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A man should strive to be a hero. A hero is a man of high character. You might say heroes only exist in Marvel and DC comics and movies. You have been lied to. Your wife, your children, and the world itself needs you to be a hero.

Hero is simply the English word for the greek word “heros” which primarily meant a “grand man”. The greeks called a grand man, a hero. A real man is a hero.
“The primary idea of heroism is an exceptional manliness, a manliness which partakes of the divine element.”
Henry F. Kleitzburg, Traits of Character, 1898
Since the day we were born we have been told that knowledge is power, but knowledge today is as ubiquitous as running water. All collected knowledge is at the finger tips of every person in the western world.
Modern men have access to too much information from too many sources. Listening to all of this information can actually make a man feel powerless. The real power is in character. Civilization itself depends on the character of men.
"The highest object of life is the possession of a good character. The foundations of civil security, the progress and civilization of nations depend upon individual character. CHARACTER IS POWER in a much higher sense than that knowledge is power."

Traits of Character, 1898
The modern man has lost touch with his inner hero, his intuition. A man of character is a fully expressed and realized YOU. It’s the fully developed you. It’s as unique as your fingerprint.
When you strive to reach your fullest potential you are a man of character, you are a hero. It might not even be possible, but the ideal is a worthy goal. A life well-lived.
Most men are afraid to be themselves. Society would like you to be docile, listen to your parents, go to school, get a 9-5 job, get married, buy a home, and have children. Your parents concern is for your safety. Society’s concern is for fairness and equality.
The equal man is incapable of being a man of character. The safe man cannot be a hero. While many of these things are wonderful, you need to strike your own path. The man of character is not opposed to civilization, but he cannot be contained by it.
You might have felt this desire to rebel against society’s or your parents plan, but do not be distracted by artificial eccentricities. Millennial’s have embraced piercings, tattoos, and other outer signals to display their own rebellion against the simulation of life.
If these things do not come from the core of your being, they mean nothing. You aren’t rebelling. Rebel with your actions first. Fight for the truest you. Character cannot be shown in conformity.
Most men today are not even average. The lack even common decency, work ethic, or self-discipline. Reorient your life and you will see how quickly you will have distinguished yourself from the masses.
"To show character, one must consent to be distinguished from others generally. To be distinguished, one must decide for himself what to wear, what to eat or drink, how to bear himself among and before others, what to believe, what to refuse to use, what to refuse to do,
and what to refuse to believe. No eccentricity or mere singularity, but personality, - god-reliant, hell-defiant, and man resistant personality - is the basis of true character.”

Henry Clay Trumbull, Character-shaping and Character-Showing, 1899
Modern life has made men soft. In the western world with no threats to their security, we have relinquished our ultimate version of ourselves. We worship the alter of mediocrity. Everyone is busy giving us excuses when what we need is accountability and responsibility.
“The fact however, is that modern man has exceedingly little self-discipline outside of the sphere of work. When he does not work, he wants to be lazy, to slouch, or to use a nicer word, to “relax.” continued
This very wish for laziness is largely a reaction against the routinization of his life.”

Eric Fromm, The Art of Loving
In order to survive for most of human history a man had to be on his game. Today, you can get away with being a complete loser and still manage to feed, cloth, and remain safe.
The majority of men are distracted by video games, porn, IG babes, alcohol, drugs, sporting events, and other form of distraction when what he needs is silence.
He looks outside of himself for fulfillment when everything he needs has already been given to him, he just needs to reconnect with it. What he needs is struggle, but he lives in a world comparatively speaking that is devoid of it. We live an age of invented struggles.
We have it better than other generation in human history. We live in the best and most exciting time to be alive. We have in our grasp to create own reality yet we continue to play by the rules of others. We need to break the simulation.
For those who do strive to improves themselves, self-improvement itself has been split into two groups. Those who enrich their mind and those who enrich their body.

A man of high character needs to embrace both.
"He who is only an athlete is too crude, too vulgar, too much a savage. He who is a scholar only is too soft, to effeminate. The ideal citizen is the scholar athlete, the man of thought and the man of action." - Plato
A man high character is a man who is his authentic self. He cannot be competed against anyone because there is no one else exactly like him. His only competition is himself. The ultimate judge of your own character is yourself.
The beauty is there is no ultimate form of you. Human beings are limitless. There is always another level.

The act of striving to be your ultimate self is heroic. Be a hero. The world needs it. Your soul needs it.
Tomorrow morning at 9am Eastern we will begin to answer the question.

How do I become a man of character?

Ultimately your own unique character is defined by you, but what I will be releasing tomorrow will help you begin to go down that path.

Stay tuned....
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