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New column posted! "CNN Boldly Decides It No Longer Needs Reliable Sources"…
CNN has lost whatever shred of credibility it had left. Thanks Lanny Davis!
Here's what I suspect happened: Trump, a big fan of the book 'Art of War' is practiced in the use of 'doomed spies'. Michael Cohen agreed to be a 'doomed spy' for Donald Trump.

Cohen 'went over to the enemy' & told them EXACTLY what they wanted to hear.
Cohen spent *weeks* tickling the ears of #Resistance leaders, Crossfire Hurricane plotters & DNC Media journalists with ribald tales of Trump's 'crimes'.

He lied about the Trump tower meeting!
He knew the Russian hacks were coming!
There's evidence he was in Prague!
The enemies of Trump fell for Cohen's tales, hook line and sinker. They breathlessly leaked all the details Cohen was feeding to his new lawyer, gifted to him by the Clintons: Lanny Davis.

They let the momentum & excitement build while they waited for Cohen to accept his deal.
Then Cohen accepted the plea deal the SDNY prepared for him, and he pleaded guilty to several NON-CRIMES to give the plotters the case to impeach Trump....

It was happening! It was all happening!

In less than a week.

Cohen sits Lanny Davis down. "I lied about everything. You now have to go out there on my behalf and set the record straight."

I can only imagine Davis's face at that moment.
And so because he's bound by rules to defend his client, Davis now has to go PUBLICLY ON THE RECORD and take back EVERY SINGLE tall tale he'd passed on to his media contacts over the past few weeks.
Over the past week Davis has had to destroy the narratives HE HELPED CREATE on

1) The Steele dossier's claims about Cohen, including the visit to Prague
2) Trump knowing about the Trump Tower meeting
3) Trump knowing about the Russian hacking.
Here's what few people remember: Cohen has *TAPES*. Over 180 tapes. Of mostly journalists and media people. Davis now knows what's on those tapes.

And the fact he's cooperating & doing what he has in the past week means those tapes are damning. He's doing damage control.
Davis was told by Trump & Cohen "Go out there & take back all those fake stories we fed you or we'll release tapes x, y & z."

And whatever is on tapes x, y & z is *so bad*, Davis does what he's told. They've got him by the short hairs. He has to cooperate.
I've long suspected Trump had his own intelligence network up and running in the business world *long* before he ever ran for President.

In the real estate/casino world, it's dog eat dog. Information that you get get first ahead of the other guy is crucial.
Information gathering & assessment is crucial to being successful in business when a whole lot of people are out there competing with you for the same deals.

Corporate spying isn't something invented for the movies. It's quite real.
Trump learned all the tricks of the trade long ago when it comes to using spies to gather real information, while also sending spies to his competitors to feed them fake info.

And Trump also had to learn to spot his competitor's own spies, sent to feed HIM fake information.
People with this idea that Trump would be some kind of babe lost in the woods when it came to having himself and his campaign team targeted by spies during that last election need to go back and reassess.
In his 'Art of War', in the final chapter, the Chinese general Sun Tzu discusses "Use of Spies".…
Trump was so impressed by 'Art of War' he often quotes it and even tailored his book "Art of The Deal" after it.

In his chapter on using spies, Sun Tzu teaches on using your own agents to gather true information while feeding your enemies false information.
Sun Tzu begins the chapter by noting on a general who moves his army/resources according to true, valid practical information avoids wasting vast resources. A bad general who sends his army hither & yon based on bad info exhausts his army & his resources.
The outcome of many a martial conflict has been determined long before the armies clash because one general wasted most of his resources and exhausted his army, marching it to the wrong places & wearing it out & running low on supplies before finally finding the enemy.
Here's the beginning of the chapter. Note the conclusion of paragraph 4: what allows a general to most prudently use his resources & position his army for the battle is: FOREKNOWLEDGE.

Real, accurate, true information about the enemies forces, disposition, resources, etc.
Sun Tzu states to get this accurate foreknowledge you have to make prudent use of both your own spies and the *enemies spies*.

He then details the 5 categories of spies & how each is used to bring you good information while giving the enemy bad information.
Towards the end of this brief chapter, Sun Tzu elaborates on the use of the 'doomed spy': the spy you send to the enemy to feed them false information.
That doomed category of spy is 'doomed' because soon the enemy will figure out what this spy told them was false. His usefulness is then ended. Usually along with his life.
Now, applying that to what we've just watched unfold over the past several months with Michael Cohen suddenly 'turning' on Trump & going over to the enemy to tell them all kinds of fascinating tales about Trump's supposed lies and illegal conduct.
By doing this, Trump used Cohen to *expose* a whole lot of people and open them up forthcoming attacks.

Cohen's usefulness as a spy is over. Not one of Trump's enemies is going to trust him after all of this. So in that sense, he's 'doomed' & headed for prison.
Assuming, of course, that Trump doesn't pardon him.

Which he very well might.

PS: Anybody heard from Omarosa lately? 🤔

I wonder how the hunt for that fabled 'N-Word Tape' is going? 🤔
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