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The real Russian collusion in the 2016 election is coming out and DNC Media can't stop it.

DNC Media has spent 2 years pimping the narrative that Trump's campaign colluded with shady Russians to dig up dirt on Hillary & used Russian sources to cheat & win the election.
What actually happened was that THE HILLARY CLINTON CAMPAIGN & THE DNC paid a political comms shop, Fusion GPS, to create a fake dossier full of fake "Russian" info about Trump & some of his campaign personnel.
That fake dossier & the fake Russian info was then actually used to get FISA warrants on Carter Page & launch an FBI counterintelligence spying operation targeting the Trump campaign team.
To get their FISA warrant on Carter Page, & launch their counterintelligence probe of the Trump campaign, top DOJ/FBI officials LIED TO THE FISA COURT by pretending the Steele dossier from Fusion GPS as *actually intelligence reports from US/forgein intelligence agencies*.
To hide where the Steele dossier actually came from, so the DOJ/FBI officials in on the plot could pretend it came from real intelligence reports, the Hillary Clinton campaign & the DNC laundered the money to Steele/Fusion GPS by passing it through a law firm, Perkins Coie.
And we've known all this since OCTOBER of last year. This is all public info. I'm not using any anonymous 'sources' to tell all this.

But what has DNC Media been doing?

They are still acting as if none of this is true, or has been proven.
DNC Media wants Mueller to take Trump OUT.

So they have a vested interest in *pretending* the Steele dossier is real, that it hasn't been debunked, the $ trail followed, and Hillary & the DNC caught red handed.
DNC Media has been playing *favorites* between two competing narratives.

1 narrative is that the Steele Dossier is real, Trump colluded/cheated with the Russians, it's why he won the election & Mueller is going to prove it. THAT is the only narrative DNC Media wants to cover.
The *other* narrative that DNC Media doesn't want to talk about, the one it wants to suppress & pretend only right wing nutballs discuss it, is the one where evidence keeps surfacing that the REAL Russian collusion was between the HRC campaign, the DNC, The DOJ & shady Russians.
And now evidence has surfaced that this collusion between Democrats & Russians to invent this Steele Dossier that was used to attack the Trump campaign during the last election *also* includes members of Congress like Mark Warner, the Democratic Senator from Virginia.
John Solomon of @thehill revealed emails & texts that demonstrated that Sen. Warner was using a lawyer named Adam Waldman as a go-between to arrange contact with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Warner wanted Deripaska to help him get in touch with Christopher Steele.
Bruce Ohr, who's been twice demoted at the FBI once his role in this sordid affair was revealed, has been called to testify to Congress on Aug. 28th about his contacts with Christopher Steele.…
In the first fake narrative that DNC Media continues pushing relentlessly, the only Russians in it are shadowy, still-anonymous Russians who babbled 2nd & 3rd hand stories to Steele about Trump & people like Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort & Carter Page.
The *other* narrative that the DNC Media keeps wishing would just go away? Real live Russians keep surfacing. And they have names! And faces!

Oleg Deripaska
Natalia Veselnitskaya
Rinat Akhmetshin.
Oleg Deripaska is a Russian oligarch with ties to Putin who Mark Warner was discovered in communication with as he attempted to contact Christopher Steele.

NV & RA were affiliated with Fusion GPS when they set up the Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr., Kushner & Manafort.
In fact, we now know that NV met with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson both *before* and *after* the Trump Tower meeting, which, if you'll recall, NV set up under FALSE PRETENSES by claiming to have info on illegal Russian donations to Hillary's campaign.
.@LeeSmithDC has a new investigative piece out today that compiles the evidence that is currently known.

It does indeed look as if the Trump Tower meeting was a Fusion GPS dirty trick to try to entrap the Trump team:…
Evidence continues to mount that far from colluding with the Russian gov't to steal the election, the Trump team was instead the target of a plot to frame it, created & paid for by the Hillary campaign & implemented by Fusion, the DOJ/FBI & several Russian operatives.
The real collusion, as Trump has been saying for over a year, was by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, Fusion GPS, corrupt DOJ/FBI officials & several Russians engaging in dirty tricks/spreading disinformation to frame Trump & his team for something they didn't do.
Of course, DNC Media does *not* want this to be true, they do not want to hear this, that they've spent almost 2 full years enabling & propping up a false, failing narrative that was based on lies, deception and criminal acts.
But the evidence continues to mount that the Trump/Russian collusion narrative is a HOAX, a massive political dirty trick that was hatched by the Clinton campaign, paid for with DNC cash, laundered through Perkins Coie, to create a fake dossier to justify an FBI investigation.
And this, of course, led directly to the Mueller Special Counsel investigation.

Bruce Ohr is just the next domino to fall in this chain reaction of evidence that is being rolled out to expose this entire sordid plot.

They can't stop what's going to come out.
The longer DNC Media insists on clingling desperately to the fake narrative of the Steele dossier & the lies that spawned it, the more damage they do to themselves.

Well good. They deserve to be embarrassed. I hope some of them go under form the fall out when this over.

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