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Thread/Rant: So McRaven Wants His Own Security Clearance Revoked?

1. It’s been all over the news: the SEAL admiral the “oversaw” the 2011 Navy SEAL raid in Pakistan the killed Osama bin Laden comes out in support of John Brennan(!).
2. Brennan, of course, had his security clearances revoked by the Trump Administration on Wednesday. Despite the near-uniform caterwauling the bought-and-paid-for legacy media about how “wrong” @POTUS was to do this, there were indeed AMPLE reasons.
3. This opinion piece lays out some of the rationale; I suspect we’ll find out a lot more reasons before we’re through with Brennan as evidence of the seditious conspiracy continues to come out. Here are a couple of excerpts:
4. “Brennan, who now works as a national security analyst for MSNBC and NBC News and frequently appears on TV, has no business browsing through our country’s most important and sensitive national security secrets.”
5. “Clearance to classified information is granted based on a “need to know.” Brennan has none, so there was no reason to allow him continued access. He does have a long pattern of misuse of his authority and lying about it.”
6. “Extending Brennan’s clearance was a privilege no longer justified by any value he provides to the government. His unhinged rants against President Trump would land any serving clearance holder with a suspension and possibly even a referral for psychiatric evaluation.”
7. “These include an unfounded claim on television that President Trump is being blackmailed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying the Russians ‘may have something’ on President Trump, and tweets that do not represent the communications of a stable person.”
8. “Brennan is widely believed to have been a source for media outlets reporting on the Trump-Russia faux scandal. If Brennan leaked classified information, that would be cause enough take away his clearance.”
9. And there is more; read it here:…
10. The Democrats and their paid media stooges are of course up in arms about the “unprecedented nature” of the “unhinged Trump’s act”, and they have dragged out the usual Uniparty apparatchiks to denounce the revocation of Brennan’s clearances.
11. One of those stooges is ADM William McRaven, former commander of the US Joint Special Operations Command from 2011 through 2014. Also, as were many during the Obama years, a “political admiral.” Excerpts from his WaPo opinion piece:
12. Brennan “is one of the finest public servants I have ever known. Few Americans have done more to protect this country than John. He is a man of unparalleled integrity, whose honesty and character have never been in question, except by those who don’t know him.”
13. “Therefore, I would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well, so I can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency.”
14. He then proceeds to deride @POTUS: “Your leadership, however, has shown little of these qualities. Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation.”
15. “If you think for a moment that your McCarthy-era tactics will suppress the voices of criticism, you are sadly mistaken.”

I think McRaven just made Trump’s Schadenfreude List (this list is GREAT, by the way; you need to check it out!):…
16. Some questions jump right out awaiting to be answered:
a. Does McRaven REALLY believe Brennan is honorable given what we’ve learned about Brennan’s sedition in the open press?
b. Did someone with leverage place pressure on him to write his opinion piece attacking @POTUS?
16. (cont'd)
c. Why did McRaven attack @POTUS now specifically when he’s has been relatively quiet on the political front until this editorial?
17. My guess at the answers:
a. No.
b. Yes; Obama.
c. The Deep State and seditious cabal are desperate to thwart their coming full exposure and prosecutions that will follow.
18. By the way, a bunch of other members of the cabal are due to lose their clearances when the time ir right, too: Comey, McCabe, Yates, Ohr, Strzok, Page, other names you know, and some names about which we’ll soon learn.
19. As for McRaven et al, how does it occur to these SOBs that they get TS or TS/SCI clearances for life? And in all of these cases just so they can make mischief on the President. Absurd. What did they forget about ‘need to know’?
20. This isn’t about ‘need to know’. It’s about violating the security of the nation for the sake of vanity and politics. And we wonder why junior SEALs all go Hollywood, and spill their guts, compromising tactics and operations!
21. To underscore how toxic and leftist our military “leadership” has become under the execrable Obama, just read McRaven’s screed in its entirety for an exemplar:…
22. Those without a background in SOF will have been impressed by McRaven, the “mastermind” behind the Bin Laden mission (a glorified home invasion at best).
23. In truth, he is a sissified, incompetent buffoon who was responsible for wasting $100M on a cartoonish development effort (“TALOS”) while commander of USSOCOM.…
24. He went on to thoroughly botch things at the University of Texas while being lavishly remunerated for his incompetence (against campus carry, among other things while serving as UT chancellor).…
25. All this could be forgiven, but his leftist, anti-Trump hysterics cannot. He is to be publicly shamed and then ignored. ///The end.
Addendum: It was disgraceful for a ret'd FOGO to personally insult a sitting president like he did. Pls grant him his wish, @POTUS , and revoke his security clearances!
Addendum #2: This is a reminder of who and what Brennan is (the most partisan CIA director in history!) from a former CIA ops and case officer:…
Addendum #3: Here is a possible answer to the question in tweet 16b (Did someone with leverage place pressure on him to write his opinion piece attacking @POTUS?).
A3.1: ADM William H. McRaven, was the Commander of the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) from 2011 to 2014. And John Brennan was Oama’s Counterterrorism Advisor and later CIA Director. They both worked together under Obama.
A3.2 11-12 Sep 2012: the attack against two United States government facilities in Benghazi, Libya, by members of the Islamic militant group Ansar al-Sharia resulted in the killing of the US Ambassador and three US Nationals.
A3.3 Question: what was JSOC’s role before, during and after the attack?
A3.4. A recently released book on the Benghazi attack in Libya concludes the killing of U.S. Amb. Stevens and three others was in part blowback for a secret assassination operation run in North Africa by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and John Brennan.
A3.5 According to that book “Benghazi: The Definitive Report,” President Obama’s counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, and JSOC commander, Admiral Bill McRaven, were running “off the books” unilateral operations in North Africa.…
A3.6. These ops were not coordinated through the Pentagon or other governmental agencies, including the CIA. Ambassador Stevens was reportedly never informed about these operations. Ok, you fill in the missing pieces. McRaven and Brennan surely have “BLOOD” on their hands.
A3.7 This would be incredible leverage for Obama, don’t you think? It also indicates to me that Obama and the rest of the cabal are really getting desperate! Excellent, as desperate characters make serious mistakes, and people are watching! #MAGA
Addendum 4: You just knew this was coming. In response to McRaven’s editorial rant in support of Brennan and trashing @POTUS yesterday, my man Ray Starmann wrote an open letter to the admiral that is brilliant! Some excerpts:
A.4.1 “Your OPED yesterday, which was picked up by every liberal media outlet in the country, was sadly indicative of the current state of mind of many of our nation’s recently retired and active duty senior military leaders.”
A.4.2 “The man whom you describe as being a cross between George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Theresa is a deep state hack; who, along with other Obama holdouts, is openly and aggressively pursuing a coup d’etat against the current President of the United States….”
A.4.3 “What you call unparalleled integrity, I call honest to goodness treason.”
A.4.4 “Former CIA director Brennan, whom you state has honesty and character authorized the CIA to spy on American citizens, tried to rig a Presidential election and then lied to Congress about that spying.”
A.4.5 “A man you claim has unparalleled integrity was caught fabricating stories about attacks on US personnel in Libya and providing weapons to ISIS backed militias in Syria.”
A.4.6 “Mr. Brennan also voted once for a communist candidate. How Mr. Brennan was hired as DCI after voting for a communist and why you support a man who once did, is a mystery to everyone but you and God.”
A.4.7 “As you know sir, on the security clearance form, Question 29 reads, ‘have you ever supported overthrowing the U.S. Government?’”
A.4.8 “I think it’s more than apparent, from his nightly rantings on CNN to his Twitter expletives that John Brennan supports over-throwing the President and the current cabinet members of the US government.”
A.4.9 “Your generation of senior leaders sold and is selling out the nation’s defense to the highest bidder and that bidder is social engineering and leftist ideology.”
A.4.10 “You and your generation of leftist senior leaders have allowed our military to be destroyed for the greater glory of pensions, Tricare and political power, national security be damned.”
A.4.11 And there is much, MUCH more in this OUTSTANDING response to McRaven’s editorial, including an evisceration of Obama! Please do yourself a favor and read the rest here:…
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