said we should do what we can while I can still enjoy outside. When Peach gets here," Kyungsoo stands up and walks around the desk and leans down to whisper, "it will be different and we might not be able to have our babymoon."
"What babymoon and why are you whispering?"

"So Peach wouldn't hear it. I don't want our baby to feel bad."

"He still can't understand what we're saying."

"I don't know."

He pushes his swivel chair back so he can face the younger. "And what's a babymoon?"

"It's vacation for
couples before their babies are born." His boyfriend pouts at him before taking him off guard by sitting across his lap, arms around his shoulders. "Do you even read pregnancy books? Just because you're not carrying the baby doesn't mean you're off the hook."

He didn't really
understand what was said. He just stares at the younger's lips move but he mutters a soft "Okay" before securing the figure with his arms around the waist.

He thinks how frustrating it had been with his cousin, getting to look at the precious little Kyungsoo and not getting
any of it.

And he can.


He hums in question, meeting his boyfriend's unimpressed face. "What?"

"You weren't listening."

"I was," he lies.

"Then what did I say?"

"About the pregnancy books?"

"After that."

He sports a guilty smile and notes that he needs his own
get-away look but he's definitely look awkward trying to be cute. "Okay, I'm sorry. What was that? I was too captivated by your lips."

There's a pause before Kyungsoo gets off him. "And you're not getting any of that, mister." The younger storms out of the study room with his

"Well, done, Jongin." He winces at his own sarcasm, not expecting he'd feel hurt. "Well done."

He returns to his documentary film, planning to finish the last ten minutes of it before dealing with his moody boyfriend.

It's also a good time for the younger to calm down.

He enters the bedroom just as the younger's preparing to soothe the itch in his bump.

"Is baby sleeping now?" He asks, joining in the bed and takes the tub.

"I think so. That's a good thing, right? Mom said their routine continues when they're born so maybe we won't have to
stay up late at night taking care of Peach."

He waits for the younger to settle down and show the skin where he needs to apply the cream.

And just as he thought, moody. What happened minutes earlier is forgotten.

"That would be good for us," he agrees. "So when do you want us
to have our babymoon?"

The younger points at the bottom of his exposed bump and he applies cream on it in circular motion.

"I don't know. When are you free?"

"I'll try by next week then."

The silence has him look at the younger. Kyungsoo's eyes are closed, eyebrows furrowed.
He stops applying cream and moves closer to the younger's face. "What's wrong?"


"Where does it hurt?"

He meets the gaze and Kyungsoo assures him with a smile. "My back like the usual. I may have stayed up too long it hurts when I lie down."

"I'll give you a massage

"Okay. Finish applying the cream first," his boyfriend demands and he quietly complies.

Shortly after, they hear a bell asking them to pick up the telephone. Another insisting visitor after 8pm.

He mutters he'll be back at his boyfriend who just nods in return.
After quickly cleaning up his hand, he heads out to pick up the phone.

"Good evening, Mr. Kim. I'm sorry to bother you at this hour. A Mr. Park Chanyeol would like to speak with you."

What's his cousin doing here? How did he know where they are?

"Please put him on the line."
He waits for a few seconds before he hears the familiar voice.


"Uh, hey?" He really doesn't know how to talk to his cousin.

"Uhm, I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't be doing this after what I have done to you and Kyungsoo but I have no one else to run to this time."
Neither says anything for a while until he asks what's going on.

"I lost my job, Jongin. I can't afford my apartment. I can't go back home like this. You know dad."

Kyungsoo appears out of their bedroom, looking concerned.

"I'll need to speak with Kyungsoo. Just a minute." He
sets the phone on the table and approaches the younger who asks what's happening. He tells him about Chanyeol losing his job and what could happen when his cousin comes home.

"That's awful," the younger softly says, worried. "We can let him stay here."

He isn't sure about that,
considering the events that led them here. "Are you sure?"

"He won't stay here for long, right? Just until he gets a job?"

"I can tell him that." He picks the phone once again. "Chanyeol."

"I'm here."

"Kyungsoo says you can stay here."

"Really? I swear it won't take long.
I'll just find a place I can afford for now."

"Just go up here and let me speak to the security."

He informs the security he allows his cousin access to their unit and waits in the living room with Kyungsoo in silence.

It's uncomfortable with the three of them in the same room
knowing they were involved in an incident. And being aware he's the original third party doesn't help.

"I'm sorry for the trouble," Chanyeol says, keeping his distance away from them. "A lot happened last month and oh, Sooㅡ Kyungsoo, you look great."

His boyfriend next to him
smiled back at his cousin. "Thanks."

"The guest room is yours," he says. He doesn't want more conversation between the former lovers. "Get yourself comfortable."

"Thank you," his cousin gives them a bow.

He leads the younger back to their bedroom, stealing a kiss when the door
closes, earning a gasp from the younger.

"What's that about?"

"Stealing one because you deprived me of them earlier." He tries to sound like he's joking to cover up his insecurity, now that they aren't alone.

Kyungsoo giggles. "Sneaky. You can just ask though."

"You'd give me
one if I asked?"

"I'd give you more even if you don't."

He doesn't like it. He doesn't like the fact that Kyungsoo's ex-lover is in the same roof and the idea of them hanging out together while he's at work the whole day is unacceptable.

His boyfriend doesn't need to know he
feels that way. Besides, it's Kyungsoo. He trusts him.

"Come snuggle me, daddy bear." The younger snaps him out of his thoughts and does as requested.

"I love you," he whispers.

"I know you do."

He receives one kiss before the younger slips into slumber.

He can't sleep.

He's just leaving the faculty room to the parking lot and he just wants to go home. No matter how much he likes teaching and being a professor, he doesn't like the extra activities such as substituting other teachers.

But the text makes him smile for the first time that day.
The kaomoji makes his smile wider.

He should have known boyfriend Kyungsoo is a much cuter Kyungsoo. Also much moody but he's willing to take the risks.

When he gets home, everything will be fine.

Except his cousin is there so he doesn't know if he could manage to relax.
"I'm home," he calls out as he closes the door behind him and a head pops out from the couch, big smile flashed in his direction.

"Finally, food!" His boyfriend exclaims, getting to his feet and padding towards him.

There's no sign of his cousin so far. He'd be happy if the man
decided to leave already.

"Why are you late? Did something happen in school?"

"I had to fill in for a class," he says, eyes still looking around for a familiar figure he doesn't hope to see.

Kyungsoo nods at him and takes the take home bag from his hand before heading to the
dining room. "I'll get these ready. You can go take a shower first."

"Where is he?" He finally asks just to feed his curiosity.

"Chanyeol? He's still out. I don't know when he'd come back."

So he's still coming back, huh?

"I'll be right out after shower," he says and goes to
their bedroom. When he's done, the food's all set in the dining room.

He frowns at the sight of the empty chair that has their food covered in foil, waiting for the unwanted guest.

But Kyungsoo doesn't seem to mind. Maybe he's overthinking it while his boyfriend goes along.
Nothing seems to be out of place except for his thoughts. Watching the younger enjoy the food lets him decide he should stop thinking about it.

They're boyfriends now and Chanyeol just needs their help. He believes his cousin, wouldn't hurt Kyungsoo again.

He really hopes so.
The younger meets his eyes his confusion. "Why aren't you eating?"

He merely shakes his head before taking a spoonful of curry.

"What?" The unconvinced male pries.

"I'm just tired, Soo." He confessed half of it.

Kyungsoo shrugs and resumes on his food, enjoying ever bite.
He offers to clean up though the younger insists he should take a rest. All he wants at the moment is something he can do to take his mind off the issue than do nothing and think about it.

He'd rather drop dead on his bed right away.

And his boyfriend accompanies him.
It only takes him one song from the younger to finish washing the dishes and wiping them dry, all the while being watched by a meticulous boyfriend.

He earns a few claps when he's done, considering it a compliment for doing a good job. Small things that makes Kyungsoo happy.
They settle in the living room, watching a movie neither of them really pay attention to. With the subtitles given, the volume is even lower than usual and he wants to keep it that way while they both wait for sleep to come.

Kyungsoo lies down, head on his lap, as they reached
the last quarter of the movie as he checked the remaining time.

The door clicks open and he hears footsteps behind them, moving closer until his cousin comes into their view, giving them a weirded out look.

"I forgot two quiet people live here together. It's deafening," his
cousin comments and he feels the weight on his lap disappear.

"We're not really watching," Kyungsoo says, snuggling into him and has his arm around the younger.

He just nods.

"Mind if I join?" Chanyeol motions for the solo couch which they both granted.

It's quiet and the
atmosphere is awkward. He notices how his cousin glances at his oblivious boyfriend from time to time, who is now back on his previous position.

Through the rest of the movie, nothings is said. Not even him who's itching to call out his cousin who keeps on glancing at Kyungsoo.
The movie ends but none of them moves and he bets his boyfriend has fallen asleep. His cousin still continue to glance back at them.

"We left you some food on the table," he says, successfully gaining the other's attention.

Chanyeol hesitates to move but thanks him before
finally getting up from the couch.

"Soo," he runs his fingers through the younger's hair. "Let's go to bed."

Kyungsoo whines instead.

"You haven't brushed your teeth yet."

"Great. So I won't have to kiss you."

"Really? Now?" He playfully pinches the younger's side of the rib
and has Kyungsoo squealing because for the first time, he found the tickle spot.


"Not until you get up and brush your teeth."

"Fine, meanie." The younger gets up and drags himself to the bedroom. "Meanie. Meanie. Meanie."

He gathers the yonger's stuff and follows.
He doesn't miss his cousin's expression towards him and he feels damn proud of himself.

That's right, Kyungsoo is his now and no one else is allowed to touch what's his.

He can't wait for the day the unwanted guest to leave his apartment. He'd pray it will be soon.

"Eat well."

He stares at his phone ringing with Jongin's name on the screen. It's the third time his boyfriend's calling today.

He picks it up after three more rings. "Jongin?"

"What are you doing?"

"I just woke up from a nap," he answers. "You're unusually having so much free

"Just checking on you between lectures."


"To make sure you're okay."

"Why wouldn't I be okay?"

"You're a lot pregnant, Soo. Many things can happen."

"I'm fine, Jongin. I'd call you if something happens."

"Okay, okay. I'll see you later."

"Okay. Bye."

Jongin's been extremely clingy recently. It may have been because being official boyfriends give them the mutual and unspoken grant that they now have the right to bother each other.

His boyfriend teases him a lot too, it's almost annoying but it's never annoying. Jongin knows
exactly when to stop before he gets cranky.

He's cooking dinner and in a few minutes he's expecting either his boyfriend or Chanyeol comes in through the door.

The door clicks open. He waits and when there's no /I'm home/ heard, he assumes it's Chanyeol.

He looks back when he
hears the chair squeak against the floor. Chanyeol sits in silence.

"How did it go?" He asks, returning to his stove.

"Bad. It's been three days and no progress. I'm broke and can't find a job."

"You will find one."

"I haven't told you how I lost my job."

"Do you want me to

"My boss' parents found out."

He knows what that is and one things he knows is he feels sorry. "I'm sorry."

"I deserve it."

Neither says anything. They can only hear the sizzles in the pan and Kyungsoo wishes he can say something to make Chanyeol feel at least a little

"Jongin's been clingy."

He's sure it's Chanyeol who said that and not him.

"It's working," the man adds.

He turns the stove off and faces Chanyeol. "What's working?"

"Ah, nothing. When's he coming back?"

The question's strange and it's nothing someone wants to know.
He answers anyway. "He should be home by now."

Chanyeol stands up from his seat and heads towards him. "Let me help you with the food."

He won't reject any help offered to him so he gladly accepts it and asks the taller to cut the veggies for him.

"I'm home!" Jongin calls out.
"Here!" He calls back but doesn't leave the stove.

When he doesn't get a response, he turns back to see his boyfriend on the doorway, looking exhausted.

He's exhausted. He's sure of that look.

"We'll be done in a minute," he says, assuring his boyfriend with a smile before
finishing what he's cooking.

"Hey, man," Chanyeol says next to him, greeting his boyfriend.

Chanyeol does a good job with the knife.

He turns the stove once again and transfers the pan to the island counter, pouring the contents into a bowl.

Jongin is sighing loudly next to
him, a sign of what he knows as exhaustion. "I'll just change into something comfortable."

He looks up and gives an encouraging smile. "Okay. Don't get the food waiting."

He feels the arm around his waist and a pair of lips in his. A lingering kiss that lasted about three
seconds. "Be right back."

He nods and watch his boyfriend's figure leave the room before heading to the sink with the pan.

"It really works." Chanyeol says, followed by a chuckle.

"What does?"

"It, Soo. It."

/It?/ "Well, that's not very helpful."

"Soo. Do me a favor."
Soaking the pan with water, he removes his apron and motions for Chanyeol to finish slicing the remaining veggies and blanche them.


"Tell Jongin how much he means to you."

"What does that mean?"

"I know you show it but some people need to hear it too. If you keep it
to yourself, Jongin would think he's assuming things."

He stares at the empty plate next to him on the counter, pondering on the words Chanyeol told him.

"What about you? Did you assume?"

"Yes, I did."

"I'm sorry."

"We're past that." The taller looks at him. "So tell him."
He keeps mum, glancing to where Jongin disappeared a minute ago.

"Look at him. He's all over you. He thinks of me as a threat and you, I'm sure, don't know that. Until now."

That makes him think it could be true. Jongin's been acting odd since Chanyeol came.

"He surely didn't
want me here in the first place but you said it's okay."

He feels awful and to hear those things from someone who used to date him, it's terrible.

For the things he never knew he caused for Chanyeol to feel and he does exactly the same to Jongin.

"Okay," he softly nods.
He though he'd been doing well making his boyfriend happy.

Now he realizes he doesn't consider the man's feelings with his decisions most of the time.

He guesses making love isn't always the answer to that.

"Thanks," he adds just in time Jongin shows up with house clothes.
The man quietly sits on his spot and expectantly looks at him to come and join him.

He glances at Chanyeol who's done with the vegetables before taking his seat next to his boyfriend.

A peck on the lips is probably the least Jongin expected from him for he gets a confused look.
He smiles back and shrugs it off as he remembers he still doesn't have the food served on the table.

Chanyeol helps him set the table in silence, all the while noticing how Jongin looks at them.

It's not of exhaustion but of what Chanyeol told him of being a threat.


"You're always on your phone."

He hums in acknowledgement and gets a tap on the back of his chair, eyes focused on his phone screen.

Kyungsoo isn't picking up his calls nor replies to his texts.

The current call directs him to voicemail once again.

"What's up?"
"Nothing, Sehun." He sets his phone on his desk next to his keyboard before resuming his work.

"Cranky on a Friday, hard to believe there's nothing."

Only one more lecture and he can go home but it doesn't start for another hour. With his cousin still in his place, he can't
stop worrying over the possibilities only he thinks about. No matter how hard he convince himself his boyfriend doesn't even think the way he does.

He trusts Kyungsoo but not Chanyeol. His cousin has a great advantage over his boyfriend who's a lot smaller and a lot pregnant.
"Hey, I'm talking to you."

"There's nothing going on," he finally says. "It's all in my head."

"Tell me about it over beer?"

"I can't drink." He doesn't say why and it's because he can't risk leaving his boyfriend alone for a longer time with someone he doesn't trust.
"Actually, I can. At home," he adds.

"I don't think your student would like my presence there. Though I really need to have some to wind up."

"Would your husband let you?"

"He's at his parents' place."

"Good for you. You can come over." He turns to look at the professor.

"Kyungsoo will understand. He's there so there's no need for him to worry."

"Thanks. See you later then? I still have a class."

A nod and Sehun leaves him in his thoughts again. But first, he sends a text to his boyfriend, informing him of the guest.

Still, no reply.

Eventually, when he comes home to a dark living room, he finds out his boyfriend was in bed all day trying to soothe his backache.

There's no sign of his cousin and he's quite grateful.

"How are you feeling?" He asks, crouching next to the bed to level their faces.
Kyungsoo doesn't answer but the furrowed eyebrows tells exactly what he needs to know.

"I'll get you some pain relief patches," he offers just then the door opens, revealing his cousin who's just as surprised as him.

He would have asked what the other's doing in their room but
Chanyeol beats him to it.

"Uh, Kyungsoo asked me to buy these," the man says, leaving the plastic bag on the table next to the door before closing the door as he exits.

"We ran out of patches," Kyungsoo mutters, earning his attention. "Good thing Chanyeol checked on me or I'd
be starving the whole day."

"You had dinner already?"

"Just some porridge he cooked a while ago." His boyfriend pinches his nose, albeit softly. "Stop glaring at him. He means well."

"I'm not."

"You do," Kyungsoo smiles. "Stop that. He's not doing anything to ruin this

"And what makes you think that?"

"He told me he can't thank us enough for letting him stay here and the least he can do is help us with Peach."

His lips are pressed in a thin line as he ponders on it. It's all in his head after all. Chanyeol hasn't done any harm
so far.

And for today's situation, it's actually good his cousin's around or something bad could have happend to Kyungsoo and their baby.

"Okay. I'll stop," he promises with a pinky swear and seals it with a peck. "Let's get your back relieved first."

"I need cuddles."
He gets up and digs through the plastic bag Chanyeol left to retrieve the pain relief patches. "Oh, did you read my texts?"

"No, the phone's in silent mode."


"You call me a lot of times, I can't take a nap," his boyfriend whines as he makes his way on the bed, behind
the younger.

"I'm just checking on you to make sure you're okay."

"I'd be better if I can take a nap, Jongin."

He starts his gentle massage on his boyfriend's back and leave patches on the way down. "I worry a lot about you."

"You don't do that when we weren't boyfriends."
He doesn't want to admit he's worried about his cousin doing unpleasant things to his boyfriend. "We are now and I am an anxious boyfriend since forever."

Kyungsoo lies down on his back to face him, soft whines escaping the parted lips.

He isn't done with the patches yet but he
doesn't complain.

He lets the younger cup his face and be pulled closer, leaning on his forearms on both Kyungsoo's sides.

They stare into each other's eyes for a moment in comfortable silence before his eyes settle to see the younger's lips turn into a soft, sweet smile.
"I love you, Jongin."

It takes him a few seconds to register what was said and looks up to be convinced by those eyes that he heard it right.

His disbelief fades when he's pulled down for a soft, lingering chaste kiss and breaks out into a smile as he pulls away.
He feels a lot lighter, free from the unnecessary burden he'd been carrying the whole time.

Hands suddenly felt cold, his heart racing and his stupid grin just won't disappear.

He didn't know he's been longing to hear those words so bad until he heard it.

He feels nervous.
"So stop worrying, okay? I know you're worried about Chanyeol staying here."

Dropping into his side, his boyfriend follows to face him. "We just got together and he's someone you dated a lot longer than me. Then he said mean things to you. I have every reason to be worried."
"But you can stop now. If it makes you feel better, Chanyeol's dating his boss until he got fired because it's a taboo in their company and wait, why would that make you feel better?"

He chuckles at his boyfriend's cuteness, finally feeling his hands warm once again but realizes
that story didn't end good. "That's bad, but that maybe helps me convince myself there's nothing fishy going on here."

A knock comes at their door and Chanyeol speaks from the other side. "Someone's here. Oh Sehun."

Kyungsoo turns pouty.

"Shㅡ oh, I almost forgot," he sports
a meek smile. "I texted you earlier."

"Why is he here?"

"We were going out for a drink but I said I can't so we're drinking here so it will be safer."

"At my house? Really, Jongin?"

"Unless you're okay with me going out," he challenges.

The younger thinks quietly for a while
and gives him a nod. "You can go."

He didn't expect that. "I was just joking."

"Chanyeol's here anyway."

Okay, joke gone wrong. "I'm not leaving you here. We won't be drinking much. Sehun just has something to get off his mind."

"Okay. Just don't sleep smelling like beer."
"You like it," he points out.

"Yeah, the first time that happened I ended up pregnant."

He laughs and presses a kiss on his boyfriend's forehead and gives it a massage with his thumb, trying to get the frown off. "You're already pregnant and whatever will happen tonight won't
change a thing."

"Your relationship status to single."

The snide comebacks just makes him want to tease the younger even more but he decides he should stop before it goes wrong and end his relationship in barely a week.

"I love you too." He leaves a peck and gets off the bed.
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