Why EXACTLY Did God Prevent Moses From Entering Into The Promise Land?

This thread is in response to a question a Sister asked on the TL during the week :

I read the comments and I realized that most believers don't know exactly what happened in the Land of Meribah (where the incident took place).
You see, if you read the story on the surface it would seem that Gods reaction was a bit steep for Moses "simple" error of striking the rock rather than speaking to it.
"Why Couldn't God just forgive him?.
This man has been the leader of the children of Israel . 600,000 men (an estimated 2million people in all).
They were an exasperating lot.
And now they forced him to do something he shouldn't have done.
God should have understood"
Yeah. Make sense.

Especially if you Read the Bible (with western lenses) like most Christians do. Not until you dig deeper before you find out that there was more to it that striking a Rock.

And I will explain that, but before I do ,let me point out two mistakes Moses made
1. Unbelief:

God said to moses (as recorded for is in Numbers 20 vs 7-12) "speak to the rock".
Moses struck it.

"Moses disobeyed God?". Not really.

Why? God's response after the act was " because you have not believed me".
It wasn't an act of disobedience but unbelief.
And the Bible says "they could not enter in because of their unbelief".
God wanted to display a new side of his Glory and power to the children of Israel, so he specifically said to moses "speak to the rock IN THEIR PRESENCE/BEFORE THEIR EYES. I need them to see me in a different dimension.
Moses got there and did what he felt would work. He didn't believe God

God said to him 'you have not sanctified me in their eyes".

In other words, If you can't believe me,how will they?

I believe Moses was allowing pride get to him.

Pride is one of the greatest sin in the world.

The same that Lucifer committed and he lost his place in the heavens.

"How do I know this?"

Well, when Moses took this rod,he said to the children of Israel...
"Must we (referring to himself and Aaron) bring you water out of the rock?'.

Must we?.
Must we?.

He was literally usurping God's place. Absolutely unacceptable.
But these are just mistakes...

The third reason is why he (Moses) was prevented from entering the promise Land...

What is Biblical typology?

It is the relationship and connection between the old testament and new testament.

Most of what you see in the old testament was a foreshadow of what will happen in the new.
A few examples :

Jonah was thrown into the sea,stayed in the belly of the fish for three days and came out on the 3rd day.

The fish is the grave. Jesus was in the grave for 3 days.
The story of Jonah typified the death ,burial and resurrection of Jesus.
When you read about Joseph what comes to your mind?

Well,it was a typology of The life ,death, burial and ascension of Jesus.


Joseph was loved by his father.
Jesus was loved by his own father (God).

Joseph was hated by his brothers.
Jesus was rejected by his own
For the Bible says "he came unto his own and his own received him not".

Joseph was falsely accused.
Jesus was falsely accused.

Joseph was 30 years when he stood before Pharaoh.

Jesus was 30 when he began his ministry

Joseph delivered the Egyptians (gentiles)
Jesus came so the gentiles will be saved.

Joseph was thrown into the pit.

Jesus was thrown into the pit (grave).

Joseph came out of the pit and became the right hand of pharaoh

Jesus came out of the grave and sat at the right hand of God.
Types... Shadows... Typologies.

I encourage you to read this thread of mine (which I sadly didn't complete):

One more example :

What you read about "Ruth, Boaz and Naomi" what do you think? Dating and marriage?

Lol. Not at all.

There are principles that can be culled from Bible stories,but everyone of them has a purpose while they were penned for us.

Let me explain...
Ruth (a maobite/a gentile) said to her mother in-law (a Jew):

" I want to follow you.I want your people to become my people and YOUR GOD,MY GOD ".

whoops. Whoops.

That has Never happened before - a Gentile will identifying with Jehovah.

She went... Got married to Boaz
They gave birth to Obed...
Obed gave birth to Jesse
Jesse gave birth to David

Jesus is called the son of David.

The story of Ruth and Boaz isn't about falling in love.

It's a typology that one day the gentiles will be grafted into God's salvation plan for mankind.
God is all powerful. But He is also a God of order and justice.

The Bible calls him "the JUDGE OF ALL". He follows due process.

Now, With all these in mind, let's revisit the account of Moses striking the rock in Numbers 20
38 years earlier (In Exodus 17:5-6),

God said to Moses "take your rod and Go to the Rock in horeb, STRIKE THE ROCK, and water will come out".

What is that Rock? Jesus!
The Bible says, " THAT Rock was Christ "
Moses STRUCK the Rock.

That was a typology that Jesus will struck/killed.

When Moses struck the rock, what came out?


What does the water symbolize?


Jesus himself said "he who drinks of the water that l(the rock) will give to him will have eternal life"
Who struck the Rock? Moses.

What does Moses represent?
The Law.


The Law (Jews) will strike Jesus (the Rock).

The Bible says "when the Roman soldiers struck him blood...and WATER came out"
Now, God said to moses ' SPEAK to the Rock "

Why? Typology!!!

The rock will be struck only once,
then when you need water (salvation), you speak to it.


If thou shall CONFESS with your mouth the Lord Jesus,believing in your heart you will be saved "
Instead moses STRUCK the Rock.

That means Jesus will die again.

The model that God set was the death of Jesus will happen only once.

By striking the Rock twice, moses made an attempt to twist the plan- Reducing the blood of Jesus to that of bulls and goats that needed to be
Sacrificed multiple times.

Moses knew this!.

The Bible says "Moses knew the ways of God"
And this was unacceptable.

The scripture says "the ENLIGHTENED ones who will make an attempt to crucify Christ twice, there will be no place of repentance for them".
It wasn't about Moses or the Rock.

Salvation was at stake (including yours)!!!
So God said ..... (Oh I love this 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃.)

"You, Moses (the law), cannot take the children of Israel into the promise Land (the promise land typifies our place in God); Rather, Lay hands on Joshua, he will take them into the promise Land".

Joshua is Hebrew for Jesus!!!
Jesus is GRACE!.

The law cannot take man into God. Only grace can.

Jesus said "no man goes to the father except by me'
This is why Moses never got angry or pissed that he wasnt going to enter the promise land.

He knew... He knew.

But God was merciful enough,he made die on a mountain which overlooked Canaan ,and later appeared and Saw Jesus (the Rock) in flesh
I hope you have been blessed.

P:S - I invite you to join my online Bible study group as we participate in daily verse by verse study of every book in the new testament.

Infact, tomorrow, we are having a 5hrs intense teaching of prayer. Join us. Cc @NTGDaily for details
P:S - Follow the hash tag #LetMeExplainThis to see my previous threads on "Explaining Biblical misconceptions"
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