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I'll give you my take on Omarosa: she is a con artist and a fraud.

No one should ever completely trust what she says. Plus, I have my own personal story about dealing with her as a journalist that I have never shared before.
First, Omarosa has proven herself to be a someone who has made a career of creating controversy over being dramatic and extra. She really have no real professional accomplishments beyond being controversial. Yet, she gets media attention. Why? I have a theory.
Omarosa, at her core, is a mercenary. She has no morals or devotion to anyone but herself. You can call her a sellout, but even sellouts are beholden to someone: the white man, black folks, someone.

Not Omarosa. She is beholden to whatever gets her paid. Nothing more.
Omarosa is 44 (as far as I know). What has she really accomplished in life that deserves the attention she gets? She boasts of her experience in the WH, but what did she really do? Did anyone respect her? Not from what I hear.
Omarosa, especially during "The Apprentice" years played the "I am a black woman and these white men are hate a strong black woman" game and white folks fell for it. It was a great con because, well, racism is a thing and if you didn't know her, you could believe her.
In reality, everything that we see of her public appearances suggests that she is all about drama. EVERYTHING. It is not about her work. It is about herself.

What has she built? How many people has she mentored into positions of power? What influence does she have at all?
Omarosa said Trump isn't racist during the campaign, yet she says there is tape of him saying the N-word? Yeah, we can say that she was OK with his racism but the bigger issue is that she is using that as collateral to sell herself and her book.
I get why folks call her a sellout.

But I call her a mercenary because she is even willing to sellout Trump, the man who won the presidency and who folks would "bow down" to. She is willing to sell out a US president. All for personal gain.

That is a huge moral hole she has.
Say what you will about Ben Carson, but at least that brotha is sticking with is team. And that is team Trump. Like it or not, but at least Uncle Ben is morally consistent.

You can't say that about Omarosa.
Omarosa is black when the white man offends her, but is not when she is getting used by those same white men who pay her enough money to be played.

Translation: had she not been fired (as has been reported), she'd still be in the WH peddling Trump's bullshit.
When have you seen Omarosa in public talk about something she has done? It is rare. Most of the time, it is over some drama. Someone "did something" to her. Omarosa has no real value other than that of shock.

She'd prolly make a great shock jock! Radio could be in her future.
Bottom line: if Omarosa heard Trump say the N-word but didn't say anything until now, we know that, as a personal, her inner core is absent of any moral fiber. She can be bought for the right amount of money or media time. That is who she is. She is no one particularly special.
Omarosa is a race pimp. She knows being a black woman working for Trump will work with his base to "prove" he is not racist. She also knows most of America thinks he is racist and can move to that side when being his paid actor no longer works for her.
Anyway, he is my experience with Omarosa as a reporter. In 2016, while working for FUSION, I wanted to get an interview with her. She at first agreed, but took our bookers (yeah we had those) through the ringer. Just being very difficult.
I planned on writing a 5000-6000 word piece on Omarosa where I'd visit her hometown in Ohio, follow her on the campaign trail, etc. FUSION really wanted this profile and was willing to send me everywhere to do it.
I sent her an email with a very detailed outline of what I wanted. The bookers tried to get me on her campaign travel schedule but she said, per our bookers,"I am on Mr. Trump's schedule and I do not know when I'll be available."

Ummm. O...K?
There are folks who follow me who were part of the email exchange and can chime in if they choose. Anyway, we finally agreed to meeting in DC and she, per our bookers, said, "How will I get to DC?"
So, basically, she wanted her travel paid. Yes, really. I said I would come down to DC but she preferred NYC. Then asked how was she gonna get to DC. Yeah, she wanted a ticket to NYC. Yeah, it was a real mess.
Now, we told her that my story would be a written profile with SOME video elements. The purpose of the profile was to really flesh out a biography of who she is. I mean, what do we really know about Omarosa's background outside of the drama she generates?
Anyway, we agreed to meet in NYC and set up the studio time for her and everything. But we never heard back to confirm for a pre-interview. Then, our staff gets an email from her saying that she thought my profile would be a TV FUSION special for which she would be paid.
Of course, that was not the case and we ended up not doing the interview at all. Why am I saying all of this? Because I have NEVER experienced such difficulty and unpleasantness when trying to interview anyone.

In person, I met her twice (briefly) and she was cool.
My point is that Omarosa plays games with all of us: the media, especially.

She plays the media like a fiddle. She knows the news peg and how to get folks interested in her--even she cannot promise what she is selling has any real value.

You know who does that: con artists.
And the media loves a juicy race story and Omarosa knows it. My theory is that she was working at the WH enough time to get enough dirt to put into a book. She is using Trump's racism as content for her book. She doesn't give a fuck that Trump is actually racist.
Omarosa will be 60 and still peddling her same game. She has not demonstrated that she has any interest in doing anything else. She chases scraps, uninterested (or, perhaps, incapable) of building something that truly matters. She has proven to be dishonest and untrustworthy.
I personally take all she says with a grain of salt. Anyway, those are my thoughts.

Bottom line on Omarosa: #GirlBye #ByeFelicia
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