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I've been thinking a lot these past couple years about "media," the "MSM", the "Main Stream Media", the fake news and the "Fake News", and how we got into this mess.
I've got some stuff I've got to research, but it's on my mind. Do you mind if I tell you about it?
2. It's really hard to criticize the more-legitimate media, in today's world, because the walking disease in the White House is subjecting them to an avalanche of stochastic terrorism, and they don't need to get beat up on.
We have a problem that's not fake news.
3. And it didn't start this year. It's been growing, like a cancer on the body politic, for half my long life.
-please spare me the responses about how horrible it's always been.-
-I know we've always had problems.-
-perfection is not an option.-
It's gotten worse.
4. Have you ever heard about the Powell Memo? I know all about the economist that everybody's been pointing at lately, but the Powell Memo was something dfferent.
The economist had ideas and beliefs. Powell had a plan of action.
Action causes results.
5. In 1971 Lewis F. Powell wrote a document to his friend in the Chamber of Commerce. He said, "Our way of life is under attack." the American economic system is under broad attack.
He meant we were feeding the hungry.
6. He laid out specific problems they had:
Universities were a buncha commies.
People on the radio and TV were a buncha commies.
No, he wasn't that out there. He was reasonable. But he reasonably showed that things like feeding the hungry, housing the homeless...
7. and doctoring the sick were coming out of Universities. And their ideas were being talked about on radio and TV. And the people were believing it. The rednecks were singing, "He ain't heavy, he's my brother."🎧

waitaminute Imlistening
8. Whew. That felt good. I've gotta learn that song.
So what Lewis Powell said, was,
"First we gotta shape our message. We need to create some foundations, entities to write our story."
Heritage. American. Enterprise. Federalist. All born in that sentence.
9. This is for real. Powell said, we need these instututions, and people with money immediately set about creating them. Cause and effect.
We. Need. To. Shape. Our. Message.
10. So: Instead of arguing with other people over what it's supposed to mean to be a Democrat, we need to shape our message.
Who is "we"?
We is sensible people who will talk in complete sentences and not tolerate falsehood in the conversation.
11. We is everybody who can agree with this document:…
12. We is Democrats. We just need to get organized.
First step: Ideas.
I'm tired of the old ways of saying them.
I'm tired of the "this one thing or that one thing" debate when the whole country is obviously one interconnected system.
13. None of those "one things" are going to happen unless we fix the system.
But I digress.
The next thing Powell said is, "The Universities are outta hand. A good lie can't even get a respectful discussion."
Only not in exactly those words.
14, He said, "our" way of living is being challenged in Universities and we don't even get to present our side.
"Our," in this context, means, "Highly educated white men who have already got it made"
Powell wrote this in 1971.
Also in 1971, Powell was appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States by Richard Milhous Nixon, who was at that same time sending burglars into the Watergate Complex.
16. Not that I would say the two actions sprang from the same mind or anything.
In 1976 Powell took part in the Buckley v. Valeo decision, which was the one that did what everybody thinks Citizens United do, did it first, did it better, and was the foundation of Citizens.
17. Are you familiar with the phrase "Money is speech"?
The decision was unsigned - "by the court" - but Powell helped write it.
The dissent pointed out that under those terms not everybody could talk.
Ha, Ha, it's a joke. You lose.
18. Powell's other suggested action was to get, um, more influence, a better voice, more positive presentation on the media.
You may not believe this, children, (everybody under 50, say) but there was a time in the United States
19. When the business plan of American media included (not exclusively, but significantly) : Hire people to find out what's going on around the country and around the world, inform the public, and companies can pay you to inform the public about them too.
(prettified version)
20. And it wasn't a hugely profitable industry. It did OK - the people who ran radio and TV, the people on the air, were biggish fish in their little ponds - remember Roger Miller's "Kansas City Star"?
21: Actual microfact: I watched the guy this sing is about on one of the first TVs on my block.
22. *song
Anyway - these weren't poor folk, but the weren't the Masters of the Universe, either.
And Lewis F. Powell said: Masters of the Universe. Buy those radio and TV stations.
And they did.
23. Buy those newspapers.
And they did.
Now: tell your story. You are the good guy. The Masters of the Universe wind the springs that make The Magical Economy go round and round.
Here, we've got all these hotshots working at Heritage...
24. And they did.
As far as I can tell the only big dog that even pretends to want to talk to you respectfully is MSNBC, and not much of that.
Maddow. Lawrence is pretty close. Nicolle much less.
Everybody plays you all the lies verbatim.
"Psst! <thismightbetruepassiton.somelie>
25. Maddow *does not play you the lies verbatim.*
On the one time I know of she was going to she explained why, and warned her listeners, played the very short clip of him lying.
But mostly she refuses to play that game.
26. Oh by the way - do you know why it's so expensive to own a media outlet?
Because rich people own them all. You want one? OK, make me richer.
It's supply and demand AND it's the fact that if you control the information you control the society.
Ask Kim Jung Un
27. People usually reply to these rants - this is one of my pet topics - with replies about ratings and money.
It's not about ratings and money.
It's about controlling the information of a society, and money beyond your wildest imagination
28. Ratings are not won by content. Ratings are won by presentation.
The say, "We broadcast objective discussions of the topics people are interested in."
Close, but no cigar.
You pick topics and interest people in them.
That's what TV does.
29. Does anybody doubt the Main Stream Media could attract viewers with horrific images from floods, fires, and hurricanes, with the constant drumbeat that global warming is going to be the end of us?
Of course they could. People would gobble it up. Ratings! RATINGS!
Fat chance.
30. All the other information is out there. There are numerous writers who research the realities of things that mean life or death to people, all written up
s o m e w h e r e o n t h e i nt e r n e t
And meanwhile I've seen a thousand iterations of some asshole's latest tweet.
31. It's not the newsreader's fault. The newsreader may be a monumental asshole, or she may be a perceptive honest young woman - by herself she can't set the tone. She can't choose the viewpoint.
For one thing, bless her heart, is she can't imagine what it's like down here either
32. Because what they do for a living is sit in front of cameras and read the news, and for that performance are they are very well paid.
Not saying they shouldn't be - everybody's got a right to a living, but...
psst... $7.50 an hour is $15,000 a year BEFORE TAXES
33. and Sean Hannity owns 380 houses or some obscene number. I doubt Rachel or Nicolle are quite up there, but I bet they don't have any personal friends who live on fifteen grand a year.
In fact, I've only got maybe one.
34. What we have is an unbearably, internally, at it's base and root, pro-rich bias in all our media.
TV reporters used to live in the next block from mailmen. It gave them an undesirable viewpoint.
They thought the mailman was human.
35. And the people who own the media have placed our nation into the hands of people just like themselves. Their lives are incomprehensible. Millions and millions of dollars
at 175 large a year.
The math doesn't work.
Neither does the 175 large. It ought to be nat'l median. Peg.
So to recap:
In 1971 Lewis Powell wrote his Memo capital M, and joined the Supreme Court
Beginning in about 1972 (this is the part I haven't researched) the Heritage Foundation and its ilk were born.
In 1976 Buckley v. Valeo decreed that Speech is Money.
In 1980 Ronald Reagan
In 1997 the Republican Party (Conservative Branch) took control of the United States Congress.
They have maintained that control, in practical terms, relatively non-stop since.
Recap 3: Here's how they did it:
They formed and formalized a message. It included deligitimizing its comptetition.
They took control of means to mass distribute their message
They stacked the game so only the rich could play. They turned their wealth into control.
R4. I don't know how to address the money advantage. This (Twitter) is part of it, to me. But I think we need lots of drivetime radio, lots of TV
I don't mean blithering asshole drivetime "liberals."
I honest-to-god believe there is a good audience for Rachel Maddow.
R5. Anybody who live-broadcasts known lies or hate speech on the airwaves is excluded.
Just give me the gist of it, OK?
If somebody would give me 24 hours a day of honest people like Rachel, only different folks with different personalities -
I want a bias, for damn sure:
Facts only.
No lies in your commentary. No big lies. No little lies.
I would not go on television and say something I knew to be untrue.
Wrong, yeah, sorry, I'm good at wrong, but I'm careful.
I really don't want to spread lies.
--jeff out
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