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Barack Hussein Obama’s 2008 campaign was fined $375,000 by Federal Election Commission for campaign reporting violations — one of largest fees ever levied against presidential campaign

Why was this Hidden from #WeThePeople?
👇This Thread explains👇
(2)Barack Hussein Obama fine — laid out in FEC documents that have — arose from an audit of campaign, which was published in April. Which was sent to Sean Cairncross, chief lawyer for RNC, one of groups that filed complaints about campaign’s FEC reporting from 2008
(3)“$375,000 is huge fine,” said Republican election lawyer Jason Torchinsky. “It may be one of their top five- or 10-largest fines”

But he added, “They’re also the first billion-dollar presidential campaign. Proportionally, it’s not out of line”
(4)FEC officials declined to comment on fine or the existence of agreement with Hussein Obama. Presidential nominee Bob Dole set a record for FEC fines on his 1996 campaign when he paid $100,000 two years later

Media Bias why?
Did Soros bribe mSm about Obama fines?
(5)“At the time, the 2008 campaign was record breaking, with over 3 million donors,” Obama campaign spokewoman Katie Hogan said. “The outstanding questions about the $750 million that was raised have yet to be publicly revealed.”

clinton foundation laundered majority of funds...
(6)major sticking point for FEC is series of missing 48-hour notices for nearly 1,300 contributions totaling $1.8 million — issue lawyers familiar with commission’s work say FEC takes seriously. Notices must be filed on contributions of $1,000+ received 20-days of Election Day
(7)< half of contributions were transferred from Obama Victory Fund, joint committee between campaign & DNC

Sources said fine resulting from settlement agreement has been paid, with $230,000 coming from HUSSEIN Obama campaign’s coffers & remainder from DNC

This #Fraud allowed?
(8)Document outlined other violations, such as erroneous contribution dates on some campaign reports

Barack Hussein Obama campaign was also late returning some contributions that Exceeded legal limits

Campaign finance law broke by Barack Hussein Obama, why not Imprisoned?
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75 Times Barack Hussein Obama Broke Laws During Presidency

An extensive list of Hussein Obama’s crimes showing why Congress must impeach him now #ObamaGate #ImpeachObama

Why was this Hidden from #WeThePeople?
👇This Thread explains👇
(2) Here’s list of at least 75 times Barack Hussein Obama violated U.S. Constitution & or broke federal laws during his presidency, which also doubles as a list of at least 75 reasons why Congress should Stop All Funding hussein Obama's salary paid for by #WeThePeople Taxpayers:
✔️ Illegally armed Mexican drug cartels & ISIS militants In Operation Fast & Furious, Obama admin facilitated sale of thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels & stopped tracking those weapons once they crossed border so administration could later blame the 2ND Amendment.
(4)“Dept of ATF ordered agents to purchase firearms with taxpayer money & sell them to Mexican drug cartel” “After months of pretending that ‘Fast & Furious’ was botched surveillance operation of illegal gun-running by ATF & Obama govt itself was selling guns to the bad guys”
(5) Hussein Obama authorized shipment of guns to Syrian, a.k.a. ISIS-linked militants on exact same day he demanded gun control in response to Oregon shooting
“Hussein obama told his team that U.S. would continue to support Syrian opposition as Russia enters war-torn country
(6)“The Free Syrian Army & Syrian National Council, vaunted bulwarks of moderate opposition, only really exist in hotel lobbies & minds of Western diplomats" “There is simply no real separation between ‘moderate’ rebel groups & hardline Salafists allied with al-Qaeda”
✔️2) Attempting to shut down gun stores outside of the law In a classic case of criminal racketeering, U.S. Department of Justice was pressuring banks to refuse service to gun stores in the program entitled Operation Choke Point.
(8)2014, DOJ attempting to shut down legal gun dealers by coercing financial institutions to close bank & merchant accts associated with their businesses.

2012, Bank of America told McMillan Group, that because company was into firearms, bank no longer wanted McMillans business
(9)“We have to assess risk of doing business with firearms-related industry” bank’s rep told operations director Kelly McMillan.

BitPay, U.S.-based bitcoin processor, likewise refused to do business with gun dealer Michael Cargill of Central Texas Gunworks due to similar policy
✔️3) Obama Spent tax dollars to re-settle illegals inside U.S.

U.S. Customs & Border Patrol has been purchasing bus tickets & vouchers for illegal immigrants in order to ship them deeper into the country at taxpayers’ expense, according to McAllen, Texas city official.
(11) “They’re not bringing them here, they’re bringing them to our bus terminals because that’s where Border Patrol understands that they have transportation to go to interior” McAllen, Texas City Attorney Kevin Pagan

Hussein Obama is "Aiding" Terrorists inside the USA
(12) Several months earlier, Hussein Obama ordered Border Patrol to stand down from protecting U.S. border & enforcing immigration laws.
“We are simply being ordered to stand down & stop tracking & trying to apprehend criminals” Shawn Moran, VP of National Border Patrol Council.
✔️4) Using executive action to restrict 2ND Amendment
Obama uses “pen & his phone” to enact gun control without Congressional approval.
“Without majority in Congress & faced with GOP that is firmly against any form of gun control, Obama has warned he would act on his own”
(14) Hussein Obama is attempting to require private sellers conduct background checks. “officials would include guidance on HOW Bureau of ATF determine who is “engaged in business” of selling firearms under federal law & who is required to obtain license to sell firearms”
(15) Obama abused no-fly list, violates 5th Amendment’s guarantee of due process by allowing govt to deprive people of their rights based only on suspicion. law-abiding Americans wrongly placed on No-Fly list due to false information, clerical errors or political persecution.
(16) “U.S. govt maintains massive watchlist risks hundreds – including U.S. citizens – as terrorism suspects based on vague, overbroad & often secret evidence” "being placed on a govt watchlist; they include questioning, harassment, or even an indefinite ban on air travel”
✔️5) Illegally targeted conservative groups via IRS
Hussein Obama’s IRS had illegally targeted conservative groups for“reviews” of their tax status applications.
(18)“tea party” “patriot” in their names were singled out for harassment, such as requiring them to provide info about family members, social media posts & list of donors.
Obama met with IRS official who involved in targeting 2 days before official told how target conservatives
(19)Hussein Obama appointee implicated in congressional testimony in IRS targeting scandal met with Hussein Obama in White House 2 days before offering his colleagues a new set of advice on how to scrutinize tea party & conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status.
(20)IRS chief William Wilkins, who was House Oversight testimony by retiring IRS agent Carter Hull as 1 of his supervisors in improper targeting of conservative groups, met Obama in Roosevelt Room of WH on April 23, 2012. Wilkins’ boss, then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman
(21)On April 25, 2012, Wilkins’ office sent the exempt organizations determinations unit “additional comments on the draft guidance” for approving or denying tea party tax-exempt applications, according to the IRS inspector general’s report.
(22) IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman made 157 visits to WH.
“This is more visits to White House – by a very large margin – than any other cabinet member” “during 4 years that Mark Everson was IRS commissioner when Bush was potus, Everson made only 1 visit to White House.”
In 2008 media was silent when Barack Hussein Obama did not even pay any of the $375,000 fine for campaign finance violations, DNC & 🇺🇸 Taxpayers paid it!

-No call for resignation
-No witch hunt
-No transparencies
-No integrity
-No wonder we call them fake News
✔️6) Secretly obtained phone records from journalists In May 2013: Justice Department secretly obtained 2 months of telephone records of reporters & editors in what news cooperative’s top executive called “massive & unprecedented intrusion” into how news orgs gather news
(24) records obtained by Justice Dept listed outgoing calls for work & personal phone # of individual reporters, AP office # in New York, Washington & Hartford, Conn & main # for AP reporters in House of Reps press. Some records included incoming calls or duration of calls.
(25)govt seized records for 20 telephone lines assigned to journalists in 2012. # of journalists who used phone lines during that period is unknown but 100 journalists work in offices where phone records were targeted. Required approval from former Attorney General Eric Holder.
✔️7) Carried out military interventionism in Libya without Congressional approval
Barack Hussein Obama violated the Constitution of the United States of America when he launched military operations in Libya without Congressional approval.
✔️8) Expanded Bush’s unconstitutional government faith-based programs
Barack Hussein Obama actually expanded the federal government’s faith based programs which had been started by President George W. Bush.
✔️9) Supported Bush’s unconstitutional Patriot Act
Barack Hussein Obama renewed the Patriot Act in 2011.
✔️10) Agrees with Bush’s support of unconstitutional, indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without filing any charges
Obama signed unconstitutional bill that gave U.S. govt power to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens without any charges being filed or trial taking place.
✔️11) Supports unconstitutional, warrantless wiretapping
Barack Hussein Obama is a huge supporter of warrantless wiretapping.
✔️12) Barack Hussein Obama Had four U.S. citizens killed without judicial process
Barack Hussein Obama had four U.S. citizens killed without judicial process, to which then-U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) said was an impeachable offense.
✔️13) Barack Hussein Obama Ordered private company to fire 1,000 employees
After Boeing hired 1,000 new employees to work at its new factory in South Carolina in 2011, the Obama administration ordered the company to close it down because the factory was non-union.
✔️14) Barack Hussein Obama Stole money from retired teachers & police officers
During Chrysler bankruptcy, Barack Hussein Obama violated 5th Amendment & more than 150 yrs of bankruptcy law by illegally treating secured creditors worse than unsecured creditors.
(34) “Upsetting this fixed hierarchy among creditors is an illegal taking of property from 1 group of creditors for benefit of another, which should be struck down on both statutory & constitutional grounds,” according to Richard A. Epstein, law professor at NYU School of Law.
✔️15) Fired Inspector General for discovering that Obama’s friend had embezzled government funds
Obama fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin in 2009 after Walpin accused Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson of misusing AmeriCorps funding to pay for political activities.
(36)Later on, a bipartisan group of 145 current and former public officials and legal scholars signed a letter stating Walpin’s firing was politically motivated.
✔️16) Lied about letting people keep their health insurance, Hussein Obama:
“No matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to American people. If you like your health care plan you’ll keep your health care plan. No one will take it away, no matter what”
(39) But once Barack Hussein ObamaCare was passed, the Congressional Budget Office said Obamacare would cause at least seven million people to lose their insurance.

What happen to? "No one will take your health insurance away, no matter what” Barack Hussein Obama
✔️17) Lied about cost of Obamacare
Barack Hussein Obama promised:
“I will not sign plan that adds 1 dime to our deficits. To prove I’m serious, there will be provision in plan requires us to come forward with more spending cuts if savings we promised don’t materialize.”
(41) However, not long after Barack Hussein Obama signed it, the Obamacare reported it would add over $340 billion to the U.S. budget deficit contradicting what Barack Hussein Obama said in a promise to U.S. Citizens.
✔️18) Gave tax $ to campaign contributors & lobbyists & falsely claimed money was for “green energy”
In 2009 the Hussein Obama administration gave $535 million to green-energy company Solyndra, claiming that it would create 4,000 new jobs, but company soon went bankrupt
(43) It was later revealed the company’s executives had made substantial donations AKA U.S. Taxpayer Money to Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign and that Solyndra executives had had many meetings with White House officials.
✔️19) Had “off the record” meetings with lobbyists
In June 2010, the New York Times said Hussein Obama administration officials had held hundreds of meetings with lobbyists at coffee houses near White House to avoid the disclosure requirements for White House visitors.
✔️20) Had armed SWAT agents raid a law-abiding guitar factory because it was owned by a Republican
Barack Hussein Obama had an armed SWAT team raid the Gibson guitar factory & seized guitars & other property from factory – without any charges being filed.
(46)Barack Hussein Obama’s so-called justification for raid was that Gibson had broken environmental laws from India regarding imported wood that Gibson had been using, but C.F. Martin & Company, Gibsons’s competitor, had used exact same imported wood
Abuse of Office by Obama
(47) The difference? Henry E. Juszkiewicz, the CEO of Gibson, was a Republican donor, whereas Chris Martin IV, CEO of Martin, was a Democratic donor.

Barack Hussein Obama Targeted a republican Gibson Guitar company to help his campaign donor "Democrat competitor" Martin guitar
✔️21)Ignored constitutional requirements for appointees
U.S. Senator Robert Byrd & Democrat U.S. Senator Russ Feingold, Democrats, expressed concerns Hussein Obama’s dozens of czars appointed in 2009 violates U.S. Constitution because they were not approved by U.S. Senate
✔️22) Barack Hussein Obama Tried to outlaw family farms
The Barack Hussein Obama administration wanted to eradicate family farms in 2012 by trying to prohibit farm children under 18 from working in various farm-related activities & people in cities to have Private gardens
✔️23) Auctioned off ambassadorship to the Netherlands
Barack Hussein Obama nominated Timothy Broas to be U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands after Broas donated at least $500,000 to Barack Hussein Obama’s 2012 campaign.
✔️24) Made the TSA even more abusive and ridiculous than it had been under Bush
Under the Barack Hussein Obama administration, the TSA has been giving very invasive pat-downs on young children which would otherwise constitute child molestation.
✔️25) Barack Hussein Obama Illegally demanded monetary payment for Freedom of Information Act request
The Barack Hussein Obama administration demanded the Goldwater Institute pay nearly $79,000 before it would share public records via the Freedom of Information Act.
✔️26)Barack Hussein Obama Stole money from retired Delphi employees
Barack Hussein Obama eliminated the pensions of 20,000 retired Delphi employees in 2009.
✔️27)Used “off books” funding for military interventionism
Anti-war activists who helped elect Obama accused him of using same “off-the-books” funding as his predecessor George W. Bush when president requested over $83 billion from Congress for wars in Afghanistan & Iraq
✔️28) Barack Hussein Obama Tried to silence criticism of auto-bailouts
The Barack Hussein Obama administration pressured the Ford Motor Company to stop criticizing Barack Hussein Obama’s bailouts of General Motors and Chrysler in a TV ad.
✔️29) Barack Hussein Obama Tried to silence videos on YouTube
Barack Hussein Obama actually asked a Jewish singing group to take down its video from the Internet in 2011.
✔️30)Illegally gave Obamacare exemptions to unions that supported Obamacare
Obama gave orgs exemption from Obamacare requirements.
Unions that supported Obamacare, afterwards wanted exemptions from very law forced on US. Constitution requires law to treat everyone equal
(58)“Selective enforcement of law is 1st sign of Barack Hussein Obama tyranny. Govt empowered to determine arbitrarily who may operate outside law invariably embraces favoritism as those with best-funded lobbyists. Favoritism leads to corruption & corruption invites extortion.”
(59)“The now-familiar monthly trickling down of new waivers is, tacit admission that Obamacare is failure. 7 states & 1,372 businesses, unions & other institutions have received waivers from law. List includes admin’s friends & allies & of course, those who have best lobbyists”
(60) “50% of Obamacare waiver beneficiaries are union members, striking because unions account for 12% American workforce. Unions provided $120 million to Democrats in 2 elections, openly campaigned govt takeover of health care & celebrate that Obamacare is not their problem”
✔️31) Barack Hussein Obama Defended Bush admin’s unconstitutional, unwarranted use of GPS device
Barack Hussein Obama admin opposed U.S. Supreme Court for ruling against Bush administration over installation of GPS tracking device on Citizens cars without a warrant.
✔️32) Barack Hussein Obama Was cited by nine states for committing 21 illegal acts
Attorneys General from nine states listed 21 illegal acts which had been committed by the Barack Hussein Obama administration.
✔️33) Barack Hussein Obama Tried to seize hotel because some of its customers had used illegal drugs
The Barack Hussein Obama administration tried to shut down a mom-and-pop bed-and-breakfast because some if its guests had used illegal drugs.
✔️34) Made recess appointments when Congress was not in recess
Barack Hussein Obama violated Constitution by making 4 recess appointments when Congress was not in recess in Jan. 2012.
Federal appeals court later ruled that Obama’s appointments had violated Constitution.
✔️35)Obama Supports guns for himself, opposes them for U.S. Citizens
Obama signed 2013 bill providing armed guards for himself rest of live.

Barack Hussein Obama was Illinois senator 2004, voted against citizens keeping guns in own homes to protect themselves & families
✔️36) Barack Hussein Obama Approved giving 20 F-16 U.S. fighter jets to a Sharia dictatorship without congressional approval

Barack Hussein Obama once gave 20 F-16 fighter jets to Egypt while it was under a Sharia Laws dictatorship.
✔️37) Barack Hussein Obama Violated the very same campaign finance laws that he claims to support
Hussein Obama’s 2012 campaign was fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for violating campaign finance laws.

👇This Thread explains👇
✔️38) Encouraged employers to switch employees from full time to part time
@nytimes said Obamacare “sharply penalizes full-time employment in favor of part-time employment”
Mandate of Obamacare, businesses & colleges switched their employees from full time to part time
(69) Teamsters, UFCW & UNITE-HERE wrote 2013 letter to Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi that Obamacare will “destroy foundation of 40 hr work week, American middle class
Law incentivized to keep employees’ work hours below 30 hrs a week. Employers cut workers’ hours to avoid obligation”
✔️39) Barack Hussein Obama Had Freedom of Information Act record worse than Bush’s
when it came to honoring requests under the Freedom of Information Act, Barack Hussein Obama’s record was far worse than that of George W. Bush.
✔️40) Barack Hussein Obama Supports installation of hidden cameras on private property without a search warrant
Barack Hussein Obama’s Justice Department once argued in favor of installing hidden cameras on private property without a search warrant.
✔️41 Accepted illegal campaign contributions from foreign citizens
During experiment, non-U.S. citizen attempted to make 2 $5 donations to both Obama’s campaign & Mitt Romney’s campaign.
While Romney campaign rejected both donations, Obama website accepted them cheerfully
✔️42) Lied about Benghazi attack
4 U.S. citizens were killed in terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012, Obama falsely claimed attack was spontaneous protest agains anti-Muslim video
Hussein Obama admin took an entire week before it acknowledged attacks as terrorism.
(74) although Barack Hussein Obama made a dozen revisions to its versions of incident, then-White House Press Secretary Jay Carney falsely claimed that only a “single adjustment” had been made.
ABC published complete "talking points" list to White House
✔️43) Complained to YouTube about anti-Muslim video
Barack Hussein Obama actually phoned YouTube in 2012 to complain about an anti-Muslim video.

“It does make us nervous when government throws its weight behind any requests for Censorship,” Ben Wizner of ACLU said.
✔️44) Falsely said that #FastAndFurious was started when Bush was President

Barack Hussein Obama lied when he said Fast & Furious had “begun under previous administration” in 2012.
Fast & Furious actually began around September 2009, months after Bush left office.
✔️45)Barack Hussein Obama Illegally refused to fire Kathleen Sebelius after she violated campaign finance laws

Kathleen Sebelius Secretary of Health & Human Services was violating campaign finance laws, while Federal law requires Obama to fire her, he refused to do so.
✔️46) Gave special access to people who raised or donated $500K

People who raised or donated at least $500K to "Organizing for Action", pro-Obama political group, would be given “privilege of attending quarterly meetings with obama, along with meetings at White House.”
✔️47) Barack Hussein Obama Adopted harmful new restrictions on prescription painkillers – even though the House had already voted against them

Barack Hussein Obama ignored the House’s rejection of new restrictions on prescription painkillers by adopting them anyway.
✔️48) Illegally refused to submit budget on time during 4 of his first 5 years

Despite being legally required to submit budget by 1st Monday in February, Barack Hussein Obama broke law at least 4 times.

Since 1921, NO POTUS had missed this deadline more than once.
✔️49) Barack Hussein Obama Fined UPS $40 million because customers used UPS to ship illegal drugs

Barack Hussein Obama forced UPS to pay $40 million in 2013 because customers used company to ship illegal drugs.

U.S. Citizens fine Obama $33 BILLION, Aid he gave to ISIS?
✔️50) Barack Hussein Obama Added 20,000 extra pages to Obamacare without Congressional approval

After Obamacare was passed, Barack Hussein Obama added 20,000 extra pages to it even though those extra pages were not voted on by Congress.
✔️51) obama Waited until after 2012 election to release unpopular Obamacare rules
NY Times in 2013:
"… even fervent supporters of law admit that things are going worse than expected.
… Obama administration didn’t want to release unpopular rules before election"
(84)"Everything is turning out to be more complicated than originally envisioned.
law that was very confusing has become mind-boggling. Americans are just going to be overwhelmed & befuddled. Many are just going to stay away, even if they are eligible for benefits" @nytimes
✔️52) Barack Hussein Obama Tried to rig federal auctions of radio spectrum space
The Barack Hussein Obama administration was trying to rig federal auctions of radio spectrum space in a manner that would favor Sprint & T-Mobile over its competitors.
✔️53) Barack Hussein Obama Put someone in jail for making anti-Muslim video

“Nakoula Basseley Nakoula deserves a place in American history. He is the first person in this country jailed for violating Islamic anti-blasphemy laws.”
(87) “You won’t find that anywhere in charges against him, of course. As practical matter, though, everyone knows that Nakoula wouldn’t be in jail today if he hadn’t produced a video crudely lampooning the prophet Muhammad”

Barack Hussein Obama Bound by Quran to hate Christians
(88) After the attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens & 3 U.S. Military, Obama claimed terrorist assault been outgrowth of demonstration against Nakoula video

Barack Hussein Obama ran announcements in Pakistan tv featuring Barack Hussein Obama
(89) In speech at United Nations around this time, Barack Hussein Obama declared – no doubt with Nakoula in mind – ‘The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam'”

Hussein Obama what about Our U.S. Troops & U.S. Ambassador Murdered by "Islamic Terrorists"?
✔️54) Rewarded one of his biggest campaign fundraisers by nominating him for the ambassadorship to Canada Barack Hussein Obama nominated Bruce Heyman to be the ambassador to Canada in 2013 after Heyman raised more than $1 million for Barack Hussein Obama campaign.
✔️56)Falsely accused law abiding news reporter of being “an aider & abettor & or co-conspirator” criminal investigation
Obama admin falsely labeled James Rosen “an aider & abettor & or co-conspirator” criminal investigation when it applied for warrant to read his emails
(92) @nytimes reported:
With decision to label Fox News television reporter a possible “co-conspirator” in a criminal investigation of a news leak, Barack Hussein Obama has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening fundamental freedoms of press to gather news
(93) Leak investigations usually focus on source, not reporter. In this case, federal prosecutors also asked federal judge for permission to examine Mr. Rosen’s personal e-mails, arguing “there is probable cause to believe” Mr. Rosen is “an aider & abettor & or co-conspirator”
(94) Though Mr. Rosen was not charged, the F.B.I. request for his e-mail account was granted secretly in late May 2010. The government was allowed to rummage through Mr. Rosen’s e-mails for at least 30 days.
(95)The Rosen affair is as flagrant an assault on civil liberties as anything done by George W. Bush’s administration, and it uses technology to silence critics in a way Richard Nixon could only have dreamed of.
(96)Treat reporter as criminal for doing his job – seeking out info govt doesn’t want made public – deprives Americans of 1st Amendment freedom on which all other constitutional rights. Guns? Privacy? Due process? Equal protection? If you can’t speak out, you can’t defend rights
(96)admin’s actions shatter Barack Hussein Obama’s credibility & discourage allies who would otherwise defend admin against bogus accusations such as those involving Benghazi “talking points.” If admin is spying on reporters & accusing them of criminality for asking questions.
✔️57) Asked AG Eric Holder to investigate himself for lying under oath
U.S. AG Eric Holder lied under oath when he said he had nothing to do with monitoring emails of James Rosen, even though his own signature on search warrant. Obama asked Holder to investigate himself
✔️58)Used Obamacare to illegally give IRS powers without approval from Congress
Reported 2013:
[Obamacare] allows Dept of Health & Human Services set up federal health exchanges in states

Statute makes no mention IRS providing credits subsidies through federal exchanges
(99) IRS resolved by denying existence. it asserted its own right to provide credits outside state exchanges as interpretation of law. No justification for IRS’s ruling in history of Obamacare

IRS seized authority to spend $800 billion benefits not authorized by Congress.
✔️59) Barack Hussein Obama Illegally solicited donations from health insurers
In May 2013, Barack Hussein Obama’s Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius illegally solicited donations from health insurers to help pay for Obamacare.
✔️60) Barack Hussein Obama Proposed military interventionism in Syria without U.S. Congressional Approval

Barack Hussein Obama proposed the U.S. oust the Syrian government in 2013 by military action.
✔️61)Refused to fire or prosecute more than 1,000 IRS employees who illegally used IRS credit cards for their own personal use

Barack Hussein Obama refused to fire or prosecute more than 1,000 IRS employees illegally used their IRS credit cards for personal purchases.
✔️62) Obama Had Secret Service visit law abiding citizen who had criticized his policies on Twitter

Obama ordered Secret Service visit home of Tom Francois who had criticized Obama’s policies on Twitter 2013

SS admitted Francois had not made any threats against Obama
✔️63) Had IRS grant special, illegal favors for his brother’s “charity”

IRS had taken “unprecedented” step of approving non-profit application within just 1 month from Barack Hussein Obama Foundation “charity” which was headed by Malik Obama, Hussein Obama’s brother
(105)Additionally, with consent from Barack Hussein Obama, IRS illegally gave retroactive approval for the organization’s tax exempt status and had illegally solicited tax deductible donations even though it did not have legal approval to do so
✔️64) Illegally bypassed Congress to delay Obamacare’s employer mandate
In July 2013, Obama delayed employer mandate part of Obamacare until Jan. 2015, even though Congress set it to begin year prior.
Obama effectively illegally rewrote law without approval from Congress
✔️65) Barack Hussein Obama Illegally forced 2,200 privately owned auto dealerships to close, which destroyed 120,000 jobs

Barack Hussein Obama cost 120,000 people their jobs by illegally forced 2,200 privately owned auto dealerships to close in 2009.
✔️66) Barack Hussein Obama Gave 23,994 tax refunds worth a total of $46,378,040 to illegal Non-Citizen aliens who all used same address

IRS gave nearly 24,000 tax refunds worth a total of nearly $47 million to illegal aliens in 2011 using the same address in Atlanta, Ga
✔️67) Barack Hussein Obama Used tax money to pay federal employees to organize protests against George Zimmerman

Barack Hussein Obama actually used U.S. tax money to pay federal employees to organize protests against George Zimmerman in 2012.
✔️68) Barack Hussein Obama Illegally continued giving foreign aid to Egypt after it had a coup

Barack Hussein Obama administration said it would illegally continue giving foreign aid to Egypt after its coup.
✔️69) Barack Hussein Obama Broke promise to end Bush’s surveillance of U.S. citizens who were not suspected of committing a crime

Barack Hussein Obama lied when he said he would end Bush’s illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens not suspected of committing a crime.
✔️70)Barack Hussein Obama Falsely guaranteed that people could keep doctor

Before Obamacare was passed, Barack Hussein Obama said:
“Here is a guarantee that I’ve made. If you’ve got a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep your doctor”
This was a complete lie
✔️71)Barack Hussein Obama Illegally seized privately owned gun from law abiding citizen

After jury found George Zimmerman not guilty, Barack Hussein Obama announced it would seize his gun anyway, violation of double jeopardy clause of U.S. Constitution & 5th Amendment
✔️72) Illegally prevented individual employees of small businesses from choosing own plan 1st yr of Obamacare
Obamacare requires individual employees of small businesses be allowed to choose own insurance plan 1st yr of Obamacare, Obama admin kept them from doing so
✔️73)Barack Hussein Obama Illegally avoided enforcing required income verification of people who receive subsidies for Obamacare exchanges

Barack Hussein Obama refuses to verify the income of people who receive subsidies for Obamacare exchanges.
✔️74) Barack Hussein Obama Illegally delayed the caps on out of pocket health care payments without U.S. Congressional approval

Barack Hussein Obama once again illegally rewrote Obamacare by delaying payment caps for one year.
✔️75)Falsely said NSA review was being conducted by “independent”
Obama assigned National Intelligence Director James Clapper, who had falsely testified to Congress NSA was not collecting info on U.S. citizens, to establish “independent” investigation of NSA surveillance
✔️76)Nominated telecommunications lobbyist & Obama fundraiser to head FCC
Obama nominate former cableTV lobbyist & Obama fundraiser Tom Wheeler to FCC in 2013. Wheeler had previously head of National Cable & Telecommunications, which is lobbying org for cable TV industry
✔️77)Tried to violate defendants right to fair trial
U.S. Drug Enforcement Admin unit funneling info from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, info & massive database of telephone records to authorities across nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans
(120) Although these cases rarely involve national security issues, documents reviewed by Reuters show that law enforcement agents have been directed to conceal how such investigations truly begin – not only from defense lawyers but also sometimes from prosecutors and judges.
(121)federal agents trained to “recreate” investigative to cover up where info originated, some experts say violates defendant’s Constitutional right to fair trial. If defendants don’t know how investigation began, they cannot know to ask to review sources of exculpatory evidence
✔️78)Hussein Obama Threatened internet service providers with contempt of court if did not install surveillance software
Obama admin had pressured ISP is to install surveillance software in 2013 could monitor internet traffic without warrant,violation of 4th Amendment.
unroll thread @threadreaderapp
unroll thread @threadreaderapp
“Barack Hussein Obama did something worse than Watergate scandal. He spied on a Rival Presidential campaign. Would it be OK if @realDonaldTrump did it next? I am losing faith that our system is on the 'level'. I’m beginning to think its rotten & corrupt”
What if @realDonaldTrump had given Russia secret Access to the US Financial System?

left would be screaming Everyday to impeach him

That's EXACTLY what Barack Hussein Obama did with Iran after he gave $1.7 Billion in Cash
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2) Go to a Twitter thread (series of Tweets by the same owner) and mention us with a keyword "unroll" @threadreaderapp unroll

You can practice here first or read more on our help page!

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