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Well. Fuck. Me and my big mouth. When I said what I did this morning, I assumed it would be ONE ACCOUNT. Not.... multiple. -__-

I'm happy to admit I made a huge mistake there.
But ya know what? Fine. I'll set an example of practicing what I preach here.

I guess this will be a good opportunity for one last thread about this whole "anti-white" topic.

To add to the two other ones I made previously.……
If you noticed though I haven't tweeted a lot in the last few hours.....
... now you know why.

I was reading. I've sifted through the tweets on pretty much all these accounts. (I skipped the pedophile one because that would derail too much off the topic, imo.)
My main point for doing this was because I'm a curious motherfucker and I wanted to get this perspective.

And I can tell you, it's one that sees white people as lesser human beings than everyone else.

None of these accounts were "one offs" on this issue.
While I'm not exactly sure ALL the accounts in that picture are Buzzfeed staff, there are enough of them that do or did work there.

Thus I can say with some sense of confidence that Buzzfeed's company culture seems to have an ingrained anti-white racism within it.
What I CAN say about all these accounts, regardless, is that they will definitely not have an issue with me talking about their tweets.

They all seem to be perfectly content with seeing white people as a whole as something "beneath them" personally.
I was actually skeptical about what I'd find out, going into this one.

I mean, whoever made that picture added Bernstein TWICE for some reason. Felt pretty amatuerish.

But then I looked through everyone's tweets. And now I don't know what to think about all of this or that.
1.) Louis Peitzman: Deputy Arts & Entertainment Editor at BuzzFeed News.
(I'll skip Bernstein and come back to him towards the end, when he's mentioned the second time in that photo.)

Yeah. This thread is gonna take a while.
I would have to rate Louis Peitzman's racism towards white people as "moderate."
- Not as prevalent as Sarah Jeong's case, for example.
- But there's too many tweets available, that Louis can't get away with calling it all a "joke."
2.) Justin Ling. "Journalist of many fine words, and lots of just okay ones. NatSec, policing, and all sorts of wonkery."

I was curious if he wrote for Buzzfeed. Apparently yeah.
I *would* have chalked up Justin Ling with a "moderate" rating. If we were just dealing with a case by tweet volume.

But.... I gotta say Ling is a full on extremist when it comes to his anti-white racism, because he flat-out says that.
^ If you think this is IT when it comes to Justin's tweets though, no. There's enough here to conclude he generally thinks/sees white people as a hindrance to societal progress.

I mean just look at this. That's the overall pattern going on here.
"my inbox filters all pitches from white men and puts them right in the spam folder" says Justin Ling.

That's the **VERY DEFINITION OF** practicing discrimination. I'm not making any kind of "stretch" with that one. It's right there.
So it's rather appalling to hear Justin Ling say white people don't experience racism.

Because he full on admitted to discriminatory practices outright.
DISCLAIMER: Not all of the Twitter accounts we're gonna talk about in this thread are as generously straightforward as Mr. Ling is. This is just an exploratory thread to try and get a sense of the different intensities of racism against whites.

Justin simply sets the bar high.
I'll continue this thread in a bit.

You gotta understand it's very draining on me to look at this shit for hours on end.
3.) Hattie Soykan. "Junior staff writer at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London."

Last article was 2 months ago.
I thought there might not have been anything out of place with Hattie.

But then I saw the tweet about spitting at white people and I realized yeah she's racist too.

I guess that makes her a "Hate-ie," moreso than "Hattie."
Hattie earns the "moderate" score in their racism against white people because they dedicated their new years resolution to exactly that.

Call me whacky-tobaccky, but I don't think that's exactly a healthy goal to strive for.
NOTE: my rating system is using weighted averages. There's some entries that excel beyond all of your wildest expectations. So yeah. Hattie is "moderate" because I'm keeping those mega-huge-ultra-deluxe outliers in mind, here.
But for the sake of this thread I think it might be better if I just scrap that part altogether and just share their goddamn tweets.

So I'm gonna do that from here on out. Less of a hassle this way.
It's better if I leave it up to you whether or not tweets like these are racist against white people. (to use two tweets I forgot to throw into Hattie's section)
4.) Maria Sherman. She's at Jezebel now or something. "prev. managing ed @GizmodoMedia senior correspondent @fusetv a&r @roughtraderecs, @buzzfeed"
Just imagine if these tweets were about any other race than white people.

This isn't normal.
Like.... you know there's a choice about making comments that shit on white people all the time.

You have the power to NOT do that. And yet here we are with this chick from Buzzfeed obsessing over that.
5.) Tracy Clayton.
Yup. They wrote for Buzzfeed.
Yup. "BrokeyMcPoverty" is her Twitter handle.

Tracy is the most polarizing person when seeing things based on race.
I want you to take out your iPhone or some kind of device that has a stopwatch.

I want you to see how long it takes for you to scroll to the bottom of these search results.…
Basically what you're about to see is stuff like this. Many times over. Times infinity.
Here's a fraction of a fraction of the tweets Tracy Clayton makes about white people. It took me ages to go through this person's account.
Based on Tracy's tweets about white people, I can say with confidence she was hired at Buzzfeed specifically to stoke the flames of racial tensions and polarize that discussion.
You could even say that hating white people is Tracy Clayton's lifestyle. The lens through which she sees the entire world.
"History and context matter" is the justification Tracy gives for why you can't be racist against white people.

But the history and context of *her own* Twitter account? shows her being racist against white people.

Clayton's case is one of the worst when it comes to this.
6.) Mat Honan. "BuzzFeed News San Francisco bureau chief."
Last piece was 23 days ago.
This is all I could find for Mat Honan, in terms of tweets about white people. Could it be #VerifiedHate ? Sure. Maybe. That's up to you to decide.

But when you compare this to someone like Tracy Clayton, it really adds some perspective on the varying degrees there is to this.
7.) Lara Parker. Senior Editor at Buzzfeed.
Last piece was 20 hours ago.
Again we have a case where it's really up to you whether or not this counts as #VerifiedHate, in terms of tweets about white people.

The most I can say (based on their tweets) is that Lara probably thinks less of herself by basis of skin color.
8.) Alp Ozcelik. "Product and Other Things @ BuzzFeed"
Last article was 2 months ago.
^ I want to point out the fact that Alp's position at the company isn't just as a writer. He's in the product department. I honestly have no clue what that entails, but what I DO know is that it changes the implications made from his views on white people.
Alp's views on white people can be found in tweets like these.

The question is how much of an impact would they have? Considering he does Buzzfeed's Product Department? Is it more of an issue? Or less of one. 🧐🤔
Again. All I can say for sure is that plenty of eyebrow-raising things worth talking about when it comes to this Buzzfeed bloke's view on white people.
9.) Sarah Burton. "Scorned lover of comedy, politics, and media. Writer/Performer @UCBTheatreNY. Humor Writer @Buzzfeed."
Last Buzzfeed article from them was 12 days ago.
Like the last example? This person's job title plays a factor here. They do comedy. So that's important to consider when looking at their tweets.

(I argue there's a distinction between this and the "it's just a joke, bruh!" excuse other people have tried to use.)
I mean AT LEAST Burton's job title makes sense, here. Whether or not they're funny jokes is another matter entirely.

Genuine humor is perfectly fine. It's meant to push buttons. I mean, Robin Williams was always good at that sort of stuff.
So when it comes to Sarah Burton's tweets about white people, remember that being outraged over stuff is not just defined by what's "too far."

It's important to have a clear grasp of what's within boundaries as well as the understanding of what crosses the line.
TO BE CLEAR, I'm not defending Burton's tweets one way or the other. All I'm saying is with a comedy writer there's the actual OPPORTUNITY to make a legitimate defense.
10.) Joe Bernstein. Senior technology reporter for Buzzfeed. Last piece was 16 days ago.

For some reason, the image uses him as an example twice.
First tweet? Deleted.
And.... so was the second one.
Of course when it comes to the discussion of racism, there's the element of personal bias that needs to be considered.

In Bernstein's case? I've actually enjoyed some of the articles he's put out in the past. The one on Lane Davis did the situation some semblance of justice.
And it's perfectly acceptable to politically disagree with someone and still enjoy the content they produce.

But in the context of this thread? My personal bias IN FAVOR OF Bernstein makes me more disappointed in his tweets about white people. It sucks, to be honest.
This one is too good to not point out in particular.

If you ever wanted an example of someone "checking their privilege," here you go. 😂
So. Here's tweets about white people that Joe Bernstein hasn't purged from his account..... yet.

The pattern here being: trying to be "funny" and critical at the same time, and failing at both. So it just comes off as racist.
Yeah I have a feeling he went on a deleting spree and purged others besides the two mentioned earlier. It taints the results here. But regardless still disappointing to see Bernstein fall privy to such San Francisco nonsense.
11.) John R Stanton. "national reporter for BuzzFeed News"
Last article was 25 days ago.
This is actually a necessary disclaimer. Given the racist bullshit that you're about to witness coming out of this dude's mouth.
When it comes to John Stanton's tweets about white people, the key thing to focus on is his specific hatred for "white people with dreds."

It works as an anchor that really puts his overall animosity towards white people in general into a more distinct and clear perspective.
> John Stanton is angry at a group of people with a certain skin color.
> He TAKES A PICTURE OF SOME RANDOM DUDE because of his hatred.
> Next tweet after that, talks about committing violence against said group of people.

that's fucked up.
If hating white people is a "gimmick" in John Stanton's case? He's really committed to it.

Also gimmicks don't really excuse or justify anything. At some point it just becomes racist against white people.
John Stanton takes pictures of white guys with "dreds" more than once. If a white guy went around taking pictures of random black people, the internet would've collectively shit itself and cried foul.


12.) Jenna Guillaume. "Editor-at-Large at @BuzzFeedOz."
Latest article from them? An hour ago.
let me give you a hint as to what Jenna's mindset is.
As I look over these tweets from the 12th Buzzfeed person who has shat on white people, I'm left with questions.

Like: how much is too much when it comes to this? When does it become racist?
How far can things go before white people have the right to step in and say "this is bullshit and you need to cut this out."?
^^ That's something that'll probably vary for all of you. And I've learned as this thread went along, that it's best for you to decide that among yourselves.

But I'm adamant in claiming as a matter of fact that Buzzfeed as a company is racist. This thread is a testament to that.
Because this anti-white mentality at Buzzfeed goes all the way...

...To the top.
So my iPhone is dying. I’ve had it for two and a half years. A 16 GB iPhone 6 or whatever. I made the best of it.

If y’all can contribute $$ so I could afford an upgrade?

I’d have the horsepower I need to keep doing threads like this. Thanks ^__^!
Buzzfeed is Racist.…
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