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[ yoonmin au ]

Yoongi assumed the little sweet shop on the corner was filled with treats and delights, tasty and addictive enough to bring customers in everyday, but when he finally decides to enter the shop, he finds something a lot sweeter than the candy in the window.
Hi guys! It’s been a while since I posted an au but I hope you enjoy uwu

Few things:
- this will mainly be fluffy (with PG13 occasionally)
- it will include texts and tweets
- Please don’t reply to the thread since it breaks very easily!

Yoongi was in the middle of a bad week. Or a bad month, if he was honest. Everything that could go wrong in his final year as a Music Production student went wrong within a matter of days.
From lost files containing his end of year song (one that he had spent months working on) to being kicked out of his flat because his roommate thought it was a good idea to sell weed, it was safe to say at this current point in time, his life was going to shit.
Despite his life turning to shit right before his eyes, that didn’t stop him from dragging Hoseok (his brand new roommate, if sleeping on his sofa counted) to the closest bar to drink until he felt a bit better about himself.
That was how, at half one in the morning, Yoongi stumbled upon the small but very colourful store on the corner of the street. He had seen it in passing, sure, but he had never bothered to really stop and look. And now he was looking, he could see endless treats displayed.
“It’s closed,” Hoseok mumbled, eyeing the store then Yoongi. He hasn’t drunk as much as Yoongi had but he never could handle his alcohol well. He leaned against the window and tried to stop from sliding down it. “Tae told me about this place.”
Yoongi looked over curiously, nose still against the glass. “What about it?” he slurred, realising he was leaving prints on the clean window.

“Cute cakes, cute worker.” Hoseok sighed and stared at the cookie in the window. “Tae’s cute.”
Yoongi ignored him and pressed his nose against the window again. “I hate sweet stuff,” he mumbled, not really sure why they were still there.

“Come on, hyung,” Hoseok said, tugging on his arm. “Let’s go home.”

“I don’t have one,” Yoongi murmured but let Hoseok guide him.
By time they stumbled home, and Yoongi heard more about how cute Tae was, it was a few hours past the time Hoseok normally wrestled Yoongi into going to sleep. The older boy decided that he didn’t want to sleep on the sofa and stole Hoseok’s duvet until they decided to share.
Half asleep, Yoongi didn’t even realise Hoseok was talking on the phone until he rolled over and saw the phone in the red head’s hand. “Your turn,” he mumbled, eyes flicking to Yoongi. “Tae’s picking you up tomorrow at ten.”





With a triumphant smile, Hoseok said goodnight to Tae before rolling over and slinging his arm around Yoongi’s waist. “He’s got the day planned,” he mumbled against Yoongi’s shoulder.

The older boy grunted and shut his eyes. He needed as much sleep as he could get.
Living with Hoseok meant he was often woken at ungodly hours and, despite only getting five hours sleep and being hungover, the same thing happened not long after Yoongi shut his eyes. “I hate you,” Yoongi growled, trying to shove the pillow over his face as Hoseok got up.
“Hoseok, it’s ass o clock in the morning, shut the fuck up,” he snapped when the other boy started getting ready for the day - he got drunk on less but barely suffered through hangovers like Yoongi.

“Actually it’s nine. I have class soon. Don’t forget Tae’s coming,” he added.
When Yoongi ignored him, the younger decided to jump on his back, the bed creaking dangerously. “Hyung, Tae’s excited to see you, you better not pretend he isn’t here when he knocks on the door.”

Damn. “I wouldn’t do that.”

“You did it last week to me when I got locked out!”
Yoongi sniggered as he turned his head. “I thought you were going to start crying.”

“I needed to piss!”

“You thought your kdrama wasn’t recording,” he corrected, rolling his eyes. “Hoseok, you fuck, get off me.”

“Promise you’ll answer the door to Tae.”
It took a few more minutes of Hoseok wiggling and making Yoongi uncomfortable before the oldest agreed. “Good boy,” Hoseok cooed, patting his head and darting out the way before Yoongi could smack him. “I’ll be back tonight. Have fun today!”

Yoongi grunted and waved his goodbye.
After another hour of sleep, Yoongi finally pulled himself out of bed and got ready before Tae appeared on their doorstep. “Hyung!” he greeted, arms out but Yoongi sidestepped him. “Hyung,” he whined, following Yoongi as he walked downstairs. “Where’s my hug?”
Tae repeated the question until Yoongi huffed and came to a abrupt halt. “Arms up,” he grunted, wrapping his own around Tae’s waist quickly. “Where are we going?”

The smile on Tae’s face was obvious as they walked along. “There’s music and food involved,” was all he said.
“What kind of music?” Yoongi asked, dodging after Tae - the lanky boy was several steps ahead, his long legs carrying him quickly. “And good food?”

“You’ll love both,” Tae said, smiling again and slowing down when he realised Yoongi was jogging along instead.
As thy walk, Yoongi recognises the familiar path he walked only ten hours before. They reached the corner of the street and his eyes instantly went to the sweet shop on the corner. The queue curved around the corner, people spilling out the shop with smiles on their faces.
“I’ve never noticed it before,” Yoongi commented, glancing up at the shop name - Park and Kim’s.

“They have the best cookies,” Tae said offhandedly, tugging on Yoongi’s arm to get them walking again. “Later. For now we’re visiting somewhere else.”
Yoongi pursed his lips and glanced once more at the sweet shop, at all the happy faces, before nodding and following Tae, wondering faintly how a shop selling treats could be so popular.
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It shouldn’t have surprised Yoongi that Tae would take him to a bar in the middle of the day but what /did/ surprise him was the man behind the microphone, softly singing. “Let’s sit,” Tae said, directing them towards the back. “Kihyun-ssi uses this time to practice.”
They sat there for a while, listening to Kihyun crooning into the microphone. “How did you find out about him?” Yoongi asked, slowly pulling his eyes away to look at Tae.

“Owner,” Tae said, shrugging. “I bumped into him when I came in to get my timetable.”
Yoongi nodded and turned his attention back to the singer. He was good, strong. Yoongi could feel his hand twitching, wanting to write a song to match his voice. “Why’d you bring me here?”

Tae hummed as he rested his head on his hand. “Kihyun-ssi is good inspiration.”
“You think I need inspiration?”

“I think you need to get out of there,” Tae said, lifting his finger and poking Yoongi’s forehead. “You get too caught up in it sometimes.”

Yoongi frowned but didn’t respond, knowing Tae was right. “Does he perform in the evenings?”
Tae shook his head as he leaned back. “No, he likes to practice but he doesn’t perform in front of others. He doesn’t mind us here,” he added when he spotted Yoongi’s mouth opening. “We’re at the back, in the dark.”

Yoongi nodded his understanding. “He’d be popular.”
“He’d steal all the people that come for my show,” Tae grumbled, pouting.

“No one would miss your shows,” Yoongi told him, rolling his eyes. “Every time they announce you’re performing an extra set people come running.”

“Hyung,” he whined but the smile was hard to hide.
They stayed for a while longer, listening to Kihyun go through three more songs before he left the stage. Yoongi felt like clapping but he stopped himself. “I think-“

“Tae-ssi,” Kihyun greeted, joining their table. “I didn’t know you were coming, with a guest as well.”
“This is Yoongi-hyung, a friend. I’m helping him find some inspiration. He lost all his hard work,” he told him, lips tugging down in a frown. “We need to spark something to get him working again.”

“Losing your work can be tough,” Kihyun said, nodding. “Are you performing?”
“Not tonight. We have a whole day planned,” Tae told him, shifting. “Your performance was our first stop.”

“I’m honoured,” Kihyun said, chuckling. “If you ever need help...” He shrugged and stood. “I better get the bar ready. See you tomorrow, Tae-ssi.”
They left soon after that, Tae directing them back along the main road and chattering endlessly about the new CD Hoseok brought him. Yoongi nodded along but found his eyes drifting back to the sweet shop as they passed by it.
It was strange, the pull he felt. Maybe he wanted to try a cookie or something.

“Later,” Tae sang, pulling Yoongi across the road and away from the shop again. “Now we’re going to find all those cds you threw out and more.”
Ah, the night Yoongi wanted to forget. The night he lost his song and his apartment. "I'd rather-"

"Now, we have a choice of three shops," Tae said, ignoring Yoongi. "There's two closer or one across town, which has a better selection."

"Closer," Yoongi said quickly.
Tae raised his eyebrow but didn't comment, his lips twitching said everything though. "Closer it is. It's about ten minutes from here. We can pick up something for Hoseok while we're there."

It was hard to stop his sigh, Yoongi had lost count how many times Tae had said Hoseoks-
name. He wanted to thump their heads together, or lock them in a room and throw away the key. "Mhm. There's a new CD he wants."

"Wait, really? What is it?" Tae jumped at the bait, making Yoongi smirk. The younger boy flushed and looked away. "Ass."
"I have a great one, thanks." Yoongi stuffed his hands in his pockets and picked up the pace - the quicker they went through the CDs the faster they got to the sweet shop.

"You're awfully eager," Tae commented, lips twitching. "Is there a reason?"
"Maybe I just want to try something new."

"You hate sweet stuff." Tae rolled his eyes. "I think you would bleed black and coffee."

"I like lemonade."

"Okay, black, coffee and a slightly warm piss colour."

"Thanks, Tae. I appreciate that imagery."
Tae's answering grin made Yoongi roll his eyes but his lips twitched. He appreciated Tae's efforts, he didn't have to try and cheer him up but he was going out of his way to do so. "Hoseok's lucky," Yoongi murmured, ignoring Tae's questioning gaze.
Soon they arrived at the CD store. There was probably thousands crammed into the small space and Yoongi felt that familiar twitch in his hand. He wanted to get lost in the music, lost in the CDs and gentle melody playing.

"And I've lost him," Tae murmured, watching Yoongi drift-
away, instantly finding the hip hop section at the back. He recognised a few CDs from the collection he had before he threw them all out, so angry at what had happened to him. "As much as I want to fill your CD collection again..." Tae eyed the small pile Yoongi was already-
making next to him. "I don't think my job pays enough for this."

"It's fine," Yoongi murmured. "I'll cut some at the end."

Tae knew he wouldn't and that was fine. He was just happy to see Yoongi smiling, back in his element. So what if he had to eat nothing but noodles?
"Hey, hyung," Tae greeted when he realised the music blaring around them wasn't coming from the speakers but his phone. "What's up? Aren't you in class?"

"Break," Hoseok said, sighing. "How's Yoongi doing?"

"He's currently breaking my bank."

"What, why?"
"I've took him CD shopping."

"Ooh. Good luck. Last time I said I'd buy him a few CDs I couldn't pay for my new textbook." Hoseok sighed then groaned, the sound of him stretching making Tae's eyes dart to the floor. "What time will you finish there? I might be able to meet you."
"He looks pretty happy right now, I don't want to pull him away."

"Tell him there's food."

"You know he would pick CDs over his hunger. Remember when he brought that new album instead of paying for dinner?" Tae sighed and watched Yoongi flutter around the store.
They both spoke for a while longer before Hoseok had to go back to his lessons, leaving Tae to follow behind Yoongi like a lost puppy. He knew his hyung was having fun but it was getting closer to the hour mark now. "Hyung~"

Yoongi ignored him, finding another CD.
"Hyung~" he tried again, pouting. "You wanted a cookie right?"

"I'm not Jungkook, you can't bribe me with food."

"You wanted a cookie from a certain shop didn't you?" Tae grinned when Yoongi peeked over curiously. "You want to get one, right?"
Yoongi slowly nodded then looked back at his pile of CDs. Tae eyed it and sighed before picking up one stack. "Come on. Some of these aren't too expensive."

After paying and Yoongi grumbling that Tae shouldn't have paid for all of them, they headed back to the main road.
"That's a long queue," Tae commented. "Maybe we should come back later," Tae said, sighing, long and drawn out.

"What? No!" Yoongi looked over in alarm but spotted Tae's teasing grin. "Little shit. You're buying me two cookies for that."
More than happy to oblige if it meant Yoongi wouldn't slip back into his funk, Tae nodded and linked their arms before heading towards Park and Kim's.
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The closer they got to the sweet shop, the more fragrant it got. The strong smell made Yoongi’s nose wrinkle but that didn’t slow him down. “Why’re you so eager?” Tae asked curiously.

“Feeling,” Yoongi murmured, stopping just outside the window. The queue was endless already.
Tae cocked his head curiously. “You don’t follow your gut often.”

“This is different,” Yoongi mumbled in response as he pressed his nose against the window. Everything looked so bright. “You come here, Hoseok said.”

“Mhm. I like the worker, he’s cute.”
Yoongi glanced over. “Cute?”

“Like a puppy,” he said, nodding.

“Like Kookie?”

“Cuter.” Tae winked and wandered inside, the little bell dinging. There was a chorus of hellos that made Tae grin. “Come on, hyung. There’s cakes to try!”
Yoongi trailed behind as Tae went to the back. “There’s tastings,” he said, dragging the chair out. “I booked one.”

“It’s busy here, how did you manage that?”

“I told you, I come here sometimes.”

Yoongi looked around, at the soft lighting and paintings on the wall.
The atmosphere was relaxed, everyone sitting with their cakes or browsing through the different recipe books for sale. "What exactly do we do?"

"One of the workers come out and show us the selection they have. We can choose from different ranges," Tae said, shrugging.
It wasn't long before someone joined them. The boy smiled as he looked between them. "Hello, have you been here before?"

"I have," Tae said then gestured to Yoongi. "He's a newbie."

The boy grinned widely. "Great!"

Yoongi stared up at him, at the soft cheeks and pink hair.
It felt like something hit him, square in the chest as he stared at the boy's smile. "Oh god."

The smile faltered slightly. "Sorry?"

Tae sniggered but stopped when the boy looked at him. "Ignore him... Jimin-ssi."

Jimin scratched the back of his neck as he looked between them-
looking uncertain. "Well, we have different ranges. You can choose from our seasonal selection or from the different themes we have running right now. Did you want to choose now or take a moment?"

Yoongi continued to stare, making Jimin's eyes dart away as he blushed.
He felt something sharp against his shin, making him wince and narrow his eyes at Tae. "What?" Tae's eyes flicked up to Jimin's before holding Yoongi's eye again. "Oh! Um. The... heart range?" he said, the first theme that came to mind.

"Just ask for his hand now," Tae muttered.
Yoongi wanted to reach across the table and smack him but he held himself back. "The heart range, coming right up!" Jimin edged away before disappearing into the kitchen.

"Hyung!" Tae burst out laughing as Yoongi threw napkins at him. "What was that?"
"I don't know," Yoongi whispered, wishing he could've gone for a sarcastic response instead but something nagged at him to tell the truth. Tae sobered almost instantly. "He's..." Yoongi sighed and stared at the closed door.

Tae nibbled his bottom lip as he stared at Yoongi.
"You like him?"

"I don't know him."

"There's something called love at first sight."

"No way." Yoongi snorted but it felt hollow. "You don't believe in that."

"I do," Tae said, nodding. His eyes darted away when Yoongi glanced at him. The silence was answer enough though.
"If you like him, hyung, ask him out! He's cute."

"He's the cute worker you mentioned?" Tae nodded. "Tae, if you like him-"

"Hyung, no!" Tae shook his head quickly as he held his hands out in front of him. "He's cute, I appreciate that, but I don't like him."
Yoongi wet his lips as he peeked over at the door again just in time to see Jimin wander back out. He was carrying a tray, different cakes on top. He served the couple a few tables over, smile stretching across his face and making his eyes disappear into little crescents.
"Shit," Yoongi muttered, fixing his eyes firmly on the table when Jimin glanced over. Tae snickered again but stopped once Jimin joined them again. "Hi-llo!"

"Um." Jimin blinked in surprise. "Hey? I forgot to ask if you wanted something to drink..."

"Water, please."
Jimin nodded and edged away again. "He's going to ask for a new table," Yoongi groaned, covering his face.

"Hoseok told me once that he saw you almost pick up two people in the bar," Tae commented, cocking his head to the side. "What the fuck is happening now?"
"That didn't happen," Yoongi said quickly. "I just... they wanted to hear my music."

"Uh huh." Tae nodded and leaned back. "Hyung, just relax. Look, he's coming back. Try and form a sentence. Don't mess up!" he added as he slipped out the booth.

"Wait, where are you going?"
Tae pointed over his shoulder. "Bathroom. Come on, this is the perfect chance to talk to him!"

Before he could object, Tae was gone and Jimin was back with their water. Yoongi stared up at him, feeling like his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth.
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"Hello," Yoongi squeaked, making Jimin jump in surprise. Water splashed over the edge of the glass and dripped down the side of the table, straight into Yoongi's lap. "Oh... shit."

Jimin, wide eyed, suddenly giggled. "I'm sorry," he whispered quickly. "Your face!"
"My face?"

"I've never seen someone pout like that before," he said, sounding in awe. "I'm really sorry, I'll get you some tissues."

"It's fine, it'll dry. I'm glad it isn't coffee," Yoongi mumbled, staring down at the table. Jimin had such a cute smile. He wanted to see it-
again. Even if it meant he had to spill water down himself again. "Um. I'm sorry," Yoongi added, scratching the back of his neck. "I think... you looked uncomfortable before. I didn't mean to do that."

"What?" Jimin cocked his head to the side curiously. "What do you mean?"
Yoongi wanted the ground to swallow him whole but instead he took a deep breath. “The staring. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I... it’s just...”


Yoongi puffed out his cheeks as he lifted his eyes to Jimin’s. “You’re cute,” he muttered. “Like really cute.”
“Well, would you look at that! My hands aren’t dry!” Tae spun on his heel and headed back towards the bathroom.

The pair stared after him before Jimin met Yoongi’s eye, his cheeks a soft pink. “Thank you,” he mumbled, fingers playing with the hem of his apron.
They stared at each other for a moment before they both looked away. "You're welcome," Yoongi muttered. What was wrong with him? Why couldn't he talk to Jimin? Tae was right, he /did/ manage to pick up two people in a bar. "Um. I hope that wasn't overstepping or anything."
"No! No, it's fine," Jimin said quickly, waving his hands in front of his stomach. "I, um, it was nice to hear."

"Well, that's good..." Yoongi wanted to put his head through a wall. Jimin stood in silence for a moment longer before he gestured to the kitchen. "Oh, right! Sorry-
for keeping you here. Um, see you soon."

Jimin blinked before he giggled and nodded. "Yeah, see you soon."

"/See you soon/?" Tae demanded once Jimin was gone. Yoongi narrowed his eyes. "Of course I was listening, don't look at me like that. What the hell, hyung?"
"I don't know!" Yoongi covered his face and groaned, long and drawn out. "He's too cute, it's really distracting."

"Talk to him like you do with me or Hoseok."

"You want me to insult him?"
Tae narrowed his eyes before shaking his head. "Okay, don't talk to him like you do with me or Hobi." Yoongi's eyebrow twitched but he stayed silent. "Just.. I don't know, pretend you're writing a song or something."

"I'm not going to talk poetic to him."

"He might be into-
it," Tae said, shrugging. "There's a lot of kinks out there, hyung."


Yoongi blinked then looked up at Jimin as he hovered with their tray of treats. He smiled awkwardly and placed it down. "I'll just... I'll come back in a moment."

"He's so cute when he blushes," Tae commented, resting his elbow on the table and his head in his hand. He sighed and watched Jimin go. "Please date him, hyung. I want to keep him."

"He isn't a puppy you can adopt."

"We adopted Kookie."
"No wonder his eomma phoned and offered a ransom," Yoongi muttered, rolling his eyes. "Oh." Yoongi spotted the different cakes on the tray and felt his stomach rumble. "These look good."

"Mr. I-don't-have-a-sweet-tooth wants to eat /treats/?" Tae gasped dramatically.
"We're in a sweet shop, brat." Yoongi picked up the first treat and bit into it. It was instant, the burst of flavour. "Oh." He blinked and shoved the rest into his mouth, not caring that Tae was taking a photo of him.

"Jimin-ssi!" Tae called, smiling widely.
The boy in question smiled back and joined them again. "Yes, Tae-ssi?" He looked at Yoongi and grinned widely. "You look like you're enjoying the cakes, hyung."

The remaining bite of cake almost fell out of his mouth in surprise. Jimin recoiled and waved his hands wildly. "I'm-"
"It's okay," Yoongi said quickly. "You can, um, call me hyung. If you want. It's okay."

Jimin nodded slowly, eyes darting to the shit-eating grin on Tae's face before holding Yoongi's eye. "Well, hyung. You should try the strawberry mix next, it's my favourite."
The second he was gone, Yoongi was diving for the cake and slapping Tae's hand out of the way as he teasingly reached for it. The first bite made his stomach swoop - why had he always rejected sweet stuff? It was amazing.

"Hyung, you might want to slow down."
"Why?" Yoongi mumbled around the cake in his mouth. He swallowed and reached for another. "This is amazing."

"Yes, but you don't eat much sweet stuff. You could get a sugar-" Tae suddenly stopped and covered his mouth. "What about this one, hyung?" he asked, nudging a treat.
Yoongi nodded and took another one. If he hadn't been so focused on the cake, he would he realised that Tae hadn't eaten anything so far. But he didn't care, not when everything tasted so good. "You're bringing me back here," Yoongi said, pointing a crumb covered finger at Tae.
"Mhm, sure, hyung." Tae watched him and glanced around the shop. "Hyung... can I ask you something?"

"If you want to borrow money, now isn't a good time," Yoongi grumbled.

"If I needed money I wouldn't have brought you all those CDs," Tae pointed out, gesturing to the bag.
"Right. What is it then?" Yoongi stopped eating when he realised Tae hadn't spoken. "What's going on, Tae?"

Biting his lip, Tae looked down at the table. "The love at first sight thing... do you really not believe that?"

"Why?" Yoongi cocked his head to the side curiously.
"Do you?" Tae pressed. Yoongi folded his arms and refused to answer. "Hyung, /please/."

Sighing, Yoongi leaned back as he thought. "I don't," he said finally. "Not really. But I guess there is instant attraction," he said, eyes darting over to Jimin as he walked around. "Why?"
"Do you think love at first sight can last?"

Ah. Yoongi felt his lips twitch. "Do I think that the massive, all consuming crush you've had the past... how many years?" Yoongi paused to consider it before shrugging. "Can last when that person is Hoseok?"
"How did you know?" Tae asked frantically.

"You aren't exactly subtle," Yoongi said, eyeing Tae. "Both of you."

"Wait, what?"

"How's it going over here?" Jimin asked, wide smile making Yoongi almost forget about Tae completely. "Oh, do you want more?"
"Yes," Yoongi said instantly. The more he ate, the longer they could stay, the longer he could bask in Jimin's cuteness.

God, he was creepy.

"I'll bring out my favourites," Jimin said, winking at Yoongi before heading towards the kitchen.
"Now the pretty boy is gone can you acknowledge me again?" Tae whined, poking Yoongi's forearm.

"You want me to tell you how to confess to Hoseok that you've loved him for the past few years?" Yoongi asked, watching as Tae blushed furiously. "No? That wasn't it?"
"No," Tae hissed. "I just..."

"Jimin-ssi," Yoongi said, stopping the boy as he passed. "As someone not involved in this conversation, don't you think it's best to tell someone how you feel, especially if you've been holding those feelings for a long time and the other person-
clearly feels the same way?"

Jimin glanced around before looking at his watch. "I'm due a break," he said, shrugging and sliding into the booth. "Who's the person we're talking about here?" he asked, settling his arms on the table and making Yoongi grin wickedly at Tae.
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“Someone else. Tall guy, orange hair, scruffy beard.”

“That was Tae last year,” Yoongi mock-whispered to Jimin. The younger boy frowned at him before pouting. “The guy he’s in love with has orange hair right now though.”

“That’s not true!”
“What, you think it’s more red?”

Tae groaned as Jimin snickered quietly. “No, hyung. I’m not in love with anyone.”

“That blush says otherwise,” Jimin pointed out, slapping Yoongi’s hand when he held it out for a high five.
“I did not come into this shop to be attacked,” Tae grumbled, folding his arms over his chest.

“Ooh, he’s getting defensive,” Jimin whispered, cocking his head to the side. “Tell me more about this guy, hyung.”

Yoongi glanced at Jimin, the /hyung/ surprising him again.
“Well, he’s a dancer,” Yoongi said, rubbing his chin. “He raps sometimes with me-“

“You rap?” Jimin interrupted. He turned and stared up at Yoongi, head in his hand. “That’s so cool, hyung.”

“Oh, um.” Tae grinned as Yoongi blushed. “I guess so?”
Jimin nodded and watched him for a beat longer before directing his attention back to Tae. “So, this guy you’re in love with, how longs it been?”

“Probably close to four years,” Yoongi supplied when Tae remained stubbornly silent.

“Wow, /tell him/“ Jimin said, shaking his head.
There was a stretch of silence before Tae groaned. "I can't," he finally said. "He's my best friend, I can't do that to us."

"Hoseok loves him too," Yoongi murmured close to Jimin's ear. He wanted Tae to say Hoseok's name aloud on his own but that didn't mean he couldn't-
whisper it to Jimin. "They've been idiots for years."

"Stop whispering about me!" Tae whined, leaning forward to shove Yoongi's arm. "Stop flirting," he muttered, changing tactic and making Yoongi grimace. "Look, me and Hobi..."

Yoongi grinned widely as Tae covered his mouth.
"Was that-?"

"Yes, it was." Yoongi snorted as Tae blushed almost as bright as Hoseok's hair. "That's the first time he's admitted it aloud."

"I'm proud of you, Tae-ssi!"

"There's no need to be formal now," he grumbled. "We're the same age anyway."

"You are?"
Jimin nodded. "He has a loyalty card, I saw his birthday. I'm a few months older though."

"You seem a lot more mature than Tae," Yoongi commented, turning in his seat to face Jimin. "Then again, most people are." He ignored Tae's squawk. "When's your birthday?"
"Ah, still a while away," he said, waving his hand. "When's yours, hyung?"

"March," Yoongi said, shrugging.

"Wait, there's only a few days until March! When is it?"

When Yoongi refused to answer, Jimin turned to Tae curiously. The younger boy told him and winked when-
Yoongi groaned. He wasn't a massive birthday person, he preferred sleeping in and maybe getting a drink with Hoseok and Tae if he was in the mood. "We do great birthday cakes!" Jimin said quickly, clapping his hands together. "I can even give you a special one."
"You hear that, hyung? He can even give you a special one," Tae parroted, smirking as Yoongi averted his eyes, mind drifting away somewhere else. "I bet he would love that. He practically devoured all the cakes you made."

"Wait, what?"

The soft bush on Jimin's cheeks-
made Yoongi want to coo but he held back. "I help make some of the cakes," he mumbled, rubbing his finger across the table. There was a few crumbs from where Yoongi had missed his mouth but Jimin didn't seem to mind. "I want to... um, have my own place one day."
"That's amazing," Yoongi told him, bobbing his head in a nod to show how sincere he was.

Jimin lifted his eyes and met Yoongi's. They both stared at each other, everything seemingly slipping away around them. He could faintly hear Tae in the background but it was easy to-
pretend he wasn't there - it was just Jimin and Yoongi in their own little bubble. Yoongi could see the softness of his cheeks, the beautiful curve of his lips as they twitched skywards.

/Oh god/.

Yoongi was so screwed.
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“I’m a massive third wheel right now,” Tae mumbled, making Yoongi’s eyes snap over to his. “Oops. Did I ruin the moment?”

“Just made me remember we’re talking about you,” Yoongi said sweetly. “Do you do cakes with massive ‘I’ve loved you forever’ on it?”
Jimin nodded. “I’d happily make one of those if it helps true love.” He paused and peeked at Yoongi. “It is true love, right?”

“Definitely. They’re both so annoying, they’re meant to be.”

Tae opened and shut his mouth, looking stumped for a moment.
“You’re a dick,” Tae finally grumbled.

“Since I’m your hyung can I get a discount on that cake?” Yoongi asked, leaning closer to Jimin. The slight redness to the younger boy’s cheeks made his stomach swoop but he ignored it.

“Yeah, do I get a ‘best hyung’ discount?”

“I don’t know about that yet,” Jimin murmured, eyes flickering across Yoongi’s face. He held his eye after a moment.

“Want me to prove it?”

If Yoongi heard Tae choke on nothing, he ignored it in favour of leaning closer to Jimin.
"And how will you do that?" Jimin whispered.

But Yoongi was cut off by a sharp "Jimin-ah!"

"Maybe later," Yoongi said, lips tilting into a smirk as Jimin slipped out of his seat.

"Maybe later," Jimin echoed, cheeks tinging but his lips could rival Yoongi's smirk.
"Okay, maybe I can see why you almost picked up those two people," Tae said, resting his head on his palm as he stared at Yoongi. "That eye contact was intense. I feel like there should have been warnings - maybe PG-13 but could mature into R-rate pretty soon."


"Shut up."

Yoongi grinned as the the younger boy pouted, happy to finish off the last of the cakes without Tae's help.

Back at Hoseok’s, Yoongi felt the regret creeping in. His stomach wasn’t used to sweet treats and he felt like he needed to take a long nap - or throw up, whichever came first.

“Honey, I’m home!” Hoseok called out, barging into the living room and dropping onto the sofa.

“Now that’s rude,” Hoseok tutted before flopping sideways onto Yoongi.

“I will throw up on you,” he warned, making Hoseok scoot away. After a moment he patted his thigh, looking at Yoongi expectantly. “What?”

“Lay down. Tell me about your day.”
“Do you want to plait my hair too?”

“Of course not,” Hoseok said, rolling his eyes. “It’s way too short for that.”

Yoongi sighed but decided to lay down, his stomach cramping enough to render him useless for the next few hours. “Tae sucks.”

“Hm, pretty well from what I hear.”


They stared at each other, Yoongi’s eyes narrowing as Hoseok blushed. “Did you just-“

“Your day!” he interrupted. “CDs and cake. How did it go?”

“I think I’m in love,” Yoongi grunted.

“The cakes that good?”

“No, with the boy that made them.”
Hoseok, hand hovered above Yoongi's head, whipped around to look at him properly. "What did you just say?"

"I don't even like cakes," Yoongi mumbled. "But I ate all of them."

"Forget the cakes, what did you just say?"

"Forget the cakes? I can't forget them, Seokie-
they tasted so good," Yoongi whined, turning his head and almost bumping his nose into Hoseok's stomach. "Sweet stuff makes me feel sick but there I was! Eating everything in sight!"

Hoseok lightly slapped Yoongi's ear. "The boy - the one you're in love with?"
"He made the cakes. Maybe he makes them with love or something, aren't things like that supposed to taste better?"

"Were these cakes filled with something else?" Hoseok muttered, eyeing Yoongi. It was rare to see his hyung acting out of character but here he was, almost sobbing-
over some boy that Hoseok didn't even know the name of. "Hyung, the boy. Tell me about him."

"An angel," Yoongi breathed, turning onto his back to stare at the ceiling. "Tae thinks he's cute."

"Tae thinks he's cute?" Hoseok asked quietly.

"Everyone does, I think," Yoongi said.
Hoseok sighed and prodded Yoongi. "Tae likes him?"

"No, Tae's in love with an idiot," he said, tilting his head back enough to meet Hoseok's eye. "Jimin think's so too."

"Jimin?" Hoseok's lips parted in a small O shape. "Ah, Jimin."

"Wait, what do you mean 'ah, Jimin'?"
The younger boy grinned widely. "Nothing. So tell me more about Jimin then, hyung. He's an angel and he bakes?"

Yoongi nodded and went back to staring at the ceiling, feeling like his mind was whirring. "He's like every single guy I've ever dated in one."
"So... he's kinda a frankenstein?"

"Hybrid?" Yoongi hummed. "Maybe not hybrid."

"Is that a kink?"

Yoongi met Hoseok's eye as his eyebrow raised slightly. "I don't really want to know what you've been searching but don't do it where I sleep, okay?"
Hoseok spluttered but before he could say anything, Yoongi was moving on. "Those cheeks, they look so soft. And lips, wow I've never wanted to kiss someone so fast before."

"You wanted to kiss Kook when you first met him."

Yoongi paused then shook his head. "He was cute but-
after seeing him throw up, that mouth needs to stay far away from me."

"I've seen you throw up but I still want those lips near me," Hoseok cooed, leaning forward to splatter Yoongi's face with kisses.

The older boy groaned and tried to get away but Hoseok was too strong for-
him. "Stop it, Seok," he whined, pushing on his head before grabbing his hair and yanking it back. "Don't make me use your own kink against you."

"How did you know?" Hoseok gasped and shook his head, dislodging Yoongi's fingers.

Yoongi eyed him. "I've lived here long enough."
They stared at each other before Hoseok giggled. "It's not a fetish," he said, shrugging. "So, you're in love with Jimin and want to live in a house full of little Jimin-Yoongi babies."

"I think we both know that's not possible." Yoongi sighed. "Imagine his cheeks on a baby."
Hoseok sniggered but stopped when Yoongi pouted. "Oh my god, I haven't seen that in forever," he said, prodding Yoongi's bottom lip. "So, you're going to go back and ask him out?"

"What? No." Yoongi rubbed his cheek as he imagine how that would go. "No way."
"Why not?" Hoseok cocked his head to the side as he settled back. "You should, I haven't seen you like this in a while. Jimin might help you."

"Help me?" Yoongi asked, twisting so he could sit up straight. "What do you mean help me?"
Hoseok sighed before slipping his fingers into Yoongi's hair. He played with the strands for a moment as he nibbled his bottom lip. "He might help you out of this slump. Help put that pen to paper again. Get that inspo flowing again. Get that dick hard." He shrugged when Yoongi-
pulled away in surprise. He grinned and pulled Yoongi towards him again. "Come on, hyung. You think he's cute, you like him, go ask him out."

Yoongi narrowed his eyes. "I'm not going back there to ask him out."

"So what are you going back for then?"

"How did you know?"
The laugh was sudden, startling both of them. "I know you well, hyung. You aren't going back for just the cakes." Hoseok rested his head against Yoongi's, both of them staring at the blank TV. "Just go back, hyung. Ask the cutie out."

"I'll do it the same day you talk to Tae."
They stared at each other, Yoongi refusing to back down. "You don't like that," he teased, slipping out of Hoseok's arm and heading towards the kitchen. "I'll happily make that deal with you, Seok, but if not, then I'm only going back for cakes."

Hoseok sighed again and shook-
his head. "You're so difficult, hyung."

"Not as difficult as you." Yoongi grinned over his shoulder and set about making a cup of coffee. "Now, I'm going to do some writing and I don't want you to say a word about it."

Hoseok smirked and zipped his lips.

Yoongi found himself in the corner of the sweet shop again a few days later, a tray of cakes in front of him. The boy that served him wasn't Jimin but he wasn't going to hold that against him. He was still cute, tall with broad shoulders. He smiled every time he passed by-
the table, offering more water or cakes but Yoongi waved him off every time. Now that he was alone, it felt strange to have all these cakes to himself.

"You know," the boy said, pausing by the table. "There's a certain worker that might suit your table more, if you don't mind-
sticking around for a bit longer," he said, smiling brightly before disappearing into the kitchen.

Yoongi glanced around before lowering his head, feeling like everyone knew why he was there. "Stupid," he whispered, hating how obvious he had been.
It didn't take long before the door burst in and he spotted Jimin almost sprint past. He hesitated by the table in front of Yoongi's before turning, eyebrows pinched before he grinned. "Hyung! You came back!"

"Uh, I did," he said, eyes flicking around the room, at the people-
that were glancing over at them. "Are you... late?"

Jimin winced. "The bus came late," he said, lips slipping into a pout. "I'm normally on time."

Yoongi gestured for him to go, not wanting to hold him up and make him even more late.
With his mouth parted in an O, he quickly turned and disappeared into the kitchen, bag hitting off the counter as he went. Yoongi smiled, running his fingers through his hair before picking up another cake.

It was good but not Jimin good.
He nibbled his way through the different treats as he tapped his pen against his notepad. There was a few lines already and it was steadily increasing the longer he sat there.

it was at least thirty minutes later when Jimin appeared again, popping up by Yoongi's table.
"Hyung," he said happily. "Luckily Jin was okay with what happened. He wanted to know if you liked his cakes though."

"Jin?" Jimin nodded and gestured to the door. "Oh, the boy who served me?"

"I think it's hyung to you," Jimin giggled, glancing over his shoulder before-
sliding into the booth opposite him. "He said you were interesting."

"He said I was interesting," Yoongi parroted, eyebrows furrowing. "We didn't talk?"

Jimin cocked his head to the side, lips stretching into a grin. "So, which one is your favourite?" he asked.
Yoongi glanced down at the cakes and nibbled his lip. "The strawberry one," he said after a moment - the one closest tasting to the small heart shaped cake Jimin had given him.

"Me and Jin-hyung made that recipe together," he said proudly. "We do different styles though."
"Yours tasted slightly different," Yoongi commented, eyebrows pinching.

Jimin smirked. "You remember my cake?" Yoongi could feel the heat pooling in his cheeks but he ignored it as he shrugged. "I make mine with love."


The giggle surprised him but it wasn't unwelcome.
"Well, maybe fifty percent love, the rest is a secret." Jimin winked and rested his elbow on the table. "So, has Tae confessed?"

"Of course not," Yoongi said, snorting. "I think cows will start flying before he confesses."

"Isn't it pigs?"

"I saw a pig fly once."
Jimin blinked then blinked again before laughing. "Seriously?"

"I mean... Hobi accidentally stepped on a plank but the pig definitely flew," Yoongi said, grinning. "We were ten," he added, hoping Jimin didn't think they tried to make pigs fly regularly.
"As much as I want to listen to you talk about making animals fly," Jimin said, glancing over at the counter. "I think hyung is going to kill me if I don't do some actual work."

"He's your boss?"

"Co-owner," Jimin said, flashing a smile before joining Jin behind the counter.
Yoong blinked in surprise, eyes finding Jin's. He looked too young to co-own such a popular sweet shop but he'd seen weirder.

For the next half an hour, he ate the treats Jimin kept bringing him as he wrote in his book, the younger boy not disturbing him as he worked.
It was nice, peaceful. He could get used to the treats while he worked.

As he wrote, he did consider going back to listen to Kihyun sing again, the other boy's voice sounding perfect for the song he was hearing in his head. But another voice stopped those thoughts entirely.
He glanced up, eyes seeking out the soft melody that was slowly echoing around the shop. He spotted Jimin behind the counter, wiping it down as his lips moved along to the low music playing over the speakers. "Jimin-ah?" he called quietly.
The younger boy's eyes darted over as his lips smacked shut. He wiped his cheek and rushed over. "Hyung?"

"You can sing," he stated.

"Oh. Um. Yeah?" Jimin cocked his head to the side, eyes darting down to the notepad Yoongi was tapping. "Sometimes, anyway. When it's empty..."
"I'm here," Yoongi commented, eyes flicking around the shop to see the last of the customers leaving. It was close to the shop shutting, most of the cakes gone now.

"Yes but... you're hyung," he mumbled. "Tae's best friend. It's different."

"Is it?" Yoongi asked softly.
Jimin eyes met his, the pinkness to his cheeks making Yoongi's heart thud. "Yeah, different.," he whispered.

Yoongi glanced down at his notepad before looking at Jimin again. "Sing for me," he blurted.
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If Jimin was taken aback, he didn’t show it. Instead he cocked his head to the side, eyes darting down to the notepad. “Something you’ve written?”

“Maybe another time,” Yoongi said, leaning on the table. “Sing what you were humming a minute ago.”

Jimin slowly nodded. “Okay.”
After a quick sweep around the store, Jimin rested his gaze on Yoongi’s before opening his mouth and singing.

Working in the music department meant he heard a range of vocals all the time but hearing Jimin right there and then... “Shit,” he mumbled, unable to pull his eyes away.
Jimin blushed and ducked his head but continued to sing quietly. The note was low, slowly drawn out before he pressed his lips together. "Well," he said, clearing his throat. "I better finish cleaning up."

Before he could disappear, Yoongi grabbed his wrist.
"Jimin-ah," he said quietly. "I think... I think you need to sing for me again."


"No, not just now." Yoongi shook his head then tilted it back to look up at Jimin. "Definitely not just now," he whispered.

Jimin's lips parted as his eyes flickered. "Not just now?"
Yoongi bit his lip, hating that his mind was jumping to Hoseok's words. "For a while," he said quietly. "Maybe a little longer than a while."

A soft smile spread across Jimin's face. "Are you asking me what I think you're asking, hyung?"
"If I am, what would you say?" Yoongi asked, slipping his hand down Jimin's wrist to slip their fingers together. He gently rubbed his thumb against the soft skin, focusing on that instead of meeting Jimin's eye.

"I think..." Jimin paused then giggled. "I'd say yes."
Yoongi's lips parted before he grinned, all teeth and gums, unable to stop himself. "Really?"

"Really," Jimin said, squeezing his fingers. "But, I really should finish cleaning before hyung comes back and throws cakes at me."

"Can I eat them instead?" he asked, winking.
Jimin swooped forward and pressed a light kiss to Yoongi's cheek before scuttling away. "You're cute when you blush, hyung!" he called before the kitchen door shut.

There was a brief moment where time seemed to still around him before he heard a snigger. "That was cute," Jin-
commented, plump lips spreading into a smirk.

"How long was you there?"

"For such broad shoulders, no one ever seems to see me," Jin whined, resting his hip against the table. "You two are sickeningly sweet for only meeting once before."
Yoongi's eyes jumped to the kitchen door before he looked up at Jin. "I'd like to think we're cute."

"You're different," Jin said, folding his arms over his chest. "Nothing like I expected."

"What do you mean?" Yoongi narrowed his eyes, a bad feeling beginning to spread.
Jin sighed. "Tae spoke about you and made you sound like this small kitten that needed help but then you act all smooth..." Jin frowned, noticing Yoongi's expression.

"Tae spoke about me," Yoongi stated, watching as Jin tried to get away. "Jin-ssi, what else did Tae say?"
"You can call me hyung," Jin offered but Yoongi simply narrowed his eyes. "Fine. Tae mentioned you one day and thought that it would be a good idea to let you and Jimin meet."

"He organised this." Yoongi covered his face and groaned. "Why did Jimin pretend not to know him?"
"Believable," Jin said quickly, noticing the door moving. "Jimin-ah! You can head out early."

"I can stay," he said, eyes flicking between the two of them. Jin rolled his eyes and gestured to the door. "Are you sure?"

"I'll change my mind," he threatened before looking at-
Yoongi. "Take him on a date. You look acceptable enough for one."

"Was I just insulted?" he whispered to Jimin as they headed towards the door.

"I don't think you want to know." Jimin smiled and slipped his fingers into Yoongi's, squeezing before pushing into the evening.
They walked along, Yoongi's bag bouncing against his hip while Jimin swung their hands. "This is... nice," Jimin commented.

"Tae told you about me," he said, unable to stop himself. Jimin looked up sharply before sighing. "It's true."

Jimin nodded. "He mentioned you."
"How often?"

"You're his best friend." Jimin loosened his fingers but Yoongi held on. "He mentioned you a few times, he said that we should meet."

"What did you say to that?"

"I knew enough about you to say yes." Jimin pulled them to the side of the road and bit his lip. "I-
"I liked what I heard. I'm sorry, hyung," he murmured. "I felt like I knew you, that's why I jumped and called you hyung-"

"I don't mind." Yoongi shook his head. "It's okay, really."

"I shouldn't have lied. Tae shouldn't have lied."

"Hoseok knew," he grunted, groaning.
"I don't know about that," Jimin said, shaking his head. "But I shouldn't have pretended not to know Tae. I just... I didn't want this to be influenced by yours and Tae's friendship, or mine and his friendship."

Yoongi sighed and stepped back, thinking.
It was hard to ignore Jimin's face falling but Yoongi shook his head. "I hate Tae sometimes," he said, reaching out for Jimin again. "He should've just introduced us instead."

Jimin nodded quickly. "I know! I'm sorry, hyung."

"Tae's plans rarely work out you know."
"Yeah, I should have guessed that," Jimin muttered. He peeked up through his lashes at Yoongi, lip between his teeth. "Are we good, hyung?"

A long drawn out sigh made Jimin's shoulders droop but he smiled and shook his head. "Come on, let's go on that date, Jiminie."
• tomorrow will be their date night~ goodnight lovelies •
It didn’t take long for Yoongi to realise they were just walking, no idea where they could go in mind. “Uh...” Yoongi quickly looked around. “Is there-?”

“Jin-hyung pulled some strings at a place his friend owns. We can eat there, if you want,” Jimin said, flashing a smile.
Yoongi's shoulders sagged. "That sounds good. Lead the way."

With a grin, Jimin tugged on their linked hands. "You'll love the food, hyung. Jin-hyung knows the best people."

"Who is Jin exactly?"

"Co-owner," Jimin said, looking both ways before crossing the road. "With my-
brother," he added. "They went to college together and decided to open the business when they graduated."

"You want your own place though?" Yoongi asked curiously.

Jimin nodded. "I love my brother and Jinnie-hyung but I'd love to go into a shop one day and know it's mine."
Yoongi pulled Jimin closer to him as they reached the busy main road and breathed out slowly when Jimin smiled widely. "You want to bake everything?"

"Yeah," he said, nodding his head enthusiastically. "I baked all the time with Jinnie-hyung. I want to make them proud."
"I bet they would be," Yoongi murmured, keeping his eye on Jimin as he pushed open the door to a small restaurant. "This place looks amazing."

"Hyung!" Yoongi jumped, head whipping to look at Jimin but he realised he wasn't the hyung being called. "Did Jinnie-hyung phone you?"
The boy nodded and grinned widely, two dimples showing. "I have a table for you in the back."

They followed behind him and took a seat opposite each other at the table. "I love what you've done, hyung," Jimin said, eyes drinking everything in. "Oh! Hyung, this is Namjoonie."
'Namjoonie' looked at Yoongi curiously before holding his hand out. "Namjoon," he corrected. "You must be Yoongi. Jin-hyung told me," he added when Yoongi raised his eyebrow."That you two are on a date right now."

Yoongi blushed and ducked his head but Jimin's giggle warmed him.
"Go embarrass someone else," Jimin said, lightly pushing on Namjoon's arm.

"Call me if you need anything," Namjoon told them, patting Jimin's shoulder but slinking away, leaving them to look at each other quietly.

"They met in college," Jimin supplied when they picked up
their menus. "Been friends for years. Jin-hyung convinced him to open this place and now it's one of the best in the area."

Yoongi chuckled, hearing the pride in Jimin's voice. "That's pretty cool," he said, making Jimin nod. "So, cooking is a big thing in your friend group."
"Sort of?" Jimin rested his elbow on the table as he hummed. "We all love cooking or baking but some of my friends are dancers too."

"Wait, really?" Jimin cocked his head to the side, eyebrows pinched. "My friend is a dancer. It's a small circle, you might know him too."
"Ah, Tae's... friend." Jimin rubbed his jaw. "Seokie?"


"Yeah, that's it. He mentioned him being a dancer but we haven't spent any time together. I'd like to meet him, see what our styles are like together."
Yoongi shrugged as he fiddled with the fork on the table. "I'll introduce you some time."

A waitress appeared before Jimin could respond. "Can I get you something to drink?" she asked, smiling politely. They ordered and watched her leave with a nod.
"So, you make music," Jimin began, brushing his fingers through his hair. "Do you perform or just make it?"

Yoongi nibbled his bottom lip as he thought. "Sometimes yes to both. I don't perform often but I do sometimes, with Hoseok."
"Where do you perform?" Jimin asked, leaning forward, eyes sparkling in the soft lighting.

"Clubs," he said, shrugging. "Tae finds us places sometimes. He likes to go out with our other friend, Kookie, and recommends the best to us."

"That sounds fun," Jimin murmured.
Yoongi watched him curiously, wondering why he had a faraway look in his eye. "Tae likes introducing people to new places, new experiences," Yoongi said slowly, watching Jimin's eyes flick up. "I bet he'd love the company one night."

"You think so?" he asked, lips twitching.
"I'd happily give you my place," Yoongi said, grinning. "Ask him to show you a place and you'll never be left alone."

"My hours doesn't leave much time for much," Jimin said in way of explanation. "I spend time with Jinnie-hyung and the others but I rarely go out."
"I should warn you," Yoongi began, leaning closer. "Once you invite Tae into your life, he doesn't leave you alone. I tried shaking the brat years ago but he's still here."

"He's your best friend," Jimin commented, laughing.

"He is," Yoongi said, nodding with a smile.
After they had their drinks and placed their order, they settled into small talk, discussing what their likes and dislikes were until Jimin giggled and covered his mouth when Yoongi stopped mid-sentence to stare at him. "I'm sorry," he said quickly, shaking his hands in front of
his body. "I just..." He sighed and bit his lip. "I loved the look on your face then I realised how silly that thought was."

"The look on my face?"

"When you talk about playing the piano or creating music, you just look so... happy."

"It must be the same look you get."
"When I talk about baking?" Jimin asked, making Yoongi nod. "Yeah, Jin-hyung told me that before."

Yoongi leaned back and watched Jimin for a moment. "I love the way your eyes light up," he said softly. "The way your lips twitch before you start smiling."
Jimin's cheeks suddenly heated up, the red blush working it's way across his soft skin until it reached his ears. "And that," Yoongi murmured. "The way your body responds to words."

There was a moment where Jimin's eyes darted to his before he looked away, clearing his throat.
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Luckily, he was saved from having to respond when their food was placed in front of them. Yoongi winked at Jimin, enjoying the soft pink that refused to budge from his cheeks.

"Hyung," he whined, covering his face. "I need to eat, I can't do that with you looking at me."
Yoongi chuckled and looked down at his plate, taking his time to eat a few bites before looking at Jimin again. "I think... this is amazing," Yoongi said, eyelids fluttering shut as he groaned. "Why have I never tried this place before?"

"We can come back," Jimin commented
casually, eyes flickering up to his before looking away. "If you want."

"Well, the food is good..." Yoongi grinned when Jimin's head snapped up, the pout on his lips making Yoongi's stomach clench. "And the company."
The pout slipped away instantly, giving way to the largest smile Yoongi had ever seen. "Really?"

"Really." Yoongi reached over and lightly brushed his fingers against Jimin's before sitting back. "If you aren't busy, we can do something after this too."
Jimin cocked his head to the side as he chewed. "What?"

"We could go for a walk, get a drink, see a movie," Yoongi offered, shrugging. It was hard to keep eye contact with Jimin as he beamed - he was too beautiful, it was unfair. "If you want to," he added quietly.
"That sounds like three separate dates," Jimin commented, lips twitching.

"You want to go on three more dates?"

"Three dates sound good to me," Jimin murmured, glancing over Yoongi before smirking. Yoongi's eyebrow raised, feeling something tingle in his stomach.
A few beats passed before Jimin laughed, shaking his head. "That wasn't subtle. But going for a walk would be nice. I love walking by the river after dinner."

"Me too," Yoongi said, smiling. "Anything to prolong the date."

Instantly, Jimin blushed but his lip didn't waver.
They didn't take long to finish their food and for Yoongi to pay without Jimin realising. "I didn't want you to pay," Jimin whined, shoving Yoongi's shoulder as they stood by the door, pulling their coats on.

"You can get the next one."

"We're walking along the river, what
exactly am I paying for?" Jimin grumbled but he stopped when Yoongi wrapped his arm around Jimin's shoulders. "I better say bye to Namjoonie."

Yoongi watched as Jimin bounced away, his chest tightening. It was strange, how sudden everything was, how fast his feelings appeared.
He rubbed his chest, right over his heart, and bit his lip. There was something about the younger boy that made him feel soft, made him want to protect him at all costs, make sure he was always happy.
"Sap," Yoongi mumbled, snorting. A passing waitress glanced at him but he turned away. "Ready to go?" he asked, spotting Jimin approaching.

"Namjoonie wants to say goodbye," he said, rocking on the balls of his feet. "He'll be out in a moment."
They stood in silence, Yoongi's panic setting into his bones, confused why Jimin's friend wanted to say goodbye to him too.

He didn't have to worry for long though, Namjoon appeared a few minutes later, wide smile across his lips. "You're leaving so soon."
"We wanted to walk along the river, hyung," Jimin told him, rolling his eyes but smiling. "We can't stay here forever."

"I didn't even get to talk to Yoongi-ssi," Namjoon complained, patting Jimin's shoulder before shoving him over. "So, Yoongi-ssi."

"Um, hyung," Yoongi offered
Namjoon grinned widely. "Hyung. So, tell me about yourself."

"Oh my god."

They both ignored him as Yoongi raised his eyebrows at Namjoon. "I didn't know we were going on a date, Namjoon."

"I'd be a great date," Namjoon said, shrugging. "But I need to know who our little
Minnie is dating."

"Oh my god," Jimin whispered, smacking Namjoon's arm.

"Well, I'm a music student," Yoongi said, rubbing his jaw. "I make music and I'd love for your, um, Minnie to feature on my next song that I'm submitting for my final project."

"Really." Namjoon nodded slowly. "He is a good singer. What else?"

"Well," Yoongi hesitated and looked at Jimin. "I'm currently living on my best friend's sofa because I don't have my own place. But I'm hoping I'll have my own place soon," he added.
"My songs don't too bad popularity wise so, you know, money."

"Where can I listen to your stuff?"

"You want to listen to my music?"

"Namjoonie makes music too," Jimin butted in, shushed instantly by Namjoon. "Joonie, come on. I want to continue our date."
"I didn't know we were on a date," Namjoon said, glancing briefly at Jimin before looking at Yoongi again. "Send me a link. I'll listen to it later. I need to see whether you deserve Minnie's vocals."

"You'll be hearing, not seeing," Yoongi commented before looking at Jimin.
"Sorry, let's go, Jiminie," he said, wincing when the nickname left his lips. Jimin grinned and tugged on his hand quickly. Yoongi wasn't going to say no to that smile. "Jimin can send you the link. Bye, Joonie!" he called, grinning before they disappeared through the door.
• time to hit pause. I hope you enjoyed this update. Goodnight lovelies. •
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