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Thread by @Fraude_1: "The lid is about to be blown off the ‘Mr Smith Mystery.’ 01/ His time has finally come… 02/ So, strap yourself in securely… 03/ Grab your fa […]"

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The lid is about to be blown off the ‘Mr Smith Mystery.’
01/ His time has finally come…
02/ So, strap yourself in securely…
03/ Grab your favorite snack….
04/ And, let’s do this!
05/ Mr Smith, appeared on Twitter, on December 13th, 2016, with an intriguing profile and a cool icon
06/ He wasted no time, dropping a vague, unverifiable intel ‘drop’ with his very first tweet
07/ But it wouldn’t be until January, that he would make a big splash, when Louise Mensch boosted his absurd thread on Carter Page – making it a feature on her Patribotics website
08/ He quickly gained a large following (29k followers) dropping super vague ‘hints’
09/ Then claiming the ‘hits’ afterwards.
10/ He also had others (likely his own sock in this case*) loudly bolster his claims
11/ Like this…
12/ L0stsandal, was another anonymous hero – with a similar sounding profile – who will feature often in this thread – because, you may infer from the examples & context, the only possible person that could operate this account – is the same person that operates the GR account.
13/ Sandal and Rover bolstered each other, back and forth
14/ Claiming hits from the vaguest of setups
15/ And boosting each other, in the most dubious manner
16/ Now, here is Sandal – talking up Rover’s vast network of sources
17/ Now sit back, and marvel in the depth of Rover’s buddy network (20 clips) here.
18/ His buddy also had sources in the White House
19/ Perhaps surprisingly, Rover convinced many with his schtick…
20/ Remarkably, some well known accounts were giving him a boost too.
21/ Now, I want to move on to look specifically at his background claims…
22/ He claimed to have retired from the CIA in 2016
23/ Counting Mike Pompeo as a colleague
24/ He claims to have flown with on private charters with top US Officials…
25/ …providing security for rich and famous celebrities too
26/ During his 12-15 years of service, he claims to have taken some significant hits
27/ Afghanistan, to say the least, wasn’t kind to him
28/ At all…
29/ Now, Rover was no ordinary soldier. He was a “delta force operator…” (LOL at the flirt fail DM)
30/ …who served under a General he twice read a book about….
31/ A Special Forces guy, (who just happened to get the name of the ‘best of the best’ unit wrong – too much shrapnel?)
32/ As you can see, if you are new to Roverland, Mr Smith’s claims are BIG.
The problem is, his spy insights – are highly dubious indeed. Let me give you an example or two:
33/ First, he seems to be everywhere at the same time – when if working at the CIA or in private security – he might be a little more compartmentalized
34/ One minute he is doing security at the Summer Olympics
35/ Next, he is training up the Chechen fighters
36/ Who knows, maybe he is up in a ‘spy plane right now? lol
37/ And if he is not on the ground somewhere in Middle East maybe, – you can be sure the absurd ‘Mr Green or ‘Mr Yellow’ will be there.
38/ ‘Mr Green’ gets about a lot - by the way…
38/ ‘Mr Green’ gets about a lot - by the way…
39/ And ‘Mr Blue’ has some of the best inside sources in the White House – presumably better than Rover’s and Sandal’s?
40/ Now, how about that expression “Whiskey Hotel?” Have you ever heard it before as a way of describing the White House? If not, you probably don’t play war games on Xbox – because that is where it comes from
41/ In fact, prior to the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II in 2009 – nobody, used this expression at all, not on Twitter…
42/ Nor on the internet at large…
43/ It’s reserved especially for gamers, like Rover and Chekist, and it sounds ridiculous.
44/ Now, let’s get to 2 specific debunkable lies – continuing with the “Call of Duty – Spy” theme.
45/ Rover gave us an example of some clever communication tricks he presumably ‘saw in the field.’
46/ Thing is, this was probably just based on a rumor, that I found had been boosted by a Forbes article
47/ A Lab (Duo Labs), decided to test this out to see if it were even possible…
48/ Their results proved to be conclusive. Rover’s story from the field – was a load of JUNK. But I caught him in a much more damning lie than that one. A real beauty, you’ll love it…
49/ Rover posted this picture from Joint Base Andrews, on April 23rd. It was clear he wanted us to believe he took it himself, from in-amongst the diplomatic vehicles. Check the comments below his post for confirmation.
50/ But, if it were his photo, why so blurry? Rover’s photo looks more like a webcam picture. So, we gave it a test!
51/ Found this picture released on an airport webcam site. It looked a lot like the photo Rover published, but taken at a slightly different time
52/ I decided to compare the two – cutting an appropriate square out of each one
53/ Now check this superimposed fade in image composed from the two pictures. As you can see – they taken by the SAME webcam – they are SO similar in fact, that you can kind of see the US flag flap in the breeze – and the sunlight wash over the windscreens!
54/ To me, the case is closed. Nobody credible would be responsible for any of the previous tweets in this thread - let alone the Macron photo stunt. But, showing that he is a liar, is not enough. I need CLEAR evidence. I need to find him. So, I did. And here is how I did it….
55/ First off, following the leads left by a compulsive liar is like looking for a NEEDLE in the WRONG haystack. However, somebody like Rover, WILL leave some clues – and these ones are the one I want you to ‘stick a pin’ in for now.
56/ He is probably 38 years old – if not, late thirties, early forties.
57/ He is from Seattle
58/ He isn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids – (he talks often about his nephews – taking them to games and suchlike)
59/ He is a mad Seattle sports fan: worshipping the Seahawks, The Mariners etc. I am afraid I don’t have many screenshots for that – but trust me😊
60/ Now, put a pin in his worship of Senator Ben Sasse, because he obsesses about him from all the accounts and socks we have found – on all platforms. Others too, like Ben Shapiro
61/ Also, keep in mind, that he left Twitter recently - deleting his account, with a ‘confession’ of opiate use, and his forthcoming attempt to ween himself off SUBOXONE.
62/ And finally – the best one. Some months ago, we came across a picture and a name of what they were supposed to believe was Mr Smith. As we didn’t know the provenance of the info exactly – I couldn’t confirm it. But, I kept it all on a pinboard just the same. You should too:)
63/ PS. When confronted about it, his answer was, perhaps revealing? I digress…
64/ Now follow this closely, because this is how I found the real Rover. You see, he made a big mistake…
65/ He told us he was playing games on Twitch and gave us his username - the rather odd sounding: BigOlUncleCletus – an unusual, and quite unique name
66/ As you may have seen and heard already, he confirmed on a video at that Twitch site, that BigOlUncleCletus and Guardianrover were one and the same (check the audio)
67/ We also found a BigOlUncleCletus’ Reddit account…
68/ …from where he was writing a daily diary about coming off suboxone, where he confirms he is 38, without kids, and from Seattle (in another screenshot)
69/ Now, back to the Twitch account - which I found had undergone a user name change – and was originally “BigOlUncleLeroy” (keep following – it is worth it)
70/ We found this BigOlUncleLeroy Twitter account – which was set up way back in 2013 (pin that). The account had a Southpark avatar as a profile pic – which is a Rover signature
71/ (Here is an example of one of his recently deleted accounts with another Southpark avatar (note the opioid addiction confession)).
72/ (Now, back to Leroy)
Here are some of the follows of the Uncle Leroy Twitter account - all Mr Smith favorites
73/ So, to quickly review:
Mr Smith = Guardianrover = BigOlUncleCletus=BigOlUncleLeroy = Mr Smith
74/ Now, look what I stumbled across: a “BigOlUncleLeroy (dot) com domain name – setup in 2013 like the above Twitter account, and left to expire one year later. A deleted domain name – which was likely setup by whomever is behind the Guardianrover account
75/ If I could find out who registered that domain, what chance in a million, he was a 38-year-old sports fan from Seattle called Justin, not married – and without kids?
Well, I dived into a historic Whois data service and this is what I found… *gulp
76/ Buckle up…
77/ And here is the result – the owner was called Justin!
78/ 38 years old and from Seattle – how about that?
79/ Looks somewhat like our mystery pic as well, right? What are the chances, coming from some obscure, deleted, unheard of - never used domain name?
80/ So, it looks like we have our man, and if you need a little more confirmation, UncleCletus’ Reddit account was deleted just after I teased this very expose.

So, who is he, and how many times has he been shot stabbed and blown up (*smile*)?
81/ Well this is / was his personal Twitter account (it was deleted over a year ago – and so was active while guardianrover was building his following). Notice the “stock trader obsession?”
82/ Roll over Jacob Wohl (“The Wohl of Wall Street”).
Let me introduce to you: Justin, the “Dr of Wall Street.” Written about here in the Wall Street Journal – when he was just a pup.
83/ Perhaps, this is what Justin does for a living, as well as sales and marketing – and a stab or two at startup businesses – that didn’t take off -as his full CV reveals
84/ He also owns dozens of domain names. None of them have webpages, all of them are parked and none of them have been traded.
85/ There is no mention of his service – or his work at intelligence agencies, maybe he doesn’t want to mention it?
86/ You would think he might have mentioned the work as private security guy or is that top secret too?
87/ I'm afraid, what we have here, is another case of Stolen Valor, proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Of course, Rover can prove me wrong – with receipts. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this – share this if you will, and check out the 12 bonus tweets below😊
Bonus 1/ First of two revealing Reddit posts from Rover
Bonus 2/ Second…
Bonus 3/ That famous Shannon Watts Tweet….
Bonus 4 / …led to an embarrassing apology in DMs. (he went on to say, in another exchange, that he had come back from an SF buddy’s funeral that day – but the screenshot is lost)
Bonus 5/ Did he really copy Evan McMullin’s tweet?
Bonus 6/ Rick Wilson – knows who? Said what?
Bonus 7/ Strike 1.
Louise Mensch took three swings at Guessing GR’s identity – first she thought he was CIA – but a bad actor
Bonus 8/ Strike 2.
A ‘familiar swing and miss’ from Louise
Bonus 9/ Strike 3. Now, she is peddling the rumor, GR is actually Daniel Hoffman - former Chief of Station with the CIA
Bonus 10/ Will somebody tell her she is NOT good at this?
Bonus 11/ Did he really do this?
Bonus 12/ Some Justin likes😊
END/ GR seems like a terrific uncle & he has some talent. I hope he learns from this failed fantasy LARPing episode & comes back as himself – not some fantasy creation. Please share

(PS, there may be a further story to follow – that I haven’t alluded to in this thread)
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