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Yoonmin ABO AU

Thing aren't rainbows and unicorns for Omega Park Jimin. He is broke, left alone, hates his job, and fails to win the dance off he's been preparing for months. The only thing that can keep him happy is nesting and its new addition - a sweater from an unknown Alpha
Jimin heaved a big sigh, heavy and weary. The Omega was stressed and extremely upset. He was dragging his legs across the pavement, completely ignoring the drizzling rain that soon turned into a heavy summer rain.
Jimin cursed his bad luck, quickly making his way to the bus stop he was heading to. It was cramped with other people seeking temporary shelter from the rain.
The Omega wished for a vacant seat to rest his tired bum but he was left standing at the edge of the stop, slightly exposed to the rain, making his already soaking shirt wetter.
Luckily enough, he didn't have to wait long as his bus arrived so soon, ready to accept passengers. Out of all people crowding the stop, only Jimin and two other people boarding the bus, with Jimin sandwiched between them.
Jimin passed his bus card, only to receive an error beep and light red flickering.

"Oh?" The Omega wavered, panic rising in his throat.

"You don't have credits anymore, pup?" The driver, an Omega just like him, asked.
"Hold on." Jimin frantically searched for any money he had in his sweaterpants and bag pockets, but to no avail. He didn't have his wallet because just like the pockets, it was empty so he left it on his vanity this morning.
"Can't allow you to board without paying," the driver sadly watched Jimin before nodding to the person behind him, "you can reload at the nearest 7 Eleven and wait for the next bus." He suggested.
But Jimin couldn't afford to do that because he had no money at all. The Omega dejectedly slumped his shoulders as he decided to walk for an hour in the rain to his home. He was leaving but he felt a gentle tug at his wrist, twice beeping and a voice saying, "I paid for two."
The bus had many empty seats but Jimin found himself sitting together with the stranger who was kind enough to pay for his fare. He threw his gaze to the scenery outside the window though he couldn't see anything due to the rain.
"Thank you. How can I repay you?" The Omega knew it was rude not to speak directly to the addressed person, especially to an Alpha, but Jimin really couldn't afford any human interaction at the moment, his mind focused on getting home and building his comfy nest.
"It's okay, you don't have to do anything." The Alpha replied.

The conversation ended there as none was bothered to keep it going and Jimin was grateful for it. He rested his head against the window, watching the water droplets as he let out a shaky breath,-
- all while trembling in cold. He should've dressed in more layers instead of one shirt that was now drenched in rain.

Jimin knew he was entering sleep, the most vulnerable state one could be in, and he caught the wafting scent close to him.
The kind stranger. Alpha. Coffee. /Smells good./

And Jimin fell asleep in the comfort of the scent, potent in the air even after the Alpha had hopped off,
Jimin woke up from his short nap right before the bus halted for the last stop - his stop. He felt his aching body screaming for rest but not before he felt warmer than he should be, considering how drenched he was.
And he smelled the same bitter coffee, strong but also sweet, and reminded him of his late night coffee in college. He looked around and noticed only him and one other passenger left. The Alpha from before had gone but his scent was potent and hadn't dissipated.
The Omega looked down then and shock flashed in his expression when he noticed he was draped in a brown sweater that was certainly wasn't his. He took a whiff and scent of coffee bombarded his olfactory senses, almost making him light-headed and he sighed in content.
Jimin abruptly stopped when he realized he shouldn't stuck his nose deeper into the fabric. The sweater was a stranger's, someone he would never meet again yet he was already invested in the softness of the fabric and the heavenly smell of coffee.
'Oh no.' Jimin was horrified, 'this is bad.'

The Omega couldn't stop questioning his bad luck the entire week as he walked home and to top it off he was wearing a sweater from unknown Alpha that smelled good, and though Jimin didn't want to get attached to the cloth,-
- he couldn't find it in him to shrug it off for it offered warmth that was very needed for Jimin to walk through the chilly air.
Jimin was convinced that everything would be fine and fall into motion once he reached his apartment complex, but of fucking course, fate hated him. The elevator that worked fine this morning was jammed, and Jimin's apartment was on sixth floor.
He screamed out of anger and frustration, probably startling the Alpha guard in his small booth, before storming off to climb up the stairs.

The Omega was out of breath when he arrived at his front door. He fumbled with the keys, pushed the door open-
- and when cold air hit him, he instantly remembered that he was alone due to his ex-housemate had moved out to settle down with his mate.

Arriving to a quiet and lonely home after an exhausting day that left him spent was all Jimin needed to burst out crying.
He took his time in the hot shower, soothing his sore muscles after strenuous activities of the day, all while salty tears flowing freely down his face, mixed with the tap water from the shower.
In his comfy cotton white shirt, black shorts and ankle-high brown socks, the Omega started to build his long anticipated nest. He pulled out all soft blankets and comforters in the closet, all feathery pillows he had and his favorite clothes.
He gathered everything on his bed built in between walls and pushed against a window. Jimin lined up the pillows against the hard walls before covering them with the blankets and comforters as well as the clothes.
The Omega indecisively changing the arrangement until he sighed in satisfaction. He finally rested his back on the bed, wrapping his tiny body in the blanket and cuddled his favorite plushie since he was a pup, and tried to fall asleep.

But something was lacking.
Jimin didn't feel as calm as he was supposed to be so he grabbed a scented candle from the drawer of his nightstand, lit it up and gradually the room was potent in vanilla, Jimin's own scent.

Still, it wasn't enough.
The Omega grew restless as he snuggled deeper into the blanket. He had everything he needed: his soft fabrics, his plushie and even his socks warming up his feet, yet he wanted more. He wanted something else.
He forced his body to rise then. Maybe he should brew some hot tea like Taehyung always did for both of them when they couldn't get any forty winks, and it worked every time.

One step of the room, Jimin smelled it.
A faint one but strong enough to divert the Omega's attention from the kitchen to the hanger near the door. The coffee-scented sweater.
Jimin had hung it there to dry before slipping into the shower and completely forgotten. The Omega subconsciously gravitated to the brown sweater, picked it up and sniffing the fabric. It was as if freshly brewed coffee spilled on the cloth.

Jimin loved it a little bit too much.
Admittedly, Jimin felt horrible for bringing an unknown piece of cloth into his nest but he couldn't fight the urge to be enclosed by the scent. He settled in his pile of blankets again, this time with two scents mixed perfectly together in the air.
Where the plushie had been, it was replaced by the sweater. The Omega kept it close to his chest, nose buried in the soft fabric and he purred in content.

Jimin's eyes were getting heavier and the last thing crossed his mind before he fell dead to the world was vanilla latte.
Jimin was woken by bright sunlight making its way through the curtains. He felt warm, but not hot enough to discard the blankets wrapping his tiny figure. He pushed away the curtain to overlook the late morning scenery unfurled before him.
The Omega was greeted by birds chirping in the sunny weather, unlike yesterday where everything was glum and gloomy. He instantly felt better as he let his skin bathed in the warm beams, taking in the vitamin D as his Biology lecturer once said.
His hand slithered on the bed, searching for his phone that he put on silent last night. There were three missed calls and several messages, all from Taehyung, his best friend slash his previous housemate.
Just before Jimin could tap on the green button, the screen changed into telling him about incoming call from Taehyung. He gladly answered.

“Jimin!” Taehyung shouted over the phone causing Jimin to flinch.
He was bombarded with strings of questions from the other Omega before he could calm his friend down.

“Where are you? Are you okay? Why are you not answering my calls and messages? How was the match?”


“Oh my god, I should be there with you. I’m your best friend but-
- I didn’t go to support your first dance off! Oh Jiminnie I’m so sorry I didn’t-“

“Kim Taehyung!” Jimin raised his voice, and the line went silent as death. He sighed before assuring his friend that he need not to worry about him, “I’m home, so save all the concerns.”
Taehyung hummed, relief in his deep voice. “How was the match? You win?”

“No, Tae.” Jimin answered with a small voice, eyes started to water when he recalled the result and what caused it. He was beyond embarrassed but he couldn't dwell on the past.
“Are you okay? Oh I should be there too and hug you a lot. Are you nesting? Is it okay without me? Oh I shouldn’t move out so soon if I knew this would happen-”

“I’m fine, Kim Taehyung!” Jimin huffed.
Though JImin was nowhere near fine, being constantly worried was something he abhorred.

Jimin turned to lay on his right side and a piece of cloth slid off his chest. It was the sweater. Jimin had slept all night with it, enclosed by its scent that was still strong this morning,
not giving any sign it will fade off soon. He was about to tell Taehyung about the sweater, and all the details of last night but the Omega cut him off.

“Anyway Jimin, I’m calling you to tell that we found a new housemate for you!” He eagerly said.

“He’s Jungkook’s friend! Was looking for a place to stay near to his work.” Taehyung explained, the eagerness in his voice hadn't wear off.

“What is his rank?” Jimin asked the only question that mattered.
“Omega of course! Can’t have you bunk with alpha, god knows they’re the worst.” Taehyung dramatically whispered the last words causing giggles to erupt from Jimin.

Jimin then caught loud protest in the background, probably Jungkook groaning in annoyance. Taehyung laughed then-
- and said, “except you, babe!”

Jimin laughed at the couple’s daily bicker. How the Omega wished romance like his two friends.
"Back to where we were," Taehyung's laughter had subsided as it took form into more serious notes, "he said he'd like to see the house tomorrow. I'll text you his details later though I reckon he'd text you first."

"Thank you, Taehyungie." Jimin gratefully thanked him.
"Hey, I can't let you live alone. You're one needy Omega and every one knows that."

Jimin flushed red, stuttering as he spoke, "s-shut up!"

"I will never let it die down Park Jimin."

"Shut up!" Jimin grunted, bringing the sweater close to his face, sniffing the coffee scent.
Jimin hated how the scent calmed him down almost instantly. To be dependent on a scent that Jimin knew nothing about its owner had never been in his mind when he was asked "where do you see yourself in five years?" for his job interview. Yet here he was, scenting the sweater.
Again, the Omega was about to narrate his eventful night but Taehyung beat him to it.

"Jiminnie, I have to go now. I'm sorry I can't stick around this time, we have a plane to catch. Talk to you later?"


"I love you! Jungkook says he loves you too!"

"Me too."
And the line went flat.

Jimin curled himself deeper into the nest, his back squishing the pillows lining up the walls as he kept the brown sweater under his nose, inhaling the bitter yet sweet scent of coffee. The Omega was fucked up and he knew it.
He knew this will lead him nowhere near heaven, in fact he was striding to hell because as soon as the scent fade off, he had no clue where to find the owner and Jimin will live the rest of his life insatiate.
The thought frightened him, but as much as he tried no to get attached by cuddling with his plushie instead, he would always come back to the fabric.
Jimin stayed cuddling and scenting his soft and comfy blankets and pillows until late noon where his stomach grumbled, asking for food. He left his sanctuary memontarily to cook fast and easy recipe which he decided on one pan mixed rice.
As the Omega waited for his rice to cook in the oven, his phone dinged. It was a text from an unknown number that Jimin reckoned must be his new housemate's. His gut was right when he read the text saying,

'Is this Park Jimin? I'm Hoseok, your new housemate.'
Jimin quickly replied,

'Yes! Hello Hoseok-ssi.'

Jimin got a reply in a second.

'Hello to you too Jimin-ssi. So I was wondering if I can drop by the house tomorrow?'

Jimin took out his bowl of mixed rice from the oven, his hands were covered by thick mittens.
He took a bite of the dish as he typed a short reply,


His phone dinged several times indicating Hoseok's replies. It was full with emojis which made Jimin at ease as he vaguely convinced his new housemate was easy going and they would click well together.
The rest of the day was uneventful. The Omega was tucked in his nest, coffee-scented brown sweater close to his chest, laptop showing latest series on Netflix and half-finished ice-cream tub by his right.
He fell asleep dreaming about a boy sipping vanilla latte in a cafe, his expression was soft and warm as he met eyes with Jimin.
The next day was stormy with lightning and thunder racing with each ofher. A perfect day to laze around in his nest while drinking hot chocolate as he threw his gaze to the rain came crashing down the pavement.
Jimin was surprised by the door bell and he instantly remembered that Hoseok was coming to look around the house. He made a quick run to the door to greet the Omega, almoat tripping in the process.

Opening the door, Jimin was greeted by the brightest smile he had ever seen.
Hoseok was breathtakingly pretty and divinely good looking. He had black hair parted half, big eyes behind round glasses, straight nose and a unique shaped lips.

Jimin registered his scent - crisp of apple dripped in honey.
There was an underlying tone, weak but was there to distinguish between Hoseok's natural scent. Jimin inhaled, and oh -

The Omega recognized this scent. He'd been sleeping with it for two days for god's sake.

It was the bittersweet coffee.

But why it was on his new housemate?
"Crazy weather, ain't it?" Hoseok said as he made his way deeper into the hallway after being politely welcomed by Jimin.

"You should've came another day, I'd understand."

"Nah, I'd promised today, hadn't I?" Hoseok smiled.
"Besides, I was in the neighborhood dropping stuff in my new workplace." The Omega suddenly paused as he met eyes with Jimin. His eyes were squinted, in a way that told Jimin he was recalling something.

"Wait, I've seen you somewhere." Hoseok started, forehead frowning.
Jimin swore he never seen the Omega, or he would have remembered him given by his looks and unique scent.

"Probably a doppelgang-"

"Ah!" Hoseok snapped his fingers, startling Jimin, "last night dance off!"
For a moment, Jimin hated his new housemate for bringing up the event, but he quickly decided it was a childish thing to do.

"I was in the audience! I really loved your stage! It's a shame you tripped during the spin." Hoseok offered a wistful smile -
- to which Jimin returned the same.

"Sad but I've come to terms with it. It was my first competition."

At this, Hoseok patted Jimin on his shoulder and gave some encouragement, "you'll do great in another, I knew it."

Jimin smiled brightly, already loving his new companion.
The two Omegas walked around the house with Jimin leading the way, showing Hoseok his room, their shared bathroom, the kitchen and what not.

Hoseok hadn't stop talking until the moment he had to leave.
"I think I will start moving my things next weekend," he said as he put on his jacket before reaching out for the door knob.

"See you later, Jimin."

"You too, hyung." Jimin took a last whiff of the air as he closed the door, Hoseok's apple scent dwindling along with the coffee.
The rest of the week was uneventful. Jimin went to work with dread like usual at nine in the morning and got off at six in the evening, later than his colleagues because intern had to make sure everything was in order before leaving the studio.
The Omega really hated his job. He applied for the dance instructor position when he saw a vacancy posted online and was accepted immediately but to his surprise, he was treated nowhere near like an instructor.

He was treated worse than an intern.
He complained to his Alpha supervisor but to his confusion, he was told to suck it up and every one started just like him. But when the new Alpha instructor came in and had classes where he taught students instead of running errands, Jimin realized he was being discriminated.
The Omega was on the look for a new job in his expertise since that day but either it was too far or simply there weren't any. He contemplated on jobs not related to dance but he felt it would be a waste not to use his degree for good hence he kept searching.
Just like all those sleepless nights lurking on sites offering jobs, Jimin found nothing again. He closed his laptop, sighed heavily and buried deep in his nest that hadn't been taken down. He didn't see any instances that it will soon.
It was another to be frustrated about his job, but he was more agitated that the brown sweater had gradually taking in his vanilla scent, diminishing the delicious coffee smell.

As Jimin inhaled the air, he was reminded to the day he met Hoseok.
Jimin was convinced it was the same scent. He remembered his Biology lesson during high school; scent is one of a kind, like fingerprints, and there aren't two with the same scent. It could be similar, but never the same.
The Omega tossed and turned as he invited sleep to seep in. Hoseok was moving in tomorrow, maybe he could just ask instead of having endless questions inside his head.
Jimin was awakened by loud thuds and continuous rustling coming from the living room. He blinked in confusion, rubbing his sleepy eyes rather harshly before he registered the day - Hoseok's moving day.
He jumped out the bed in a hurry to greet the Omega, not caring how ridiculous and unpresentable he looked with his messy hair and dried drools around his cheeks, thinking that Hoseok would get used to the image sooner of after.
Imagine his shock when he saw another figure, tall and broad, carefully moving around the flat with boxes in hands, and Hoseok was nowhere to be seen.

Jimin suddenly felt conscious when the other's eyes were on him, silently acknowledging his presence.
He was an Alpha, Jimin noticed, and he smelled like amber. He flashed a warm smile to Jimin, radiating friendly aura and it immediately made the Omega relaxed.

"Ah, Jimin!" Suddenly, a loud voice made its appearance from the door. "I see you've met Namjoon."
"Well, if you consider nodding to each other is a greeting, then yes." Namjoon chuckled while stacking the boxes in front of Hoseok's room before making his way to Jimin to properly introduce himself.

"Kim Namjoon, Hobi's friend also colleague." The Alpha smiled.
After exchanging introductions with Namjoon, Jimin left the two men to handle more boxes as he showered and dressed better to make himself more presentable.

In his fresh plain black shirt and shorts, Jimin was adding ice cubes into the lemonade he was making -
- when the two friends stepped into the kitchen, discussing something.

"Oh you didn't have to make us some drinks." Namjoon spoke, gratefulness in his voice.

"You're my guest!" Jimin happily chirped while handing them glasses of lemonade.
After living alone for quite some time, Jimin craved for human interactions - he was a needy Omega after all. So, to have a guest to entertain and a new housemate to keep him company, Jimin was more than glad to make 50 pitchers of lemonade.
"Jimin," Hoseok started, cutting off Jimin's conversation with Namjoon about his trip to Jeju recently. The Omega raised an inquisitive eyebrow to the other.

Hoseok grinned. "We've been talking to host a housewarming party. That is if you let us,"
Hoseok nudged Namjoon's side to make it clear who was 'us' before resuming, "you can invite your friends too!"

Jimin mulled it over for like 5 seconds before agreeing. "Sure!"
It was later that night where Jimin was helping Hoseok to unpack his things that he had the courage to ask the older about one thing that bothered him to his bones - the coffee scent that subtly lingered on Hoseok's body.
"I caught it on Namjoon hyung too though it's weaker." Jimin said,sitting cross legged on the floor while toying with a pillow tucked on his lap. Hoseok was looking down on him from his bed with an unreadable expression.

"How exactly did you notice it?" Hoseok warily questioned.
A person is surrounded by many scents in their daily life so for Jimin to distinguish one specific scent among others was a feat, or maybe because he had a sensitive olfactory sense.

Hoseok watched Jimin disappeared into his room before reappearing with a brown cloth in his -
- hands. Frowning, Hoseok took the fabric when Jimin handed it over, unsure of what to do. He looked up in confusion to Jimin's nervous expression, biting and licking his lips before he spoke.

"Well, smell it." He said as if it was the most obvious thing to do.
Hoseok did as he was told, and he immediately understood what then younger Omega had been dealing.

"I know it doesn't smell as strong now but it's the same right?" Jimin excitedly rambled but Hoseok only shrugged in response.

"Why the sudden interest?" He asked instead.
Jimin was taken aback, visible by his eyes widening and his lips were parted apart, searching for an appropriate answer or maybe lies. But the Omega decided to be honest.

"I," he drawled and Hoseok found his amusement in the younger's red cheeks.
"I like it." Jimin blurted out. "The scent on the sweater is fading off and I want more." Jimin was flushed red as he honestly admitted his desire, earning an amused chuckled from the older.
"It's not funny hyung!" He pouted. "I thought you know who is the owner."

Oh Hoseok knew the owner so fucking well.
The party was decided to be hosted next weekend because one of Hoseok's close friends wasn't in town and Jimin agreed because Taehyung and Jungkook too, weren't in town.

Jimin was enjoying his new daily routine. Waking up to a friend in the kitchen eating his expired bread -
- was better than to an empty and silent kitchen. The two Omegas cuddled a lot too which satisfied Jimin's needy behavior so much and it wasn't helping when Hoseok loved to show his affection.

They were best friends in no time.
"Are we doing the cooking, hyung?"

"Nah, you and I are both shit cook. I told them to bring whatever they want. Potluck." Jimin giggled at Hoseok's bluntness as he typed something on his phone.

"Okay, I told the boys to bring their own food."
It was the party day but the two housemates had nothing done. They were lazing around Sunday morning, watching some morning shows on TV with Hoseok sitting on one seat sofa while munching on cereals and Jimin conquered the long couch all by himself, texting Taehyung.
"We should provide drinks though." Jimin mumbled, loud enough for the older to hear. Hoseok hummed, agreeing to the younger's proposal.

Jimin prepared the simplest drinks he can make and that was lemonade. He was pretty sure the others would bring booze -
- so the Omega settled for the non-alcoholic drinks. Jimin also managed to coax Hoseok into cooking a simple dish because what kind of hosts are they to welcome their guests to an empty table. Hoseok then complained that Jimin -
- didn't understand the concept of potluck while chopping some onions. The younger only responded with his tongue stuck out playfully.

By the time they finished plating japchae, the door bell rang. The two Omegas shared startled look, -
- laughing at the current mess they were in with soy sauce splattered on Hoseok's light pink shirt and oil stains on Jimin's graphic white tee. Totally not party ready look.
Still, Jimin opened the door while his housemate changed and greeted Taehyung and Jungkook, eyeing fresh mating mark on their necks before pulled into a tight hug by the other Omega.

"I miss you so fucking much, Chim!" Taehyung screamed, earning light chuckles from his mate.
"Let the man breathe." Jungkook said, before giving a hug just as tight. Jimin giggled heartily.

"Well, how's the honeymoon?"

"It was great! Amazing even." Taehyung answered with enthusiasm which assured Jimin that they indeed had a great time.
"Yeah, we even bought some souvenirs for you, hyung."Jungkook said as he placed the food they brought carefully on the table. Taehyung on the other hand had unzipped his bag to pull out some keychains, bracelets and more unrecognizable stuff.

"Anything for me?"A voice popped up.
"Hobi hyung!" Jungkook quickly made his way across the living room to the hallway where Hoseok was walking in to envelope the Omega in his warm hug.

"Haven't seen you since I graduated and now you're someone's mate." Hoseok teased the Alpha, which only made him flushed red.
Taehyung then introduced himself to Hoseok while Jimin and Jungkook busied themselves by replacing the paper food containers with ceramic plates, more suitable for a housewarming party.

As they chatted, the bell rang for the second time.
Looking at Jimin's only guests had arrived, Hoseok stepped in to greet his. Standing before his eyes were Namjoon and Seokjin, each having both hands full with plastic bags. Hoseok assumed there were cans of beer in one of those by the strain of the bags.
"Hobi!" Seokjin's loud voice could be heard through out the entire floor of the apartment. He didn't waste any time for Hoseok's response before heading in to the dining table to put all the bags he carried.

"It's damn heavy." Seokjim huffed as he stretched his muscles -
- to smooth out the tension from carrying heavy cans of beer and handful of takeaways.

"You must be Jimin." He squinted his eyes to a tall figure, only a few inches apart of him, donning cherry red hair and smiled when being addressed.

"Uh no,I'm Jungkook. Hobi hyung's friend."
"I'm Jimin!" A soft voice happily chipped in from somewhere. Seokjin didn't see any body until said figure rose up from crouching in front of the cabinet in search for more plates to serve the food they brought.

Jimin grinned brightly to Seokjin before bowing respectfully. "Hi!"
"Oh, sorry for my blocked nose, I can't tell which is which." Seokjin laughed at his misfortune on catching a cold as soon as he landed in Korea from his work trip to Japan.

The three of them fell into friendly chatters, making loud buzz while knowing each other, -
- clattering of plates touching the marble dining table's surface and boisterous laughs filled the background.

"Yoongi hyung came in later. He told us not to wait. I told him to bring desserts." Namjoon said as he took one of the vacant seats -
- beside Hoseok and facing Seokjin, who started to dig in.

"Jin hyung, you didn't cook anything? I miss your dishes." Hoseok cutely whined, a side Jimin had never seen before due to his role as the hyung when there were only two of them.

"Nope, didn't have time."
Jin tasted the japchae the two hosts made earlier and moaned in satisfaction. "This is good! Almost as good as mine!"

Jimin beamed at the praise as he shoved more japchae onto Jin's plates, earning a grateful hum from the older Omega.
Jin was a very friendly Omega, cracking jokes intermittently resulting in a never ending laughter as they indulged in various dishes served on the table. Maybe because it was a potluck, the food they brought in was random.
There was pizza, pasta, fried chicken and some local delicacies such as jjigae and fired rice. But the six of them ate everything deliciously all the same.

The idea was ridiculous but Jimin couldn't help feeling that Hoseok was boring his eyes on him.
Intrigued, Jimin threw curious glances but Hoseok managed to avoid each one of the younger Omega's pointed look until Taehyung spoke up.

"Why are you looking at each other like that?" He absentmindedly pointed out while sipping his glass of lemonade.
Shrugging, Jimin answered, "I don't know, ask Hobo hyung."

Hoseok now had five pairs of eyes looking at him inquisitively, waiting for his words. The Omega mirrored Jimin's reaction, saying, "you'll find out soon."

This only confused the table more but -
- no one cared enough to further prod on it. No one except Jimin.

But they fell into another topic immediately after and the conversation continued until the plates were almost empty, saved some for Yoongi, and Jimin forgot about what had bothered him earlier -
- as the six of them moved to the seating area to tear off packages Hoseok received as housewarming gifts.

That was when the bell rang for the third time, indicating the arrival of their last guest: Yoongi hyung.

Jimin had no idea about the older -
- only heard some stories from Hoseok when they cuddled together at night after work and from what he'd been told, Jimin concluded Yoongi was a nice Alpha.

He was comfortably settling in between Taehyung and Jungkook, so he didn't understand why -
- Hoseok asked him to get the door when the older was still standing, having easier access to the door compared to Jimin.

But Jimin complied because he was a good friend. (He still huffed though.)
Jimin felt his body buzzing unrelentingly as he made his way to the door. For what reasons, Jimin had no idea.

In the background, snickers were heard from his friends as they cracked jokes after jokes, masking the knowing gazes thrown over Jimin as he twisted -
- the knob and pulled the door open to welcome their last guest.

And it him, hard.

Like his last breath sucked out from his body.


This smell.

Jimin stood there frozen, ears numb to his surrounding as his eyes widened in shock, lips parted apart in bewilderment while his brain absorbed the information and tried to process what was going on.
Because standing in front of him right now was the most gorgeous and attractive man Jimin ever seen, shiny black hair covering his forehead,small but sharp eyes,cute button nose and lips curved upward,smiling at him.

And he emitted the scent Jimin had developed an addiction to.
"Uh, hi?" Jimin faintly registered the raspy voice greeting him, too busy bathing in the Alpha's scent.

"Desserts!" Jimin snapped back to his senses after being shoved away by Hoseok, his scream for desserts ringing deafeningly in Jimin's ears, -
- saving him from further embarrassment.

Jimin felt all the blood rushing in his cheeks as he watched Yoongi handing over the bag of desserts to Hoseok, completely disregarding the older Omega's attempt to hug the alpha -
- as he side stepped into the room and over to where everyone was sitting.

Hoseok followed behind, but not before he gave the desserts to Jimin while smiling teasingly, and the younger knew right then and there, that he would kill his hyung.
A/n: I'm so sorry for the weirdly cut off updates TT I'm having trouble with my phone they just suddenly died maybe its the right time to buy btsxlg phone
Being in the same room with Yoongi overwhelmed Jimin. He liked the scent, the one where he could point out easily among others because it stuck out like a sore thumb to Jimin, but he hated the sharp gazes from the Alpha.

Maybe it was just the way his eyes were, -
- sharp and dark, throwing daggers across the room and landed on Jimin. Or maybe he was being dramatic for Yoongi's eyes weren't on him when he looked up, instead fixed on Hoseok fondly as he teared off the brown papers wrapping a medium sized box.
They were unwrapping Hoseok's gifts and the loud noise where they shared laughter and bicker was dull to Jimin's ears as he squirmed uncomfortably on the single seat sofa, across from Yoongi who had been actively engaged with the group the entire night.
" - diffuser. Right, Jimin?" Hoseok was asking him something but it drowned out in Jimin's discomfort that he didn't realize that the entire group was now expecting for his answer.

"Uh? Yes. Yes, right." The Omega awkwardly laughed, agreeing to whatever the question was.
When it became too much for Jimin to be in the same space with boisterous and noisy boys, he silently excused himself for a glass of water.

He gulped them down as he felt his body spiked up in temperature, sweat beading along his hairline, and his palms were clammy and sticky.
If the Omega didn't know better, he'd think he was going into a heat -


Oh my god.

"You okay?" Came in a low and deep voice, soothing every part of Jimin's newly heightened senses.
Still, Jimin jumped in surprise for he didn't notice someone trailed him behind. The voice, oh the voice, Jimin wanted it in the most intimate way he could think of, maybe praising how good he was. But it was laced in worry and the Omega slowly registered the unanswered question.
"I- I'm fine!" Jimin stuttered, hastily placing the glass he drank from on the counter before he dropped it unceremoniously due to his proximity with the Alpha in the small kitchen. His scent was so prominent in the cramped space, driving Jimin crazy.
"You're sweating!" Yoongi stated the obvious. If Jimin wasn't feeling like shit he would've cooed at his concerned expression, but he was feeling like shit and partially convinced the Alpha was the cause.

Jimin needed to get away from his god damn addicting scent.
But Yoongi stepped closer and Jimin visibly gulped. The Alpha put his back of the hand on Jimin's forehead while simultaneously putting the other on his.

"You're burning up!" Yoongi clamored.
Though Jimin's rational mind slowly slipping off, he still managed to conclude Yoongi was one dumb Alpha for not recognizing the heat signs when he still frowned in worry, trying to come up why Jimin was emitting body heat.

The Omega made a mistake then by -
- inhaling the air rich in the Alpha's scent that led his stomach to twist unexpectedly, making him whimper softly.

Jimin's eyes were frantically shaking as he mustered the courage to push Yoongi away before he embarrassed himself further.
"I- I-" The Omega's breathing turning ragged every second thanks to Yoongi. Though his body screamed to be held by the Alpha in all possible way, he pushed away the older harshly before running to his room, passing by the oblivious others and locked himself up.
Jimin barely heard Yoongi calling out his name before he passed out in the security of his nest. Luckily, he still had them up.

It was only pre heat, he couldn't imagine how horrible the real heat will be.
"Jiminnie." Hoseok gently woke the younger up. How did he enter the room, Jimin wasn't sure.

Groggily, still drunken in sleep, Jimin greeted back. His housemate only smiled down on him. There was a tray of food, water and some pills on the nightstand.
"What happened?" Jimin asked.

"Yoongi hyung kinda knocked you out." Hoseok snorted.

Jimin, still confused in his state, slowly replaying his memory from last night and when everything unfurled like a movie on play, his cheeks bloomed red, shame washing him alive.
"You knew all along." Jimin deadpanned.

Shrugging, Hoseok replied, "I had my suspicion."

"And you didn't tell me!" Jimin shrieked in disbelief.

Hoseok went silent as he scanned the younger from his disheveled hair to his bare feet.
He took in the state Jimin in - his hair was messy, sticking to all directions possible; his face was flushed and dried drools tainting his skin; his breathing quickened and his body squirmed uncomfortably.

Hoseok's lips twitched upward, smirking as he said, "I should have."
"Take the pill, Jiminnie, and drink a lot of water. It will help with your fever and the real thing." Hoseok reminded him before he stepped out of the room, leaving Jimin alone to tend to himself.

The Omega groaned when he remembered he had to call in sick, -
- and get his wage cut off, just like any other time he went into heat.

Swallowing the pills and chugging the pitcher half empty, Jimin settled in his nest, not caring to wash up because it will get messy anyway, and just waited for the heat to hit him.

It will be painful.
It was indeed painful. Especially in the absence of a certain Alpha that triggered his uninvited heat.

The first day was a nightmare. Nothing soothed the Omega, not even Yoongi's brown sweater because it didn't smell like the Alpha anymore.
So Jimin screamed and grunted and groaned in discomfort, moaning in pain when his stomach clenched on nothing.

He sobbed through the night, draining out the energy left in him as Hoseok gently stroked Jimin's hair, humming softly to lull him to sleep.
"I-it never h-hurts like this." Jimin hiccuped, his voice was weak and hoarse from overuse and his body went limp. Sleep came easy with Hoseok playing with his hair, and images of Yoongi looking down on him as he needed his release.
Jimin struggled with his heat alone for another two days. it was less excruciating but hurt nevertheless. Hoseok looked after him by making sure there was enough water and food on his nightstand, knowing very well the Omega couldn’t drag himself to the kitchen.
Sometimes Hoseok stroke his hair gently after a tiring day keeping his body satiated, humming to soothe Jimin's pain and to tuck him in. Jimin eventually drifted to sleep, but not before wanting to erase the teasing grin on Hoseok’s face.
When the heat had died and Jimin could think clearly, the first thing he did was barging into his housemate's room, whom at the time was drying his hair with a towel, wearing nothing but a sweatpants, and glared down at the older with the most intimidating face he can pull.
Hoseok, unfazed and unperturbed, cocked an eyebrow, indirectly asking ‘what the fuck?’.

“I was supposed to ask that because hyung, what the fuck?!”

“I need it to be more specific Jimin. I did a lot of fucked up things.”
Stomping his feet and harshly plopping down on Hoseok’s bed, Jimin muttered, “Yoongi hyung.”

“And what about it?”

“You made me a fool in front of him!”
“That’s how Omegas roll, Jimin. You sure have heard of it in high school.” Rolling his eyes, Hoseok stated incredulously while choosing between an oversized white shirt or black sweatshirt with flowers on both sleeves. He decided the former.
Jimin, now lying on Hoseok’s bed, racked his brain recalling his classes with Mr. Kim, an old man with visible wrinkles teaching Biology in quiet voice with half the class dozing off, Jimin included.
An alpha’s scent can affect an Omega into a sudden heat and vice versa due to sympathetic or parasympathetic response, the Omega wasn’t sure because he was never good in Biology, and it’s distinguishably more painful and usually happens on first meetings, -
- which is why older generation believes it indicates future mates.

Jimin stupidly blushed at the last prospect.
“Anyway,” he started with a sudden rise in pitch of his voice, as if embarrassed, “please return this to him.”

Jimin patted a brown fabric neatly folded lying on his stomach.

“Uh, no.” Hoseok objected, watching bewildered Jimin through the mirror hanging on the wall
as he styled up his hair. “You’re coming with me. You two need to sort out your shit together.” Again, there was the teasing grin Hoseok always made when he tucked the younger in which irritated Jimin because it was obvious the older knew something that Jimin didn’t.
Jimin protested of course as It seemed the right thing to do but Hoseok kept pushing him into a corner where he ran out of options and excuses, consistently reminding Jimin about his triggered-heat and instilling the idea that the younger -
- will never meet Yoongi and smell his scent anymore if he didn’t follow.

That was how Jimin found himself clad in simple black sweatshirt and blue jeans, tailing Hoseok through a long corridor with exquisite lighting and explicit posters pasted on the plain white wall.
There was no one on sight as the two Omegas passed countless door - Jimin wasn’t counting because the violent flutter in his stomach was eating him alive - before bumping into Hoseok’s back as he stopped abruptly.
He followed Hoseok’s gaze onto a black acrylic sign with white bold letters nailed on the door. Genius lab, he snickered ridiculously in his mind, what a narcissist.

When Hoseok pressed the doorbell though (there was passcode too,Jimin’s snickers deepened), he visibly stiffened.
At soft rustles from behind the door and with each footsteps gradually louder, Jimin's heart was leaping out of his chest. His grip on the paper bag he was holding tightened.
Yoongi grumpily opened the door, addressing Hoseok lazily before returning to wherever he came before. Only, the Alpha stopped mid-step before whipping his body so hard to face his unexpected guests and his sleepy eyes widened comically when he saw Jimin.
Jimin was about to greet him but his eyes turned to sharp glares, throwing daggers to Hoseok who only smiled in return, as if he didn’t just offend the Alpha. Jimin swore they communicated through telepathy because Yoongi sighed immediately after and Hoseok proudly nodded.
“Oh, look at the time! I’ll go get us lunch!” Hoseok shouted, sounded so fake it was almost believable, before he stormed out of the scene leaving Jimin and Yoongi awkwardly staring at each other.
Yoongi coughed, trying to break the silence before welcoming Jimin inside and ushered him to a black three seaters couch near the door while he plopped down on a swivel chair resting in front of his desk with monitors displaying complicated software Jimin couldn’t comprehend.
The silence was heavy and thick but the omnipresent coffee scent made Jimin giddy.
“Uh, how are you, Jimin?” Yoongi broke the silence first, momentarily staring into Jimin’s eyes before shifting glances all around the room.

“I’m good.”

“Yeah.” Jimin licked his dry lips trying to keep the conversation going, oblivious to Yoongi’s eyes following the gesture. “Uh, how about you?”

“I'm good too.”


Jimin wanted to scream. He was in the room with his potential mate but he couldn’t stop fiddling with the hem of his sweatshirt and picking at the loose threads as they both stared into the void. What a dumbass duo.
“Uh, what’s that?” Yoongi pointed to the striped paper bag with a convenience store logo Jimin had blindly picked up from a drawer full of reusable bags sitting between his legs on the floor. The Omega almost forgot his initial intention due to the unbearable awkwardness.
“Oh! I was going to return this to you.” Jimin shuffled closer to Yoongi, handing over the bag. “I didn’t notice it was you. Thank you.”
As the Alpha peeked into the bag, Jimin noticed there was a flash of disappointment crossed Yoongi’s face but he brushed it off when Yoongi looked up again and smiled, “you don’t have to return this though, I’m okay if you keep it.”
“But it’s yours, I had to.” Jimin sternly said, already moving back to the couch.

“You’re welcome then.”

“So, what were you doing before we came?” Jimin let his eyes wander on the monitors, curiosity evident on his expression.
Yoongi’s face slowly lit up, lips twitched into a warm smile as he started to explain his work to the Omega who listened intently in awe while his eyes were wildly moving to one monitor to another.
The Alpha chuckled lightly watching Jimin tried to digest all the new information at once, though he made sure he kept his words curt and short for the Omega to easily discern.
Jimin loved how passionate and dedicated Yoongi was in his work. The Omega knew that Hoseok, Yoongi and Namjoon were colleagues and they worked together in music production, but he certainly didn’t know how much effort needed to make one perfect track.
They warmed up to each other rather quickly with more conversations swiftly flowing out. Jimin liked to be in the Alpha’s company, liked to listen to his raspy voice talking about the thing he loved the most, liked the scent enveloping his tiny body -
but he wouldn’t dare to say it out loud. He only wished for the Alpha to feel the same way he did.
Jimin was perched on the chair, waiting for his microwave dinner to heat up while scrolling through his phone, trying to find news or anything that caught his interest when Hoseok came out of nowhere, startling him with a question, “so, did you sort it out?”
“What is there to sort out?” Without averting his focus, Jimin absentmindedly blurted out.

There was no response so the younger looked up to see Hoseok was glaring at him like he had just committed a crime, his hands froze in the middle of uncapping a milk carton.
“Oh god, you two are the dumbest people I’ve met!”

“Excuse me?”

“Do you like Yoongi hyung?” Hoseok went straight to the point, which was good because Jimin was too starved for another quizzical looks and confusing conversations.
But the question was too straight that Jimin didn’t find any loophole to bend away from it.He can lie but he decided to be honest,it was only Hoseok hyung after all (whom best friend was Yoongi and he might tell the Alpha about Jimin's little crush but that was for another day).
“Well, yeah.” He admitted shyly.

“Well, Yoongi hyung likes you too and you two should’ve been in the courting phase right now.” In a single breath without stuttering, Hoseok said it as clear as day.
Frowning, Jimin did the only thing he could do: staring back at Hoseok crazily as if the older had grown Medusa head as he let the words sink in.

“W-what?!” Jimin was practically screaming in disbelief.
Hoseok, having drank his milk, only shook his head frustratedly as he left gaping Jimin in the kitchen in favor to sleep and away from his friends’ love lives.

What a dumbass duo.
Jimin took it that Hoseok was playing with him that night when he heard nothing from Yoongi since the day he spent in the Alpha's studio.

It had been a week and Jimin had to admit he was disheartened because if Yoongi really liked him, then he should've done something right?
Wasn't that what Alphas do? Like Jungkook who asked to court Taehyung during the first snowfall of the year to which the Omega immediately agreed and jumped around in happiness

Jimin was jealous; he wanted it too.
It wasn't like they didn't change number and if Yoongi had forgot or erased it, he could've asked from Hoseok.

Jimin sighed, curling deeper into his nest and tugging his plushie closer to his chest. He shouldn't have kept his hopes high.
Jimin woke up to incessant ding of his phone. Groaning, he pulled himself up to check on his phone that had been blowing up. He read it once, twice, thrice, rubbed his eyes and repeated the process.

Yoongi texted him.
Yoongi asked him to have a dinner together.

Yoongi asked him to have a dinner together at his house.

Yoongi will cook.

Yoongi asked him what he wanted to eat.

Yoongi panicked because he didn't get any reply.

Yoongi was still panicking which explained the unceasing dings.
The Omega laughed, throwing his body carelessly back into his nest, almost hitting the wall. He couldn't stop giggling and opted to call Yoongi to stop his endless texts.


"Yes, hyung. I will have dinner with you."
The Alpha dramatically heaved a big sigh of relief, causing Jimin to chuckle at the older's antics.

"I will pick you up later?"

"Oh, we're going somewhere else?" The Omega glanced at the clock. It was 11AM; still early.

"Of course, it's a date."

Jimin stupidly blushed.
"We still have desserts." Yoongi quipped, rising up from his seat to collect both his and Jimin's empty plates and into the sink.

"I'm full!" The Omega leaned back on his chair, playfully puffed up his tummy and rubbed it in a way a child would.
"One is never full enough to ditch desserts." The Alpha spoke as he neatly sliced pieces of chocolate cheesecake, before placing a plate in front of Jimin. True to his words, the Omega devoured the treat as if he hadn't complained about his full tummy earlier.
"You baked this? It's so good!" Jimin's eyes widened when he got the taste of it, moaning softly at the taste.

"It was from the bakery down the street."

The Alpha hadn't touched his share of dessert, choosing to stare fondly at oblivious Jimin instead.
Yoongi rested his face in his hand, elbow propped up on the table. His gaze was soft and never diverted from Jimin, causing the Omega to look up and stared at him inquisitively.

"I like you, Jimin." The Alpha blurted out.
Jimin froze. Sure he had imagined it spoken from the Alpha's mouth before, but now that he heard it real and watched it unfurled before him, his imagination was nothing compared to reality where Yoongi was a blushing mess but his sharp gaze was firm and unwavering.
Yoongi slid a small box across the table, mindlessly wrapped and tied with messy ribbon that told Jimin it was done by the Alpha.

Yoongi, with his raspy voice that sent shivers down Jimin's spine, drew a breath before sternly said, "I want to court you, Jimin."
Still in the line of Yoongi's vision, Jimin forced his erratic heart to calm down as he took his time to unwrap the box.

Yoongi had gifted him with the most beautiful piece of jewellery he'd ever seen, a silver bracelet with some charms hanging freely.

"Oh, wow."
"I don't know what to get you and I noticed you wear a lot of accessories so I chose that."

"It's so pretty, hyung." Jimin whispered, still in awe with the piece in the box.

Yoongi lit up, smiling brightly when he received a positive reaction but the smile died down -
- when the Omega pushed the box towards him without even trying to take the bracelet out from it.

Yoongi's heart sank at the rejection. He never had a broken heart but now he knew it hurt so bad.
Yoongi registered an extended hand in front of him, lean and toned. Confused, he looked up at Jimin, who stared back expectantly.

"Well, put it on, Alpha."

Jimin held his laughter and ignored the excitement bubbled up in his stomach, and the slightly bothered look on Yoongi's face when the Omega regarded him with his rank as the Alpha clumsily fumbled with the bracelet hook.
When the Alpha was done setting it up, Jimin pulled back and let his wrist danced under the light, watching it gleamed and glinted and casting shadows on the walls.

The Omega turned back to face smiling Yoongi, in which he returned one as bright as him.
"Yes, hyung. I let you to court me." Jimin shyly gave his permission, red roses bloomed on his cheeks.

Yoongi couldn't resist the urge to pinch the Omega's full cheeks and gently caressed them.

"Thank you for letting me."

uwu my initial plan was to make this short and focused on nesting omega jimin but it somehow turns out like this i really hope you enjoyed it! thank you so much for reading!

the news: i planned to write abt courting and more on ao3! i will post the link here!
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