Janet was a thorn in my life throughout my secondary school days. She was big, ugly & strong. I always imagined how I would deal with her but it all ended in imaginations until I saw her 10 years later looking like freshly baked pie👅👅

Issa thread #JosiahsThreads
I transferred to the school from my other school bcos of the same bullying issue. The girl at my other school was bullying me bcos I asked her friend out & didn't ask her out. I had hoped this transfer would be my redemption bcos the lies I told for my dad to transfer me was deep
So when I arrived at this new school, I decided to keep away from girls & mind my business. But being intelligent was the only thing wrong I did. All the girls were attracted to me while I was just doing my thing. Anytime I tried to get my freak on with any of them
I remember what happened with me in the other school so I made it a point of duty to just teach & respect myself.

Somehow the rumours got to Janet that I'm good in maths & the sciences & I'm garnering all the girls for myself so she summoned me.
In my naivety, I ignored her summon bcos then I had not known of her capacity to shake & move things around the way she pleases.

She sent her summons two more times & in my folly, I ignored every other summon believing she's just a girl looking for attention & tutelage.
One afternoon as I was reading in the school garner, I noticed a sudden darkness that shaded the light & sun rays that was filtering into my books. As I turned to see what happened up there in skies, behold it was Janet looking furious & ready to eat me alive
I still was ignorant of what was happening bcos I didn't even know who she was until she anointed my ogor (back of my head) with a resounding slap that resetted my destiny (I'm very sure). For about 3mins I couldn't even tell if I was alive or dead bcos the slap shook me
By the time I regained consciousness, Janet was literally sitting on top of my chest & dishing out warnings. The only thing that saved me that day was that I was alone in one corner (not that one corner you know tho) & no kne was aound to see me receiving free beatings.
From then on, I took care of all her assignments, tests & even in exam I had to sit close to her so that I could do her bidding.

I didn't know any good lie to cook up that would make my dad get be transferred against so I decided to go along since I was almost graduating.
Soon enough as the good Lawd made it, it was graduation day & the only thing that gave me joy besides being the best graduating student, I was going to be free from all the tantrums & emotional torture of Janet.

I even heard she was asking what university I was going to
I had to keep everything a secret from thence on so that no one would leak the secret of my school to her & she would then decided to bring her ugly ass self to the university & continue maltreating me; I'm too fragile for all that BS.
Fast forward to 9yrs later, I was at the cinemas one weekend trying to get some snacks that would help make the movie I was going to see fun when someone hit from the back & my ATM card fell off my hands. I was going to react but her voice was 🔥🔥 & when I turned I saw this😲😲
She was exceptionally beautiful & I lost my senses fro some seconds there. She apologized & offered to pay for my snack but being the gentle man that I am 🕴🕴I declined & let her go. But as she turned to leave, I saw a very familiar mark on her back that reminded me of someone
I took a pause to think & boom I remembered vividly that could only be the boy of Janet. Her beauty & transformation beyond wow😱😱😱

The Janet of our secondary school was big, stout & chunky but with the finesse I was seeing I was shook. So I decided to investigate to bet sure
Luckily for me, we were seeing the same movie. I decided to wait for her & follow up. After the movies, I made sure we "accidentally" bumped into each other. This time we exchanged pleasantries & she told told me her name was Jane 😂😂😂. I just knew it was short for Janet 😂😂😂
We exchanged phone numbers & went our way. While driving home, I was just thinking of what to do to punish her for all she did to me. But now she is just too hot to think of any evil but then my head snapped & I remembered I could do her "revenge sex".
Immediately I gave motion to my plans. For 3 months, I was on a mission to make her fall in love with me even though she had a boyfriend & it seemed like I was just deceiving myself until one evening when she quarrelled with her boyfriend & she called me to come around
Soon as I got there, she was broken & in dire need of a shoulder to cry on. Since my shoulders were bigger now, I decided to be of help by gibing her a shoulder to cry on. The tears went on for a while until her blood got hot (mind has already been hot for 3months now)
By the time I grabbed it, fawtha lawth gawd of the bullied!!! It was so soft that I buried my head in between for another 5mins before the action proper began. I made sure I got my revenge as I went on smashing it for 3hrs uninterrupted.
I swear I didn't even know I could last that long but the desire & passion for revenge kept me on. She screamed, she cried, she moaned, she whimpered, her legs shook, she even fainted at some point but I smashed her back to reality. She must pay for all the tortures I suffered
Somehow I was suppose to just delete her number & never go back again but it would seem I had fallen in love🙆🙆🙆 I kept thinking & dreaming of her that I had to call back the next day. She was very happy & she decided to keep me as the side nikka 😂😂😂😂
I wasn't really comfortable bcos I wanted her all to myself but being the side nikka was better than not being in the picture at all. We continued for 3 months until she decided to allow me meet her family. I really wasn't ready for all that BS but anything for my love.
As soon as I entered the house, I was greeted by Jane who was looking taller, more beautiful & shapey that I had to pause & look again as did she & while we were staring at each other, from nowhere a slap that I could tell the origin from greeted my right cheek
There's no way I'm mistaking that, that is the hand of the great Janet. While I was trying to find out what happen, Jane walked in & was asking what happened. Janet explain that I am the reason she graduated university with poor grades bcos i didn't go to same school with her
I was confused bcos there were two of them now looking exactly the alike with the same marks that I used to identify Janet. I was angry & ready to break her in pieces but i needed to understand how Janet was a twin & I never knew
I found out that Janet was also a trouble for them at home that while they sent Jane abroad for her studies she was kept at home so they could monitor her activities & ensure she grows to a good woman. The whole story was confusing until we heard their parents honk at the gate.
Both girls showed me to the kitchen & asked me to hide there until their parents go upstairs.

I stood close to the kithen door to listen to know if they were saying anything that would require me running. But the events that unfolded brought out the James Bond in me.
Their parents had returned with joy & a file in their hands that they have found their missing son who was stolen on the day of their birth. He is the kid that makes them triplet but he's unidentical (unlike the duo). They were very happy a family until they opened the folder.
Upon opening the folder to see the picture of their lost son, Jane fainted & I had to rush out to make sure my love was OK. I was just checking her heart beat when I saw the pic in her hand. 😱😱😱😱 it was me, I am the missing triplet the family have been looking for
I did not know when I jumped out of the window, over the 12foot high fence & landed on top of my car. I just zoomed away in confusion & broken thoughts.

I have slept with my twin sis bcos of revenge for something that happened ages ago. How do i even stand myself???
Hope you had a great read 😉😉😉 share foe others to read too.

To read any of my previous thread just search for the #JosiahsThreads tag & you'll find some. Thanks for coming around
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