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More evidence for #SlowWalker.

Bruce Ohr, the former #4 official at the DOJ who's been demoted twice for trying to hide both his & his wife's role in the Fusion GPS/Steele Dossier/FISA Court shenanigans, was origninally scheduled to testify to Congress back in December..
Then new info surfaces, his testimony was pushed back into January.

And then it was cancelled altogether. New evidence kept being given to Congress by DOJ IG Horowitz, so Congressional investigators needed more time to review it.…
Now SIX MONTHS LATER all of a sudden it's time to call Bruce Ohr back so he can finally testify.

Here's what's obvious: that huge story broken by @jsolomonReports at @thehill about the bombshells in Ohr's notes? This story right here?…

And nothing leaked from those notes. Democrats on these Congressional Oversight committees in DC couldn't find ANYTHING to leak that they could spin.

So nothing leaked. All of it was too damaging.
When Democrats like Schiff or Swalwell thought they had something they could use to hurt Trump & his team, or something they could spin to do damage control, they leaked it themselves. Remember when Trump Jr. testimony was being leaked *while he was still testifying*?
Democrats on these committees rushed stuff out the door to their media pals repeatedly in the last year. The Trump Jr. Wikileaks fiasco, remember that? Brian Ross getting himself fired from ABC News? That's how *fast* they would leak stuff when it was to the plotters advantage.
The Congressional Oversight Committees have been sitting on Ohr's notes for months & nothing leaked.

Finally, somebody *ON TRUMP'S TEAM* said "It is time, it is time!" and Solomon of The Hill was brought in & showed the notes so he could begin breaking the story.
You're not a good analyst until you learn to spot the dog that *didn't* bark.

Like how it was noted that after loudly demanding all of Peter Strzok's testimony be made public, the Dems haven't said 1 word about Lisa Page's testimony.
Lisa Page testified over 2 weeks ago and not 1 Democrat has gotten in front of a camera and loudly demanded that all her closed door testimony be made public.

These were the same people who were fine with it when Feinstein leaked Glenn Simpson's closed door testimony.
Reminder of what we know *so far* from Bruce Ohr's notes, thanks to Solomon's report: the *main source* for Steele's Trump/Russia collusion dossier allegations is not a Russian living it Russia.

It's a former Russian intelligence officer who LIVES IN THE UNITED STATES.
As I pointed out in my column at The @EpochTimes last week, Ohr's notes states Simpson told him *much* of the Trump/Russia collusion allegations came from this one, single anonymous former Russian intel officer.…
What's been the narrative for almost 2 years when it comes to verifying the Steele dossier's allegations?

"Well Steele's sources are Russians who live in Russia, likely working for the gov't there. Gonna be hard to verify this stuff."
It was just going to be VERY VERY HARD AND STUFF for the FBI to make any *real* effort to meet with, interview, and verify the allegations these Russians handed off to Christopher Steele since they live in Russia and Russia is like, a gazillion miles away.
So for 2 years the story was "It was hard to verify this stuff, the Russians who gave it to Steele were inaccessible".

Then all of a sudden, a new development: A judge ruled the FBI had to turn over *all evidence* related to it's attempts to verify the dossier information.
Solomon's report was filed on Aug. 9. Judge Amit Mehta made his ruling on Aug. 16th. That's a lot of movement in one week on something that was stalled for almost 2 years.……
So now the question arises: Fusion GPS's Glenn Simpson had *no problem* telling Bruce Ohr that Christopher Steele's main source for his Trump/Russia collusion allegations was a former Russian intel officer who lived in the US.

Did he *ever* get around to telling CONGRESS this?
Did Fusion GPS's Glenn Simpson ever get around to TELLING *THE FBI* the Steele dossier's main source for Trump/Russia collusion stories was a former Russian intel officer living right here inside the good old US of A?

Because if not, 🎶somebody's in huge massive trouble... 🎶
Because it looks to ME if the FBI was ever informed Steele's main Russian source lived INSIDE THE UNITED STATES, then there should be a *record* of the FBI making at least a token attempt to bring this person in, interview them & verify the stories he told.
So that's where we have to leave this exciting, fascinating drama for the moment.

Steele either told the FBI and/or Congress about this Russian intel officer living in the US, or he didn't.

If he *did*, there must be a record of attempted verification.

If not? Oops!
If Simpson was blathering to Ohr about this, but never got around to telling either the FBI or the Congress this, the implications are staggering. It would mean unless Ohr told his DOJ bosses this, he *too* was keeping this under the radar for his own reasons.

Tick’s August 27th. Bruce Ohr testifies in closed door sessions with Congressional Oversight Committees in less than 48 hours.
I would hope that @RepMarkMeadows or Rep @Jim_Jordan ask Bruce this *very specific question* during his closed door testimony tomorrow:

"Did Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson ever tell you THE NAME of this former Russian intelligence officer?"
Because if Glenn Simpson was going to volunteer the fact that a former Russian intelligence officer who lives in the United States was the anonymous source for MUCH of the Steele dossier's Trump/Russia collusion allegations, why not tell Bruce Ohr the guy's actual name?
Because if Glenn Simpson *did* tell Bruce Ohr the name of the former Russian intel officer who lives in the US & Ohr knows what his name is, it'd be really swell if he could tell that name to the Congressional Oversight committees.
Because then it would mean a top DOJ official knew the name of the source Steele used for 'much' of the dossiers Trump/Russia allegations.

Which means the DOJ/FBI knew who to talk to if they ever, you know, wanted to try to verify any of these collusion stories.
So this former Russian intelligence officer, he wouldn't be inaccessible off in Moscow, a gazillion miles away. He'd be living right here in the US.

So he could be brought in & interviewed & his stories checked for verification.
Unless, of course, the Steele dossier and it's allegations of Trump team/Russian gov't collusion was never *supposed* to be verified or examined closely.

It was created as AN EXCUSE to spy on Trump's campaign by Democratic operatives and then handed off to weaponized agencies.
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