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The Mechanics of Deception - Unlocking the People and Events Behind the Steel Russian Dossier…
The 36 Players Behind the Steel Russia Dossier 👇
Glenn Simpson is the public face of Fusion GPS. He was the main contact for Perkins-Coie, the law firm that paid for the dossier on behalf of the DNC, the Clinton campaign, & several other financiers. He controlled & managed dossier contractors like Nellie Ohr & Chris Steele.
It's clear From Fusion GPS’s own materials that in 2011 and onwards that the company was already producing “products” in the form of commercial, financial, and political reports that were reaching the Oval Office and were being read by the president himself.
By 2015, Fusion GPS had offices in Washington D.C., LA, and London with a headcount in excess of 22 individuals that included:
The political makeup of the Fusion GPS team was exclusively democratic with many of the employees and interns having a strong political connection to the Clinton or Obama administrations.
While Simpson was the "architect" behind the Dossier, Christopher David Steele, on of the founders of Orbis Business Intelligence, is ‘officially’ the primary author of the dossier and a second contributor after Simpson
In 2011 before the dossier affair blow up, Orbis/Steele were also promoting their surveillance, psychological warfare expertise & influence ops capabilities which included services such as: Creating public opinion groundswells and delivering targeted political media campaigns.
Just like in the case of Fusion GPS, Orbis also claims to have a “global network of senior associates which is made up of regional, industry and academic experts, as well as prominent government and business figures, their expertise and a closed network of contacts worldwide”.
Nellie Hauke Ohr - The Third Contributor to the Russian Dossier. A graduate of Harvard in Russian History and literature she spent some time in Russia during the 1990s and according to at least one source, had powerful political connections there.
After graduation, Nellie Ohr worked in several intel related positions, including Open source Works, a CIA related initiative. She also had close connections to Russia’s historical state secrets director.
Edward Emil Baumgartner was the forth contributor to the dossier. He is a British/French national. He earned his BA in history from Vassar College in 1995 and an MA in Russian, Eastern European, and Central Asian Studies from Harvard in 2000.
Baumgartner specializes in the Former Soviet Union (FSU) & started as an independent consultant in the FSU focusing on research & business intel. From 2002 to 2005, he was a Russia consultant at a London-based PR company. His clients included Russian & Ukrainian gov't owned orgs
In 2008, Baumgartner founded the UK based political consultancy Baumgartner Limited. In 2010, together with Peat Austin Alexander, he co-founded the UK-based intelligence consulting firm Edward Austin.
Just like in the case of Fusion GPS & Orbis, Baumgartner's firm touted its "global network of trusted partners, enabling us to undertake work across jurisdictions worldwide." Their network included Russia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan & Ukraine.
Using open source intel, facial recognition and other analysis, the author discovered several interesting connections about the authorship and players in constructing the dossier, and how all contributed to spinning the false narrative of the Russian collusion theme.
A few of the connections will be examined:

Martha Ohr, Bruce Ohr's sister, and a NY Based ABC Producer. She good friends with Jeremy Hubbard and Taunia Hottman, reporters who pushed the Russian hoax.
Jeremy Hubbard is a former ABC News anchor. They voraciously spread Russian collusion tweets early on.
The author found Martha Ohr connections to over over 40 news outlets, dossier content creators, and reporters.
An example of collusion and dossier related content created and distributed through Martha Ohr’s social network with journalists. Metadata on many of the images indicates that they were produced in a commercial studio environment during business hours.
The network graph analysis indicates that the fellowship of the dossier is a close-knit group; everyone knew each other long before embarking on the quest to find the alleged Russian collusion. All project key players are related through marriage, family relations, or work.
The dossier team collaborated in various member configurations on many other ‘dossier projects’ and utilized the same collection methods, materials, resources, political network, and publication channels. Some of these affiliations go back more than 30 years.
The author discovered that Christopher Steele and his business partner Chris Burrows have strong connections to Stephen Halper and Joseph Misfud going back years. Chris Burrows was one of the authors of the dossier.

Both also have strong connections to key dossier characters:
Steel's Orbis hired US nationals that previously held US gov't positions. Example, Tatianna Duran, an Orbis Sr Intel Analyst, previously worked for the US State Dept & had a US gov't “Secret” security clearance. Tatianna Duran & Nigal Inkster worked together at the Chatham House
Chris Burrows exchanged dossier related emails with Nicholas Fishwick, the former director of PGI and an MI6 officer, and with Stefan Halper who consulted for Hakluyt, a private UK intelligence firm similar to Fusion GPS and Orbis Business Intelligence.
Steele’s & Burrows’s professional network and email communications also include multiple active and retired British intel officers. Steele met with Sir Richard Dearlove in person & communicated with him via email and text messaging in March 2016 and onwards regarding the dossier
More connections between Stefan Halper and key dossier authors/players.
In 2016, Steele met w/the FBI several times including at two meetings w/agent Michael Gaeta, a leading FBI ‘Russia corruption expert’, in Rome & in London to discuss the dossier. Gaeta coordinated and got clearance for these meetings from Victoria Nuland at the State Dept.
FBI Agent MIchael Gaeta was the FBI case officer in Europe and controlled Orbis, Stefan Halper, and the Hakluyt dossier assets.
Michael Gaeta Linkage to US embassy in Rome and dossier related activity
FBI Agent Michael Gaeta began at FBI in 1996 in the NY Field Office where he investigated & supervised La Cosa Nostra organized crime cases for 13 yrs. In 2009, Mr. Gaeta became the supervisory special agent for the Eurasian Organized Crime squad.
Mr. Gaeta joined the FBI’s Legal Attaché Office in Rome as the Assistant Legal Attaché in May 2014. Prior to working for the FBI, Mr. Gaeta practiced law in New York City.
The Author also discovered Nellie Ohr's connection to Stephan Halper. Ohr knew Stefan Halper since at least 2000. Nellie Ohr also worked in the MITRE Corporation with Halper’s son Marin Halper for six years from 2002-2008.
Nellie Ohr, and one of the dossier's writers Edward Baumgartner attended Vassar College. Nellie Ohr and Baumgartner were together at the History department at Vassar between 1991-1995, where Baumgartner was her student.
Glenn Simpson & his wife Mary Jacoby knew Bruce & Nellie Ohr from their days at the Internat'l Assessment & Strategy Ctr as early as 2004. Simpson & Jacoby knew & worked with Stefan Halper at the WSJ since 1996. They also knew Steele from their days at the WSJ going back to 2009.
Simpson and His Wife Mary Jacoby founded a company specializing in corruption research called Main Justice. While at Main Justice, she worked with Bruce Ohr and in fact nominated his FIFA investigation for the GIR Anti-Corruption award.
Mary Jacoby, Glenn Simpson's wife and an executive at Fusion GPS, and her merry band of for rent corruption fighters were assembling and selling opposition research and dossiers as early as 2009.
Jacoby cultivated a large network of key Federal (FBI, SEC, DOJ) execs that included Adam Hickey, the Deputy Asst AG for Nat'l Security at the DOJ who was familiar with the dossier & FISA application & Andrew Weissmann, who is now working for Robert Mueller the Special Counsel
Jacoby also knew & worked with Steele, Nellie Ohr, Peter Strzok & his wife Melissa Hodgman—the Assoc Director in SEC Enforcement Division, Peter Fritsch, Neil King Jr. & his wife Shailagh Murray, David Kramer, Jonathan Winer, & Sidney Blumenthal who worked w/her at Salon in 2004
Sidney Blumenthal’s network is noteworthy because his email address book contains many of the dossier characters including Jacoby, Simpson, Winer, & others. It also contains most of the journalists involved in the ‘favorable’ dossier coverage. He's known as Clinton's hitman.
Blumenthal’s first 20 contacts (out of over 4000) shows an over 96% linkage to anti-Trump publications, most of these are from mainstream media sources.
On April 19, 2016, two months before the content of the dossier was leaked to the media, Jacoby spent a few hours in the White House in the company of the following five seemingly unrelated individuals:
A 2nd degree linkage analysis revealed that despite what appears to be a random group of tourists, these six individuals were in fact related to the dossier team through involvement in Clinton campaign and other factors. All tried to scrub their 2016 social media presence.
Rinat Akhmetshin, the organizer of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, is married to Lyudmila Vereshchagina—a Ukrainian national with ties to FISU who has been living in the US since 2008. Both knew & communicated with Simpson, Jacoby, & Alexandra Chalupa.
Rinat Akhmetshin, his wife Lyudmila Vereshchagina, Simpson, Jacoby and Alexandria Chalupa (the junkyard dog of the DNC) were involved in the organization of anti-Putin/Yanukovich/Trump activity across the US.
Rinat Akhmetshin’s lawyer/partner was Edward Lieberman and his wife, have close connections to VP Biden. Clinton and Madeleine Albright.
Rinat Akhmetshin’s spouse, Vereshchagina, was part of Natalie Budaeva Arno’s & Chalupa’s social & professional network (Arno surveilled Veselnitskaya while she was in the US in 2016). All 3 posted large volumes of anti-Trump & Russia collusion content as early as July 2016
Natalia Budaeva Arno’s and Ilya Zaslavskiy’s pro-Ukraine ‘Free Russia Foundation’ network in the US, were involved in pre/post election anti-Trump activity. Zaslavskiy’s girlfriend Victoria Korovatykh is a graphics designer for the Hudson Institute & created some of the content.
Ilya Zaslavskiy’s pro-Ukraine ‘Free Russia Foundation’ and Iryna Mazur’s ‘US Ukraine Business Council’ had close connections with David Kramer and the McCain Institute
The author also discovered Ukrainian Intelligence sharing with Robert Otto, the State Department’s foremost intelligence expert on Russia and a Victoria Nuland’s subordinate.
Also, Robert Otto was sending & receiving updates from multiple sources such as Nellie Ohr, David Kramer, Kyle Wilsonb, Andrew Wood, Richard Dearlove & Michael Weiss, a CNN reporter for Internat'l Affairs who was tracking/reporting on Veselnitskaya's social media activity
Jonathan Winer from the State Department knew Steele from mid-2000s. Winer also knew and worked with Glenn Simpson and Douglas Farah, his partner at IASC in 2004. Winer and Farah even cross endorsed each other on their LinkedIn profiles.
Neil King Jr. from Fusion GPS is married to Shailagh Murray who was President Obama’s Senior Policy Advisor. She was also Joe Biden’s Deputy-Chief-of-Staff. King and Murray knew Steele, Kramer, Winer, and the Ohrs going back to the mid-2000s.
In 2010, several of the members of the future dossier team participated in a workshop dedicated to “Racketeering in Russia”. The event was hosted by the National Institute of Justice and featured among others:
In 2012, Steele did some work for the US state Department and was in communication with Winer and the Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. This was done directly and through Sir Andrew Wood, who was the former British Ambassador to Russia and an employee of Orbis.
In June 2018, Nuland also confirmed that Steele was invited to the State Dept in October 2016 (just 2 weeks before the elections) to give a dossier briefing. The meeting lasted over 3 hours & included a presentation, handouts, a Q&A & representatives form several federal agencies
In January 2016, before the Fusion GPS dossier project kicked-into-gear, Johnathan Winer & Strobe Talbott were sharing with Steele via Orbis’s Canada hosted servers & email system docs authored by Cody Shearer, who produced a ‘2nd Trump-Russia dossier’.
Cody Shearer, a long time Clinton operative, second dossier consisting of two four-page reports, one titled “Donald Trump—Background Notes—The Compromised Candidate,” the 2nd “FSB Interview”. Shearer's sister is Talbott wife, & both knew & worked with Simpson & Jacoby:
Here's more on Nellie Ohr's relationship with Glenn Simpson, which goes back to at least 2000.
Robert Otto, who worked for Victoria Nuland’s at the State Dept (resigned in December 31, 2016) frequently communicated via a number off private aliased emails dossier & Russia collusion & anti-Trump content with his “Russian Workgroup” that included David Kramer & Andrew Wood:
This is an example of content transmitted through Robert Otto's Russian working group. It included emails by David Kramer, of the McCain Institute, questioning why Trump is a patsy for Putin.
David Kramer of the McCain institute would write several scathing emails in Robert Otto's Russian working group questioning Trump's intelligence and fitness to lead. He would eventually give a dossier to Sen. McCain who then handed it to the FBI to "investigate".
Simpson would later testify that he could not verify the info in the dossier memos. Yet even after Steele was fired by the FBI, Bruce Ohr “later provided the FBI with all of his wife’s opposition research” which they used for FISA warrants and to launch Crossfire Hurricane.
Steele admitted that some of his sources provide information for favors in order to skirt bribery laws. Some of those favors include pulling strings to get their children into top ivy league and European universities. Did they compose for favors?
Despite knowing their dossier information was unverified, Steele and Simpson launched a media blitz that included regularly briefing reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post, Yahoo! News, MSNBC, The New Yorker, and CNN.
Some of the dossier's network wrote books, too, pushing the Russian collusion theme. Luke Harding, who worked for Orbis & was one of Steele’s collectors in Russia until he was expelled in 2011, wrote "Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, & How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win"
In a recent court testimony Steele has acknowledged that his final December 2016 report (# 166), contained information he never vetted. He stated that:
The dossier in total resembles a disinformation project rather than serious intelligence. Almost all of the ‘valuable’ intelligence in the reports exhibits the hallmarks of professional disinformation such as:
As time goes on and the dossier story fails to create a groundswell, Ed Baumgartner one of the dossier's authors, starts exhibiting signs of outrage. In addition to a lot of profanity, his posts also include calls for a coup against the “scumbag” elected president.
Fusion GPS took a leading role in coordinating a regular stream of social media postings, working with ‘friendly’ mainstream media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, New Yorker, & Yahoo News, & published op-eds & expert reviews that supported the dossier’s credibility.
Many of these ‘receptive’ reporters such, David Corn, Joe Palazzolo, David Cay Johnston, Scott Dworkin and Evan Perez (images 32-33) had long incestuous relationships with Fusion GPS and it’s team members.
Joe Palazzolo, Aruna Viswanatha, Steve LeVine, & David Johnston worked for Jacoby as early as 2010 producing Russia & corruption related reports. Between 2016-2018, Palazzolo & Viswanatha, now working for the WSJ wrote dozens of anti-trump articles, about one a week.
Steve LeVine, who now works for Axios delivering “trustworthy news”, wrote a lengthy apologetic article about Fusion GPS and its team, vouching for their credibility and professionalism.
David Johnston, an Al-Jazeera reporter & a Jacoby employee since at least 2009, is one of the leading paid anti-Trump authors. He has written six books, multiple articles, and participated in dozens TV interviews that promote the dossier allegations.
The CNN Trump Dossier & Collusion team: Jake Tapper, Evan Perez, Jim Sciutto, and Carl Bernstein receiving the Merriman Award from Jonathan Karl from ABC. Martha Ohr was Karl’s news producer at ABC Television. Karl was also at Vassar College with Peter Fritsch and Nellie Ohr.
In at least 3 cases, Fusion GPS/other sources paid reporters five digit figures for these publications, per Congressional records. The reporters remain unidentified.
In short, the dossier team must have consisted of at least 25 people who worked on it for over 6-12 months. Assuming a $200 per hour rate per person, some first/business class travel & hotel, media, consulting, IT, & legal services, the project must have cost about $5-10 million.
Fusion GPS and its collaborators successfully reached the most influential people in UK and US politics, the media, and federal government agencies and shaped/influenced the narrative of the 2016 presidential elections.
Simpson/Jacoby and their US political/media network and Steele with his enablers in Hakluyt, the British media, and the Foreign Office successfully waged a full-scale influence operation against the US and are continuing to do so even now.
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