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Jungkook was used to it, the petty arguments, the forgotten dates and the ignored calls. There's only so much the younger can take before he finally snaps.

→ In which Jungkook watches from the sidelines as yoongi prioritizes his career over him.
→ student!jungkook x idol!yoongi
→ nsfw
→ social media
→ swearing/mature themes
→ twitter accounts
i. surprise phone calls
ii. soon
3. Yoongi texts Jeongguk.
4. Date night.

Slept through alarms
Should I continue to make this interactive? (For example, like the voice call video that was kinda shitty, polls that will affect the story line, etc)
Ok so y’all voted 50/50 and I decided to save you guys from being tortured from my shitty edits so I’ll probably avoid doing phone call videos and just do other ways for it to be interactive.
Also, I will be switching from using WhatsApp to iMessage bc it’s a lot easier.

Art museum

- 7

He promised
- 8

Went alone
- 9

Late night
- 10

Phone call
- 10.5
- 11

They FaceTimed.
- 12

Happiness never lasts
- 13

- 14

- 15

Pick one
Ok so at this point in time, option 1 ( outside ) is winning and I really wanna post a small update before I head over to the concert so that’s the official winner.
- 16

Outside table
- 17

- 18

- 19

- 20

- 21

I think
- 22

Please don’t leave
- 23

- 24

- 25

I thought
- 26

- 27

First priority
- 28

- 29

I’ve missed you too
- 30

Have a little faith
Just a little quick break, but I just wanna thank you cuties for liking my AU. I really appreciate it, and it amazing to see everyone quote my stuff with their opinions and how their feeling. I really appreciate it 💕
- 31

Warm blankets
- 32

Don’t deserve
- 33

Baby boy
Also I said it would be nsfw so....
- 34

Doesn’t care
- 35

Last thing
- 36

- 37

Haven’t slept
- 38

Feed you
- 39

Im sorry
- 40

Little vacation.
- 42

Bunny 🐰
- 43

Thank you
- 44

- 45

With you
Decide || 📷
Okay so I messed up again and set the poll for longer than I should. At this point in time, yes is winning, so that that’s what I’m continuing with.
- 46

- 47

- 48

- 49

Stupid rumors
- 50

I’m done
- 51

You’re hurting him
- 52

Not even trying
- 53

im trying
So I kinda decided that a whole NSFW concept doesn’t really fit for this AU so pls don’t hate me. I’ll probably publish a NSFW au after I’m done with this one though sooooooo. I’m updating later tho!!!! Stay tuned
- 54

Making time
a/n; I accidentally deleted the poll, but yall voted 80/20 for texts posts & social media. Don't worry, I'll only be doing text posts to fill in the gaps where using social media doesn't make sense.
Also, I've been thinking about doing a small #bt21 giveaway for those in the US. I live in L.A so I've been going to the bt21 pop-up store frequently. I got inspired by a childhood friend who lives too far to visit the store, so tell me what yall think. I'm updating in a bit!
- 55

Yoongi didn't know how to fix his relationship. The older realized exactly where he went wrong, how he started to prioritize his career over the man who held his heart. He fucked up, and he understood that there was a slight chance his relationship might be over for good.
- 56

He was stuck. Yoongi couldn't actually do anything to save his relationship until he was done finishing the album that tore them apart. He initially thought about quitting, but he was fond of the group he was producing for and decided he couldn't do that to them.
- 57

He was close to finishing the album anyway, so quitting so close to the end made no sense to him. His mind kept drifting to their last conversation, how he had snapped at the younger for not understanding. He began to feel the familiar pool of guilt in his chest.
- 58

Yoongi felt guilt about a lot of things. It was a feeling he wasn't proud of having felt before. Guilt was the main thing he felt with he thought about the younger, and he resented it. He thought back on just how much Jeongguk had sacrificed for him.
- 59

When they began dating, Yoongi had barely started his career. Their relationship was the literal meaning of having started from nothing until they had reached the top. Jungkook was there when Yoongi thought his mixtape would flop.
- 60

In fact, Jungkook was there when Yoongi had nothing. The older recalled how Jungkook picked up extra shifts in order to surprise him with recording equipment he needed. Yoongi literally owed his success to him, for helping him when he thought about giving up.
- 61

Now Yoongi felt like an asshole. Jeongguk had sacrificed so much for him, and he had never given him anything back. He wanted to shift the blame; to someone like his manager, who kept booking him back to back. Truthfully, there was no one to blame but himself.
- 62

A small part of him believed that his management was also partly at fault, and it was true. His management didn't allow him to publicly date, wanting to keep a facade that he was straight; despite his lyrics saying otherwise. Despite this, he still found himself at fault.
- 63

He didn't fight back when they told him to deny the rumors, he didn't try to stand his ground and come out to the media to stay that "yes, he is dating Jungkook, and he's pretty fucking happy about it." Instead, he let them dictate his life, and let them ruin it.
- 64

Now he understood exactly where he went wrong, but he had no idea how to fix it. Fire his management? That would cause him to start over. Come out to the media? His management would fire him instead. Everything led him to the same outcome.
- 65

Yet who the fuck was he to let them win? He won't let himself loose Jungkook, no fucking way. He understood what he had to do, he just needed to figure out how to do it. He was going to get the love of his life back, and he didn't mind risking everything for the younger.
- 66

You’re fired
- 67

Social dummy is still crashing so pretend the notes are a continuation of Yoongi’s initial tweet.
Heres the link to enter the #BT21 giveaway! Make sure to click on the link in order to RT! RTs on this won't count!!

a/n social dummy is finally working again! so expect updates soon!!
- 68

own label
- 69
Jungkook was a mess, but with everything going on he didn't really have time to grieve his relationship. He had a few choreographies to learn, having been assigned as Jimin's dance partner for the upcoming show. He missed Yoongi, but he wasn't going to crawl back to him.
- 70
He thought he deserved more than what Yoongi had given him, and it was true. Yet, his heart yearned for the older boy, craving his heat as they cuddled at night, craving to see his gummy smile and gentle laughs, just craving him in general.
- 71
His days have been filled with dancing, and going out with Jimin and Taehyung, doing anything to get his mind to stop thinking about Yoongi. The older hadn't reached out to talk to him, and he was thankful. Yet his fingers still found themselves checking his twitter.
- 72
The truth was, Jungkook was probably never going to move on from him. He truly believed that Yoongi was his soulmate, something he has believed since he first bumped into him during the closing hour of a local market. So what now?
- 73
Jungkook didn't know what to do, but he knew he wanted to fix things with the older, but not until he sees proof that Yoongi has really changed. So far, Yoongi has only spoken about changing his ways, but he has yet to see Yoongi actually take initiative.
- 74
Jungkook missed him, he missed him so much that his chest would heart whenever he thought about how the older was doing. He could only hope the older felt the same.
- 75

Do it anyway.
- 76

Come home
a/n hey guys sorry I haven’t updated :( I have two midterms coming up and I really need to study for them. I’ll update as soon as I can! Probably Wednesday.
a/n ALRIGHT YALL. I FAILED BOTH OF MY EXAMS AND IM BACK ON MY BULLSHIT 🤪🤪 i'll be updating soon, stay tuned. We going ✈️ maybe everything will be alright maybe it wont hours.
- 77

Thank you
- 78

Make you happy
Jungkook knew that Seokjin was right, launching a company was not an easy feat, and he sure it was time-consuming as well. Gripping his phone, he dialed Yoongi's number and hoped that he would answer, he did.
"Yoongi hyung?"

"Hey baby, are you okay?"

"Are you really going to have time for me? You're launching a company, hyung. I-I don't think I can take it if we go through this again."
"Listen to me baby, when we took our break, I didn't know what to focus on so i spent most of my time on the company. There's only a few more things I need to do, but i'm basically done."

"But you'll be making music, I'm not seeing a difference."
"I'll still be producing albums for idols, but I won't be the only one. I've hired some amazing producers so I won't have such a heavy workload."

"They overworked you hyung."

"They did, but that won't happen anymore. None of what i've done will happen anymore, okay bunny?"
"Ok hyung, i believe you. I've really missed you."

"I've missed you too baby, i love you."

"I love you too."
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