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As MSM becomes more comfortable discussing Trump in the context of organized crime/mafia/mob, I'd like to give a simple review of how television polarized this issue about him, long ago.

Let's explore what happened to US - you & me, when a mobster played CEO on TV...

1. NYC is an incredible place. But it has a real problem. A dangerous problem.
It's soaked in organized crime. In the mob.
It has been for a century.
So, folks there know the mafia all too well. It's in their family. Their businesses. It's on the ladder to their dreams...
2. They touch the mob - day in, & day out. This is life for them. It's normal. The mob is the city and the city is the mob.
So, Donald Trump - all his life - was just another mobbed-up crook to them. A con man. They knew his game, & shrugged it off.
And then a TV show happened...
3. "The Apprentice" - where the mobbed-up conman was presented as a CEO billionaire extraordinaire.
This was pure bullsh*t. NYC knew it. The greater trip-state area knew it. Everyone in D.C. who'd ever encountered him knew it. And every NYC journalist & media outlet knew it.
4. Trump became a colossal joke.
Not that he wasn't 1 already - from all the John Barron, Genovese-Cohn fixing, Gambino-concrete building, Epstein-partying ridiculousness & horror.
But "The Apprentice" was just over the top 4 New Yorkers.
So, they shrugged him off completely...
5. And here's the thing about New Yorkers: it's kinda unfathomable 2 them that the rest of the world doesn't know what they know. Especially, something as OBVIOUS and LONG-DOCUMENTED as Donald Trump & the mob.
So, they didn't blare the alarm. Not really. Not en masse. In fact...
6. Many are not alarmed about the mob themselves. Because it's in their families, & businesses, & on that ladder to their dreams.
They've made themselves immune to the stakes of organized crime. Immune to the human misery that mobsters profit off of.
Not all, but enough...
7. They defend their mob friends on TV, even. Calling them good dads, and patriots. Near tears that their friends are finally facing accountability for a lifetime of profiting off organized crime.
Perhaps, that mirror is just too tough to face.

8. For the rest of the country, Trump as a mobster was not a known thing. It wasn't.
Most all Americans know him as the business CEO that The Apprentice presenting him as being.
As unthinkable as this is for the trip-state area in which Donald was raised...
9. It's true. The vast majority of Americans believed that Donald was a successful businessman. "The Apprentice" made sure of that.
And the largely NYC-based, MSM press went right along with it. Despite what they knew was true.
So, that coverage of him throughout his campaign...
10. ...the repeated narrative of Donald as "the billionaire businessman" served to reinforce the only thing the majority of Americans knew (in addition to the birther stuff), from "The Apprentice."
Just like that, in the eyes of the American voter, he became what he played on TV.
11. Now, here is where it gets REALLY dangerous. On BOTH sides.
For New Yorkers & tri-state, he's a joke. Combine that with how immune most of them are to the stakes of organized crime - because of how normal it is to them, and we have a real problem...
12. The normalization, 4 those who knew Trump best, is blinding/distracting them from grasping the national security threat this a**hole presents.
This includes the NYC press.
For those of us who study organized crime, we get it. He's going to rip it all down 4 his overlords...
13. The mob wants to traffic & exploit. They want the resources of our nation in their wallets. And they don't give a f*ck who or what they have to destroy to have it. In fact, they relish the misery. That's where the big money is - that's what they know how to do best.
14. Anyone from NYC - especially in the media, who continues to joke or laugh about Donald's mob history - rather than report on it seriously (as they should have 3 years ago) is participating in the disinformation about him. They are polarizing, when they should be informing...
15. Because that other end of the Donald spectrum - the rest of America, who were sold "the billionaire businessman" lie? Yeah. They're still in that confusion.
I'm experiencing it everyday. Even out in Hollywood, where folks get that reality TV is a lie.
Here's where they're at:
16. They absolutely can't wrap their minds around the fact that it was known that Trump was mobbed-up, and no one reported on it. Or, if it was reported, it wasn't above-the-fold, 24/7 headline news throughout the election.
They cannot fathom why MSM, especially NYC-based...
17. Did NOT report on all his mob history, non-stop. This is a big deal - that a President launders money for global organized crime. This seems, to them, to be the biggest story in the history of stories.
And for NYC, including the media? Yeah...
18. The fact that no one already knew this about Donald seems unfathomable to them. Also, they're not quite sure if it's a big threat - or newsworthy, because it's their daily life, and they seem to be doing okay.

So, that's our pickle. In a nutshell.
19. I'm going to keep putting out information on not just donald and the mob behind him, but on the truth about organized crime as a whole: its history, its tactics, its goals, its role in Trump-Russia and beyond.
If the MSM press were to start prioritizing the same...
20. We might just find our way out of this...
And back to each other. 🇺🇸
- END -
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