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I think everyone can agree that the US has enemies. Understand, America can not be invaded and conquered through conventional warfare. It's impossible. We are surrounded by Oceans. Have the strongest military in the world and a nuclear power.
So what happens when your enemies can't defeat you conventionally? Do they just give up? What happens when when billionaire and trillionaire globalists aren't happy with yachts, relaxing on private islands. When all they want is power....
Think about it. Is that really crazy? It's happened all throughout history. The Roman Empire was wealthy. Did they stop trying to conquer their known world for power? Did Alexander the Great? Did Genghis Khan? Did Hitler stop at Poland? Or did they want it all?
Difference is they could roll in conventionally. They didn't need to be covert. There were no nuclear weapons.
So how do modern day bad people try to destroy their enemy's and try to control the world just like countless others have tried all throughout known history when you can't do it conventionally?
Here is what you do.. You infiltrate and destroy your enemy from the inside out. You purchase their media. You control the schools. Fund Politicians. You try to control everyone famous. The people the masses idolize and worship.
Next.. You try and get people to hate their own Country. Who fights to defend a Country they hate? You weaponize political correctness and Social Justice. You create division. This was mastered by the Roman Empire. They called it divide and conquer.
Think about it.. What is pushing the Liberal cultural Marxist/critical theory agenda of divide and conquer? MSM, Hollywood, Radio, Print, professional sports, Music industry, and every single Public school and University in the US.
Most I mentioned are for profit businesses. What business do you know of that insults half or more of their paying customers? Half the Country voted for Trump. How many TV networks, Hollywood movie stars, Music stars, NFL teams are pro-conservative. Let alone even neutral.
Who says. We don't want your ratings, we don't want your music sales, we don't want your season tickets to half their customers?
I'll tell you who. People who don't care so much about profit and care more about controlling the masses. You know Twitter is not a profitable company. That Disney tried to buy Twitter and their stock holders freaked on why Disney was Trying to buy a non-profitable business.
They wanted to control the narrative and limit what people could talk about. So when the sale fell through what happened? Disney made @Jack a board member. Hey Jack we'll make your even richer, just do what we want OK!
Then they removed him from their board of directors when the project veritas stuff came
All of them shove divide and conquer political correctness and completely fabricated social justice warrior causes down everyone's throat until the MAJORITY of people had enough and woke the hell up.
Think about this for a moment. MSM/Hollywood/Print/Radio.... Everyone.. Paints this picture we have this massive racial problem in the US. Facts.. No known law or statute anywhere in the US racist in nature.
No business/restaurant/store that won't serve anyone of any color if they are a paying customer. No bank that won't give a loan to anyone as long as they qualify. No known apartment/housing buildings that deny anyone who qualifies that can afford the rent.
No school that won't allow admittance based off race. No Job that won't hire someone qualified based off race/region. Even the NFL players who kneel during the national anthem. WTF are they protesting? I have no idea. I guess they say racist police?
So there has been maybe 10 or less questionable police shootings over the last few years involving African Americans. 10 out of over 40 million+ African Americans. Every single time those officers have been charged and if found guilty faced justice.
We had a African American President, attorney general, governors, mayors, a majority of African American police officers in predominately African American neighborhoods. Yet Still it's Racism!!! Divide and conquer.
People need to understand how bad Liberals have been brainwashed. They try to say Russia interfered with the election because they supposedly put out some Facebook ads. That all conservatives were tricked into voting Trump because of Facebook ads.
If that's the case then imagine what they are up against facing every TV network, every movie studio, every radio channel, every music star, every athlete, and every public school.
We have to try to be patient with Liberals. They got sucked into a Cult and more and more wake up every single day. Don't let our enemies divide and conquer. They have been dumbed down in school and are easily manipulated.
Proof how easily they are manipulated. Comey was the big bad villian that lost Hilary the election. 15 minutes after Trump fired him, they didn't get the MSM message that Comey was now good. Watch what happens.

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