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Megathread | LOONAverse Complete: "Hi High" 🚀

After 2 years and countless music videos, LOONA finally debuted as a complete group with "Hi High". And like many, I noticed that this MV brings the story of LOONA together in very special ways.

So here's my slightly deeper dive!

This is just a compilation of thoughts I had from watching the MV. Lot of it is also inspired by other theories I’ve read over the years. I’m no digipedi so this could all very well be wrong. Feel free to add in details or connections where I missed! Let’s jump in-
CHAPTER 0. Prologue

“LOOΠΔ was born in its own universe with three uniquely structured teams.
The three were built to create one universe.”

This is the first thing the authors of “Hi High” tell us.
I made this diagram to help us through the rest of this thread.
LOOΠΔ 1/3 – [ planet earth ]

“The most special begins with the most ordinary”

This is where we find our first 5 girls: Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, Yeojin, and Vivi.
LOOΠΔ ODD EYE CIRCLE – [ the between ]

“No more passive waiting, taking control of what’s to come”

This is where we find the next 3 girls: Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry.
LOOΠΔ yyxy – [ edenism & beyond ]

“utopia denied; faith, hope, love, and anger, now together as one”

And this is where we find our last 4 girls: Yves, Chuu, Gowon, and Olivia Hye.
In “Hi High”, we find references to all three of these realms all over the music video, as the twelve girls finally come together.

But first I need to unpack some of the background motifs that help explain the LOONAverse before we really dive into the music video.
CHAPTER 1. The Innate Connection

Throughout the past two years, we were introduced to each character of LOONAverse one by one. Each girl’s story, music, style, and character was distinctively unique, and often it was puzzling to find what connected all of them together.
I want to propose an idea called “the innate connection”.

The idea is that each member, however different everything else about them may be, share the same few yearnings that they were born with. Each knew that they were connected to something greater than just themselves.
This is important because I believe there was something innate each in them that ultimately drew all 12 members together.

The yearnings presented themselves differently, some actively acted on their feelings while others were afraid, yet deep inside all shared this connection.
I came up with three main connections:

[ to go ], [ to find ], and [ to ascend ]
CHAPTER 2. [ to go ]

LOONA’s first yearning, is “to go”.

Since the beginning, each of the girls had a feeling that there was some destination set for them. They knew they had to "go" somewhere, but wasn't really sure where. Some didn't know why. And some got lost on the way.
I believe that the symbolism digipedi uses for this “yearning” is the “running”.

From 1/3 to oec to yyxy, if there is one reoccurring theme throughout the MV's is that our girls are always running from or to somewhere.
But it's more than just running, it's really the girls trying to "go", to "start", to "escape", or to "find". They each yearn to get to where they were truly meant to be.

Some ran in fear, trying to find a way out.
For another, things happened way too fast and she ran away into the dark.
This poor one got lost.
We'll see later that "Hi High" also is filled with all sorts of running.

But why is it different this time?
CHAPTER 3. [ to find ]

Next, LOONA’s second yearning, is “to find”.

Since birth, each of the girls sensed that they were not meant to be alone. Some actively went to find who or what they were missing. Others were too afraid and had to wait for someone else to find them.
This motif is most strongly shown through Odd Eye Circle unit,

whether it's the members sensing a subtle connection of someone else looking for them nearby in Sweet Crazy Love,

or actively trying to locate the members using a map in Girl Front.
There was another who felt very strongly convicted by this "quest to find". That member is LOONA's leader, Haseul.

As if the broken plane was originally meant for a search and rescue mission, Haseul went around the LOONAverse to find other girls wherever her strengths reached.
Another member's quest to find was halted by hurts and fear of rejection.

We will find out later how this member, Olivia Hye, is found and healed in "Hi high", despite her hurtful past.
But the one member who stood out in trying her hardest to find others was this ball of sunshine, Choerry.

She really travelled all over the LOONAverse to find other members.
We'll talk more about why Yerim plays a special role in this quest later.
CHAPTER 4. [ to ascend ]

LOONA’s last yearning, is “to ascend”.

This yearning I think is the deepest yet was hardest to realize for the girls on their own. All they started out was a vague feeling that where they were was not where they were meant to be.
It was some place above, some place higher.
Perhaps another dimension, perhaps back to Eden, or really, perhaps somewhere even higher that they knew nothing about.

Ascending to me, really is the desire to rise and break free.
It's to launch, to propel, to fly, and to soar.
The member that really acted on this desire, was Yves.
Her strong sentiment that she needed to rise up against her fate to find a "new" life led to yyxy falling from Eden instead.

But what if what she was yearning for was even higher than Eden?
A different member who I think could've had a similar feeling is Hyunjin.

But for Hyunjin she was unable to free herself, instead you can see she's still looking "up" at the sky at the same place, waiting for someone to come find her.
This motif you will see later becomes very strong throughout "Hi High"

The MV begins with each girl looking up into the sky.
The yearning for "ascending higher" had really settled in each of the members' heart by this point. (This is even in teaser pictures of them looking up)
okay- i need to take a break and resume tomorrow, gn all!

in the second half I will finish with:

CHAPTER 5. The Mobius [ the antagonist ]
CHAPTER 6. Gravity [ the strange key ]
CHAPTER 7. The Butterfly Effect
CHAPTER 8. The Completion
CHAPTER 9. Hi and High
CHAPTER 5. The Möbius [ the antagonist ]

Every good story needs a good antagonist.

And here comes the villain of the LOONAverse story: the “Möbius”.
Revealed last year on the website, this yellow mobius strip had countless orbits wondering its significance and meaning.
The villain wasn't one of the members or some other character, but it was this mysterious force that defined their rules and outcomes.

I believe it's this mobius that trapped the girls inside a never-ending loop, preventing them from ever fulfilling their innate yearnings.
I think this motif was revealed to us as early as LOONA 1/3's Love&Live.

If the girls running had symbolized their deep yearning "to go",
the track symbolized the mobius that kept them looping in circles and never quite reaching their destination.
The mobius then became very evident to us through Odd Eye Circle's Girl Front.

In one sense, Girl Front showed us three girls who were desperately trying to complete their yearnings.

Lip tried to go, Choerry tried to find, and Jinsoul tried to ascend.
But they could not quite get there.
From the beginning when the cassette tape unrolled, Lip hinted to us that they were still trapped within the mobius.
She ran and ran, but the cassette rewinded back and the mobius took her to the beginning of the story reach time... as if to crush her hopes that there was nowhere to "go".
The running continues in Sweet Crazy Love. Not once did she look happy in her sprints.

The ending scene, shows her arriving at the Eclipse scene, which I do think is chronologically true.

But what if they also wanted to show she was being taken to the start again and again..?
The mobius also kept Choerry from "finding".

Through out the MV, you see her walking around with a map looking for other members.
But she could not quite find them yet. The mobius, through the map, kept leading her back to herself.
Hyunjin turned around but did not find Choerry there.
Olivia was stuck in a loop unnoticed, waiting to be found by the girls.
And Jinsoul, like a fish wanting to get out, yearned to be freed.

Both in SCL and SITR, Jinsoul is always seen trapped somewhere lower and dark.
Whether it's the underground subway or basement, many images symbolize her being trapped and yearning to "ascend" to above & beyond.
With Jinsoul, we do begin to see glimpses of hope in Girl Front.

Notice how each time Jinsoul turns around to find someone the scenery becomes brighter and more open, from under a bridge or alley to the open field.
And here we see a very strong foreshadowing to "Hi High".

As Jinsoul finds Choerry and Kim Lip, the three realizes that them uniting together had done something special. For just a little bit the mobius loosened, they saw hope, and what was "far above" maybe was coming closer.
CHAPTER 6. Gravity [ the strange key ]

This one only occurred to me yesterday, and really blew my mind.
I will try my best to explain with graphics to help.

There was one more force, a key to the LOONAverse maybe, that governed the girls’ universe. This force is "gravity".
"Gravity" is the force leads down to earth.
In LOONAverse, it is more than just objects dropping from high to low.
It is the natural force that leads the girls from higher dimensions to the lower ones.

If the girl's final yearning was "to ascend", gravity was the antithesis.
But gravity wasn’t a quite an antagonist, it was more so... just "there".
It was just a part of the world that they had lived in.

Often times, it held the girls down.
sometimes it transported them from one world to another.
And other times, it helped them find their friends.
Gravity is most evident through the story of yyxy.

love4eva showed us the background story of how the four girls denied their utopia and fell from eden. But through yyxy we also learn that characters of LOONAverse always travel from high to low, from higher to the lower world.
With Yves, it was more through her own willpower.

We saw how she came down the elevator to meet Vivi.
Or how she dropped down the apple to Choerry.

(p.s. perhaps they used an apple as a reference to fruit of knowledge but also to Newton's discovery of gravity...?)
With Chuu, her "falling" was more a result of following after Yves.

I think the only reason Haseul could come find Chuu was because she had fallen into Haseul's world. You can see this from scenes of her waking up in a foreign place with 'The Carol' playing in the background.
With Olivia Hye, her "falling" was also running after the other three.

The entire Egoist MV really scream this motif, with images of the fallen angel, set that reminds of a huge claw machine, and Olivia's confusion and anger in a new place.

This is where Heejin found her.
One mystery that we are not told of is where did Gowon go?

No other MV shows her in a place that reminds of earth.
But this makes sense if you remember that butterflies are not affected by gravity because of their light weight. This could also be why her shape is upside down.
Back to Yves, one crazy symbolism that blew my mind: the claw machine.

Claw machines work by lifting the item and keep it from falling back down.

This exactly symbolizes Yves' defiance to help the members “ascend” and get out of the "machine", while gravity pulled them down.
Then there is another girl who defies gravity. This member is our fruit bat, Choerry.

Beginning with her very first appearance, we learned that Choerry is often found hanging upside down and also has a special power to travel between the LOONAverse worlds.
Through the 12 mirrors, Choerry is able to travel to other members' worlds and help bring them together.

I believe it's because of this power that Choerry's yearning "to find" was one of the strongest among all the girls.
And this perhaps is why Choerry was able to travel to Gowon to give her the apple that she had received from Yves.
CHAPTER 7. The Butterfly Effect

The three realms of LOONAverse and the three yearnings to go, to find, and to ascend. We saw how mobius and gravity seemed to work to keep the girls from ever reaching their goals, finding each other, and soaring high.

But no system is perfect.
I believe that the innate connections that each LOONA girls had were so strong, that it led them to plant seeds in each other's story.

Some happened unknowingly, others were more deliberate.
But the girls have been hinting at us all throughout the narrative of LOONAverse.
And each time the seeds were planted, the connection grew stronger, and attraction became more inevitable. The tight grasp of mobius loosened each time the girls defied the rules and yearned to be complete.

Let's dive into some of these "seeds".
The first is this "DNA" strand that was revealed before yyxy.

But to find the first time we see this, we rewind the story all the way back to Vivi.
It's not entirely clear if this DNA key-chain was given to Vivi by yyxy members.

But it does symbolize something special that Vivi had with her since the time she was human.
I discussed earlier about how the mobius had trapped the LOONA 1/3 girls in a loop around the race track.

Now the DNA strand in a way is what you get when you cut open a mobius strip.

And with that we see Vivi being able to free herself out of the track into the open forest.
In similar ways, LOONAverse has countless "seeds" that the girls planted in each other's stories that many of us have already found.

But what is significant is that all these small seeds began a butterfly effect that waited for the right time: to break from the cocoon and soar.
CHAPTER 8. Completion [ d-day ]

What began as small butterfly effects leading to LOONAverse's climax: "Hi High"

With everything we've discussed in mind; the unfulfilled yearnings, the mobius, and the gravity, let's find out how Hi High completes their long-awaited story!
As I said before, Hi High begins with the members looking up into the sky.

They tried to ascend in the past and failed, but something felt different this day.
We see Kim Lip open her eyes with determination. Something feels different this time.

Then we see phrases flash in all kinds languages and in all of the girls' colors, signifying the beginning of something great.
The story begins with our dangun, Heejin, looking into the sky and seeing that the moon is slowly filling up.

The first person she goes to see, is Yves.
Somewhere else, Kim Lip also sees that the moon is filling up.
She too realizes the day is here, it's time to try one more time to break the mobius.
It's time to run.
One thing to note is that after the flashing of the phrases (which I will refer to as the "flash" to signify the "start") the first three members we see are: Heejin, Lip, and Yves (indirectly through her set). They also happen to be the first members of their sub-units.
Next, Kim Lip finds Choerry, the one member who has been yearning all her life for this day "to find" all of LOONA.

She then sees Kim Lip's smile, and realizes that this day might be different.
Empowered by Lip, Choerry suddenly feels a rush of optimism and is ready to run.
Somewhere else, Haseul has already begun her quest and found the lost frog in the forest.

And Yeojin looks more mature and confident in her smiles, no longer the young girl that ran away into the darkness in fear.
Next is Vivi.
Broken out of mobius and the race tracks, she wholeheartedly senses that the time has come and runs full speed to meet the rest of the girls.
Then we find Hyunjin.
She has also found that the moon is filling up, that the time is near.
But she is still unable to move past the fences. Like a timid cat, she is still waiting for someone to come.

Will someone finally find me today?
Ready set go! She's coming for you!

Choerry and Kim Lip are full of excitement. They are ready, and they begin running in different directions to find the other members.

(Also notice the butterfly on the "teal" container... Gowon are you really LOONA's mysterious fairy?)
This scene reminds us of all the previous times Kim Lip ran and found nothing at the end.

But today is different. You see her running through all the red curtains.
Nothing can block her way now.
Choerry you did it! 🖐️

After all the times she failed to find Hyunjin, stuck in a loop.
She finally found our cat that was on her map.
Was that hi-five that loud?
No, each of the yyxy girls here, Yves, Gowon, and Chuu, had planted a "seed" before.

Yves gave Choerry her apple.
Gowon and Chuu gave Hyunjin the bracelet.

And when the two met, these three instantly knew it was complete.
It was now their turn.
Look how happy our cat is! Lost and Found!
And who did Kim Lip run to?
The one who started the race of course, Heejin!

All the members of LOONA are really coming together, the power of Mobius could not hold them down.
Next member, is Olivia Hye.

Under the mobius, OEC could not notice her circling them, but this time they approached and circled her.

But to really bring her back, they had to do more than just find her.
They had to help heal her wounds of rejection and help her to trust again.
But remember that it was Olivia that planted a "seed" in Jinsoul's heart in Sweet Crazy Love that led her to free herself in Singing in the Rain.

This eventually led her to join Olivia in Egoist.

And this time, it was Jinsoul's turn to let Olivia know that it was okay to trust.
Jinsoul was one member that knew what it felt like to be stuck in the dark.
The sun that was swallowed up.

Olivia decided to trust her and closed her eyes, and there she was transported (perhaps through Choerry's powers) to face her fears.
Olivia opens her eyes to find herself at the top of an abandoned diving board.

And at the bottom she finds Yves.
It was the "upside down" of Egoist, and this time she wanted to trust again.

But the last bit of fear still was within her. She needed just a little something.
Then out from the forest, Chuu and Gowon find their ways to Olivia and Yves and arrives to the scene.

Once having closed hearts to Olivia in love4eva, this time they unlock the fence door and open the doors to their hearts, welcoming Olivia.

The mobius was truly breaking down.
And the smile!

That was what Olivia needed. It was a confirmation of restoration.
Her heart was healed and she was ready to fully trust again.
And there she jumped!

With full faith she leaped out to the unknown to join the other eleven.
The moon became full. The 12 became 1. The mobius was forever broken.

And another thing, how did she land from such high heights?
Could it be that gravity no longer held them down...?
CHAPTER 9. Hi & High [ + + ]

“the mobius broken, to unite & soar to the sky”

With the 12 uniting as one, I realized that the title "Hi High" was really the anthem of the LOONAverse story.

“Hi High” really signifies two ideas of LOONAverse: Hi and High
Hi is “to unite”

It's the "innate connection”.
It was LOONA's yearning to find each other and be complete.

After members found everyone and said their “Hi’s”, the Mobius was broken.
High is “to soar”

It's the "ascension”.
Gravity no longer holds them down.

It is signaling that LOONA as a complete group is now ready to move beyond, to soar high into what's to come.
And now they are ready for the launch-off-
Get set-

(hit that high note chuuriah carey-)
"Take me High High High High"
Into the Light!

(Jinsoul is out!)
and beyond! 🐰

(bunny got hops)
EPILOGUE. & Beyond

and there it is!
The mobius broken, gravity denied, and soaring high to the next story of LOONAverse. The long 2 years of LOONA's pre-debut story was complete.

Well- the mobius isn't quite completely gone.
Instead of LOONA... now we "Orbit" around them! 🚀
and that's it!
Thanks for reading this super super long thread.
I thought about turning this into a video but I think i'll need 2 million years to make it so... maybe another time.

And again feel free to ask Q's or share your theories! I'm sure I missed a bunch.
Thank you all 💕
KR translation for the Hi High megathread is now complete thanks to @rainytears_kjh!
turned it into a 77 page novel, it's beautiful 🙏

이달의 소녀 Hi High 세계관 분석 한글 번역본이 나왔습니다!
비눈물님 감사합니다. 세계관에 관심 있는 분들 읽어보세요💕

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