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1) Mankind has commenced #TheGreatAwakening. Dark forces are losing their power over human thinking.

Consider that we are subjects of an elaborate MIND CONTROL PROGRAM which controls human thinking, blinding us to the truth about us.

Would you like to learn how to disconnect?
2) Narratives of truth are fed to us constantly, mainly via the mainstream media (MSM). These story-lines are so subtle that we no longer see them as sinister. We enjoy information and becoming knowledgeable and so we agree to play their game.

MIND CONTROL feels good and safe.
3) Our consciousness has been placed inside a collective hive mind, or an egregore, which informs us and manipulates our behaviour.

Step 1 is to realise this entrapment.
Step 2 is to disconnect from it.
4) MIND CONTROL leaves patterns which influence our decisions, impacting families, relationships, education systems and government.

This shift requires more discipline than turning off the TV.

In our slumber, we trusted MSM to be reliable informants. Maybe they never were?
5) Evil forces use MSM to broadcast self-perpetuating feedback loops which powerfully engage our minds. This PROGRAM interacts with our free will.

Was the ultimate intent of democracy to dumb us down into group minds, simplifying their ability to control mass thinking?
6) A famous Anon said, “We have forgotten how to play”. This is a Q worth asking.

Words create reality. Spoken intentions form a consciousness that flows through the earth. Speech embodies energy that is never lost. Evil knows this and desperately hides it from us.
7) MSM repeats it’s truths over and over, reinforcing it as REMEMBERED TRUTH. Information that arrives via MEMORY is far more powerful than hearing something for the first time. This is because we more readily believe what feels familiar to us.

This is full-blown propaganda.
8) The MSM is about unbridled control.

The fruit of this has never been more evident than around Donald Trump, where just the mention of his name can invoke anger. This is because evil forces have loaded a very powerful memory into human consciousness to try and destroy him.
9) WHAT informs our beliefs? Could it be a planted MEMORY?

Repeated truth creates feedback loops because we enjoy the feeling of recognising things. We call it acquired knowledge. It may be a lie, but if it is declared enough, we eventually process it as RECOGNITION.
10) Repetition encodes something as familiar, making it feel true. The feedback loop is a fake memory engaging with what we hear.

The human mind no longer searches for things it hasn't known. It is in a never-ending loop, judging planted memories to be either true or false.
11) Why does MSM keeps repeating lies? Are they planting memories into a MIND CONTROL PROGRAM?

Loading the grids of consciousness in this way creates a powerful illusion of truth, but it is fake. Memories are being planted by people who don’t have our best interests at heart.
12) Corporations use this power to influence our spending. Govt controls our behaviour.

The hive minds of many egregore now exist everywhere, telling us what to think and what is true.

These hive minds are becoming angry as we challenge their authority to define what is true.
13) People get triggered with anger when new truth is presented as a possibility.

Darkness squeals in the presence of light.

Understanding the patterns of the egregore is the key to being FREE from its hold over us.
14) Think of our mind as an antennae, where repetitive storey-lines are embedding lies into our awareness. As more people believe, the more it becomes true.

These are memories about events which we never experienced. Most of what we know lives within an egregore.
15) I am not saying it is all untrue, but there is much that we should challenge.
Religion and education plays its part, but MSM leads the charge.

We have paid money to install TV in our homes and on our phones. It speaks to us in shopping centres and at gas stations.
16) Disney and Hollywood use these techniques to create fake memories of paedophilia and sexual activity in the minds of children so that it is slowly normalised.

This MIND CONTROL creates familiarity, influencing what kids will believe to be appropriate.
17) Notice that MSM is extremely declarative, never departing from their scripts.

Do they use repetition to powerfully plant a memory? Why do they only reference truth in order to declare its danger or stupidity?

Is there a chance they are involved in MIND CONTROL?
18) Declared truth invites us into belief, which requires us to use our memory. This is the noose of capture. This is the point that the MIND CONTROL PROGRAM connects directly into our consciousness.

We’ve been well trained to believe or disbelieve everything we hear.
19) The PROGRAM asks us to find a trusted informant. MSM argues they can be trusted, while those that disagree are conspiracy theorists.

Finding a new informant is simply changing the scenery within their PROGRAM. Search within.

This awakening is powerful. We control narrative.
20) Memory is only necessary for survival.

We now come to the idea that memories of things we did not experience may not be real. This is not to say that events didn’t happen but history is processed through belief-filters that are given to us. The 9-11 event is a good example.
21) The contextual truth around 9-11 is a powerfully PLANTED narrative. It planted new words into global narrative.

Truth continuously calls for LIGHT to illuminate it. Conversely, the presence of evil engages darkness to DISTRACT and DISTORT so that truth isn’t discovered.
22) LIGHT continues conversations about what may be true. DARKNESS will always ACCUSE, DISTRACT, DISTORT and DEMEAN. Darkness ends discussion.

Their unique energy is obvious. One seeks to explore, while the other commands that we believe what we were told.
23) Evil’s final resistance will try and tell us that our memories of their evil are not real.

Because we have a free will, we can only be controlled if we agree to be.
Choosing to be free is the first step towards understanding how we are trapped.

Explore your memories.
24) Memories should never inform our creations. We are designed to be powerful creators away from old narratives of imperfection and inability.

It would be easy to blame evil for all of this, but the best way out of the PROGRAM is to accept that we created it and agreed to it.
25) We don’t kill their PROGRAM, we just peacefully walk away.

Spiritual maturity is the key to this shift.

The good news is #WWG1WGA
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