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A Jikook au where Jimin and Jungkook used to be together—it’s been years since they’ve seen each other, but when they end up as Yoongi and Hoseok’s best men for their wedding, their paths are bound to cross again.
I got this prompt from a cc anon and I couldn’t resist writing it! Notes:

-please quote/rt!!

-another interactive au, so there will be polls!

-angst and fluff, very likely nsfw 🔞

-if you enjoy it, please like or share!!!
When Hoseok asks Jimin to be his best man at his wedding, Jimin is ecstatic. Hoseok and Yoongi had been engaged for months, and honestly Jimin had started to get worried that Hoseok had someone else in mind, despite the fact that Jimin was his best friend.
“Of course I’ll be your best man!” Jimin promises, and he can’t resist pulling Hoseok into a hug, beyond excited. “Why would I ever refuse?”

Hoseok bites his lip, seemingly hesitating before he says, “Well, I hadn’t been sure whether to ask you? Because of Yoongi’s
best man.”

Jimin feels indignant for a moment, although he knows Hoseok wouldn’t say anything like that without a reason. “Who’s his best man? Does he hate me? I don’t dislike any of Yoongi’s friends, I don’t think.”

Hoseok takes a deep breath. “Because it’s Jungkook.”
Jimin takes a step back, shocked. “Jungkook? Jeon Jungkook? What, is he flying in from America? He hasn’t been here for...years.”

Jimin can feel his heart pounding, the way that his breathing has already become unsteady. Even the thought of Jungkook has him like this.
They hadn’t broken up on bad terms, but that almost made it worse. Jimin still loves him, even three years later. He knows that Jungkook has likely already moved on, but he can’t help it—his heart is fixated, and the thought of seeing Jungkook again after years almost scares him.
“He’s getting here in time for the rehearsal,” Hoseok says apologetically. “And I just figured I should tell you. Before you agree to be my best man. I don’t blame you if you don’t want to deal with that.”

Jimin can feel his heart clench, but he already knows his decision.
“I’m going to be your best man, hyung. It’s /your/ day. It’s not like Jungkook and I even broke up on bad terms. We can be civil.”

Hoseok breaks out in a smile, clearly relieved that Jimin is still willing to be his best man. “Thanks, Jimin. I mean it.”
“Anything for you, hyung.” Jimin grins. “Your wedding with Yoongi-hyung will be amazing, I’m sure of it.”


That conversation had been several months ago. Now, it’s the day of the wedding reception. The day Jimin will see Jungkook for the first time in years.
When Jimin walks into the wedding venue, most of the wedding party and family are already there—he can spot Hoseok and Yoongi’s mothers chatting in the corner, and he sees most of his friends. Seokjin is walking around, talking to people with a clipboard in his hand.
He’s been part of their friend group since college, and once he graduated he used his business degree to become a wedding planner. Hoseok had hired him to help them with their wedding, claiming that there’s no one he would like better to help out, even though Seokjin was
already set up to be one of the groomsmen. Jimin knows that he’s done a terrific job, and even though the venue isn’t currently decorated, he’s sure it will look absolutely beautiful.

“Can I have everyone’s attention, please?” Seokjin calls over people’s chatter.
It dies down as the wedding party turns to acknowledge him, and he smiles gratefully.

“Okay, so I want to be able to get through this quickly so we can get to the rehearsal dinner as soon as possible, what do you guys say?” There’s a murmur of appreciation from the crowd.
“We’ll start with placement for during the ceremony, then go through the recessional and after that the processional. Sound good?”

He doesn’t wait for the group’s approval, instead starting to call names so that he can direct them on where to stand, atarting with the grooms.
All too soon, Jimin hears the name he had been waiting for, listening to hear and yet dreading the sound of.

“Jimin, Jungkook, can you two come up, please?”

Jimin swallows and steps forward, smiling at Seokjin and allowing the man to place him one one of the steps
at Hoseok’s side, angled so he’s partly visible to the crowd.

And then he sees Jungkook.

He’d seen photos of him from social media, had never unfriended him on Facebook, but he’s still blown away by how different Jungkook looks. He’s almost more grown up, somehow,
like he became more of an adult since his university years. His hair is parted, showing off his forehead and Jimin can’t help but think that he looks good. Really good.

Jungkook catches his eye as he’s being positioned, flashes Jimin a quick smile and then goes back to listening
to Seokjin’s instructions. It’s reminiscent of greeting an acquaintance that one hasn’t seen in years, and for some reason Jimin feels a bit of a pang in his heart. He’s not sure what he expected, but the almost immediate dismissal certainly wasn’t it.
Not when he can’t help but linger over Jungkook’s face, dwell on his lips and how they used to feel against his own, on his body—not when he can’t look at his hands without thinking about how they used to hold him close.

He misses Jungkook, probably far more than he should.
The rest of the rehearsal goes by in a bit of a blur for Jimin; he doesn’t remember much other than the touch of Jungkook’s hand on his arm whenever they’re made to walk down the aisle together as part of the processional, something Jimin is proud he didn’t embarrass
himself somehow during. He sighs a deep breath of relief once they’re all released to head to the dinner, and he smiles as Hoseok approaches him.

“You okay?” He asks, and Jimin just smiles at him and nods.

“Of course I am. Ready for the champagne at our dinner.”
Hoseok rolls his eyes. “Figures. I’ll see you there?”

“Yeah, see you there.”

Jungkook is sat next to Yoongi whenever he gets to the dinner, who is sitting next to a Hoseok. Jimin resigns himself to a dinner sitting right across from his ex boyfriend.
Thankfully, the food is amazing and he’s mostly occupied by Hoseok to his left and Namjoon to his right, especially because he and Namjoon work together and have plenty that they can talk about.

He tries his best to pretend that he doesn’t feel Jungkook’s eyes on him every
now and then, although he’s not sure how well he succeeds. Especially when the champagne bottles are brought out and Jungkook takes one, rises from his seat and makes direct eye contact with Jimin.

“Would you like a glass?” He asks.
The dinner party is starting to rise from the table, walking around and chatting with each other while holding their drinks. Jimin has already had two glasses of wine, and his head feels pleasantly light, but the thought of champagne is tempting.
Especially when it’s Jungkook who’s offering it to him, looking at him expectantly as he waits for his answer. Just him, no one else.

Jimin knows he’s not one to have the most self control when drunk, so maybe he shouldn’t. But with the way Jungkook looks at him...he wants to.
Does Jimin accept the drink? Note: this poll will affect the storyline!
The offer is far too tempting to resist. “I’d love one,” he says, which causes Jungkook to smile as he starts to pour the alcohol, bubbles fizzing in the tall champagne glass.

“I figured you would,” he comments. “You’ve always loved champagne.”
It’s such a little comment, but it strikes Jimin harder than expected. Jungkook still remembers details about Jimin’s likes and dislikes, even after their years apart. He doesn’t even doubt himself—knows Jimin well enough to know his tastes haven’t changed, that he still enjoys
the drink. Maybe it’s something Jungkook would remember about anyone, even just a close friend, but Jimin is affected by it anyway. Maybe the wine made him emotional.

“I do love a good champagne,” Jimin agrees, taking the glass when offered to him.
“I still prefer beer,” Jungkook sighs, starting to pour himself a glass of champagne anyway, and Jimin realizes that Jungkook is planning on staying and conversing. “Haven’t had any soju since I moved to America, though. I almost forgot to call you guys ‘hyung’ earlier.”
“You still haven’t called me hyung,” Jimin protests, and he’s aware of the childish note in his voice but he doesn’t care.

“I thought you preferred when I called you other things.”

And. Oh.

The implication in the statement is clear, obviously sexual in nature.
It’s nothing what Jimin expected to come out of Jungkook’s mouth, but then again—he and Jungkook both have always lost both their filters and their self control when provided enough alcohol.

Jimin realizes that he’s already finished his first glass of champagne.
Jungkook gets up to pour him another, and then settles pointedly into the seat that Namjoon had been in earlier, free now that most people are standing up and mingling.

The response rolls off his tongue.

“I thought you were the one who liked pet names, baby.”
And there it is. A blush rising to Jungkook’s cheeks, oh so pretty and accompanied by his adorable flustered expression, one that Jimin used to pull from him all the time. He missed it.

“I did,” Jungkook admits. “I do.”

Jimin drains another glass of champagne.
The tension between them is high and strained, ready to snap at just a moment’s notice. Jimin is too busy drinking in the way Jungkook looks at him, taking in his face and the intent in his eyes to notice the worried glances his friends throw the two of them, concerned.
Jimin is ready to throw caution into the wind by the time he’s had his fourth glass of champagne in the span of an hour and his head is spinning far more than it should be for him to be able to make good decisions.

“Come home with me,” he says, and Jungkook’s eyes widen.
They widen, and then they darken, and Jimin can tell the moment that Jungkook has made his decision.

“Okay,” he says, and he stands up and offers Jimin a hand.

Jimin takes it, pulls out his phone to order the two of them an Uber, and they both disappear from the dinner.
That night, they stumble up to the door of Jimin’s apartment in drunken giggles, a perfect re-enactment of how they used to be together years ago, coming home from a club or a party. Jungkook is laying kisses on Jimin’s neck as he fumbles to open the door, then yanks Jungkook
in after him as soon as he finally gets it open.

They lose clothes as they travel down the hallway, and once they’re in Jimin’s bedroom Jungkook is pushed down onto the mattress, straddled by Jimin, who draped arms around his shoulders to kiss him deep and hard.
He’s sloppy because he’s drunk but Jungkook doesn’t seem to care, too busy gripping Jimin’s waist and running his hands over his sides, fingers trailing over the rim of his boxers.

“Lose these?” He breathes, and Jimin laughs.

“Only if you lose yours,” he says.
He has a naked Jungkook underneath him in moments, and after he pushes off his own underwear and straddles him again, Jungkook moans lightly at the way Jimin grinds down on him.

“You like that, bunny?” Jimin coos, and he’s falling into their old patterns like it’s yesterday,
his old nicknames for Jungkook and touching him how he used to, hands trailing over his chest and touching where he knows Jungkook is sensitive. “Like it when I grind on you? When I rut against your pretty dick? What about this?” His fingers pinch Jungkook’s nipples and
he loves the way that Jungkook moans, how he arches into Jimin’s touch and his eyes flutter shut at the sensation, wanting to chase more of it.

“Love it so much, hyung,” Jungkook manages, and Jimin idly notes this is the first time Jungkook has called him hyung since returning.
“I love it when you touch me.”

Jimin leans in to kiss Jungkook’s neck, to lick and bite at those collarbones that he’d been admiring earlier, and he rocks his hips against Jungkook’s as he does so. His drunk mind tells him that it’s a good idea to mark Jungkook up, to claim him
as /his/, so he does, sucking multiple red marks onto Jungkook’s neck and shoulders, uncaring who may see them the following days.

“Love to touch you,” Jimin slurs. “Wanna keep touching you. Want you to—to suck hyung off. Could you do that for me, baby? Suck me off all wet and
sloppy, the way I like it?”

He can see the way Jungkook’s breath hitches, how he clearly loves the idea, and grins at the enthusiasm with which Jungkook nods in agreement.

“I wanna do that,” he says, and he lets Jimin back up onto his knees, kneels down in front of him.
“Missed this,” Jungkook murmurs almost quiet enough that Jimin can’t hear—almost, but not quite, and he’s just drunk enough to comment on it.

“Missed my cock, Kookie?” He says with a laugh. “Didn’t get anything better than me in the States, did you?”
Jungkook looks up at him with earnest eyes. “Didn’t have anyone there,” he says.

Jimin swallows, and decides that he’s had enough talking.

He presses the head of his cock to Jungkook’s lips, enamores with the way Jungkook parts them to tongue at his slit, how
the head looks pressed to pretty pink lips.

“Open up, bun,” Jimin murmurs, and he pushes his hips forward as Jungkook obediently opens his mouth for him, sliding right in and groaning at the feeling of Jungkook’s tongue against his length.
“I’m gonna fuck your mouth, okay, baby?” Jimin says, and when Jungkook taps his thigh twice—their signal for ‘okay’—he starts to move.

Jungkook takes him so well, closes his eyes and focuses on the feeling of Jimin in his mouth, how he pushes almost into his throat,
how he always toes the line of /too much/ for Jungkook before giving him relief. Jungkook is tearing up and he’s not sure whether it’s from the stimulation or something else—all he knows is that everything is too much, but simultaneously not enough.
“Gonna come soon,” Jimin says from above him, fingers tangling into his hair and caressing his face all too gently for how rough he’s being with Jungkook’s mouth, a contrast that Jungkook finds he loves, that he craves, that he misses.

When Jimin comes, it’s with
a groan of Jungkook’s name and over his tongue. Jungkook doesn’t hesitate to swallow, although he knows that some of Jimin’s release is still at the corner of his mouth—he’s always been terrible at getting everything.

“So good for me, baby,” Jimin hums, and he wipes
the side of Jungkook’s mouth with his thumb before he pushes it between his lips smiling at the way that Jungkook immediately wraps his tongue around the finger, cleaning it off. “Made me feel amazing. It’s your turn now, yeah?”

Jungkook blinks, almost as if he had forgotten
how turned on he was, and then quickly nods, whining eagerly.

“Want you to touch,” he says, lurching forward to straddle Jimin’s lap, leaving him with an armful of needy Jungkook rutting against his hip, desperate for stimulation.
“Okay baby bun,” Jimin breathes. “Come here. Fuck my hand.”

Jimin jerks Jungkook off as Jungkook thrusts into his grip, and although Jungkook doesn’t last long Jimin enjoys the feeling of Jungkook in his hand, the needy way he moves against him.
Jungkook kisses him when he’s close, moans into his mouth when he comes, and then collapses into a puddle of shuddering limbs once he’s come down from his high, clearly overwhelmed.

Jimin can tell that something’s wrong, even as tipsy as he still is, but he doesn’t know what.
Instead, he draws Jungkook up into his arms, holds him close instead of going to get a warm washcloth like he usually wood.

“Hey now, baby,” he murmurs. “It’s ok. It’s ok.”

“‘M dumb,” Jungkook whines. “Not okay.”

“You’re not dumb, sweetheart,” Jimin reassures,
and for some reason he can’t even think of why Jungkook is so upset, not when Jimin is there to hold him close and comfort him. “Just take a deep breath and rest. Things will be better in the morning, yeah?”

A silence. Then a muffled “yeah” from where Jungkook has his head
tucked into Jimin’s shoulder.

Jimin does his best to get the covers pulled over the two of them without upsetting Jungkook too much, and then settles down.

“Sleep well,” he whispers, gently kissing his hair.

In the morning, Jimin wakes to a cold bed and Jungkook long gone.
He’s got a horrible hangover, and Jimin just sighs, thinking that it figures that he would have a huge hangover just to punctuate how horrific of a morning that Jimin is having as the memories from the previous night filter back in and he realizes that Jungkook is missing.
He’s gone as if he was never there, and Jimin has to just sit and breathe for a moment, taking deep breaths to try to force away the inevitable breakdown. It’s obvious what the night had been—a mistake, the product of too many drinks and too little thought, the indulgence
of lingering desire between the two of them. Something that can’t be repeated, that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

And it’s something Jimin is going to have to push to the back of his mind, to do his best to forget and ignore, because there’s still
a wedding taking place today, and Jimin will have to hold Jungkook’s arm and walk with him down the aisle.

It’s not their wedding—and it never will be. Jimin can’t help but think that the symbolism, the illusion before its torn away, is just a bit cruel.
He shakes his head, sighs, and forces himself to roll out of his bed. After all, he’s Hoseok’s best man, and he’s going to have to be there for him soon. Knowing Hoseok, he’ll be incredibly nervous until the moment of the actual wedding, and Jimin doesn’t want him to be alone.
Yoongi probably will be just as nervous, if not more. Jungkook will have to keep him company, Jimin realizes, and once again his thoughts are back on the man who was once—still is—the love of his life.

How is he going to face him? Honestly, he has no idea.
As he washes up, showering away the evidence of the night before, he considers what his next move should be. Honestly, he needs to get to Hoseok, because he wants to spend time with him, wants to help distract him from the inevitable anxiety he’s feeling.
But a part of him wants to try to contact Jungkook. To see if his number is still the same as it used to be, if he has any way to talk to him, to try to clear up some things about the night before—although what he’ll say, he has no idea. Just /something,/ so that he won’t have
to face him next at the wedding.

Then again, if things go wrong then it would be best that he go straight to Hoseok. The distraction could be good for him, too; something to help him wind down and forget about the stress of seeing Jungkook again.

He’s just not sure what to do.
Does Jimin:
Jimin checks the time on his phone one more time and makes a face. In all honesty, trying to talk to Jungkook right now won’t do much good, not when Hoseok needs him. He’ll just have to stick it out at the wedding or something—he’ll manage.

For now, he heads out to Hoseok’s.
Unfortunately, Hoseok’s way of distracting himself comes in the form of pestering Jimin about where he and Jungkook disappeared off to the night before.

“You were there one second, and then you two left. Did you go somewhere else? To talk or something?”
Hoseok is clearly excited, probably assuming that Jimin and Jungkook made up, that they talked about things and decided maybe to start getting to know each other again; however, the dejected face that Jimin makes in response to the question causes Hoseok’s smile to fall.
“Oh, shit, Jimin. What happened?”

“I slept with him,” Jimin admits, closing his eyes. He’s a bit ashamed of himself, now. “Invited him over and we didn’t go all the way but we might as well have and then just—he was gone the next morning, Hoseok. I don’t think this is fixable.”
As if it ever had been.

“That sounds awful,” Hoseok says, subdued.

Jimin quirks a smile. “It’s okay. I just have to deal with him at the wedding, and he’ll probably just ignore me for the reception. And then we’ll never see each other again.” His heart aches as he says the
words, longing for a different reality that he doubts he’s going to ever get to touch.

“I’m sorry for putting this on you,” Hoseok sighs, and it makes Jimin feel bad. It’s not Hoseok’s fault that Jimin is still in love with Jungkook, or that they broke up and decided to sleep
with each other again in the first place. It’s supposed to be his wedding, his big day, and while Jimin wanted to be a distraction from the nervousness, this isn’t the kind of distraction he wanted to be.

“Hey, it’ll be fine,” he says, forcing a smile. “I’m sure of it.”
He’s really, really not.

Hours later, he’s at the venue and silent, stuffy in his fitted suit and smothered by the anxiety and nervousness that pervades the room containing the wedding party, already lined up for the processional. Jimin is next to Jungkook, who hasn’t looked at
him yet.

He does offer his arm when it’s time to walk, however, and Jimin takes it. He’s worried about gripping too tight, because that’s what he wants to do—hold on and never let go—and he focuses on where his hands curve around Jungkook’s biceps more than the aisle itself.
His mind is only taken off of Jungkook when Hoseok walks down the aisle—he walks with Yoongi, a choice they had made together a while back, wanting to be able to hold on to each other. Hoseok had said he’d need Yoongi to keep him from tripping, and the thought makes Jimin smile.
So instead of watching Jungkook he focuses on Yoongi and Hoseok, and towards the end of their vows he thinks he might cry a bit—the kind of love the two of them share is so beautiful, both of them so supportive of the other and just happy to be together, oh so joyful.
It’s the kind of love Jimin himself had always wanted to experience—had once had a taste of, before it went away. He shakes away the thought in time to see Yoongi and Hoseok kiss, and his cheeks ache from how wide he’s smiling, proud and happy for his hyungs.
Next are the photos, where he’s posed next to Jungkook so much he’s jumpy, twitching at every touch from his hands on his waist or arm or shoulder, and he knows Jungkook notices. Thankfully he doesn’t say anything, instead just tries to touch Jimin less.
Jimin isn’t sure how much he likes the solution, but it helps him to make it through the photos. Finally is the reception, where Jimin is torn between staying completely sober so he doesn’t make bad decisions and getting completely trashed as soon as he’s finished
making his speech for Hoseok.

By the time he finishes his speech, he thinks he’s ready for the wine. He’s been sat close enough to across from Jungkook at the table that he makes eye contact every time he looks up, and it’s severely putting him on edge.
He doesn’t like the feeling at all, and he knocks back a glass of wine in under four seconds, no matter how un-classy the action may be. He needs to get through this. He can see Hoseok looking at him sympathetically and he doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want sympathy.
Really, he just wants to go home and wrap himself up in a blanket and cry over the fact that he had Jungkook so close just to have him ripped away again. But he’s an adult, so he can’t do that yet.

Instead he smiles, makes small talk and drinks a bit more quickly than he should.
It’s when the dancing starts that Jimin realizes something. He’s going to have to dance. With Jungkook. Because it’s customary and people will think it’s odd if they don’t, the two best men not even dancing.

When their turn to get up comes around, Jungkook rides from his
chair and offers his hand.

“Care to dance?” He asks.

Jimin almost wants to say no anyway, but he takes Jungkook’s hand and lets himself be pulled to the dance floor, let’s himself be tugged too close to Jungkook’s body, closes his eyes as they sway together.
“I’m sorry for leaving,” Jungkook whispers in his ear, and the words make Jimin grimace.

“Which time?” He asks bitterly.

There’s a long silence. Jimin almost feels bad—Jungkook broke up with him and moved to America to follow his dreams. It was a mutual decision.
He shouldn’t be blaming Jungkook for something like that. But now he’s hurt, and he’s bitter, and he just wishes this wedding could be over.

“Not the first time,” Jungkook finally says. “But this morning. I’m sorry for that. It was immature of me.”

“It was.”
Jimin is being difficult, but he doesn’t really care. He’s defensive when he’s hurt, and he’s very hurt right now.

“I just—I want to explain, but not here. Can we go outside for a walk? Just for some night air.”

Jimin bites his lip—he knows that if he goes with Jungkook,
he’ll likely forgive him, which will break his heart even more when Jungkook leaves again. But if he doesn’t, he’s not sure he’ll be able to forgive himself, even if he just desperately wants to go through as little pain as possible.
But in the end he nods, let’s Jungkook lead him off the dance floor and through the crowd, nodding at Hoseok and Yoongi on their way out. He sees the worried look in Hoseok’s eye and he knows it’s mirrored in his own. He just wants things to be okay.
He wants things to be okay, and right now they’re just—they’re not.

Jungkook leads Jimin to a bench under a lamp post, where they sit in the cool night air. There’s silence, for a while, and then Jungkook speaks.

“I freaked out at the end,” Jungkook says.
“I know you did. I couldn’t figure it out.”

“It’s because I thought that what we were doing couldn’t go past that, Jimin. And then you said you were there for me and—I’m still in love with you, you know?”

Jimin smiles a wry smile. “I’m sure you know I’m still in love with you.”
Jungkook frowns. “I didn’t. Of course I didn’t. It’s been years, Jimin. A lot changes in a few years. You could’ve gotten married while I was gone, for all I knew.”

Jimin swallows. “I haven’t had anyone else,” he says. “Just some—some one night things. But I don’t do good
with those, so I stopped.”

Jungkook sighs, leaning back and looking at the sky. “It’s always been you for me,” he says thoughtfully. “I think I knew that. I was devastated when we broke up, even though we agreed to it. In my mind we were meant to last forever, you know?”
Jimin chuckles a bit. “Mine, too.”

Jungkook steadies a level gaze at him. “We could, you know.”

Jimin suddenly feels his heart pounding and he sits up more, alert. “What.”

“We could last forever.”

“And how—“ Jimin licks his lips nervously. “How do you say that?”
“Obviously breaking up didn’t help us,” Jungkook points out. “Neither of us moved on. We could—we could try again?”

And for a moment, the yes is on he tip of his tongue, ready to spring out. He wants to—yes, yes, yes—but then he realizes. Then he remembers why they broke
up in the first place, how Jimin knew he wouldn’t be able to take the long distance, that it would cause more pain than it was worth.

And he wonders, wonders if it’s worth it this time, if he should try to risk the pain in a long distance relationship with Jungkook.
Does he agree?
The desire to start again, to have another chance with Jungkook wins out over any sort of logic.

“Yes, please,” Jimin says, and the words come out as almost a whisper because of how tight his throat is. “I want that so much.”

Jungkook looks taken aback, as if he hadn’t expected
Jimin to actually want to be with him again.

“You mean it?” He asks, and his voice is full of awe. “You want to try again? You really don’t want to just move on?”

Jimin lets out a strained laugh. “Of course not,” he says. “I want /you/, Jungkook. No one else.”
At this, Jungkook leans in, tilting his head ever so slightly. He pauses just before his lips connect with Jimin’s, but Jimin doesn’t give him the chance to ask for permission.

He leans into Jungkook as he kisses him, eyes closed so he can relish the sensation of Jungkook’s lips
on his. He feels Jungkook smile into his mouth, and it’s cute, the way that he kisses. He’s soft and gentle but so obviously eager, and chaste kisses easily transfer into deeper, slower ones.

It’s a while before Jimin finally pulls back, lips red and swollen and slick with spit.
“We should get back to the reception,” he points out.

Jungkook nods, but he leans in again to kiss Jimin’s neck instead, clearly far more interested in keeping his lips on Jimin’s skin than going back to the party, to the drinks and the excitement.
He far prefers the darkness outside, the cover of night that allows him to kiss Jimin the way he is, finally able to be close to him again after all those years apart. He yearns for Jimin, so much, and although he knows he can’t he wants to whisk him away, home to love him.
“Jungkook,” Jimin chides, although his voice is breathy. “I’m serious. We can do this later, I promise.”

Jungkook finally pulls back, and the pout on his face is fairly adorable.

“I don’t wanna be separated again,” he admits, and Jimin’s heart hurts a bit.
“It’ll have to happen sometime,” he says gently. “We live so far apart.”

Jungkook frowns a bit, eyebrows furrowing. “Do we? I thought—you’re not that far from Yoongi’s old apartment, are you?”

Suddenly Jimin thinks that they might be on two different wavelengths.
“I’m not,” Jimin says slowly. “But you live in America. Hoseok said you flew in from the wedding.”

Jungkook’s eyes widen, and he shakes his head.

“I did! But. Not just for the wedding, Jimin. I got transferred back to Korea because I got promoted. I moved in to Yoongi’s
old apartment like, last week.”

And honestly, that sounds just far too good to be true to Jimin.

“Really? You’re not fucking with me? You’re—you’re staying?”

Jungkook grins, wide and precious. “I’m staying in Korea, hyung. We don’t have to do long distance.”
Jimin thinks he might just cry in relief. “I was so scared, you ass,” he says, hitting Jungkook in the chest. “I thought you meant we’d have to do long distance again, and I thought that it was going to be so hard to try and date you again. You’re mean.”
“It’s still going to be hard,” Jungkook sighs, settling down a bit. “We don’t know each other that well anymore. What if things don’t work out?”

Jimin shrugs a bit. “Then they don’t, I guess. But—I think it’s better to try and find out than to not try at all and regret.”
“Yeah.” Jungkook leans into Jimin some, their shoulders pressing together. “I really want this to work, though.”

Jimin reaches over to take Jungkook’s hand in his, threading their fingers together.

“You know,” he says, “I have a feeling that it will.”
I was going to make this au longer, detail their struggles more, but I’m a sucker for sappy and soft endings.

Thank you so much for reading!! I hope that you enjoyed 💕 and that you’ll continue to enjoy my aus in the future!
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