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One thing I’m grateful to God for with our political/democratic experience since 2015 is that Nigerians can now hopefully see that certain political behavioural patterns are not unique to PDP politicians but inherently human, regardless of which party they belong to.
These are things the PDP was once condemned for and its good to see those who used to point fingers from outside now engaging in all sorts of intellectual acrobatics and gymnastics in order to make excuses for those they admire.

The saga of the NGF in 2013 comes to mind.
In June 2013, the Nigerian Governors Forum was about to (s)elect a new chairman and the position was zoned to the North from PDP which at the time had majority of the Governors, with ethnic permutations coming into play.

The Northern State Governors Forum held a mini-primaries.
Govs. Ibrahim Shema (Katsina) and Isa Yuguda (Bauchi) were unable to reach a compromise among the Northern Govs and both were asked to step down for Jonah Jang of Plateau. This position was adopted by the 19 Northern Govs and presented to the larger NGF.

But APC played politics.
APC Govs decided to back Rotimi Amaechi (who was then still in PDP) to remain the Chairman of the NGF And was able to woo a few PDP dissident Govs.

The election process should have been by open endorsement but Fayemi of APC is said to have moved for secret voting by the Govs.
Knowing that nobody would know who they voted for, a few PDP Govs joined the APC plot and voted for Amaechi who ended up with 19 votes while Jang who had been endorsed by at least 19 Govs ended up with 16 votes - Govs like Ibrahim Geidam declined to vote.
The matter was quite straightforward but it marked deep schisms and betrayal, and furthermore, an inability of Amaechi to preside over the Forum because everyone thereafter wanted to know where his 19 votes had come from: who and who were the Govs who breached the agreement?
Till today, nobody specifically knows who the 19 Amaechi Govs were - and the position of the losing faction was that they would not abide by the result because of the earlier endorsement of Jang by at least the 19 NSGF Govs and also the PDP which had zoned it to the North.
Bear in mind that Baba Jonah Jang wasn’t even interested in contesting and had emerged as the consensus candidate after the other two candidates couldn’t reach a compromise - so it wasn’t exactly a matter of desperation or ambition on the part of the old man.
Govs. Gabriel Suswam, Isa Yuguda and a few others eventually pulled out of the NSGF because for them, they couldn’t further associate with treacherous colleagues.

Amaechi could never present his 19 Govs publicly because the ‘traitors’ were unwilling to show themselves behind him
At the time, many analysts condemned those who rejected Amaechi’s leadership, wondering how 16 could be greater than 19, forgetting that this wasn’t arithmetic but politics and agreements had been reached that some felt made a victory for Amaechi impossible.

That’s politics.
When the reverse happened with Saraki’s emergence in collaboration with PDP senators, those who had justified the initial ‘treachery’ in the NGF condemned it - simply because they didn’t want Saraki or because they disliked PDP which supported him.

That part too is politics.
How Fela Durotoye defeated Kingsley Moghalu in the kangaroo selection process of PACT too is politics.

Moghalu’s rejection of the outcome and Durotoye’s celebration of it too, is politics.

Politics is the Art of the Possible and human behaviour is consistent with interests.
Nothing PDP did was out of human character as APC over the last three years has proven and as the new change agents/third force are proving - and Nigerians should be consistent and hold both APC in power and the 3rd forces also to the same standard PDP was once held to.
Personally, I understand how Moghalu feels and I would totally endorse his feelings but these same folks and their dreamy followers used to mock and taunt PDP when these things happened back then.

Oya show you have honour and abide by the results of your own process please.
Meanwhile, this is a Moghalu that hasn’t spent up to NGN1BN on this his campaign or even put houses on sale based on assurances that he’ll win o.

Now imagine everyone has assured you of their support and you’ve sold family property based on their ‘support’ 🙆🏾‍♂️
Worse part is: those who secretly voted Durotoye would be the ones openly endorsing Moghalu and urging him not to agree with the result.

Moghalu would look at the result, look at his numbers - then conclude he couldn’t have lost.

But Oga, that’s politics for you sir: “welcome!”
Then some prophet somewhere is assuring you that he saw a vision of you fighting through a forest of thorns and thistles before eventually seeing you sitting on a throne.

And others are telling you it’s an APC/PDP ploy to keep a good man from office.

So I understand Moghalu.
And I don’t necessarily sympathise with Durotoye, I think Moghalu is more competent (although they’re all still jokers last last).

But the process is the process and politics is politics - democracy has nothing to do with competence or integrity and all that, but numbers.
The table Moghalu wants to shake because he sees a Durotoye standing triumphantly on it also unfortunately has the credibility and integrity of the likes of Madam Oby and a few CSOs on it.

Discrediting the process is discrediting them also and they’ll stand with Durotoye.
They’ll stand with him not necessarily because they like him but because their own integrity is also at stake if they allow their kangaroo attempts at playing politics to be rubbished as Moghalu wants to do.

So, nothing mainstream politicians do is unique because, PDP.
Bear in mind: PACT won’t necessarily have any imPACT on the general elections.

Now imagine what happens in states where once you pick the party ticket, you can go home and sleep because you’ll surely win the general elections.

See, Politicians aren’t strange beings afterall.
This is a teachable moment for those who only pick interest in politics when Political season sets in and I hope you’re learning.

Very soon, the ethnic dimension will enter the Durotoye/Moghalu saga and tents will form based on ethnicity.

Then you’ll learn more about Nigeria.
“Why can’t all PDP aspirants step down for one person?”

“Why don’t they just accept the results and move on?”

Lol, easy to say when you’re not involved - difficult to abide by when ego is fully engaged and people are still hoping to make some money by running your campaign.
Some of us have however over the years gone through this process and learnt how to be ruthlessly committed to principles even in defeat, how to get better and not bitter (or to use the emotion of bitterness to become better), and how to play the politics and win eventually.
I’ve said this one before: “If Politics is the path to Leadership in a Democracy, Learning to play Politics is surely therefore a part of Leadership.”

One other lesson learnt is how to be magnanimous in victory if you’re on the winning side or emerge victorious.
The person you defeated has also invested himself into the process - rubbing it in is your right but it is wicked and foolish to exercise that right.

If Durotoye had reached out to Moghalu almost instantly, Moghalu may throw in the towel and concede honourably, as he should.
Of course it is not a right of Moghalu’s in this instance but it shows lack of political discretion on Durotoye’s part (although his defeating Moghalu itself shows a bit of political sagacity in a room of a dozen mushroom aspirants).

But the lesson of magnanimity is very valid.
”Be philosophical in Defeat and Mangananimous in Victory.”

It’s a quote I’ve forgotten who first said it but one that has been a part of me for years now since I shed my first tears after managing a students union presidential campaign in the early 2000s and my candidate lost.
Simple as it sounds, that quote is mentally powerful going into any contest.

I’ve seen it work for and against my camp in many places, even as recently as this year.

So many lessons further to learn from their kangaroo PACT really, lol, PACT that can’t make imPACT.
The entire PACT itself in fact is a lesson: why be a big fish playing in a small pond just because you’re afraid of the bigger fishes in the bigger pond?

You grow more by defeat than by victory because victory itself comes with either pyrrhic tendencies or hubris.
I’m sure Fela would be feeling really funky with himself at the moment - that’s the hubris of victory.

I’ve spent about an hour discussing irrelevant politics this morning but I hope those who read it have learnt a bit from it and won’t be so harsh when PDP starts its own.
Let me drop this gem before I drop this thread for those who don’t like politics per se, to apply in life and in judgement:

Everything Human is inherently Human.

If one Human does it, another Human can do it.

Humanity is universal and nothing Human can be strange to Humans.
In other words: when you judge others for acting or reacting in a certain way, understand that it could be you - even if you don’t understand what the big deal for them is.

Whatever they’re doing could be you doing it too, if only you were in their shoes - unless you learn.
Magnanimous* 🙄😒😑
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